Chapter 389 Meeting with Thirteen Yingjie

  Led by Danzhu, Cangxuan and Hua, Jizi and Alicia began to visit Xuanyuan City.

   Originally wanted to go shopping together, but Lingxuan was taken away by Ji Lin, and Jiuli and Jibril suddenly disappeared.

  Therefore, only five of them can form a group.

   "The taste is no different from modern ones."

   Bought a bunch of barbecue, Alicia was surprised after tasting it.

  She thought it would be hard to eat.

   "That's not true, we specially concocted the purification and production methods of seasonings and passed them down." Danzhu said proudly.

   I tasted a modern delicacy once, but the ancient food was simply unpalatable.

  It is easy to go from frugal to extravagant, but difficult to go from extravagant to frugal.

  So I made a decisive decision and retrieved the relevant knowledge from the database.

   not her blowing

  Even if Naxida, the **** of wisdom, came, she would have to bow down in front of her quantum computer!

   "It's the oil lamp now, when will the electric light be turned on?"

   Glancing at the wick in the lamp, Alicia asked curiously.

   "Crazy, Honkai will grow explosively like that."

  Dan Zhu couldn't believe it.

   They just recruited Chi You, a big guy, just by developing into a simple town.

   Electric lights appeared thousands of years earlier, so why not call all Herrschers here?

   "That was before, now you are not fighting alone."

   Alicia chuckled, and then threw a bomb at the three of them.

   "Do you want to meet Cosmo and Mebius?"

   "You mean!"

  As if thinking of something, Dan Zhu and Cang Xuan's pupils shrank.

   Only Jizi showed a confused expression.

   "Yes, they have nothing to do in the world snake all day long, so it's better to let them come over to help civilization develop." Alicia laughed.

   "By the way, Little Patuo is also here."


  Dan Zhu and Cang Xuan were startled, recalling that naughty figure in their minds.

   I wonder why a person can die three times.



   "When can we see you again!" Danzhu asked eagerly.

  She can't wait to get together with her former companions.

   Hua, who had been silent all this time, couldn't help but look up.

   Alicia thought for a while, and said, "Let's go tonight, I have to tell them."

  Danzhu: "Good!"


time flies

  In the blink of an eye, night comes

  Alicia and Ling Xuan talked about wanting to bring Thirteen Yingjie to this era.

  Ling Xuan glanced at Cang Xuan and Dan Zhu who were full of anticipation and hope, and chuckled lightly: "Of course it's no problem."

   "Ling Xuan, you are a good person!" Dan Zhu looked excited.

   The corner of Ling Xuan's mouth twitched: "If possible, I hope you don't send me a good person card."

  Looking at the deflated Ling Xuan, the corners of Alicia's mouth raised.

   Locked on the location of the modern collapsed world, and the space channel was opened by Ling Xuan.

   "I'll go back as soon as I go."

   After saying something to everyone, Alicia walked into the space passage.

the other side

  World Snake

  Looking at the space channel that suddenly appeared, everyone has long been familiar with it.

   After all, Alicia often travels between the two worlds through it.

   During the period, Mebius did not have the idea of ​​research, but no matter how much she researched, she didn't even catch a tail.

   "Sister Ellie, why did you come back so soon?"

Sitting on the sofa

  Padoferis, who was grooming the can, looked at Alicia who came out of the space passage and wondered.

   It must have been less than a day since Alicia came back last time.

   Could it be that Ling Xuan got angry and went back to her mother's house?

   "Phyllis, now I have a task for you, call everyone else over."

   Alicia said to Padu on the sofa.

   "Miss Ellie, what's the matter?"

   "Well, I will take you to a good place later."

  Alicia chuckled lightly, keeping it a secret.

  As time passed by, Dan Zhu and Cang Xuan felt a little apprehensive while looking forward to it.

   "Relax, we are old friends." Ling Xuan patted the two of them on the shoulder.

   It's a pity that the effect is not very good.


  Suddenly, the space trembled.

  A dark space passage emerged, and a pink figure walked out of it first.

  She made a comparison to Ling Xuan and the others, and then moved away from the seat behind her.

   Immediately afterwards, a brown figure holding a cat walked out with a curious expression.

  After seeing that familiar figure, the three of Danzhu could not help but tremble.

  Although I have already been mentally prepared, I still can't help trembling when I see a familiar friend reappearing in front of me.

   "Huh? Sister Danzhu and Sister Cangxuan?!"

  Padoferis, who came out of the space passage, was taken aback when he saw Danzhu and Cangxuan in front of him, and then said in shock.

   Could this be the surprise that Sister Ellie said?

  The rest of Yingjie who came from behind also paused after seeing the two of them.

   "Little Paduo!"

  Danzhu couldn't hold back, and rushed forward.

   "You can take whatever you want this time, I won't call the guards to catch you again."

  Danzhu hugs Patuo with red eyes.

  He hugged her tightly with both hands, as if he would never let go.

  It wasn't until the other party left that she realized that her shadow was everywhere in her life.

   It's a pity that there was no regret at that time.

   "Hey? Come on, Sister Danzhu, you've made me very helpless."

  Pado was at a loss for a while.

  Although she is a girl, she is not good at dealing with crying girls.

   "Little Patuo, just hug her at this time."

   Alicia reminded from the side.

  Padufelice was taken aback.

  Looking at Danzhu who buried his head on his shoulder, he slowly put his arms around her back.


  The canned food on Pa Duo's head also made a sound and landed on Dan Zhu's head.

   "Alicia, you are really as bad as ever~"

   Mebius looked at Alicia, and a charming voice sounded.

   Let her guess, but she didn't expect that the people Alicia brought them to meet were actually Danzhu and Cangxuan.


   Alicia smiled slyly.

  She was quite satisfied with Mebius' expression.


  Danzhu wiped away his tears, looked at Mebius, and said with emotion: "You have become smaller again."


   The corner of Mebius' mouth twitched: "You are still the same as before, not cute at all."


  Danzhu laughed.

  Hearing the familiar voice, she felt very cordial.

   "Sister Danzhu, Sister Cangxuan, and another sister Hua."

   A childish voice sounded.

  Dan Zhu, Cang Xuan and Hua were startled.

   As far as the eye can see, it is a little blue and windy loli calling their names.

  Cosmo: "Hmm... Long time no see."

   "Gracio, Cosmo!"

   "Long time no see, Danzhu and Cangxuan."


   "Trouble, I didn't come to see you crying!"

   A violent voice sounded.

  Wearing a mask on one side, Qianjie, who was exuding heat waves all over his body, snorted coldly.

  (end of this chapter)

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