Chapter 388 Danzhu Shangxian, Boundless Mana

  Come to the room tonight?

Give me?

  Ling Xuan couldn't help dreaming.

   Is that what he thinks it is?

  Looking at Ji Lin's shy face, Ling Xuan lost his mind for a while.

   Back to the tribe

  Ling Xuan found that the place has changed a lot since the last time he came here.

   From the majestic city wall, it can be seen that there was nothing wrong with the collapse this time.

  Civilization has indeed progressed a lot. You must know that when Ling Xuan came last time, he was still in the tribal mode. Now he not only has the characteristics of civilization, but is almost developing into a feudal dynasty.

   "Master Ji Lin!"

  A sharp-eyed guard was overjoyed when he saw Ji Lin in the team.

   followed by

  The sound of gongs and drums resounded throughout the city, and the heavy gates were slowly opened.

   "How much ahead of schedule have you guys all of a sudden?"

  Ling Xuan saw the watchtowers and catapults on both sides of the city wall, and couldn't help but think.

   No wonder Chi You is coming.

  He would look down on Honkai unless he came here.

   "Since the final fate is that Danzhu and I exhausted our lives to seal Chiyou, it is better to pass on more civilization and knowledge within the limited time." Cang Xuan said indifferently.

   "Aren't you afraid that Honkai will counterattack even harder?"

   "So I asked Hua to guard it early in the morning."

   Cang Xuan looked at Ling Xuan, a cunning flashed in his blue eyes.

   "It seems that you still listened to what I said."

  In the original book, it was Hua who didn't arrive in time that caused both Cangxuan and Danzhu to die.

   "I also have a lot of things I want to do."

   Cang Xuan slowly raised her slender jade arm, and a fiery red kite flew from a distance and landed on her arm.

  Cang Xuan's eyes flickered slightly: "Before then, let me struggle with fate a little bit."

   "Contact me if you have anything to do, and I will come over as soon as possible." Ling Xuan said.

   "Won't it bother you?"

   "It's too outrageous to say this, we are comrades in arms through thick and thin!"

   "No one can separate us!"

  Ling Xuan put his hand on Cang Xuan's shoulder.

   "I recorded."

  Cang Xuan silently took out a recording pen, under Ling Xuan's stunned expression, smiled slightly, showing a beautiful face.

  Ling Xuan: "..."

  Why does he have the feeling of being calculated?

  After entering the city gate

  Ling Xuan saw tens of thousands of people surrounding them, looking at them with admiration and longing.

   Seeing this, Ling Xuan couldn't help feeling emotional.

   What a big change.

   "Master Ji Lin!"

  The crowd cheered Ji Lin's name, and Ji Lin also waved to the crowd with a smile.

   "Already looks like a leader." Ling Xuan laughed.

   "That's thanks to us."

  Dan Zhu wiped his nose and put his hands on his hips.

   But she was criticized badly.

   "Yes, yes, Danzhu Shangxian has boundless magic power; his supernatural powers are vast, and his magic can control the land of China." Ling Xuan boasted.

  Danzhu: "???"

  She narrowed her eyes and looked at Ling Xuan.

   "Don't think that I don't understand you are yin and yang to me. Although I sleep for a long time, it doesn't mean I'm stupid!"

  Dan Zhu pointed at Ling Xuan, with shrewdness written all over his face.

  Ling Xuan groped for his chin and looked at Dan Zhu carefully.

   "What? Why do you keep staring at me?"

  Danzhu protects his chest.

   "Let me tell you, I'm very conservative!"

  Ling Xuan was silent for a while, and said: "I was just thinking, why you have the same face as Cang Xuan, but you don't look very smart."

  Danzhu: "???"

   "Believe it or not, I will bite you!"

   After finishing speaking, he opened his small mouth, revealing two shiny little canine teeth.

  Ling Xuan smiled, patted her on the head, and walked forward without saying anything.

  Dan Zhu looked at Ling Xuan's back suspiciously.

   What does he mean by this?


   Passing through the lively neighborhood, Ling Xuan and others came to a magnificent palace.

  The ancient Chinese palace has a sense of majesty and majesty just by looking at it.

   "Master, I will take you shopping."

   After dismissing the Valkyrie troops, Ji Lin couldn't wait to grab Ling Xuan's hand and lead him to run towards the stairs.

   "Like Liyue."

  Alicia looked at the majestic palace, and the picture of Liyue Harbor couldn't help appearing in her mind.

   "Liyue? What a good name."

   "Actually, we planned to call it Xuanyuan Palace." Dan Zhu said.

   "Xuanyuan Palace is not bad, are you planning to build a nation?"

   "I have this in mind, but the speed is too fast. We plan to help Ji Lin unify China first, and then build the country."

   "Plans have changed."

   "At first, I just wanted to complete the fire plan safely, but I didn't expect it to directly become the unification of the world." Cang Xuan complained.

   Thanks to someone who transmits ideas.

   "But you look very happy."

   Alicia looked at the arc of Cang Xuan's mouth, and the corners of her mouth raised slightly.

   "Maybe, after all, people also have pursuits."

   Cang Xuan did not deny it.

   "How do you talk like an old woman, you know, you are a young girl in her twenties."

   Alicia stretched out her two fingers, pressed against Cang Xuan's mouth, and pressed it into a forced smile.

   "You are still exactly the same as before."

  Looking at the girl in front of him, Cang Xuan smiled helplessly.

  After experiencing the battle of destroying the world, they have long since lost their innocence.

  Maybe Danzhu still looks as lively and cute as before.

   But she would still secretly wipe tears where no one else could see.

  Family, friends, partners, everything can only be turned into memories and buried in my heart.

  They are human too.

   "I am who I am and will never change." Alicia laughed.

   "This time, it won't disappear suddenly."

   Staring at Alicia, Cang Xuan said suddenly.

   "No, I will always be with you." Alicia gently hugged Cang Xuan into her arms.

   "Leaving without a word, and then suddenly reappearing, you are really willful."

   Beating Alicia's chest, Cang Xuan complained.

   "Sorry, it's my fault."

  Alicia patted Cang Xuan's back lightly, listening to her story quietly.


   "Tianzun! You're back?!"

   Shaodian looked at Ling Xuan who was being held by Ji Lin and said in surprise.

   "Come back and have a look, how are you doing recently?" Ling Xuan smiled.

   "Thanks to the divine sword bestowed by you and the help of the immortals, we can survive in this world full of demons."

   Shaodian said gratefully.

   Only when you have truly possessed it will you know the horror of power.

   "Tianzun, please wait a moment, the banquet is already being prepared."

   "It's okay, take your time."

   "Master, let's go there and have a look." Ji Lin urged Ling Xuan, holding Ling Xuan's hand.

  Ling Xuan would naturally not refuse the cute little apprentice's request.

   "Okay, okay, okay! Hahaha."

  Looking at the backs of the two, Shaodian stroked his beard and laughed.

   "What is he smirking at?"

  on the roof

   Jibril, who was squatting on the tile, looked at the laughing Shaodian and couldn't help complaining.

   "I really envy the little master, I also want to be with the master."

  Looking at the backs of Ling Xuan and Ji Lin, Jibril's eyes shone with longing.

  Jiu Li on the side silently agreed.

  (end of this chapter)

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