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The northwestern monks were so badly hurt that they did not dare to commit crimes. Therefore, there is no need for strict defense in the northwest. Zhong Liluo chose to stay in the capital in an obedient manner. An An Yi lived a small life. By the side, she can say that she doesn't want to go anywhere, just as she leads a father-in-law who stays home all day.


In the past, although she knew that Yu was so affectionate to her, she was groaning in her heart and always couldn’t quit the righteous mother. Now she has become half of her daughter’s daughter. Half of their sons in the eyes, but finally can be called the mother-in-law.


It’s a pity that the two of them were only married for half a year. Jingzhou’s side happened. When Jingzhou Zhizhou was in office, he oppressed the people all the year round. Where there was oppression, there was resistance. Jingzhou people were forced to be anxious. Rebellious, they killed the Zhizhou family, and made a big noise. They are still considering whether to call them. Jingzhou is not far from the capital. The civil unrest is not a trivial matter to solve. After all, the emperor is not the same. Come out? Nowadays, there is more waste in the middle of the country. In the end, she still has to leave the clock.


Rong Jiahui sent the bell to the gate of the city all the way. The weather was still very cold. The hairy collar of Rong Jiahui’s purple coat was holding her frozen white face, which made her look inexplicably childish. .


"You come back soon!" Rong Jiahui stood on the tower and rushed away from the clock.


Zhong Liluo shook her hand far away and said that she heard it.


Rong Jiahui grinned.


At this time, we advised: "Mrs, go back."


Rong Jiahui saw no contact with Zhong Liluo, and nodded, followed them down the tower.


She is also somewhat depressed. This emperor, really loves to find things for them. So let them both close the door to live a good life. We must let her go out and leave her at home.


There was no individual at home, she could not be lonely, and had to temporarily move back to her family to live.


The younger brother-in-law Song Shengsheng is a handsome little nephew. She is happy, her mother is happy, she is happy, and Song Yu Niang is also happy. It can be said that Rong Jiaze is not happy.


He looked at the child who was almost exactly the same as his childhood, and everyone was not good.


Rong Jiahui is amused, she likes her childhood brother, but the younger brother will eventually grow up. When the child grows up, she will bear, and she will not like her. This time she is still a little cute, she is of course happy. .


Rong Jiahui was having fun with his nephew. He turned his head and saw Jiaze looking at his son’s depressed face. Rong Jiahui’s hand was a slap.


"Are you that attitude towards Yuan?"


Yuan Er was born in the first month, so his grandfather gave him such a nickname.


Although Rong Jiaze said that he is over 19 years old, he still looks like a child. He said: "I am envious, I also hope that there will be a beautiful girl who is held in my hand, like you hurt me, my cousin cousin. The same, how good."


As soon as I thought of Rong Jiaze’s so-called hope that her daughter would look like her sister, Rong Jiahui would not be able to fight.


"Go to hurt your own daughter-in-law. People are a little older than you, but they are much more sensible than you."


"Auntie... I think she still hurts me..."


"Look at your point."


Rong Jiahui patted the younger brother's shoulder and began to flicker: "Sister persuaded you to still hurt your wife, you said, my grandfather, he hurts aunt?"


Rong Jiaze nodded, "pain!"


There are also a few big scorpions... If it wasn’t for the father-in-law’s drink, he would have to discuss it with a few brothers...


"If you are auntie, she has such a beautiful and well-behaved niece. When she is fifteen or sixty-seven years old, a miscellaneous boy who doesn't know where to play is there, and then your baby niece is gone. What do you do? Is this daughter married or not married?"


Rong Jiaze suddenly silenced...


Rong Jiahui continued: "So, this daughter, I will always be abducted in the future. You might as well hurt your wife who has been abducted from others! Don't think about it all day. Let us see you want to hit you."


Rong Jiaze thought for a moment, this kind of reason, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.




He shouted and ran away.


Although this guy still does not intend to manage his son, but Rong Jiahui feels that this can be regarded as a qualitative leap.


It’s just that the town’s Houfu is lively, and it’s still a little uncomfortable for the individual to stay in the house. After a few days of living, the happiness at the beginning gradually dispersed.


Only half a month's time, she fell into the thoughts of no day and night.


On this day, she just squinted, and the whole person was light and fluttering. I didn’t know where to go. When she stopped, she saw her standing on a vast river, though the river was rushing. The waves are raging, but the shore is still calm.


She saw someone talking on the shore, not knowing what to talk about, she was surprised to see one of the figures, it was her clock to leave!


"A network!" She shouted, but no one heard it.


However, she was very happy when she could look at her heroic lover.


She looked cheerfully. Suddenly, there were mad mobs who rushed up and slashed the knife. They smothered it, but unfortunately they were outnumbered, and everyone took the knife and slashed away from the clock. The clock could not retreat. One of the knives drilled a hole and slashed at the head of the clock. She took a hand and her arm was cut into a huge wound. She fell backwards and drowned in the river.


Rong Jiahui was frightened by the sudden turn of the situation. She sat down and went crazy and wanted to go into the water to find the clock, but they were all stunned. She watched the soldiers jump one by one. People, crying and crying, can only be turned into a black and white.


She suddenly woke up, she was still fascinated by some of her dreams, holding her chest, unable to breathe, touching her forehead, full of sweat, and the pillow was already soaked by her tears.


Her heart, tearing the general pain.


"White dew! Frost drops! Gu Yu! Cold dew!"


She shouted loudly at the name of her body.


Bai Lu first came in. She looked at Rong Jiahui and was sweaty and bloodless. She was shocked.


"Madam, what's wrong with you?"


Rong Jiahui cried: "I just had a nightmare."


Bai Lu suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. She went up to sit next to Rong Jiahui and appeased: "You can rest assured that this dream is all against, don't think too much."


Rong Jiahui almost did not dare to think about the content of the dream, she shook her head. "It is too real, no! I am going to find A network."


"You dreamed of Hou Ye?"


Rong Jiahui nodded and panicked: "I dreamed that she was planted into the lake. Do you know how much the river is so worried? I stood in my dreams. I only think that it simply can't see it. I am so scared to the side..."


Listening to Rong Jiahui said, in the middle of the night, Bai Lu also felt a bit stunned. She smiled reluctantly and said: "You must have missed Hou Ye’s dream, and Hou Yeji has his own. Heaven, how can there be something, you can rest assured."


Although Rong Jiahui was not used to the heart, if she had such a dream when she was away from the clock in the past, she would only forget when she turned her head. However, Zhong Liluo was far away in Jingzhou, and she had to be afraid.


"I am going to Jingzhou."


Bai Lu was shocked. "How can I go where the war is flying? You had to go to the northwest in the past when it was enough, but at least the northwest was quite stable. It was just too remote, and the road was a bit dangerous. Nowadays ......"


Rong Jiahui firmly said: "I have to go to Jingzhou. I have to see her in a safe and stable manner. Otherwise, I can no longer sleep before she returns."


"If Hou Ye has something to do, he will definitely write a letter. You will wait until the letter comes."


Rong Jiahui is in the same color: "While Jingzhou is close, it takes a few days to get on the road. It is too slow to wait for it."


"But, Madame, they won't agree."


Rong Jiahui was silent. She still remembers, remembering how disappointing she was when she fled in desperation to let her parents get angry.


However, the clock is too important...


She sighed and said: "Without their consent, I can now be the master of myself."


Bai Lu saw that there was no persuasion and had no choice but to speak out.


After making up her mind, she fell asleep again and stayed up all night.


On the second day, she only said that she was going out, and did not say where she was going. She did not think much about her family. She also told her that she was freezing cold, but she would have to come back earlier.


She smiled and promised that she had left the town of Houfu, and turned her head to **** her to Jingzhou.


She traveled day and night, and it took only three days to get to Jingzhou.


Before I even entered the city, I heard the news that the clock was missing from the water today.


Wen Yan, Rong Jiahui wants to faint in the past, her nails slammed into the palm of her hand, only to make her barely awake, she took a long breath and entered the city.


The Jingzhou mob is just a group of rabble. If it wasn’t before it was forced to be driven crazy, it would not resist. It was not difficult to deal with it. At this time, it was already smashed by angry officers and soldiers. Everyone was surrounded by the river and was busy fishing for the clock. In the corpse of the corpse, the subordinate of Zhong Liluo learned that she was coming, and he pleaded guilty.


Rong Jiahui didn't want to listen to those imaginary things at this time. "Have you found her?"


Hearing, they shook their heads blankly.


Rong Jiahui looked red and tried to keep himself from groaning. "So, what is going on in the end? Good end, how can I let her go inside?"


Knowing that she was not an outsider, the matter is now nothing to be embarrassed. After they conceived the language, they rushed to the scene after they rushed over.


Although Zhong Liluo came here to suppress the mob, but after learning about the actions of the dead Zhizhou, she was not afraid of sympathy and would like to ask for their lives. They were also happy, but today, I don't know if it was discussed again, or who was inspired by it, and actually launched a madness, vowed to kill the capital and seize the position of the so-called dog emperor.


Rong Jiahui sobbed softly. It was a fool. I only knew that I was thinking about others. I don’t know if I thought about myself. If she had sympathy for the so-called mob, now she is hateful and hurts her loved ones. It is unforgivable.


"I want to go downstream to find her." Rong Jiahui said.


"Madam, it’s good that we do subordinates like this. Moreover, we have always sent people to look for..."


The body of the general...


Rong Jiahui just looked at them seriously and said: "I am going to find her. I have to look for it myself. If I can't find it, I will die here with her! In short, life is death, we are all Together!"


It was said that everyone was awe-inspiring and there was nothing to say.


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