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A long time ago, the decayed main god space collapsed and disintegrated, and the wreckage was scattered in parallel universes, giving birth to a new space…

Countless ‘story worlds’ under control have also fallen into the void, regained freedom, runaway out of control, elevated to reality, and turned into reality.

At the same time, these “worlds” are polluted and corroded by the void, giving birth to greater fear and filth…

The space of birth feeds on the world.

They compete with each other, their tentacles penetrate through dimensions, invade different time and space, search for the legacy of the main god, drive the apostles to be minions, greedily tearing, seizing, devouring, and reclaiming one world after another, so that they can return to greatness.

The innocent eating melon and white waves with the legacy of the Lord God accidentally got involved in the parallel universe “Paradise of Fire” during a cross-border call.

After forcibly binding the demi-human blood, he became an excellent tool man who can repeatedly die, starting the legendary ‘dimension invasion career’.

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Short Title:DE
Alternate Title:维度侵蚀者
Author:Cruel Toilet Paper Angel
Weekly Rank:#4066
Monthly Rank:#6610
All Time Rank:#6012
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31 Comments on “Dimensional Eroders
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  1. for some reason I always feel sleepy when reading chapter by chapter. from the start it was understandable that low key, as "alien" was understandable. Over time, there's a lot of long bullshit~ that's interesting from the MC's only from the "Ajin" bloodline, that's all. MC's explanation of joining the team and others always makes me sleepy. doesn't MC have an "Ajin" bloodline? why do you need medicine? just die once instantly healed. btw I just read until ch29, because always sleepy to continue.

  2. after strengthening a strong determination to continue reading.. okay in ch30 finally realized about the immortality of "Ajin"

  3. This is absolutely shit mc has your tepecal Chinese character mentaly challenged who loves to be praised. every thing he dose is to gain praise of others "brother lang is so smart brother lang this brothrt lang that brother lang is so strong brother lang is so caring brother lang is such a gentleman " like jesus f***ING Christ the dude acts like a kid most the time it fukin embracing. he a great ability (IMB) that makes him a perfect lone wolf but no he like to mingal in in teams acting low key. oh yes he rather have medical knowledge over fighting knowledge. And fuc the ecasive use of the word salted fish...... in short awesome concept that got royal raped by a retarded author, nothing new I gusse......

  4. Idiot, he never joined a permanent team but only a temporary team at most. If you're looking for a serious and dark novel then go back to reincarnation paradise or read death knell. Never saw the protagonist became op in fighting, just op in pretending to be a good person lel

  5. Can you add this Pirate : Possessed Teacher https://m.xiaoshuowawa.com/23/23201_1/#all Sorry I don't have discord so i requested it here.

  6. Bro, images will will not be translated. The novel you chose stops at chapter 80, and the rest of the chapters are all locked.

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