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Did the Hostess Lose Her Horse Today?

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Gu Bai never thought that he would die from watching the excitement, and finally bound a vulgar survival system to make a fortune.

Of course she didn’t want to die. She had to work hard to survive, but who could tell her, what do these guys who haunt her want to do? !

Xian Xian: Xiao Bai, come here, I have a red rope (Yue Lao) for you.

Ghost King: Sister Bai, I have a skeleton I want to give you.

Mozun: Gu Bai, come here and warm the bed.

Demon Emperor: Gu Baibai, let’s lie down together in the Millennium Ice Coffin, okay?

Medicine King: For nothing, I have a Gu King, I want to share it with you.

A certain Buddha: Bai benefactor, I see you and I have destiny.

Gu Bai:…She wants to die.

(This article is also called “Did the heroine fall today?” To put it simply, it is the poor child who wore countless vests and ended up tragically overturning. The 1V1 hero is the same person.)

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:DHLHHT
Alternate Title:女主今天掉马了吗?
Author:Peanut Butter
Weekly Rank:#5396
Monthly Rank:#4232
All Time Rank:#7585
Tags:Cruel Characters, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Identity Crisis, Male Yandere, Obsessive Love, Quick Transmigration, R-15, Twisted Personality, World Hopping,
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  1. It seems short but the story’s actually about someone being reincarnated in the same exact world but in different bodies so it isn’t actually as short as it seems or well, it doesn’t feel like it to me. Like in an immortal’s body 800 years after her initial mission in the mortal world or in the mortal world as a woman disguised as a prince. The funniest part is that people from her different lives come together to find her.

  2. Eventho I knew that all of those male are one person ,I still feel that she's like a scum. The male lead separated into 6 character and created a harem for her 😂😂😂 lol.

  3. Has Anyone seen an arc/novel where Fl She's A (Actor or Might Be a president /idk kinda forget what occupation fl does in the Arc. but fl Is has really high status in entertainment industry) A director Introduced Ml To fl (They were in a Bar Or club¿ i think) Ml was a Ghost or zombie (Im srry.. i kinda forget some details So i don't know if Ml was a ghost Or zombie) but Ml is Has A double personality In the arc fl gets to know The Fist Personality who inexplicably Silly, the first upcoming chapter was kinda Funny Fl drug Ml Soo They ummm.... (Did it i guess) Ml mistaken that he for fl so ml wants to take responsibility but hesitant cause Ml has A so called finance in past (Ml slept soo long maybe That cause ml became silly) Soo... Fl Says she'll support ml...ml was surprised at first but he still agreed because OF his conscience (Ml really belive Fl) Soo,they had a relationship Ml was restless at first cause he has a fiance... But Still ml can't stop Blushing When fl always flirting with him (Ml first personality was too pure).. then shows up the second personality (Kinda Cold,Ruthless type) at first fl didn't notice ml change but Gradually Fl Ask Ml who are you?... Ml Answers "eh why do you Don't like me the way like this" (Lol Ml second personality kinda Scary, And maybe a little bit of Sadist... cause he kinda grab fl wrist to hard) Fl Says "know matter which one you are you are you" ( I think fl said this)... Ml laughs* then(*skips Story* i forget that part..) i stop where Ml Talks To The fiance(she an actor, Kinda spoiled and arrogant type) father... they talk about the marriage contract with the fiance which..etc, Then Idk What's Next of the story 🤓 the story was good But i can't Find it in other Quick Transmigration novel /Arcs.. 😅 have you seen Something familiar maybe??

  4. Actually I don't like the novel 'Quick Transmigration', for me changing characters and plot is annoying. But I love the ending of this novel, very sweet.

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