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"Come on?"


Rong Jiahui saw the carriage stop, and quickly opened the curtain and asked for it.




Zhong Lilu smiled and nodded. Then she got off the carriage and then jumped down with Rong Jiahui.


At this time, there is a quaint mansion in front of their eyes. Although it is not messy, obviously no one is always taking care of it. It seems a bit desolate, and the yellow leaves are falling and falling.


Xu was a close relative, and Zhong Lilu hesitated for a long time before finally knocking on the door and squatting, waiting for them to think that there was no one here, the door finally opened slowly, and then a white hair was found. Head.


"Who?" an old voice asked twitchingly.


Zhong Lilu went up and smiled and said: "Xiang Shu, it is me."


Zhong Liluo is always busy, and it is hard to finally take the sweetheart back to see his hometown in Hunan.


Two hundred years ago, when they were in the former dynasty, they left the home to be the first assistant minister. Later, the minister returned home and repaired the mansion here. Even if it was down, it changed the dynasty. This decent house is It’s always been there, it’s always the pride of their clock leaving home.


Zhong Liluo has not lived in this big house for a few years, but in the end it is also his own home. For many years, her heart has been worried about it.


The old man stared at her for a long time, only to realize that "the brother!"


See people remember her, Zhong Lilu nodded in surprise, "Hey, it is me!"


Seeing what whispers they said, Rong Jiahui couldn’t help but come over and took the hand of Zhong Liluo and asked: "Is this?"


Zhong Liluo said in a busy way: "This is Xiang Shu, the old servant of my family."


Xiang Shu looked at the big girl who was born and sorrowful. She also ignored the woman's hair style and asked: "This is."


Not waiting for the bell to tell what is going on, Rong Jiahui will happily reply: "Xiang Shu, I am her wife, my mother's family name."


Uncle Xiang, he was busy pulling the hand of Zhong Liluo and sneaked to the side. He whispered, "I have heard, you have established, what kind of work, I thought you would restore your daughter, what to marry. Going to heaven, or recruiting a donkey, then, you are married to your wife? Then, do girls know your situation?"


Wen Yan, Zhong Liluo suddenly blushes, she nodded. "She knows, she can't be clear."


Knowing that she was dead before her, she did not give up her after she knew it, so she could not run.


Uncle Xiang was shocked. "Isn't that family not for fame and fortune? You have to be careful, don't be awake because the girls look good."


"You think too much, people are Houmen Qianjin, and their eyelids are not so shallow."


Listening to her saying that Xiang Shu was also scared and stunned, Houmen was born, it is indeed married to marry anyone, Xiang Shu has never seen such a real family noble woman in his life, think about it, think It seems to be the reason.


However, after he was relieved, he began to worry a little bit again. "That way, when we leave the house, we will not be able to do it!"


Zhong Liluo face a white, "What happened? The whole family is gone?"


"That's not, out of five clothes or..."


Wen Yan, Zhong Liluo suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. "You scared me. Since I have a family away from home, that would be enough. There is no one left in my life. I don't need to care about these." ""


"That..." Xiang Shu also wanted to persuade her again.


Zhong Liluo did not want to say this anymore. She interrupted: "If we haven't seen you for many years, we won't mention this. Uncle Xiang, let's go ahead, we can't let Jiahui always stand at the door."


After that, she walked back to the gate and took Rong Jiahui and walked in together.


Looking at them, you yell at me, Xiang Shu sighed, and all blamed the old man as a good young lady to be a man, and he really raised a son who didn’t take it... actually found a The aristocratic lady is a daughter-in-law, but in the end, the family is the Lord, he is the servant, and he is not good at interfering too much.


In the house, the Shantou people are sorting out the rooms for them. Outside the house, Rong Jiahui is admiring this southern residence. It is really a mountainous water town in the south of the Yangtze River. This is the place where the pavilions, the trees and the mountains and rivers are really elegant. It was hard to give up the two Houfu of the capital.


Although there are few leftovers left by the house, at least the house was not broken, and it was still clean. As a coincidence, Rong Jiahui’s first time went out to the door, and it also brought a large number of people. This party came in handy. It is.


Looking at it, Rong Jiahui suddenly smiled at the clock and said: "The Jiangnan water town is not the Jiangnan water town. Besides the heat, it is really picturesque. In fact, it seems that we have stayed here."


Zhong Liluo said: "This is so far from the capital, you can't go to see your brother at any time. Are you really happy?"


Rong Jiahui suddenly paused. "You can't let me think about it. Anyway, I will only think about it. Then you said, after going back, I changed Houfu completely to this way, okay?"


"This arrangement seems to be not suitable for the North, after all..."


"Don't talk to me so much. The only thing you need to do now is to nod and listen to me." Rong Jiahui was quiet.


Wen Yan, Zhong Lilu had to close his mouth.


Rong Jiahui saw her obedient, smiled and reached out and touched her head. "This is what it is."


When I was eating, Rong Jiahui entered the seat and looked at a red and bright dish. It was almost hurried to flow out. "Hey, basically all the peppers are put, it’s good, I love to eat spicy."


When she finished, she asked her to put a chopstick in her bowl. She smiled and opened her mouth. When the dish was just imported, she changed her face. It seems to be more spicy than the cook in the house. No, not only. Some... When I first came, she was also embarrassed to spit. It was hard, and after she had to endure the burning pain, she was almost so hot that her mouth was smoky. She knew her, a cup of tea. On the top, three cups of tea, she finally got better.


Zhong Lilu saw her drinking water and drunk her belly. She asked with concern: "What happened?"


Rong Jiahui vomited and sighed in the mouth of the red sausage. "This dish is not quite right. The pepper is too much. You must not eat it. I will let the house take it." The cook will do it again."


"Is there more pepper?"


After the bell took a bite and tasted it, he said: "It's also very good."


Rong Jiahui, what? very good?


"What is your stomach that is not bad? I was so bad that I was half-lived. Are you still saying good?"


This Hunan cuisine is indeed a little bit so spicy... Zhong Lilu sees her hot mouth a circle of red, and the look of the wind and the wolf in her mouth can not help but smile.


She clipped a few pieces into her bowl and said, "Hey, then you can eat it."


"You are ugly!"




Taking advantage of Zhong Liluo to eat a very fragrant look, Rong Jiahui alone silently licking the cymbals, can not help but feel that the food in the capital, will not be a little wronged this person.


On the second day, the kitchen of Zhong’s home ushered in several new apprentices.


Rong Jiahui loves the United States, afraid of the fumes, for fear that he will be old and ugly, and afraid that he will blow up the kitchen, naturally there will be no plans to enter the kitchen, but she has followed the maid to learn Xiang embroidery, this Xiang embroidery let her It’s amazing, it’s embroidered, it’s just like real, she likes it, and she learns day and night.


After studying for a few days, in the middle of the night, she was still pondering a pair of embroidered stretchers.


Zhong Liluo looked at the things she embroidered and smiled. "Yes, this dog is embroidered like a living, and it can be awkward. Jiahui, you have made great progress."


Listening to the sudden sound coming from around, Rong Jiahui shook, and the needle almost slammed her hand. She turned her head and looked at the clock and looked at the clock. "You walked silently! I want to scare me." Also, go to your dog, this is a tiger, I remember that you are a tiger, hey, give you a piece of embroidered tiger clothes! How!"


As she spoke, she shook hands in front of the clock and held the embroidered stretcher in her hand.


Zhong Lilu looked at the "dog", some embarrassed, she asked awkwardly: "This, can I really wear it?"


I always feel that I will be laughed for a long time and I can't stop.


Rong Jiahui suddenly turned his eyebrows upside down. "Well, your family name is away, this is only a few years after marriage. You start to be too shameful! If you feel that you can’t wear it, then don’t wear it, I will give it to you. My brother is going!"


Zhong Lilu suddenly stunned. She used to think that she could look at Rong Jiahui every day and she was willing to die. Whoever thought that she would bring Rong Jiahui home, she could wear Rong Jiahui every day. The clothing, who knows, now she actually began to look at it, it is really lack of people.


She looked at the tiger, which was like a dog, and suddenly she was content.


She smiled and picked up the embroidered stretcher and compared it to her body. "No, it looks good, I like it, really, I like it very much."


Listening to her, Rong Jiahui grinned with satisfaction and said: "Come and take it over, take care of the needle and kill you. I just started embroidering. This is a test piece. When I embroider a few times, it is definitely like Really a tiger, clothes, you will wait."


Speaking of clothes, she seems to think of something again. She puts the embroidered stretcher on the handle and says: "No, the clothes are still there. The weather is getting colder and colder. You broke the house, but there is no even the dragon. I When you are idle, just give you a new dress."


There is some pan-sweetness in the heart of Zhong Liluo. "This is a good thing, how can you always do it yourself, and you are not afraid of tired eyes."


After Rong Jiahui pulled out the clothes from the closet, he said, "Oh, I am still idle when I am idle. Moreover, my brain is stupid, nothing else can be done, I can only make two clothes for you." ”


"Don't always say that you are stupid, you are very good."


Rong Jiahui glanced at her and said, "It’s just that you have been boasted more than you said. You know that I can’t hold it, and I can float to the sky with one hand."


"How about drifting into the sky, no one dares to say anything about you."


Rong Jiahui endured a smile, holding clothes and comparing it with Zhong Liluo. After frowning, he said: "How can I accidentally make my sleeves grow longer? I blame you for being short! I have to change it."


Looking at Rong Jiahui's serious look after sitting down with his clothes, Zhong Liluo set off infinite tenderness in his heart.


"Jia Hui, you are so good."


The heart of Zhong Liluo is just like honey. It’s so sweet that she doesn’t know what to say. She just has to praise her well, as if she doesn’t boast and is not enough. It’s so good. Rong Jiahui is her. Sugar, even if this sugar is poisonous, she thought, she will also be willing to die in this sugar poison, she loves her.


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