In the early morning, Rong Jiahui, who woke up, blinked his eyes and reached out to pat the person on the pillow. The result was an empty touch.


What about people? Where did this go early in the morning? When she was still pregnant, she dared to leave the room, and she was so arrogant that she would not enter her door in the future.


She lazily propped herself up and shouted: "White dew! Gu Yu! Frost drops! Cold dew!"


The hoes suddenly sneaked in, and the white dew that was holding the water and the towel that was going to be scrubbed for her looked at her. The surprise was too much, and she almost smashed the basin.


"Mr. Shao, are you finally awake?"


What is this, listening to how strange, Rong Jiahui stunned for a long while, nodded, "Yeah, what?"


The frost on the side looked at her, and it was so happy that she cried. "Little lady, do you know? You have been in a coma for a whole month? Scared me!"


"Ah?!" Rong Jiahui was shocked. "How can I suddenly stun? Is it wrong for me? Then, Alan? Where is she? I asked her! If I have been so faint for so long, She is estimated to be in a hurry."


The frost is a bit embarrassing, "Who is A network?"


Rong Jiahui is helpless, these stupid gimmicks, you can be so stupid! For a few years, I still can't remember the names of others.


"Then I said Hou Ye! Hou Ye, where is she?"


Hou Ye? How many Hou Hou in the capital, which is Hou Ye?


Bai Lu thought for a moment and suddenly understood: "Do you mean the old man of the town?"


"Who said that I am jealous, I am asking the family, who is her? Where have you been?"


Looking at them with a look of sorrow, Rong Jiahui was helpless. She picked up the quilt and said: "Then I will go out and look for it myself. Really, what is wrong with this, early in the morning, what to play hide and seek here!"


Bai Lu seemed to think of something, and weakly asked: "What do you say, will you be far away?"


"What do you say?" Rong Jiahui asked back.


"Dingyuan Hou, it is Zhong Li Shaoye."


"Dingyuan Hou?"


So familiar, and a strange name...




Dingyuan Hou? !


When Rong Jiahui glanced, she looked at the furnishings of the house and suddenly reacted to it afterwards...


Here... it looks like it’s not her home...


It is not her home with Zhong Lilu, nor the town of Houfu.


Then where is she?


Not right, here, she is also somewhat inexplicably familiar, as if she lived in the past.


Seeing her look is not right, Bailu is a little worried, busy pushing the frost down to the doctor, and pushing the cold dew to ask the young master.


Then she closed the door and looked at Rong Jiahui's appearance. She said: "Mr. Shao, what happened to you? How suddenly was it confused? Do you remember who you are?"


"Who can I still be? I am the daughter of the town of Hou Jiahui."


Rong Jiahui looked at Bai Lu in confusion, and suddenly it became very chaotic and chaotic.


How is this going?


Past life, this life, let her have some look, who is she? Is it married to a son named Liu? Still looking for a girl named after the clock?


She rubbed her face, stepped back and fell down on the bed. She looked at the familiar bed, one of her dowries, almost scared to cry, the whole room, and the bed was the same as before. of……


She understands...


Here is the Liu family that was killed that day. She used to live in Liujia for eight years. This memory was buried silently by her, but now it is all over it...


She remembered, she remembered again...


She remembered her own hopes. After all, she was never seen before, even if she had never seen her fiancé, she was a vanity girl. She liked others to envy her, marry her, Marrying such a good person, even if she is not obvious on the surface, she feels good in her heart...


She is looking forward to...


But her girl’s dream, when she turned her head, was beaten and shattered. She was always a beggar. At home, everyone took her, but at Liujia, her cockroaches were cured. If the husband did not come, it would be hard. I have to swear, and I don’t have to slap my head and sit on the bed for a night. What happened? If no one cares, she did it by punching the cotton. Only she was uncomfortable. She was holding a little hope at the beginning, and she endured it. The time passed by, she actually had twenty. Four...


She murmured: "Bai Lu, how suddenly did I change back?"


She is not the so-called Mrs. Zhong Li, now she has changed back...


Mrs. Liu...


The wife of her cousin, Liu Yuchen...


How did that happen……


Originally, she saw the surname Liu, and now she has experienced such a situation. It is estimated that it is even more coherent...


If everything she experienced before is really a dream, why can't she let her die in her dreams? She didn't want to wake up, she would rather die, and she didn't want to wake up to face Liu Yuchen, but she didn't want to face the strange clock.


Maybe this is a nightmare!


Thinking of this, Rong Jiahui opened his sleeves and took a bite on the white and tender arm. It hurts the heart. However, she did not wake up, and she slammed into the bed again, and she regained her strength. Go green!


Bai Lu saw her self-mutilation and stopped her. "What happened to you? If you do, you must not be self-mutilated!"


Rong Jiahui hit it so badly that she was dizzy. She trembled and held the last hope of Bai Lu’s hand. “Bai Lu, my good sister, you told me, I am not cold. Melon is stunned?"


Bailu’s surprise nodded. “You’re just thinking about it.”


After receiving the expected answer, Rong Jiahui suddenly felt that she had broken into the bottomless abyss. She was crying and mourning, and the whole person leaned back and suddenly passed out.


When she woke up again, it was alternating between the sun and the moon. She tried to open her eyes, but she stumbled to see that the bed seemed to be sitting on the individual, but it was not a hoe!


She thought she was awake, and she hurriedly grabbed his sleeve and cried: "A network! Are you a network? You know? I just made one..."


A terrible dream...


She looked at this beautiful and innocent face, and her heart suddenly cooled...


She opened his sleeves in disgust, and did not go over and said: "What are you doing? Deliberately seeing my jokes?"


Liu Yuchen said faintly: "You have been in a coma for a long time. One month, the doctor has just been here. He said that your body is no longer a problem. I also sent someone to tell the story of my father-in-law, and tomorrow’s father-in-law Jiaze should Come see you."


Hehe, this person is also very difficult to care about her once, if she used to, she would be happy to be a little happy, who let her be such a person, care about her little, she will forget a lot, I really practice myself.


Rong Jiahui couldn't help but sneer: "My business, I will not worry about you. I know what you said. I am very sleepy. I have to sleep. Go out and go slowly."


When she finished, she put her back on the bed and covered her quilt.


Liu Yuchen looked at her intricately and said: "How are you tempering today?"


"My temper is already rushing. You have always used me as a decoration. It is no wonder that you will not know. If you really don't like my temper, then you can't see it as a net. Let's just let it go!"


In the past, she was too reluctant to accept her life. To use her infinite patience in a person who has only others in her heart is just a waste. In fact, this and the word are not so difficult to export. After speaking, She only felt that she was light.


"Jia Hui." Liu Yuchen helplessly. "You don't want to mess around anymore."


Rong Jiahui sat up and looked at him, but he rarely showed a serious look. "I mean, I know who you have in your heart. I am not too old. I don't want to be here again." It’s delayed.”


Hearing that she said that he knew who he was in his heart, Liu Yuchen looked a little embarrassed. He closed his eyes and repeated and sighed, "Don't talk nonsense."


Looking at his tired and annoying tired look, it’s just that you have been ruined in your face, and Rong Jiahui is also angry.


She threw a pillow at him: "I am not talking nonsense, I really don't want to go over with you. I just said it is euphemistic. What I really want to say is that I hate you, I hate your whole family, even I hate all the surnames Liu, do you think that good things are close to me, never limit me, I don’t need to be stunned, I have to thank you for your whole family? Roll your, one by one, take me all day. Transparent people, I wouldn’t say anything to me, just like I’m a dirty thing, I really thought I’m not tempered, it’s muddy! I’m so eager to raise my grown up, but not for I sent you to your house to get angry! My sister has been in your home for eight years, this is not enough! Do you have to consume me to be willing?"


Liu Yuchen blinked his eyes and seemed to have not recovered from her complaint.


"Not good?"


Not good?


Good or bad, Rong Jiahui said that nature is not counted. Moreover, such a day, even if Rong Jiahui, does not feel that it is not all bad, indeed, do nothing, do stay in the second day If a big family member enjoys happiness, who would be unhappy, she should be content, how many people have thought that this good day is still too late, but this person is always greedy, and always can’t help but desire more. She is not a kind of greedy person, she really needs very few.


She used to accept her life. If she had never had a dream of Huang Qi in that decade, she might, she would have been going on like this...


But she was so happy and happy in the dream that seemed to be fake. She couldn’t help but sink it. If she had never tasted sweetness, she might think that it’s good, no one hurts no one loves. At least, she knows how happy she might be, which makes her now willing to continue to live and suffer.


Rong Jiahui looked at him bitterly and shook his head. "I am not at all rare. If anyone wants to go over, anyway, I have to go back to my mother's house. At my mother's house, I don't care for me, my brother respects me, my sister. I also know that the book is a gift, why not let it be, horizontally and vertically, wherever it is not used as a display."


When she finished, she stood up and tried to pack things. Liu Yuchen seemed to be a little panicked. He was busy holding her wrist and said, "What are you doing? I am angry with me? I am going home from here, is it OK?"


Rong Jiahui was simply to be laughed at by his words. She really wanted to sneer, but the tears could not help but fall. She opened Liu Yuchen’s hand and went straight to the closet.


"I am not rare! You can't go back, it's not my business!"


In the end, when she is what, call it and go!


The Shantou people are also very satisfied with this. They are busy going to persuade: "Little lady, what are you doing?"


I heard that the three words of the lady, Miss Jiahui, had some pain. She said to them: "Afterwards, some of you still call me Missy! Hurry, come and help me pack things, you will follow me back to the town. Go to Houfu, don't stay here again in the sacred Liufu!"




Let's look at her movements and look back at Liu Yuchen, some hesitant.


Rong Jiahui glanced at them and said: "You all look at what he does? In the end, who is your master, don't worry about him, I won't stay here, I will die if I die." Here! If you can't bear him, leave it."


"Jia Hui..."


Liu Yuchen called, but he looked at Rong Jiahui who turned the clothes, but he still said nothing.


For the wife who came home from the words of the parents, he always wanted to blame. If they were not two or three years old, they would have to have such a doll, and they would not have to be tied together to suffer, but He can't blame, this innocent girl, she doesn't understand anything, she is stupid, you hit her a hundred times, as long as she gives a piece of cold meg, she is not angry, how pleasing people, whoever blames her However, he can't blame his parents. His parents are heaven. He is the one who gave birth to him. Therefore, he chose to blame himself and chose to renounce himself...


He didn't even want to go home, and he didn't want to see Rong Jiahui, looking at his wife's stupid appearance, innocent and dazzling, innocent, making people sick and disgusted.


He never hates her. On the contrary, he even likes her a little, likes her slightly similar appearance to her sweetheart, likes her simplicity, likes her mind to be simple, easy to satisfy, like her without a positive shape, if only Just a younger sister, he would love such a sister very much, but she is a wife, a wife he does not want to marry.


Even so, he still wants to keep her now. If he is really and away, what kind of new wife will his parents choose for him? He didn't know, he only knew that there would be no better than Rong Jiahui.


Rong Jiahui smiled at him and said: "Liu Gongzi, you should feel that you are all light, this is a matter of inconvenience in the backyard all day, and finally you are going to leave, you don't have to bother you."


Liu Yuchen sighed and said: "I never thought you were in the way..."


Rong Jiahui shook his head. "Liu Gongzi, you still don't understand, no matter what I am not in the way, I will not stay here."


When she finished, she went to him and reached out to him. "Hey, I gave you clothes before I got married. You gave it back to me. Anyway, you never crossed. I cut them and didn't want to stay." at your home."


After that, she ignored her expression of Liu Yuchen and continued to care for herself: "Liu Gongzi, do you know? I am actually a big man, I like big red and green, I like bright colors, I like flowers and butterflies, I can’t appreciate it. The so-called elegant, do not understand those books, jade, wood, painting, writing and writing, can not figure out what the so-called good piano is good, I heard it, it is a kind, anyway, the voice is too small to sit nearby I can't hear it. The so-called poetry songs, Qin chess and calligraphy, I can only say that I have learned, I am so talentless, and the talents like you can never say a piece, only the female red dragon can force people, and It’s not proficient, but it’s all my heart. I embroidered the needles and stitched them properly. But you don’t even look at them, so you still give them back. , lest you stay here and collect dust..."


"Jia Hui..."


Rong Jiahui shook his head and said: "Don't call me Jiahui again. Since you have never treated me as a wife, don't call them so close, it's like you and me."


Looking at the firm look she had never had before, Liu Yuchen stunned, he thought, his wife estimated that he would not persuade.


Rong Jiahui did not live well. He knew that this marriage had tormented both of them. She stayed here. He took it for granted. This is a tribute to praise. But she feels wronged to go. He also There is really no reason to stop. He doesn’t even dare to rebel against his parents. He should live with his wife in such a field.


He is deserving of it...


Rong Jiahui is still unwilling to stay.


She just walked out the door, and a man flew over and hugged her side around her.


"Sister, you can't go! The autumnal branch knows that you are wrong, knowing that you are not right, you hit me and I will be successful, you must not throw the autumn equinox."


Rong Jiahui looked at her pretty face who was crying and couldn't help but handed her a piece of par.


After receiving the autumnal score, I was stunned: "Thank you, sister."


Rong Jiahui is not happy: "Aki, I am one year older than me."


In the autumn, the action of holding the face of the face was stagnation, she looked up, and some of them said: "So? Sister?"


Bai Lubai gave her a look at her and said: "What is your identity, and you dare to call the sister Miss Dao with Miss Da."


Qiu Lu took a look at the autumn leaves: "What is your identity, dare to talk to me!"


After she finished, she looked at Rong Jiahui again and cried pitifully: "Missy, I am asking for you in the autumn, don't go well, if you are gone, what should you do in the autumn?"


The appearance of the autumnal part was so charming and charming that when it was crying with pears and rain, even the heart made of stone was soft.


Unfortunately, Rong Jiahui was useless. Rong Jiahui gave her a look: "You are now a mother of Liu family, not my slave, what do you have to do with me."


The autumnal minutes wiped with tears and twitched: "The autumnal cents really know the wrong now, or else, let me take it, read it in the dozens of master servants, I will obey, such a small matter, you and the young master Just say it."


Climbing the bed will make her share of this is also a sad reminder, she did not have any pet, no son, and now age, has long disappeared any ideas of the past, the old master Child, never been sorry for her, because she is the only one who is in the dilemma, Mrs. Liu used to treat her is not bad, her days don’t look too bad, but if it is a good old paper tiger Really gone, no matter whether it is a real river lion or a true sage, the shackles of her former wife’s shackles will not be better.


Wen Yan, Rong Jiahui thought, but it was a good thing to put gold on his face. This time, I remembered the old feelings. When I was the owner of the year, I never thought of the master servant for more than ten years.


Regardless of the Qiu Qiu’s hard work, she did not care about her mother’s all the way to persuade her, but she had to go home. Mrs. Liu’s wife wanted her son to persuade her, this daughter-in-law, she never liked it, it was a waste that her husband’s heart could not hold. But it is not annoying. After all, it’s just good to take it, it’s a good-looking one. If you go back to your home in such a big evening, you won’t even take a few days to rest, but you’ll still have to leave. Where should the faces of their homes go?


But this Liu Yuchen is just stupid, nothing has been done, nowhere to look, no words.


Looking at the look of their mother and son, Rong Jiahui snorted and left in the carriage.


Here, she didn't want to stay in the day, so she went in a hurry. Except for the clothes and jewelry in the room, she didn't bring anything. The rest, waiting for them to leave, let the younger brother take the dowry list to move back, want to come. Don’t be greedy for her dowry, or not, where is the face?


However, Rong Jiahui’s arrogant home is also a shock to everyone.


Fortunately, Rong Jiahui’s other skills are not. It’s the habit of letting her mother support her. She is so pitifully stumbling in front of her, crying, pears and rain, saying that it’s not a Liu family, when they are still I didn't understand what was going on, but my heart had already begun to shift.


Although she is a family member, at this time she listened to her opening and closing words and distracting her. Rong Rong also disagreed. At this age, if she is married again, she can only give people a sequel, and it is too wrong.


Jia Hui’s word has just been exported, and Rong Rong is waiting to persuade a few words. The result is only to hear Rong Jiahui’s face come out...


"Hey, don't think about persuading me. You know, after eight years of marriage, the guy named Liu, I touched my wrist!"


Rong Rong snorted in an instant, what is it that only touched the wrist? Wrong, just touched the wrist? ! His daughter is poor in appearance? Still home is worse? Is it good? Still not high in learning? It’s too deceiving!


This Liu family couldn't stay, and it was a big deal. He raised her for a lifetime, and he didn't want to be angry with them. It was a good Liu Yanchen who dared to be so cold with his daughter.


Seeing that her daughter has been wronged for so many years, he is also a gas-and-yellow family who is deceiving too much, and that her daughter is actually silent, and it has been so many years.


"How come you never say..."


Rong Jiahui said: "Marry the chicken with the chicken, marry the dog with the dog, marry a mixed ball, I can't go, not all of this, big trouble, no harm to me, I am too clear, but, I Suddenly I didn't want to do this. I would rather have my hair twisted to be a slut, and I don't want to stay in Liufu again."


Looking at the faces of Liufu up and down or familiar or strange, she is really scared. In her mind, one side is maybe a dream, maybe it is not a dream ten years, and the other is her eight years in Liufu. There is a town of Houfu is unchanged, always her home.


As the past, Rong Rong touched her head. "You fool, what kind of guise, you will protect you, you will protect you forever, who will make you a little debtor, if you are my daughter, I am also unlucky."


Rong Jiahui felt the warmth from the top of his head, and his eyes were hot, and he almost fell into tears again.


She really was raised too delicate, she didn’t understand anything, and she lost her love. Otherwise, she couldn’t live anywhere. Now, she gave everything to her, she lived back to her own. The former yard seems to have returned to the unmarried girl.


However, she only lived for a few days, and she came to visit her family. She came to visit her.


Originally, there was nothing unusual about this kind of thing. I could hear the words of Yuanhou, but Rong Jiahui couldn’t help but stunned. Zhong Liluo, the name she most familiar with, turned around her tongue, but she never said it. She Really a little scared, everything is different, and now the clock is separated from her, only her cold eyes, she has only seen the cold face of Zhong Liluo.


Between her and the clock, there is nothing to say when she wants to come...


However, she still wants to meet her.


"I didn't see it last time. If I was a sister, I should go see it now," she said.


Let’s take a look at it. Is this actually what the big lady in her family said? Really not a ghost? Also as a younger sister, if this big lady really used to be a brother, their heads were cut and given to the toilet!


At this time, the clock is not a poor and white, but dare to rob people's daughters. Therefore, Rong Rong and Zhong Liluo and their father "child" are quite harmonious.


She walked into the front hall, and when she heard the sound of footsteps and the clock, she looked at her direction.


Looking at this familiar face, everything, such as the world, Rong Jiahui smashed the shackles, Ying Ying Fu body, want to speak, but for a while but do not know what to call.


Zhong Liluo looked at her for years, and she missed her heart. She lost a lot of weight. The mellow little girl in her memory became a woman who is now thin. If it is not this familiar eyebrow, maybe she will not recognize it. It is.


"Missy, I haven't seen it for eleven, is it good?"


It’s just eleven years, everything has changed.


Rong Jiahui shook her head and looked at her: "I am not good, very bad, very bad."


Some of these answers are not based on common sense. When the clock leaves the network for a while, some of them do not know how to make a good deal.


Rong Rong saw that their brothers and sisters had a good day to talk. It was very gratifying. He reached out and took the brain of the clock and said: "What big lady, she is your sister, plainly called so far away."


Zhong Liluo frowned, but I don’t know why. She was born a little afraid of Rong Jiahui, her sister, and she didn’t dare in the past. Today, she still dare not, but I am afraid that people will be annoyed. After all, Rong Jiahui seems to be a bit too I don't like her. I didn't like her from the beginning. Looking at her eyes, she was always cold. She was really afraid that standing there would make people unhappy.


As a result, Rong Jiahui nodded. "Hey, he said it is good. My brother called me Jiahui."


"Jia... Jia Hui?"


"Well, that's it."


After Rong Jiahui found a position to sit down, he smiled and asked: "My brother is in the northwest for so many years, is it good?"


In the face of Rong Jiahui’s sudden concern, Zhong Liluo was somewhat helpless. “It’s good.”


Rong Jiahui thought about what he was fainting by the cold melon. He couldn’t help but think of what was said before he was stunned and Bai Lu. He also asked: "I heard that my Majesty intends to marry the cousin Nanping County, but I don’t know if Really, you also know that our women and men are broken, and they love to get together and say something when they are on weekdays."


It is best that Bai Lu’s little girl is wrong, otherwise she must not be mad at her.


Zhong Liluo said: "I refused."


"Refused?" Rong Jiahui and Rong Rong were surprised in unison.


Rong Rong said: "The Nanping County Lord, I have also seen a few times, the top girl, the temper is a little arrogant, refused to do it? Look at the capital, how can there be a better girl?"


Zhong Liluo sighed and said: "I don't want to marry my wife..."


"Noisy, when a man is married, I am married. When I am at your age, Jia Hui can recite the three characters."


Rong Jiahui endured happiness, and softly persuaded him: "Oh, such a thing, let people make their own decisions. After all, this is a marriage."


"Don't talk about me if your own business is a mess. I have been away from my eldest brother and Da Yu for so many years. I am his elder. His business, I naturally have to take care of it."


They argued and argued, until Zhong Lilu had to go back to the government, there was no argument for a result. Seeing that his father was obviously angry, he was not willing to take care of the clock. Rong Jiahui offered to propose: "That, I Send it to you."


The two just walked out of the house door, and Zhong Liluo said to Rong Jiahui: "You said, did I let Hou Ye be disappointed?"


Rong Jiahui smiled. "You also have your own ideas. Even if it is me, you can't interfere. But I hope that you will marry your wife and children. It is understandable that he hurts you."


Zhong Liluo said: "Unfortunately, I can't marry my wife."


Can't it?


Rong Jiahui does not know whether it is a dream or a reality, so I don’t know whether it’s a dream or a fact that the daughter’s body is in the air. I can hear this sentence. She suspects, maybe, it’s true.


"Can't you, can you talk to me? I won't say it." Rong Jiahui asked.


Zhong Liluo shook his head and said: "Only this can never be said."


Seeing her, Rong Jiahui said directly: "Don't you be your daughter?"


The fact that he was slammed into his own body was so horrified that he couldn’t say it for a while.


"No, no! I... I am not! You... I..."


Seeing her stupid look, Rong Jiahui blinked. "I just only suspected it."


Seeing her, Zhong Liluo knew that he couldn’t help himself. He had to say, "How did you see it?"


Rong Jiahui said: "This is my instinct."


Nonsense, can you tell that she once got through the clothes so I know?


"Oh, you can rest assured that I will not die if I die. It is not good for me to go out. Why do you have to do something that harms others?"


Zhong Liluo did not get along with her in the past. She didn't know her. But listening to her at this time, she instinctively chose to believe, and I don't know why. She believed in Rong Jiahui in her heart.


Rong Jiahui thought about it and said: "Yes, I intend to stay away from Liu Jiagong. I wonder if you can help one or two."


"And away?"


Rong Jiahui's jaw, "Yeah, husband and wife for eight years, he never willing to look at me more, do not stay away, continue to be left out? You said, I am really bad to see others do not want to see me more What?"


Zhong Lilu looked at her awkward look and shook her head. "You are very good."


Listening to this familiar you is very good, Rong Jiahui a glimpse, her heart suddenly feels a sweet, whether they are familiar or strange, this sentence is very good, can make her very happy.


"Thank you." Always so good to me.


After walking to the gate, Rong Jiahui stopped. She hesitated and said: "Yes, my attitude was very bad in the past. I apologize to you now."


In the past, she did not have a good attitude. She had long felt that she was wrong. However, she was reluctant to admit it in her heart. In the ten years she experienced after being detained, she knew her fault in her heart. However, everything has changed, and naturally there is no such apology.


Wen Yan, Zhong Liluo said: "My attitude is not good, no wonder you can't understand."


Rong Jiahui shook his head. "You are all excusable, but I am unreasonable."


"You were still small at the time."


Still small?


Rong Jiahui smiled and laughed at himself. "It's not too small. If you change to another girl, you can say that you are a pro, I am also spoiled. Don't say twelve, even if you are in your twenties, still I don’t know what to do, no wonder people can’t get me, I’m also alive.”


"Jia Hui..."


"Well?" Rong Jiahui turned her head and looked at her doubtfully.


"Nothing." Zhong Liluo shook his head.


Rong Jiahui smiled at her and said goodbye to her.


When Rong Jiahui saw Zhong Lilu again, it was the palace feast. She was still her, but it seems that she no longer rejects the banquet. Others even laugh at her in the back, it seems that it is not so important.


She looked at the little sisters who had been instinctively trying to get together. However, she remembered that she was not familiar with them now. How could she make it easy to get together and think about it, she had to find a cousin.


She went to the front of Xiang Yi, who was talking to Yang Qianyu and others, and warmly and softly called: "Cousin."


If Yu Xiang was not heard, Rong Jiahui had to scream again.


Yu Xiang turned his head and looked at her. He was a little surprised. "It’s really the sun coming out of the west. I thought it was wrong."


Rong Jiahui smiled and said: "Cousin, you are really humorous."


After that, she rushed to Yang Qianyu for a blessing, "Wang Hao."


Yang Qianyu smiled and nodded to her, no words.


After a greeting, Rong Jiahui took aside with Xiang Xiang.


Yu Yi is somewhat unhappy. "Why are you holding me and not doing it? Really, I am as free as you?"


"I intend to leave." Rong Jiahui said faintly.


Hearing the words, he has been struggling with Yu.


Rong Jiahui continued: "He didn't have me in his heart, he never had it. He didn't even look at me, so I didn't want him."


"What do you tell me about this? Do you want me to comfort you? Got it, do you want to comfort me?"


Rong Jiahui shook his head and said: "No, I just want to ask, the person who has been hiding in his heart, whether it is you or not."


Yu Xiang’s face sank instantly. “Are you smashing me? You want to ruin my reputation? Are you just seeing me?”


Rong Jiahui said: "No, I naturally hope that you are good. After all, you are my sister. I just want to know how to die."


When Rong Jiahui actually said something like this, Yu Yiwen couldn’t help but swear.


She fixedly looked at Rong Jiahui and finally sighed: "I am doing very well. My aunt hurts me like a relative, and my husband and I respect each other. Some things are still the best in my heart. I have to mention it again. ""


When she finished, she left.


Rong Jiahui looked at her back and smiled. It was also the answer she wanted. It was a dream, it was not a dream, it was all true, everything was true. .


It seems that from the beginning to the end, only she and Liu Yuchen have a bad life. In the small days of Xiang and the United States and the United States, the past 11 or 2 years ago, has long been buried in the bottom of my heart, presumably I think of it by chance. There will be some regrets...


It’s strange, how suddenly she still has some sympathy for Liu’s surname, and he’s not living for anything. She sympathizes with others, and people can’t sympathize with her.


After shaking her fan, she gave herself a sigh of relief, got into the pile of people, and set up a conversation with them. It was a bit embarrassing, but she had a good time with everyone, but I didn’t want to continue to go out. I can find it.


She has the heart to drill in, and everyone does not reject her, it is also a speech.


Suddenly, they talked and said, far away, they saw a figure of long-haired, standing, some strange, some girls think that he looks good, then he used a fan to cover his face and talked to his friends.


Yu Xiang looked at her and said, "Hey, how do I feel, I seem to have seen him there."


Rong Jiahui said: "You have seen her naturally, she is a bell."


"It turned out to be him. I remember that he was one year older than me. After so many years, my son went to school and he was still a lonely man."


Wen Anying said: "Zhong Li? Is that the Dingyuan Hou who refused the Nanping County Lord? I really don't know which girl can get his eyes, but unfortunately I have to go to school after I have married, otherwise, maybe he is Just like me."


Song Yu pulled her sleeves and said: "Cousin, if you pass it to your brother-in-law, what should you do if you are angry?"


Wen An Ying said: "You will put a hundred and twenty hearts, just like his stupid, where can I be angry with me, I want to find a fight."


Xu Chaoyu said: "However, he does not want the Nanping County Lord to be a bad breath for us."


Everyone nodded.


Rong Jiahui looked at Zhong Liluo and stood there alone. He was thinking about talking to her in the past. As a result, he saw a 16-year-old palace costume woman with seven or eight palace ladies, who had already walked with shame.


Rong Jiahui is the woman who recognizes this woman. It is the sorrowful princess of the year Fang Erba. The Queen of the Palace is very popular. The appearance is beautiful and the sun is shining. Before, everyone always guessed her marriage. Now, it seems to have a brow. It is.


Wen Anying sees this, and said: "This Houye's eyes can be really high. No wonder he doesn't want to be a Nanping County lord. It turns out that he remembers the princesses, but also if I change it, I also like to solve the princess. How much."


The rest of the people nodded. "The princesses are beautiful and beautiful. They are also a heavenly creation, a pair of monks."


Although Rong Jiahui never thought about the possibility of himself and the clock, he couldn’t help but be angry at this time. These people didn’t say that. In those days, they didn’t all say that she and the bell were in the same place. Child? ! Say it changes! This little girl doll is only a few years old this year, so I want people to leave the old cows and young grass!


She didn't want to think about it and went away. She wanted to stop in Xiangxiang, but she couldn't get it. Everyone saw this, and it was also unpleasantly frowned. This person is really ignorant, and people spend their money well before the moon. What is she going to do?


Zhong Liluo, who was entangled in the sorrowful princess, did not know how to be good. As a result, the person who saved her came. She looked at the small step and the Rong Jiahui seemed to carry the holy light and rushed to pray for the princess. See the princess."


The Princess of Sorrow was originally talking well with Zhong Liluo. At this time, it was quite unpleasant to be interrupted by a woman who did not know where to shoot.


"Who are you?"


Rong Jiahui said: "I... I am the daughter of the town of Hou."


After the princess nodded and said that she knew it, some impatiently said: "What are you doing?"


"Come and meet the princess."


"Then I have already met, let's go back."


Rong Jiahui smiled and looked at Zhong Liluo, but his feet were on the ground.


The Princess of Sorrow is still young and is deeply loved by Princess Sissi. It is still the heart of the little girl. Seeing that Jiahui is still in the middle of the day, she can’t help but say, “Hey, I am not asking you to leave? Why are you still there? ”


Rong Jiahui is also ignorant of what excuses he can have. Now he has to look at the tree on the top of his eyes and find an excuse: "I think the flowers here are so beautiful, I want to pick two plants."


Lest the princess who did not leave, the princess looked at the palace lady next to her and said, "Let's help."


I have been looking at Rong Jiahui’s Zhong Liluo: "You don't have to bother the princess, I can come."


After that, she went to the front of Rong Jiahui and looked up at the simple and pure flowers on the top of Rong Jiahui's head. She was so elegant that she raised her hand and folded the most beautiful ones she could reach. Reached out and handed it to the person in front of me.


"Thank you." Rong Jiahui reached out and sniffed its faint fragrance, and her eyebrows were all smiles.


Taking advantage of them, they stood up and looked at each other. The princess couldn’t help but have some taste. After knowing these days, Zhong Liluo could never give it to himself. If not, don’t say it, this person is very stuffy. I didn’t say much at all, it’s really a good skin.


She looked at the smiling smile of Rong Jiahui with dissatisfaction: "I have seen you too, and you have folded it, can you go now?"


Rong Jiahui bowed her head, deeply scented, scented, and got this. At this time, she was just satisfied with it. She smiled softly and happily blessed her body and said: "Well, the slaves retire, no. Bother the princess."


Seeing Rong Jiahui finally left, the Princess of Sorrow was relieved. She complained to the clock and said: "This person is really annoying."


If it is the grass-roots on the street, she is estimated to have been dragged out and thrown into the prison on charges of colliding with the princess.


As a result, her complaints did not get a response. She turned her head and looked at it. Zhong Liluo was still in a daze with the trees full of flowers.


The princess who can't help but screamed, didn't want to care about him!


Until the princess had gone angrily, she had been watching the bell with the white flowers and suddenly turned back to the gods. She looked at the back of the princess, and she was puzzled. This is so good, how suddenly I was angry?


However, she didn't care too much. She took a few more flowers, and thought that Rong Jiahui was satisfied with the smell. She couldn't help but learn the same thing. She also buried her head in the flower and deeply sniffed it. ......


At that time, Rong Jiahui was just a retreat, and it was already full of troubles. Now it has been tossed for a long time and finally left. It has become a topic that everyone talks about after a meal.


However, Liu Yuchen had a reputation for being a confidant. He was a madman who almost suffocated his relatives. However, it did not affect Rong Jiahui too much. It was a matter of intensification. The things that had been shackled before were not known to be passed down. As a result, she was told that she was a ugly woman in the heavens and the ground. Anyway, Rong Jiahui looked in the mirror and knew that he was not bad enough.


This time she can be so crisp and easy to leave, in addition to her own tough enough, there are two minutes to leave for the reason for her support, Rong Jiahui has been looking for an excuse to go directly to the door.


"Jia Hui? How come you?"


When she heard that she was a member of the town government, she was still wondering if she would send someone to invite her to a gathering. As a result, she did not know why there was some surprise. The person who came was Rong Jiahui.


Rong Jiahui smiled and said: "What? Don't you welcome me?"


Zhong Liluo said: "How come."


At this time, the descendants behind Rong Jiahui carried a series of thank-you and walked out.


"I am coming to thank you for your special trip."


Zhong Liluo is somewhat uncomfortable. "When you raise your hand, why not hang your teeth? Moreover, I have not helped you much."


Rong Jiahui said: "How can I say that I didn't help me? You can also let me out of the magic cave, of course, thank you very much."


The two said as they walked side by side to the garden. Rong Jiahui looked at the mansion that was far from the previous Pingbei Houfu. He couldn’t help but think secretly. If she is still the hostess here, she must change it. , drastically change! The eyes of Zhong Liluo are far worse than her!


I don't know who can be lucky enough to come in. She thought about the princess before, and she was a bit sour in her heart. She couldn't help but say: "That, she is very beautiful, she is beautiful. You... Is this intentional?" ”


Zhong Lilu smiled. "Don't talk nonsense, you know, how can I marry a wife? I just think she is spoiled. Some silly, some cute, I take her as a sister."


Sister and sister... At the beginning, I didn’t say that she was her sister. The word sister is not safe at all!


Rong Jiahui said: "People may not want to be your sister. People may want to be your wife."


"Ah?" Zhong Liluo is incredible. "How old is she this year?"


"How old? When I was at this age, I could marry someone. You, don't mess up and provoke a little girl. At this age, when she sees a good-looking one, she has to lose her soul."


In this case, Rong Jiahui said half of the princess, and half said that he is a master of the color. After seeing it at the beginning of the year, if the clock is a very ugly person, see her because of the so-called Pity and the cold face of the clock?


It’s the clock, it’s as pure as it used to be, and it’s too simple to think of the people in this wealthy township, so she can return to the people and make it foolish. Oh, why did she forget to fool people home? The glorious history!


"Actually, if you want to break all the thoughts of the women around you, there are only two ways." Rong Jiahui proposed.


"What method?" Zhong Lilu asked.


Rong Jiahui said: "It's very simple. The first one tells you that you are the daughter of the whole world. However, this year, which daughter's family is not forced to marry, even if you are down, there are no ways to go down." You are not young, the capital can barely deserve to be worthy of your wife, not only a few but also a coward, I want to come, I can only find the top one, right, the only noble in the palace, that is I have shown that she passed away a few years ago. Your credit is more than enough to enter the palace as a noble."


However, when she talked about her grievances, she couldn’t help but think of the muddy Muhammad, who is still living in the northwest without knowing it. This makes her wonder whether she is happy or not. it is good.


Listening to her a bite of a noble, Zhong Lilu can not help but sink his face, just think that his brocade suit is full of heads, and he has to wait for a middle-aged man with a wife and a group, and wants to vomit.


Rong Jiahui looked at her face and knew that she was absolutely unhappy. She was originally a disgusting person. When she saw this, she said happily the second article.


"Either you will marry your wife."


Zhong Liluo said: "How does this make it happen? If you look at the girl, the result is that the doorman knows, how to be good, if you tell the girl in advance, the family is not only scared but also preached, and How is this good?"


Rong Jiahui said: "What is the heart of me? I am not very suitable?"


Listening to her such a straightforward sentence, Zhong Liluo stunned and said: "What?"


She thought about it carefully, but it is quite appropriate to use it. Rong Jiahui is superior in terms of his family's appearance, and he knows everything about her. He can understand, but someone like her will only delay the girl. Jia Hui has been extremely bad in the past. If she is married to her superficial wife, it is estimated that it will be even worse. It is still so young. It is only twenty-four years old, but it is married. Once, why bother to destroy your own happiness.


Zhong Liluo shook his head. "No, you still don't say such stupid things."


Rong Jiahui said: "It's still not possible. You said it is not worth it. Let's call it a win-win situation. The girls are born to suffer too much. I am a lot of age, and I definitely can't find someone better than you. And you, now lacking a shield, it’s better to have a piece of fun together."


Wen Yan, Zhong Liluo is somewhat disappointed, "Do you win?"


Rong Jiahui's jaw, "Yes, mutual benefit, and I also like you very much, really."


"Ah? I always thought that you hate me?"


Rong Jiahui said: "I always thought that I hated you, and I always thought that you hated me."


"I never hated you..."


In her heart, Rong Jiahui is always a girl who has been pampered by her sister-in-law. She would not like to suddenly come to the door like an autumn wind, but she is also excusable. Moreover, Rong Jiahui is more delicate, and weekdays. It’s just that love is just a face, and what has not been done before, how can she hate Rong Jiahui?


Rong Jiahui smiled and said: "I am also, so I said that I always thought it was wrong, but fortunately I am finally back."


Zhong Liluo looked at her eyebrows and bent, and it seemed to be back in the past. When she happened to see Rong Jiahui playing in the garden, Rong Jiahui smiled so loudly, showing eight teeth. Rong Jiahui has never been a girl who is obedient. She does not care about the so-called laughter. She appreciated Rong Jiahui at that time. She wants to laugh out loud and laugh, and now, even if she The grievances are now free and easy.


Rong Jiahui held his head and thought about it. He said: "If, I mean, if, in the past, you or me, take the initiative to talk to each other, once, I think, only one time is enough, maybe today. This is not the case."


"Why?" asked the clock.


"No reason, I just know, I know a lot more."


She is inseparable from the clock, she is destined, she will inexplicably return to 12 years ago, related to the clock, the decade of complete rewriting, everything is inseparable from the clock, and somehow, somehow, somehow When I came back, I was still away from it. It was such a coincidence that I met Zhong Liluo. If it was not together, Tianli could not accommodate it.


Thinking of this, Rong Jiahui grinned and continued to seduce in her ear: "You, if you don't want to be a monk, you have to find a wife. I see the princess, she likes you very much, if you don't act." In a few days, it is estimated that we must give a marriage. After all, it hurts her. Even if he feels that you are not worthy of his most proud daughter, it is estimated that he will choose to follow the princess’s intention. If the princess likes you, even if you It’s a female Hummer who doesn’t mind, that’s best, if people feel cheated, their temper comes up, hey! The crime of bullying!”


After that, Rong Jiahui stood up and touched some of her heads that were scared: "So, think about it again."


When she finished, she would leave.


Zhong Liluo hurriedly shouted to her: "Jia Hui, seriously, just because it can be mutually beneficial?"


Rong Jiahui smiled back and said: "If you change someone else, you can win without winning."


For a time, Zhong Lilu couldn't help but blush, how can she always feel that she was being teased by the red fruit.


However, the words of Rong Jiahui are deeply rooted in the heart of Zhong Liluo. The more she thinks, the more she feels reasonable. She feels absolutely impossible, and she feels that maybe... this is also good. ?


She can't help but think of Rong Jiahui more than ten years ago. At that time, she was round and not as beautiful as she is now, but she smiled sweetly.


However, Rong Jiahui never smiles at her. Her most profound impression of Rong Jiahui should be the bias of Rong Jiahui. As long as she looks at the past, Rong Jiahui will turn her head, so she always thought that Jia Hui does not like her, maybe, does not like her.


In fact, at that time, Rong Jiahui was a child, a child who was spoiled. If you don’t pay a smile to her, she won’t be very good to you, but unfortunately, she recently suddenly realized that she sometimes Can't help but think, how is the arrogant Rong Jiahui, how is it made into such a temper?


She likes to look at Rong Jiahui's gentle look in front of Rong Jiaze. She likes to see Rong Jiahui spoiling her parents. Even Rong Jiahui arrogantly lifts her chin and looks away. She feels a little cute.


If Rong Jiahui really wants to reciprocate with her, she would like to come to it carefully. She is actually willing to do so. Her status now is enough to make Rong Jiahui proud. If Rong Jiahui regrets it in the future, she can also feel free to leave. Everything is fake... She has some thoughts in her heart.


She really does not want to be a relative, but if this world has to force her to marry a wife, Rong Jiahui is indeed a good choice.


After talking to Rong Jiahui, she went to the door and went to kiss. Now he wants to ask Grace Jiahui is not difficult. If this situation is changed, if it is changed to another home, it is estimated that the family has been abandoned. She is also lucky, she and her younger brothers are like what she is, but even if she is doing well in her family, when she is still taking advantage of her daughter's later life, the new son-in-law, has to be a status status. Can not be wronged by the daughter's new son-in-law, this club is really not found with a lantern, Zhong Liluo's relatives, but it solves his urgent needs. His most beloved son, Zhong Lilu, actually wants to marry his own prostitute. Although it is an accident, Rong Rong is still happy to see his eyes. If in the past, someone wants to marry his baby daughter, no matter how good the person can let him I have to pick a dozen of problems, but now, he looks at the clock, it is from head to toe, there is no place that makes him dissatisfied, it is perfect!


Such a marriage event also shocked many people's chins, leaving the Nanping County Lord, the Princess of Sorrows and other noble women, and the partial birth of the people in the town of Houfu, the married lady, Miss Rong. There are twenty, four, and old yellow cauliflower, where is it? Still in the middle, what is the transaction?


However, after they calmed down, they thought of the origins of Zhong Liluo and Rongjia. Suddenly, a group of people began to make up their own childhood. They had no choice but to have a family. They had to go to the northwest. Who knows that the sweetheart married a man? If you don't know how to cherish, you will return for love and take people back. This is really something that has touched the storyteller.


Rong Jiahui listened to people, but also smiled and his eyes became a seam. This story can be written.


This good end of the clock is actually turned into someone else's home, and the princess is also a sullen temper. Although she doesn't seem to like the clock, she can't swallow this breath. She cried and went directly to the Empress Dowager Queen. To say it.


However, they are not guilty now, and what is the home of the family, after the founding of the country, so many years of anger and punishment can not be picked out, Zhong Liluo is also a meritorious minister, they are male unmarried women are not married, I didn’t start before, but now how can I stop and block, people’s posts have been changed, and the days are fixed. If they are temporarily inserted, they should stop where their faces are.


The princess who saw the sorrow saw that she was not falling. Every day, she smashed things, and she was helpless. In order to comfort her, she gave her a marriage. If she is dissatisfied with her husband’s family, she can take the opportunity to take a break. It’s not bad to raise your eyebrows.


The affair between the two of them was still unimpeded.


It’s already the third time to get married. For these forms, Rong Jiahui can be said to be a little annoyed.


All the way to the new house, she took a hijab and looked at the fire map. Who knows that she has to sit for a few hours, and she should be relieved.


Suddenly, I only heard a "squeaky" sound, and Rong Jiahui was so frustrated that he put the book back under the scorpion and covered the head of the dragon and phoenix.


Her heart, followed by footsteps, slammed.


At this time, the people opened up.


"Madam, do you want to eat something on the pad first?" Bai Lu whispered.


Wen Yan, Rong Jiahui reluctantly opened the hijab and said: "How is it, what have you brought? Hurry and bring it to me, I haven't eaten in a day, but I am starving me!"


Looking at a plate of pea yellow, Rong Jiahui's saliva is coming out, she screams.


Bai Lu advised on the side: "Be careful, don't lie."


Rong Jiahui glanced at her and said, "Oh, can I still fall two in the same place... oh..."


She licked her throat, mother, she was squatting again, she rushed to the table, looking for the water in the world, and the footsteps rang again.


As a result, this wedding night, reflected in the eyes of the clock, is the scene of Rong Jiahui looking at the water in the neck, there is no tea in this room, in a hurry, Rong Jiahui had to drink.


A few glasses of wine fell, her face suddenly blush.


Bai Lu saw the clock coming in, and after replacing the wine on his mouth, Rong Jiahui retired with interest. Rong Jiahui looked at Zhong Liluo as if he was thinking of something. He was busy afterwards. The cover is re-covered.


The clock left the path and went straight to reveal the hijab. "Don't play, or take a break early."


Rong Jiahui blushes with a sullen face and glances at her: "What are you worried about?"


Wen Yan, Zhong Liluo was almost screamed by saliva. "You don't make a joke."


Rong Jiahui pouted and poured a glass of wine to her: "Come, let's have a glass of wine."


"Do you really want to drink this?"


"Which is this family, don't drink it!"


"Let's this, isn't the situation different?"


Rong Jiahui glanced, "Where is it different? Not all the same?"


"Ah? You are not saying mutual benefit?"


"I didn't say it, what about you?"


After Zhong Lilu thought about it carefully, how suddenly I started to understand this situation.


Rong Jiahui held the glass and said: "Don't twist it, come, let's go one."


The clock is so chaotic, and Rong Jiahui really drank the wine.


She saw Rong Jiahui seem to be a little drunk, and helped her to rest. As a result, she just squatted on the bed. She only felt a heavy body, and then she fell backwards straight and greeted her. It was not a soft brocade, but it was A pile of longan lotus seeds, her face, suddenly it was green.


Rong Jiahui carried the blurred eyes, and the lips were lightly opened, and he was close to the ear of the bell. He said: "You will not be, bring people back home and want to leave the clock. Unfortunately, my sister is not. The law is not in chaos."


Zhong Liluo did not dare to look at her eyes, but had to turn her head to look to one side, thinking about how to get up, her back, really hurt!


Rong Jiahui saw her looking around, but it was a thief who smiled and said: "You can rest assured that the sister's bed, Liu, has never been lying."


When Zhong Lilu saw her, the more she said, the more outrageous she said: "You must get up first."


"I don't! I won't listen to you!"


"My back hurts."


Rong Jiahui exclaimed: "Heaven! Is your back actually hurt?"


Zhong Liluo said helplessly: "No, it was squatted by the longan lotus seed."


Wen Yan, Rong Jiahui immediately bounced, "Go to yours, why don't you say it soon?"


After shaking a bunch of longan lotus seeds, Zhong Liluo was trying to escape. Rong Jiahui’s eyes turned and his feet fell softly on the ground. Rong Jiahui suffered pain and cried.


Zhong Lilu sees Rong Jiahui crying, busy and folded back, helping Rong Jiahui to sit on the bed, she is distressed while checking the injury: "Where are you hurting? Does it hurt?"


At this time, Rong Jiahui, who had been crying and crying, showed a smug smile. When Zhong Lilu had not reacted, she was surrounded by her neck. Rong Jiahui ordered her nose with one hand: "You Where do you want to go?"


"I want to... help you get something to eat..."


After that, Zhong Liluo can't help but sneak in my heart, why is it so good?


Rong Jiahui "giggle" and smiled. After taking a sip on her face, she said: "Cut a chapter, you will be my person in the future."




Rong Jiahui ignored her mistakes and smiled and said: "I don't like the layout of this palace, I have to change it all."


"it is good."


"The last time I saw a few cockroaches, they were pretty, let them go to the kitchen to help."


"it is good."


"There are still a few small looks that are quite handsome. I don't want to see them and move them to places I can't see."


"it is good."


"When I go home with me three days later, I have to show my love for me. I want to be a fairy, so that I don’t worry about it."


"it is good."


"Your gold and silver jewelry your house, your land, your people, all mine."


"it is good."


"In the future, you have to abide by the three from the four virtues. Not many people look at others. The male and female women will not do it. You can only look at me. Everything must listen to me. Do you know?"


"it is good."


"No." Zhong Liluo reacted. "What have you just said?"


Rong Jiahui shook her head, and when her cheeks licked her nose, she smiled and said: "I said I love you."


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