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Dimensional Reincarnation: Becoming An Empty Self at the Beginning

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Novel Summary

Su Yuan accidentally came to a world where countless dimensions intersect, where all people can become reincarnators at the age of eighteen.

Stepping into the reincarnation space, the first trial world was actually Kamen Rider Kuga!

After winning the Yaguru belt, Su Yuan began a journey of crushing everything.

In “Academic Apocalypse”, Su Yuan turned into a flame knight, crushing everything and leading Zhongmei to escape from the bed host city!

In “Naruto: The Second Ninja World War”, kill the demigods and become the pinnacle of the ninja world!

In “Is it Wrong to Seek Encounters in the Dungeon?”, Su Yuan conquered the dungeon and led Hestia to become the first in the family!

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Short Title:DRBAESB
Alternate Title:次元轮回:开局成为空我
Author:Situ Qingfeng
Weekly Rank:#990
Monthly Rank:#1404
All Time Rank:#1767
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Godly Powers, Harem, Lolicon, Male Protagonist, Naruto, Netori, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, Survival Game, System, Transmigration, World Travel,
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  1. Esta e la historia de un coleccionista lolicon, al principio parece ser normal pero no jajaja una vez que empieza a encontrar lolis se hace adicto :P , este no perdona nada, su unico requerimiento es que sean hembras, no importa la raza, ni la edad y tampoco le importa si antes fue hombre jajaja.

  2. Idk mc is super genius or everyone is super dumb ...like. mc- ninjutsu is so easy let's train 1000 children shadow class & teach the common ninjutsu like "spiral pill".then Let's grab the world 🙄

  3. It has a good start global reincarnation to enter dungeon of anime/movies. Eriri from saenai is his gf(childhood sweetheart) before entering dungeon but it went down the downhill because of harem coming one after another in 2nd dungeon (highschool of the dead) he forced Yukinoshita and Haruno and their mother to be part of his harem.

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