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When Founder opened his eyes, he was surprised to find himself reborn into a fantasy world of dragons and magic, knights and princesses.

Not only that, even the game system designed by Founder before, also followed him into this world.

Then the next step is to cross the thousands of planes, gain infinite strength, become a brave, defeat the devil to marry a princess, and reach the pinnacle of life … wait, before, why I was born again is the evil that everyone shouts and fights Religious?

- Description from Qidian


Short Title:DC
Alternate Title:次元法典
Author:Siberian Cat
Weekly Rank:#3451
Monthly Rank:#3541
All Time Rank:#1124
Tags:Aliens, Alternate World, Army Building, Based on a Movie, Based on a TV Show, Cosmic Wars, Cunning Protagonist, Demons, Detectives, Evil Gods, Evil Religions, Fan-fiction, Fanaticism, Fanfiction, Fantasy World, Game Elements, Gate to Another World, Godly Powers, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Interdimensional Travel, Kingdom Building, Lolicon, Loyal Subordinates, Magical Technology, Male to Female, Multiple Realms, Nationalism, Protagonist with Multiple Bodies, Racism, Revenge, Secret Organizations, Strong from the Start, System, Technological Gap,
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39 Comments on “Dimensional Codex
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  1. to be honest ,i don't understand the story anymore... -_-'' the only thing that get stuck in my head is : MC Hates : North America, Japanese, and Buddhist. MC Likes : His own nation, Lolicon ,America Hollywood Movie, Japan Anime, and The Latest Game. and the MC always got his power sealed/disappear to make the story can continue that i got sick from seeing an OP MC to Average MC although he still invincible in the world though some means or power or knowledge but it still unpleasant to see.

  2. Guys I want to write a fanfic novel about the world of daluo dalu that merged with the world of swallowed star. so so mc has a twin martial soul in the form of a rifle and a shield. so i want to know where i can publish my novel. so please for those who know can comment below. (Im not chinese btw)

  3. You can publish it in webnovel, I'm quite interested with your plan so can you remind me what the title of the story is, when are you gonna publish it and what is your author name. So I can look for your story and read it. Thanks

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