All the heads were full of bar codes. I gave a cough, knocked at the table, and beckoned to the whisperer: "Hey, look here ... I'm fully responsible for this negotiation."


The whisperer glanced at the bar code, and the breath on his body began to become a bit dangerous. He issued a sharp female voice and said, "I will show my sincerity when I come to negotiate in person, and you will let a young man who has not been assimilated. Are you negotiating with me to humiliate me? "

If you don't really want to complete the transaction with the foundation, now the whisperer has already wounded and hurt people. He is the best-tempered of the four prefaces of the absurd words, but it is not a good gentleman who is insulted and not angry.

Barcode didn't panic: "I came forward to negotiate, just because I know the coding organization very well. As for the humiliation you said, it is non-existent. With this gentleman, we can see that we value your attention ..."

A tall figure came out from behind the bar code, opened the black-red robe, and exposed the white crotch cloth.

然 This man is simply Eszakaz who was kept in the asylum by Wen Wen!

Because Ace knew more about the horror of the shelter than other monsters, it didn't take long for Wenwen to become Wenwen's faithful dog leg.

Regardless of whether he is genuine or intentional, at least his posture is extremely low, which makes other faceless dogs and other licking dogs feel great pressure.

I estimate that only Gidro can lick Liz Evakaz completely.

The delusional speaker is the preface, and the Eswakaz is also the preface. It is enough for him to negotiate with the delusional speaker on the bar code.

However, Ace is not the same as the general preface. His breath is fully agitated, and he is only equivalent to a monster that has entered the disaster level ...

"I'm so annoyed, it seems that you don't want to negotiate anymore, the insulters burned to death!"

The delirious whisperer stretched out his right hand to Ace, and there was a touch of delicate red lips on the palm. After the sound appeared, an unprovoked flame ignited on Ace's body.

But Ace's body quickly grew into a foam-like carapace, blocking all the flames, and then the burning epidermis fell off, leaving Esvacaz intact.

Wen Wen, who was observing in the dark, looked bright. The power of the whisperer seemed a bit interesting. He was not a fire-powered person. The flame on Ace appeared because of the flame.

能力 This ability is somewhat similar to the true order strongman Tchaikov's commanding ability. He can speak according to law. Although the power is far less than Tchaikov's, he is more flexible.

After seeing Ace's understatement dissolving her moves, I saw a look of dread in the eyes of the whisperer.

虽然 Although this weird man wearing a crotch cloth is quite strange in breath, he should be a master of his level.

Such a strong man has been standing still and seems to obey the bar code assignment ... The hidden mysterious organization is definitely not simple. He had been unable to control the direct conflict before, and it was correct.

After a moment of thought, the whisperer immediately restored the gentle male voice and said, "I just tried this friend's ability just now, please don't hesitate, so we can start now?"

The bar code was stunned for a moment. The delusional talker's ability to change his face was okay. He held back his heart and invited the delusional talker to sit down.

The negotiation was much smoother than expected by the bar code. All the coding organization powers in the hands of the absurd words were listed in the form by the whisperers and submitted to the bar codes. Once the consensus whisperers reached a consensus, all the items on the list were immediately transferred to the fund Yes, after getting the people and resources on this form, the coding organization can start to operate normally almost immediately.

那么 "So, Mr. Whisperer, what is the price?"

The delirious whisperer raised his facial muscles, and it seemed to be laughing.

"I want to use these things in exchange for a help from your organization, and I still have a thick report after it is done."

Uh ...

From the bar code, after hearing all the conditions of the talker, Wen Wen suddenly laughed.

妄 This whisperer wanted the Foundation to help him. When the ‘Trick King’ died, he defeated the other two prefaces and seized the power of the absurd words!

After the event is completed, the Foundation will be selected from a treasure house of absurd words to contain at least one of the highest-level items.

Wen Wen's containment at the preface level really wants it. Maybe it's a good baby like the bow of pregnancy.

But he really wanted to ask, has this delusional speaker ever thought that letting the unclear person participate in the change of power within the organization might cause unexpected changes?

At least from a gentle standpoint, members of a secret organization such as Absurd Words can be used to fill shelters or sold to hunter associations for credit.

Perhaps to the whisperer, the foundation is the same secret organization as the absurd words?

But it's more dangerous to let the secret organization mix in ...

Who knows if he is facing a lunatic like the blood of blasphemy?

He can only say that this power has fainted his mind. As long as he can be the spokesperson of the evil god, he can accept any harm to the absurd words.

Wondering carefully, Wen Wen still agreed, and he must help the whisperer become the new king of absurd words!

However, in the process of help, will the ridiculous words be looted, is it possible to 'injure' friendly forces by accident, or accidentally attract large forces of the Hunter Association ...

This kind of gentleness can't guarantee ~ ~ It's all up to God.

得到 After getting a positive response from the bar code mouth, the talker's mood is much better, and he has a more detailed conversation with the bar code ...

In the grass in the distance, Heng An put down her telescope and saw that the bar code talked well with the whisperer, and knew that the matter had been settled.

He then said to An Yue Xi around him: "Now everything is over and the coding organization has taken it back. You are not needed here, so I ..."

Zhao An Yuexi widened her eyes, pointed at Heng An and said in horror: "I didn't expect you to be this kind of person. Do you want to unload and kill donkeys?"

Wu Hengyan covered his forehead and said, "I mean, you won't be in danger anymore, so I will send you to the orphanage ..."

An Yuexi ’s identity has played a big role in the collection and coding organization. If it were not for her, the whisperer might not need to negotiate with him at all, so the Foundation would not treat her badly.

Luan Yuexi sneered with her hands on her chest and said, "Oh, eat an innocent girl and wipe it away, then throw it away as trouble. I didn't expect you to be such a scumbag."

"I ..." Heng was speechless.

He has been protecting An Yuexi for some time now, and he has been courteous to her during this time, but the girl always said something that was misleading to him.

Everyone walking on the road treated him as a pervert, and even an old lady called the police ...

:. :

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