I didn't hesitate, and when I saw the hot pillar of fire hitting her, Esdes turned and jumped at the same time. To avoid the fire pillar attack, she ran more than 100 meters to the right.

The next moment, a fiery flame passed by where Esdes had stood before, and the land dotted with ice crystals blinked into a dark red magma.

In the distance, the slowly marching army had long stopped, watching quietly the collision of ice and fire, and watching the huge pillars of fire emitting terrible temperature passing over them, and crashed into the snowy mountains in the distance.

Then thousands of soldiers saw a scene that made them unforgettable.

Compared with the towering snow-capped mountains that are covered with snow all the year round, Mu Qiu's fire pillars are like small chopsticks rushing towards the Big Mac cake.

The ending is also in line with the result of the collision of chopsticks and cake ...

The hard chopsticks are okay, but the soft cake is smashed into a hole by the chopsticks.

如同 Just like this moment, the towering snowy mountains are missing a corner, the hot lava flows out from the gap, flows slowly along the hillside, and the snow and magma come into contact with the white water vapor.

The flames at the corner of the melting mountain did not stop the pace of advance, and continued to extend away, as if crossing the sky, highlighting its majestic red dragon.

Looking at the missing corner of the snowy mountain, Esdes's internal warfare was like a fire poured with cold water, and only a few Mars were extinguished. I don't know when it will reignite.

Withdrew his gaze towards Snow Mountain, Aisidus turned to Mu Qiu, a half-man and half-long dragon, his eyes burning.

"The strong ..."

The survival of the stubborn is the motto of Esdes, and she lives on it.

Therefore, she only had one idea after she knew Mu Qiu's strength.

I defeated him, surpassed him ...

Esdes has a self-knowledge. She knows that she is not Mu Qiu's opponent at this moment, so she did not continue to attack Mu Qiu.

"What's the matter with your attack on my army?" Esdes shouted from a distance.

Esdes believes that if Mu Qiu's strength wants to attack her army, her army may have been turned into ashes.

However, at this time her army did not turn black and gray, which also indicates that Mu Qiu has other purposes.

I heard Esdes's shout, Mu Qiuben wanted to return a sentence, "It is only an accident to attack the army", but after thinking about it, they have already attacked to say that the accident is useless, anyway, nothing happened, just say the business!

"I just want to be friends with you."

Mu Qiu lifted the dragon and returned to the appearance of an ordinary person. He walked towards Esdes and said, "I am an ordinary chef. His cooking skills are very good. Proportional to ... "

In order to enhance the persuasive power, Mu Qiu directly presented his strength as a proof, and then ignored whether Esdes believed or not, and said after himself: "The reason why I want to make friends with you is to listen to people say Asdes, you are a hunting master, good at hunting all kinds of dangerous species ... "

"What do you think? Asdes, do you want to be friends with me?"

When Xu said this, Mu Qiu had already walked in front of Aestes, only half a meter away from her.


Esdes answered very readily, with almost no hesitation.

Although I don't know what Esdes thought, the goal is just fine.

After a few seconds of staring at each other, they turned towards the army.

The stagnant army set off again, heading for its destination.

The difference is that there is one more person in the army.

I chatted with Esdes for a while, and I already knew the purpose of Esdes.

Crusade against the different ethnic groups in the north.

There are many different ethnic groups in the surrounding areas of the puppet empire. Different ethnic groups do the same thing everywhere.

Hold up the banner and fight against the empire.

Mu Qiu's purpose is to resist the empire, Mu Qiu is not clear.

The puppet empire lasted for about a thousand years. The ghost knew how many contradictions the empire had with other nations. The reason for resisting the empire was to be able to produce a book.

秋 Mu Qiu, who was not interested in the grudges and hatred of the empire and the foreign nation, immediately changed the topic: "Is there any delicious dangerous species on the northern border?"

"I think about it." After hearing that, Asdes was in thought.

Esdes is more familiar with the northern border areas. After all, where she lived when she was a child is the northern border. After the war, the leader often went to the northern border to calm down the rebellions.

"Two-legged flying dragon, the ice field tiger is more delicious."

After a few moments of thinking, Eiders gave the names of two super-dangerous species.

"Dragon and tiger fighting! Looks like it can."

Having an idea, Mu Muqiu nodded gently and asked, "Where can I catch the two-footed flying dragon and the ice field tiger?"

This time, Esdes didn't think about it, and seamlessly connected Mu Qiu, and immediately gave the addresses where two super-dangerous species might appear.

As I watched Esdes talking about the addresses of the two super-dangerous species, Mu Qiu's face suddenly appeared a little dazed.

You said very well, very carefully, but ...

I don't even know where the place names you said are!

Su Muqiu suddenly felt a bit stupid.

After a few seconds of silence, Mu Qiu pretended to be a very harvest-like person and made a suggestion: "Aestes, it is better that I temporarily join your army to assist you in counterinsurgency, in return for hunting dangerous species with me . "

"Yes," Adesid responded heartily.

Hunting and fighting are her favorite.

Besides, she had wanted to stay with Mu Qiu for a while and asked about the fight. Naturally she would not refuse Mu Qiu's invitation.

秋 Mu Qiu, who received the quick response from Esdes, felt that he should be happy, but did not know why he felt that there would be pits in the days that followed.

I forget, don't bother.

How big a pit can I dig into him?

Don't worry, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com is not worried.

I have no time to worry about those who are not, it is better to think about new dishes.

Emperor Xi gave Mu Qiu an idea.

Thousands of years ago, the empire could use the super-dangerous species to develop emperors.

Then, can I also try to develop a cooking version of Emperor?

Eating a dish made from a super-dangerous species can gain one or all of the abilities of that dangerous species ...

Is a very good idea.

In the end, success requires experimentation and data.

Well now ...

试验 Test first.

Wu Muqiu blew his whistle, and within a few seconds a group of white wolves appeared in the vast snowy field.

The jackal wolves ran to the side of the army and maintained a uniform speed with Mu Qiu.

In order to prevent any further moths from happening, Mu Qiu directly communicated with the wolf king by using mental ability this time.

去 "Catch some small animals with the ability to spray ice and fire."

I realized that the wolf king Mu Qi asked immediately led the pack of wolves to the chickens and rabbits in the snow.

For a while, the chicken flew, the rabbit flew ...

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