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Dimensional Invasion of the Real Earth

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Parallel planes of the earth, aura is resurrected, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are merging into the earth. Turning on the Internet, Liu Hao finds that he is the only one who knows the plot. You say, should I tell them?

Journey to the West, the prehistoric plot is opening

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Short Title:DIRE
Alternate Title:次元入侵现实地球
Author:Wu Zixiong
Weekly Rank:#3504
Monthly Rank:#3058
All Time Rank:#2188
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Bleach, Fanfic, Harem, Modern Day, Naruto, Nationalism, One Piece, Racism, Slave Protagonist, Weak Protagonist,
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51 Comments on “Dimensional Invasion of the Real Earth
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  1. This is a review after reading +1000 chapters. The premise and world-building is very, very good. If you like stories with excessive exposition and cultivation then this is your cup of thee... If you can stand the MC. Especially for this MC I even thought of a new -ism (like fascism, racism, etc), this one is a culture-ism. You can guess what that means -.- But this guy isn't just a normal cultureïst, but the extremist of extremist and a machiavellian expansionist on top of that. The biggest reason I kept reading this was to see what kind of BS the author could conjure to make the MC even slightly palatable. I mean this guy sees EVERYONE not of his culture as not even human or even a bug. The author tries to win the reader over by the simple excuse of 'we are the best culture to convert anyone, and have proven this for thousands of years. So anyone we conquered or coerced into joining will become of our culture' . Really, I mean REALLY. I'll give an example of this 400 or so chapters in. The world he steps in is a facsimile of China during the Three Kingdom period, one of the many, many civil wars. this one is famous for lasting over 100 years and being romanticized in one of the 4 famous ancient Chinese novels. After which the population was so devastated that the north of China got invaded by the Huns( I think) and splintered into 16 kingdoms. To curtail this the MC sidesteps this whole mess by addressing the real problem...the devastated population. Yeah, not the civil war itself or the regrouping and growing Huns it's the low population number AFTER the 100-year war. Remember this is at the start of that war the population is still high but they are mostly serfs and Han Chinese under the yoke of the nobles. So he invades Korea and enslaves the local population there, which he trades for those Han Chinese and sets his little idyllic kingdom there, after which he does the same for Japan, South east Asia and let's not forget those dastardly hun (or Mongols). This Author littlerly tried very hard to make this slave empire sound reasonable and idyllic (for Han Chinese) with the excuse that those slaves would eventually also become Han Chinese, if not now then there children of grand-children. Yeah... so... if you can ignore is kind of stuff then this is a great faceslapping cultivation style novel

  2. Please Help List the known Connected World! The World that I know : One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Campione, The Outcast, Legend of White Snake (Mt.Kunlun [maybe])

  3. Legend of the condor hero, Tomb robbers, Resident Evil, The three kingdoms period, journey to the west+ Chinese mythology world, transformer, marvel, Confucianism and Taoism, and generic fantasy world with gods, probably more

  4. I'm really annoyed that the protagonist is a babysitter. Take good care of your friends. It's better to spend time doing other things. But with a friend who is a counterweight. Her friend is a male too. If it's a woman, it doesn't matter. But this guy is very annoying, having a friend to follow as a hindrance. When will friends stop following the protagonist? The protagonist can develop himself by himself, why does it rely on his friends? Friends also benefit from the protagonist. But the protagonist hardly got anything back. It's really boring. Party style. The protagonist's friend is the main character. The protagonist's legs are weighed down. very annoying

  5. I agree, why does every time a protagonist goes to cultivation world it always became a trash when it comes to power difference the gap was so huge

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