Although Nalanxiu has been living for seven hundred years, she has always kept her body like a jade and has not been married. In fact, no one has been able to get into her dharma eyes.

Therefore, this fairy during the robbery period was still a big girl with a yellow flower. At that time, Nalanxiu was very talented in cultivation and became a hot super genius in the spiritual world of the human world at that time. Lan Hongtu squeezed his scalp and came to the door to raise his relatives.

But none of them were the eyes of Na Lanxiu.

Even at the time, it was the first person of the young generation in the spirit world of the human domain, Jin Yang Lingzi Xiao Zhanfeng.

Is just a decent character in Nalanxiu's eyes.

Later, this Jinyang spirit son Xiao Zhanfeng became the youngest spirit venerable person in the spiritual realm of the human realm, Jinyang spirit venerable person.

Nalan Hongtu once regretted that he did not promise Xiao Zhanfeng's relatives, but Nalanxiu disagreed.

Xiao Zhanfeng used only seven hundred years to achieve the Mahayana period, and she did not think it was remarkable.

In the later period of Nalanxiu, because of distracted operation of Kunlun Heavy Industry, most of the essence of cultivation resources are also provided to her father, otherwise she will certainly be able to enter the state of Mahayana even if she cannot reach the peak of Mahayana.

Nalan Hongtu once thought whether his daughter had a problem with sexual orientation or psychological problems.

But the innocence does n’t mind as much as mortals. It does n’t matter if you do n’t have sexual orientation. After all, your life is very long.

Double cultivation partners are also mainly for cultivation, or to form a kind of blood relative alliance, so that the power is stronger, not for the reproduction of future generations.

The mortal incense has been passed down for dozens of generations. It is not as good as the self-cultivator to realize enchantment and live a thousand or two thousand years without any stress.

Has been down for hundreds of years.

Nalan Hongtu had forgotten about the marriage of Nalanxiu. The latter also fought hard, and the cultivation was soaring all the way to the beginning of the robbery.

With this practice, it's not so important to marry or to spend time together.

Of course, in these years, there are still some people playing Na Lanxiu's idea, after all, this level of female nuns are rare.

If you can form a two-week companion, it is also a story in the realm of comprehension, which will make many comprehension envy.

With Nalanxiu's strength, he can still offer her a male servant, and there are not many people in the spiritual world.

It's just a pity that Lang has no concubine and no intention, no matter how strong his strength is, no matter how big his background is, he will be pushed cleanly.

In the matter of double cultivation partners, in the concept of Nalan Hongtu, it has long been absent.

Nalan Hongtu would not think about it at all. I never expected that my baby girl would take the initiative.

In Nalan Hongtu's view, it is the best result to get back a little Li Daochong's heart and make a good deal.

However, if the daughter is willing to agree with her body, then it is another matter. Her baby daughter is one of the four most recognized beauties in the realm of truth.

There are three other people, two of them are spirit venerable, and one has been missing for three hundred years. It is unknown whether it is dead or alive.

One of the two spirit venerables is the first person in the human realm, Jiu Xuanling Venerable.

There is also a Qianzunlingzun who rarely shows up.

With her daughter's strength, Nalan Hongtu didn't believe that someone could refuse to become a double cultivation partner.

Li Daochong can become his son-in-law.

Hey, Nalan Hongtu smiled unconsciously as his thoughts floated.

Na Lanxiu on the side saw the smile on his father's face and couldn't help but sigh.

This dad really wanted to sell himself.

Although Nalanxiu vowed to leave Li Daochong, he promised his father what he promised.

But with her personality, it is almost impossible to really say it. This is just to temporarily stabilize Lan Hongtu's irritable heart.

Of course, with the strength Li Daochong now shows, Na Lanxiu clearly knows that he has surpassed himself.

Refining the virtual realm can have a battle with the transition period. In the future, it will be very scary to cultivate for no progress. If there is progress, every step will be a qualitative leap.

Leaving the rest aside, Li Daochong is qualified to form a double cultivation partner with himself.

Just let Na Lanxiu take the initiative to show a man a self-cultivation, it is impossible for Lingzun.

Moreover, there is no shortage of female cultivators around Li Daochong, all of them are beautiful, and their strength is not weak.

The monks during the robbery, will be competing with each other, Nalanxiu is not elegant and elegant.

Thinking of this, Na Lanxiu accidentally glanced at the cherry blossoms on the back of the side.

This woman is a mist regardless of her strength, even Nalanxiu can't see through.

Always feels weird, but can't find out where is weird.

Nalanxiu naturally does not really agree with him. As a monk of the robbery, he is also the helm of an old-style repair company such as Kunlun Heavy Industry. There are naturally many rare treasures.

As long as he gave enough and good enough, Nalanxiu would not believe that Li Dao was unimpressed.

"Li Xiaoyou, Hongtu is here to wait for a long time, with thousands of gold Xiuer, all the departments welcome Li Xiaoyou's return."

Flickered irregularly in Nalanxiu's heart, and his father sounded with a little compliment.

Li Daochong, five people, flew and landed on the top platform of Kunlun Building.

Nalan Hongtu, Li Daochong had never seen it before. I do n’t know who, but this person has a magnificent body and is so unpredictable that he is several times more powerful than Nalanxiu.

Nalan Xiu is a monk who crosses the robbery. She is several times stronger than her. This shows that this person is terrible.

However, this kind of character has not been able to form an oppressive force for Li Daochong, who has realized the mystery of the law in the Nine Profound God Realm.

"The juniors don't know that the seniors are here, there are many delays, let the seniors wait for a long time, and hope to forgive." Li Daochong replied immediately after falling down.

"Waiting for Li Xiaoyou is Hongtu's fortunateness, and how long it is worth it." Nalan Hongtu said bluntly that he did not cross the old demon's shelf.

Is just behind the people of Kunlun Heavy Industry, one by one, they are all surprised, when they have seen the ancestors so kind to people.

It was the case that Lord Nukun was here in person.

"Senior, are you?" Li Daochong didn't know the other party's identity. After all, he was speechless and asked.

"Li Daoyou, this is my father Kunlunzi Nalan Hongtu, Kunlun heavy industry ancestor." Nalanxiu introduced.

Doesn't mean that the others don't want to introduce it, just that the monk who crosses the robbery speaks, and no one dares to intervene. If he is not offended, he will be annoyed to his ancestor.

Nothing is better than wrong, silence is golden.

"It turned out to be Senior Kunlun. Long admiring the name of the senior. Disrespectful and disrespectful. The younger Kunlun Star has always wanted to see the true face of the senior. Now I can see that the younger did not come to Kunlun Star in vain." The status is no longer the same. It is normal to reach the height of the three evils in the human realm and the monk crossing the robbery.

But Li Daochong did not show a high posture, humble and courteous between words, and even obviously raised Nalan Hongtu.

Nalan Hongtu heard this, but he jumped in his heart. Isn't the subtext of this sentence not intended to be permanently stationed on Kunlun Star?

Li Dao rushed more politely, but the more shows that he did not have the mind to stay.

"Li Xiaoyou, the old man and the old man, now is the world of your young people, Li Xiaoyou is the bright sun among the young people, unparalleled, this competition, Li Xiaoyou rushed into the first echelon, and even won the first round of test The results of Yi, even those three monster dolls, were compared by Li Xiaoyou, and they gave me a big face for Kunlun Heavy Industry. This credit is due to the fact that several ancestors who died in Kunlun Heavy Industry did not do it. De Ling Zun favors, in addition to being older than Li Xiaoyou, the old man can't compare with others. Nowadays, the human world is only afraid that no one knows Li Xiaoyou's reputation. "

Nalan Hongtu spoke these words with emotion, and the color of appreciation overflowed with words.

"Seniors have won prizes, and juniors have good luck." Li Daochong didn't look awkward, as if Nalan Hongtu just said that he was not himself.

"Li Xiaoyou has achieved such impressive results, and she can still be so humble. No matter how you cultivate or your mind, that is nothing. Although the old man only met you for the first time, he saw it as before. It seems that he has known me for a long time. The celebration feast has been arranged, how about we drink and talk? "Nalan Hongtu said with a smile around Li Daochong's shoulder.

Father said such a flattering words, so that Danaranxiu was very goose bumps.

If someone else said it, it wouldn't matter. Anyone who is familiar with Nalan Hongtu's temper will definitely be surprised when he sees him like this.

Kunlun Heavy Industry Department, the surprised expression at this time is the best evidence.

Li Dao rushed back to rest a little, he had to take a few people to go home, and then greeted the ranking battle.

Unexpectedly, the Kunlun ancestor suddenly appeared to receive him with such warm hospitality. After all, they were the monks who robbed him, and Li Daochong really refused.

After all, the development of Blue Bay Star will need the support of Kunlun Heavy Industry in the future. If it was not for this purpose, Li Daochong would not have participated in the Kunlun Heavy Industry.

Wuyang Shenjun had promised Li Daochong before, and the Li Group and Kunlun Heavy Industry began business connection.

After these days, a staggered network has been formed and it is functioning in an orderly manner. UU reading

With Li Daochong's current strength and fame, it is not difficult to find a super self-cultivation company that cooperates with Li's Group.

But then it is necessary to overthrow all the work that has been achieved between these days and Kunlun Heavy Industry.

Is time-consuming and laborious. Obviously there is no need for it. Li Daochong is not willing to use his loyalty because Nalanxiu is not optimistic. After all, Wu Ping Shen Jun is still very good to himself.

"The junior is the guest, the senior is the master, the guest listens to the master, everything listens to the arrangement of the senior." Li Daochong said neither humble nor humble.

Nalan Hongtu jumped in this heart, Li Daochong claimed to be a guest, indicating that he did not regard Kunlun Heavy Industry as his home.

Nalan Hongtu couldn't help but glared at Nalanxiu, it was all the blame of you dead girl.

"Xiu'er, immediately mobilize all the forces that Kunlun Heavy Industry can mobilize. Before the celebration party ends, Li Daochong's growth situation, his experience, preferences, family background, and own needs can be checked for me. I do n’t want to know the secret. I just need to know his temperament. If this ca n’t be done, you will be fined for ten years. ”

With his father's glare, Na Lanxiu received the former's voice.

What age are you still thinking about? Nalan Xiu pouted with rebellious emotions, but he did not dare to neglect his father's orders.

Then Na Lanxiu issued this extra-level mission order through Kunlun Heavy Industry's internal spiritual network.

Remarks, expedited, completed within an hour, reward one million senior spirit stones.

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