As soon as Wan Yun's words came out, there was a sudden uproar around him, and it was no surprise that Yun Yao's vestment came to grab people here.

After all, a talent like Li Daochong, even if it is a thousand years, is hard to meet.

Just export, he promised to train Li Daochong as the first heir. If so, what would make Nan Kun, the younger generation's first person, Mo Chenxi feel so good.

Li Daochong has indeed stood at the top of the pyramid of this generation of young innocents.

Can compete with the three evils.

But it's just a competition. If Li Daochong has surpassed Mo Chenxi, it's obviously impossible.

Mo Chenxi's immortal spirit vein may not be able to produce one for thousands of years.

Yun Yao's first heir has always been Mo Chenxi.

No one expected that Yunyao's vest would give up the position of Mo Chenxi's first heir to absorb Li Daochong.

This kind of thing is not a child's play, Wan Yun can't say it casually, he can't afford it without this qualification.

Obviously received the order of the above-mentioned spirit lords, so he would say so, otherwise he would lend him ten thousand guts and would not dare to export, so he took the first heir as a bargaining chip.

Mo Chenxi's position in Yunyao's vestment is far more than that of Wanyun, the divisional president.

Li Dao was stunned for a moment, but Yunyao's vestment was a big deal.

Other comprehension companies were originally full of ambitions. Hearing Wan Yun say this, the pre-prepared congratulations are embarrassing to take out and embarrass.

There were Lingling Lingnao and Yunyao vest, the rest of the training companies had basically broken the idea of ​​robbing people.

I do n’t want to, I really ca n’t grab it, and more importantly, I do n’t want to offend these two giants.

Nankun's three giants, Yunyao Vest, Lingling Lingnao and Nine-Star Spirit Array, are super-cultivating enterprises that control 70% of the resources of the Nankun Empire.

At the same time they are also the true rulers of the Nankun Empire, who dares to mess with it? Don't you want to mix it up?

At this time, the three giants came to the two. Although the Nine Star Spirit Array was present, the identity of the visitor seemed to be lower, and he had not spoken.

Estimated at this time to see Yun Yao's vestment is in a certain position, I am afraid I don't want to blend in.

Kunlun Heavy Industry had not taken the lead, otherwise it would not be able to get it.

For now, only Li Daochong's own choice is seen.

All eyes invariably fell on Li Daochong, the protagonist of this celebration feast.

"Your good intentions, Li Dao took the lead. Thank you for your love for Li Mou. How can Li Hede get panicked in your love. Li was already the founder of the Blue Bay Star Li Group, so he could not join any other cultivation companies. In the future, if you have business in the San Hua Federation, you can cooperate with the Lee Group. Li is very grateful. "

Li Daochong faced such a big situation in front of him, he was still not humble and overbearing. In a few words, he refused everyone present.

At the same time, people can no longer invite him.

But many people do n’t understand why Li Daochong refused. Which green onion does Blue Bay Star count? What the **** is the Lee Group?

Even the entire San Hua Federation can't compare with one finger of the two super-compiling companies.

A small division company can crush the Sanhua Federation.

Many people think that Li Daochong must have taken the wrong medicine, whichever is more difficult to distinguish.

Found a company by yourself, and then grow and develop, it is difficult to reach the scale of the ordinary repair company of the Nankun Empire, let alone reach the level of Yunyao and Lingling.

The disappointment flashed on the faces of Wan Yun and Liu Ye, but it was only a little disappointed, and there were no other ingredients. In general, this super company put down its body and would not hesitate to open a sky-high price invitation. Refuse, more or less will fail.

May even be angry and angry.

These two senior executives did not show such emotions, and it seems that there is still a little bit of expectation.

Before he came here, he had already made preparations for rejection, and there must have been an explanation above.

Of course, the more important point is that, with Li Daochong ’s current strength, Yunyao and Jingya do n’t dare to anger him easily.

The estimated combat power of Li Daochong was in the early days of the crossover, and the combat power of the three major empire empires was also terrifying.

In fact, the most lonely at this time was Kunlun Heavy Industry. After Li Daochong said this, Nalan Hongtu's heart completely cooled down.

Nalan Xiu looked at Li Daochong with a pair of eyes, she didn't believe that she was so good, she had no effect at all, and Li Daochong didn't appreciate it.

For a time, the audience stopped, and no one guessed that Li Daochong would make such a choice.

Everyone is looking forward to which company Li Daochong will choose.

Nalan Hongtu was annoyed, but not against Li Daochong, but his baby daughter.

If the series of cold treatment of Li Daochong before the Nalan show contest, it will definitely not be the result now.

Even if Li Daochong will not fully join Kunlun Heavy Industry, he will not be completely detached, at least the grace of knowing will certainly remember.

No matter how much I do now, I can't make up for the cold encounter at that time, and no amount of icing on the cake is as precious as sending charcoal in the snow.

Nalan Hongtu regretted that he didn't educate Nalanxiu well. The pride in this girl's skull is really bad this time.

Compared to Nalan Hongtu's annoyance, Na Lanxiu was not anxious at this time, except for a little unbelievable, but showed a bit of decisive color, and a faint glow on the face.

Na Lanxiu took a deep breath, as if he had made a major decision, pursing his lips in silence.

A voice came out with Nalanxiu's thoughts.

The scene was a little awkward at this time. Although Nalan Hongtu was annoyed in his heart, he couldn't show it on his face, and his home courtesy could not be dropped.

"Now that Li Xiaoyou's heart is decided, we don't have to fight to grab it. Today's banquet is a celebration feast specially held for Li Xiaoyou, but it's not a job fair, the visitors are all guests, people, add table dishes, willing to stay for Li Xiaoyou ’s commemorating Daoist is seated. If you have something to do with the banquet, please help yourself. Hongtu wants to accompany Li Xiaoyou.

Nalan Hongtu is a person who has experienced strong winds and waves. No matter how turbulent his heart is, his face is still as steady as a mountain. If he exits, he will sweep away the embarrassment and pull the theme back to the celebration feast.

The most disappointing audience were the big journalists who were mixed in by their connections.

They were able to come in, but it took a lot of effort, and some even paid a large price to be allowed to follow.

Wants to get Li Daochong's accurate information as soon as possible, so as to use Li Daochong's current popularity to attract attention.

No matter how much it costs, as long as the traffic of the Lingnet you belong to is soaring, everything is worth it.

How can I know that Li Daochong will choose nothing, and stealing chickens will not eclipse the rice.

These reporters and some incompetent comprehension companies chose to leave.

The reporters were downcast and walked out the door as if they had lost millions of spirit stones.

Suddenly a loud drink came from outside.

"The current chairman of Shenghua Federation Li Group, Li Daochong Li Shao father, Li Tianyang, arrive!"

The sound of high drinking is particularly high and clear on Li Shao's father.


Li Daohong stunned.

Several people in the silver bottle also looked indifferent.

How did Li Tianyang come to Kunlun Star? Why didn't you tell them beforehand?

Li Tianyang, no one knows, but no one knows, but the reporters shouted and explained everything.

Li Daochong's father, now alone, can now walk across the entire human realm.

Everyone looked out the door curiously, and saw a mighty middle-aged man walked in from outside, followed by more than ten innocents.

However, the breath of these instructors is very weak, at least for the level of instructors on Kunlun Star.

Is the highest but only infancy.

The more than ten comprehensions are all the senior members of the Li Group who followed Li Tianyang, and Ye Feiyue also followed them.

Everyone saw this wave of people coming in, but they were a bit disappointed. They couldn't understand how Li Daochong, who was born in the San Hua Federation, grew up from the barren land to the present.

Is really unbelievable, at least in the common sense of the realm world, this is impossible.

If you want to give a reasonable explanation, you can only say that Li Daochong had any anti-sky adventures.

Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to breed such a demon on a inferior cultivation planet in the San Hua Federation.

"Dad, why are you here?"

Li Daochong quickly stood up and greeted him.

Looking at his son, Li Tianyang had a beautiful heart in his heart.

But later because the son's spiritual veins were exhausted, the idea was completely cut off, just thinking that the son can spend a lifetime in a stable and ordinary way.

Is just making things, and his son's life is like riding a roller coaster. Once he falls into the valley abyss, there is no hope. After another, he can't see where the limit is.

Even though Li Daochong later showed incomparably strong strength, Li Tianyang could not think of him being able to enter the top ten in the youth training competition of the whole human domain, even ranking first.

Li Tianyang lived eight years in his life and absolutely did not dare to think of this level.

However, the fact happened like this. Since Li Daochong awakened his spirit, he was like a broken bamboo, unable to stop it, and grew up at an unimaginable speed.

"Come and join your celebration feast, such an important occasion, how can you not appear for the father." Li Tianyang said happily.

"Why didn't you say it in advance?" Li Daochong said strangely.

"I will say this later, so many people are waiting, so we have to sit down first." Li Tianyang lowered his voice.

Li Daochong's eyes moved slightly, nodded and said nothing, knowing that there must be something happening to his father this time, he would not ask more.

Nalan Hongtu's father and daughter followed, and Nalan Hongtu's eyes were full of surprises, and at the same time a glimmer of hope ignited.

If Li Daochong's father pulls in, he may have a chance.

"Dad, this is the founder of Kunlun Heavy Industry, the predecessor of Nalan Hongtu, the survivor of the robbery, this is his daughter Nalan Xiu, and also a monk of the robbery." Li Daochong introduced immediately.

Li Tianyang definitely belongs to the upper-level composers in the Sanhua Union Cultivation Realm, but when he arrives in Nankun, nothing will count, not to mention Kunlun Star, which is the uppermost cultivation planet in the Nankun Empire.

Do n’t talk about the monks who cross the robbery in the Sanhua Federation, but they are the most cultivators of the gods of the gods.

In fact, Li Tianyang was already uneasy before entering the door. At this moment, the aura field emitted by the Kunlun Building can be clearly felt thousands of miles away, and this is still the case where all the monks gathered here have converged.

If all are released, Kunlun Star will tremble.

In front of Monk Crossover, Yuan Ying was just a toddler who had just learned to walk. He could not say anything, but he could only talk to himself.

If Li Daochong helped Li Tianyang to resist all the aura pressure, they would have been unstable for a long time.

But even so, Li Tianyang still couldn't control the tremor in his heart when facing the two monks at such a close distance.

The natural repression of the aura makes Li Tianyang feel difficult to breathe, and his expression looks very unnatural.

"The younger Li Tianyang has seen two seniors." Li Tianyang was slightly panicked and greeted.

"Brother Tianyang, you can't bear it, you predecessor Hongtu can't afford it. Li Xiaoyou is a talented man. He is suitable for Hongtu Dangke's peers. Hongtu takes advantage of his age. How could you be my father? My grand plan only hated not knowing Tianyang brother earlier, otherwise he would have married heterosexual brother with Tianyang brother. As the so-called tiger father had no dogs, Tianyang brother could teach Li Xiaoyou, there must be someone At this point, Hongtu sighed better. "Nalan Hongtu has the majesty of the monk who crosses the robbery, compliments extremely humbly.

Sounds like something deliberately pleased ~ ~ But Nalan Hongtu really thinks so.

The last sentence was intentionally told to Nalanxiu.

Nalan Hongtu was not so good. In this way, Li Tianyang was even more terrified. How could a monk Yuan Ying dared to be a brother to a monk from the robbery.

Of course, this character in the blue bay star naturally understands that Nalan Hongtu can have such an attitude entirely because of Li Daochong.

"Uncle, please be seated."

Na Lanxiu stepped forward to hold Li Tianyang's arm and greeted actively.

This move made people around him almost wait for their jaws to fall off.

Kunlun Heavy Industry, when they have seen such a fair fairy as Fairy Fairy, an uncle called it sweet.

Li Daohong pouted, always feeling weird.

"Must, Tianyang is a guest, how can he be seated." Li Tianyang hurriedly said.

"Uncle, today is your son's celebration feast, how can you be a guest, except who can sit in the seat, even the little girl's father can't sit." Na Lanxiu said without shyness.

"Yes, yes, what the little girl said is, you don't want to say anything, Brother Tianyang. You are a real guest today. If you don't take the seat, it makes it difficult for Hongtu to sit down. You can only stand." He quickly answered the phone, and gave Nalanxiu an approving glance, as if to say that the girl was getting rid of it.