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Dimension: Sign In To Leilu Core at the Beginning

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Novel Summary

The truck driver brought Ling Xuan to the parallel world World Blue Star for the year-end award.

Here, the physical body travels to replace Ling Xuan, a senior high school boy with the same name and surname, and obtains a check-in system.

(The introduction is pale, please see the content for details.)

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Short Title:DSITLCB
Alternate Title:次元:开局签到雷律核心
Author:Abyss of suppression
Weekly Rank:#1240
Monthly Rank:#1055
All Time Rank:#5703
Tags:Fan-fiction, Harem, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Strong from the Start, World Travel,
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19 Comments on “Dimension: Sign In To Leilu Core at the Beginning
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  1. not bad it's pretty good and interesting, MC has MALE friend! and it's not just his sidekick but his true friend their banter are interesting, his sister got character development not just his pendant, there's lot of woman but until latest chapter his official gf is still only one and the other is still in ambiguous state, easy story and lighthearted it's main focus is his daily life with family and friends.

  2. no me gusto, un mc que tiene el poder de combatir en igualdad de condiciones que ellas o mas y se queda atras como si nada malo pasara y cuando se lastiman lanza un arrebato como un niño pequeño que termina por lastimar a su hermanita, si no fuera por el sistema ellas habrían muerto, darle más poder a alguien que conoces de dos días mientras que el es demasiado débil "que buena idea".

  3. We need a plan to take out I am a tree. He has gone rogue and is attempting to ally with the CCP. My sources tells me that he has been attempting to brainwash people into thinking that he is a god. Unfortunately, he is nothing but a pawn in the grand scheme of the CCP. So my friends, we need to take out this traitor and continue on our never-ending mission to destroy the CCP’s evil plan. May god be with you. Signing off, LittleDragonIsDead.

  4. I agree with your opinion but be careful, maybe *I am a tree* is just a bait set up to trap the soldiers fighting against the CCP. "CCP would not be foolish to let *I am a tree* stand out by trying to impersonate a false god and be obvious to us. Therefore it is possible that an intelligence leak about *I am a tree* must have been intentional by CCP"

  5. It may be so but we still need to take down this false god. His existence is contradicting our believes and passion, leading our younger members astray from this holy path. No matter what, he is a totem for the CCP to spread their beliefs, hence the urgent need to take him down. Colonel ARLOSH, I leave it to you and your men to solve this insolent pest once and for all. May god be with you. Signing off, LittleDragonIsDead.

  6. You dare say I THE GREAT TREE GOD Allies WITH THE EVER EXPANDING VOID(ever expanding void aka CCP)!!! You foolish mortals and fake gods are always trying to stain my reputation as a good all caring god king whenever i destroy a planet or two who has someone who annoying.

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