This is really a very pleasant evening.

The finest ingredients from Yuma City, the rich wine of the ancient wine cellar, plus the food prepared by Ji Huan and Aye, full of exotic features... Auntie... No, Lara's preparation is great!

"Working hard, Laura." Thanks to Laura for his sincerity.

Picking up an eyebrow, Auntie stood behind the body and did not speak, but the black egg in his arms could not help but poke, and waited until he turned around, the little magic period Ai Ai said:

"Hey, eggs and aunts go out to buy curtains! Auntie said that choosing curtains and furniture is a more important job~"

This is to show that I am absolutely not lazy, but to do more important work under the advice of my aunt.

After the joy, he glanced at the aunt, and touched the face of the black egg for a long while: "Let me see the sheets and furniture that the black eggs bought in the afternoon."

The black egg poked the aunt's chest and asked for it. After landing, he picked up his toes and went to show his newly bought furniture.

This is a green house.

"Auntie said, this is the study room of the egg." The first thing that the little magic object showed off was his study. The green small bookshelf was filled with the collection of black eggs over the years, although some children's picture books, etc. The number is not too much, but it is still neat!

"This is the studio of the egg." The black egg immediately opened another room with a new easel of children's size. The wall was covered with various pictures painted before the black eggs. The portrait of the relayed occupies half of the country. Into the door to see so many of themselves, Rao is always a calm success, there is also a strange feeling.

However, the black egg quickly excited to push open the third room.

"This is the game room of the egg! After the little red comes over, you can play with the egg here!" The third room is the biggest, there are many new toys inside, of course, before the 啾啾 and Aye hand-made Those have not fallen. The room even has a green fake lawn carpet, the furry is very comfortable, and the little monsters are not afraid to roll around.

"Finally, here is the collection room for eggs!" The little monster finally showed his own collection. As a thrifty little monster, he now has a lot of "babies". At this moment, his former "baby" was placed here. In addition, the "broken mountain" that had been piled up in the yard before was also transferred to this room, waiting for the black egg to return and have time to re-induct. classification.

A small index finger was erected, and the black egg proudly said: "Auntie said that the furniture selected by the egg is cheap, strong and beautiful! Especially special!"

"Auntie also said that when he renovated his family's collection room in a few days, he would also like to buy furniture with him!"

After the joy, he slanted and followed the aunt in the back.

Then he bent over to the black egg: "So, does the black egg like the new room here?"

The black egg nodded heavily.

"Then, is this black egg intended to move in? After all, your things have all moved to the house here."

The black egg opened his mouth wide, his eyes wide open, and the little monster looked like a circle.

"And..." straightened up and went back to look at the aunt: "When does the family have a room for you as a collection room?"

"Oh, yes, is it the room of the black egg now? The black egg is coming here, the room just happens to be your collection room, right?"

Aunt smiled slightly.

The mouth of the black egg was maximal. Suddenly, the little monster "sticked" and put the whole small body on the calf's calf, then "wow" and cried.

"Eggs... Don't... live here... eggs... want... live in a small room next door!"

The black egg cried and said that he would return to his original room to live. God knows that he will re-create the room of his success as his own room in the morning. He also told the aunt that he could sleep with Auntie every night. So happy……

Although keen and smarter than the general little magic savvy, but the black egg is essentially a real child ah ← patted the head of the little monster holding his calf and let go, thinking after the heart.

It is worthwhile to bring a big child to yourself and Aye!

The heart was a little bit crying and a little proud. After the joy, he took up the little monster and took his handkerchief from the aunt's pockets behind him. He squatted on the nose of the little monster, and he snorted the little monster.

"It's just a suggestion, the black egg didn't refuse, isn't it?" The apprentice hand, Auntie whispered to the singer, watching the singer who was walking away from the shackles, he stepped up the steps and quickly chased the past.

In addition to this little episode, today's family feast is all beautiful.

Because I almost went to the aunt's mother again, the whole black egg was not lying down on the whole night, or the last little red came. Under the persuasion of Ji Huan, the black egg went back three times and Xiaohong went. .

After the joy of himself, he went to entertain Lulin and Dufay with the aunt.

By the way, Dufay is good.

Everything is beautiful.

The banquet reached a small squad when it came out with a plate of watermelon.

I was bought by the aunt before being sent back to the human world. I don’t know how to be brought back by the black egg. Not only brought back, but also not damaged in the previous turmoil, it’s rare for everyone to be there today. Cut this watermelon and let everyone divide it.

Although it is a very large watermelon, there are too many monsters on the scene, and each monster can only be divided into small pieces.

The delicious taste of watermelon makes the monsters full of praise. After almost every piece of the monster has eaten a small piece, after the joy, the remaining watermelon is placed on a small plate, and the black egg is placed, let him give the watermelon for a while. Adan tastes.

The old monster went to the backyard to pee.

Tightly holding the watermelon in the small plate, the black egg is waiting for him on the corridor where Adan is coming back. It is a long way from everyone to eat and drink, and it is rare to be quiet.

Standing on the plate for a long time, the little monster was tired, he sat down in the hallway, sitting on the end, holding the watermelon plate on his little short leg and looking at the remaining two on the plate. Block watermelon, although the little monster wants to eat a piece, but thinks that it is for Adan, he will hold back.

So when Adan walked out of the backyard with his crotch, he saw the little monster that was seriously staring at the watermelon.

"Grandma Adan, eat watermelon!" Seeing the old monster finally came out, the face of the little monster was obviously relieved, and with the small claws in one fell swoop, he immediately passed the watermelon.

"what is this?"

"This is watermelon!"

"One person." A piece of watermelon was caught and rejected by a small monster. Adan forcibly stuffed another piece of watermelon into the paw of the little monster.

Whispered to the old magic object, thank you, the black egg is beautiful and the mouth is small and the watermelon is coming.

"Watermelon is delicious!" Although the pronunciation is a bit strange, the black egg can still understand him.

"Well, it's the egg and the fruit of my grandfather's home." The black egg said proudly.



"where is it?"

"Bade Town, the egg has not been to, but it is a beautiful and beautiful place." The little monster said, the dark little face can not help but reveal the look of yearning.

"Hometown is Bade Town... Isn't it?" Mouth whispered, and Adan looked down at the little monster that continued to bury his head and then suddenly smiled.


After the joy is sadness.

In the days that followed, Yu Huan received countless invitations.

Invitation to the funeral.

Together with the invitations that Auntie received, the family began to participate in the funeral in the following days.

At first, I didn't want to go with a black egg, but under the persuasion of the aunt, they finally attended together.

Wearing a tailor-made little black mourning dress, holding the flowers of his own family, the black eggs participated in the first funeral of the magic.

It was a very sunny morning.

They arrived at the funeral venue early in the morning, surrounded by the same black cloak of black cloak. This funeral is the funeral of a certain Year, who is violent and awed by all the monsters while alive. The magical thing, when the turmoil occurred, turned into a prototype and swallowed all the subordinates nearby, and used all of his body to cover all the attacks. He did not smash in the past, but in his belly, the monster that was swallowed by him before. But under his protection, he was safely waiting for the day of rebirth.

In keeping with the traditions of the monsters, this is a feast.

After the solemn farewell ceremony, the two monsters were responsible for the division. Each of the monsters that came to the funeral was divided into a plate with a small piece of dead meat.

The black egg is also divided into a small piece.

Completely saw the process of cutting, the black egg is very clear where the meat came from, he was a little scared to look at it, and then waited for him to say something to him, Auntie squatted down, focused on watching With the little black face of the little monster, he placed the palm of his hand behind the little ridge of the little monster, and then seriously told the little magic:

"His life in this world is over, but as long as his strength is there, he can survive in other forms, be born again, and even live forever."

"Don't be afraid, eat it."

Auntie encouraged the pat on the shoulder of the little monster.

Look at him, look up and look at it again, the black egg finally forked the piece of meat with a fork, and then ate it in a small mouth.

Look at the big and small monsters around you, and look at other monsters in the distance who are eating in grief.

After the joy suddenly thought.

It was not the first time to attend a funeral. However, until today, he seems to have truly understood the meaning of this cruel ritual.

Before going to sleep that night, he whispered to the aunt: "If one day I die, will this funeral be held?"

Auntie smiled beside him:

"You can't ask me about this kind of thing."

"We will inevitably die at the same moment. Our funeral will be held at the same time. No one can handle the funeral of another person."

After the joy, I also laughed.

"Then I have to ask for a black egg."

"But don't worry now, it's probably a long time ago."




"good night."


The oldest surviving old man in the world, Wang Xiaochuan, is about to die.

After living for more than three hundred years, he is a miracle of mankind!

Everyone wants to know the mystery of his longevity.

It is clear that the old man has been dying and all organs have been exhausted, but he cannot leave until other people get this big secret.

The body was filled with various tubes and auxiliary breathing apparatus on his head. He spent the last stages of his life in aging and decline.

No friends or relatives are around, his friends, children, grandchildren have already left.

Every day, only doctors and nurses study scholars around him, he has not seen a familiar person.

This time, letting the other party make a whole-handed approach, he still feels the closeness of the shadow of death. This time, he thought he might be really free.

Already for nearly a hundred years, he has not spoken to anyone, and his vocal cords are almost exhausted.

Before he moved into the institute, all his property had been taken away and saved, the only thing left was a piece of paper.

A household page that was used a long time ago, the other information has been blurred, and only the name of "black egg" is left.

There was nothing wrong with checking the paper. Seeing that he was holding it tightly, the staff of the institute defaulted to let him keep the old paper.

Holding on to the yellowed proof paper in his hand, Wang Xiaochuan suddenly remembered something long and long ago.

He remembered his friends in his youth.

He can't remember the other person's name, and he can't remember the other person's appearance.

Just vaguely remember each other's face, clean, tenacious and calm.

And black, steady eyes.

The other party is no longer there?

What is his name? Why can't you remember?


It doesn't matter. When he dies and successfully meets the other world in another world, he can definitely get his name again from the other side.

That must be a wonderful name.

"The patient's heart has stopped beating, re-injection of No. 4 reagent!" The doctors and nurses around were ridiculous, they seemed to be saying something, but Wang Xiaochuan could not hear.

He opened his turbid eyes.

In the white, he suddenly saw a touch of black.

Ah... not completely black, there is a little green.

Then he saw a teenager.

When the face of everyone around him was blurred, he clearly saw the boy's face clearly.

It is a perfect face.

His skin is as white as snow, his lips are red like petals, his black eyes are dark, like...

It's like a friend in memory.

Then he heard the other person talking.

In the midst of a mess, the voice of the teenager alone is clear.

He heard him say:

"Excuse me, are you Wang Xiaochuan?"

“Wang Xiaochuan, a native of Bade Town?”

"If it is, then you are the one I am looking for."

Bade Town?

Correct! It is the town of Bade!

How did you forget it? My old hometown...

My first hometown is there! It is there!

With his lips stunned, Wang Xiaochuan struggled to reach out.

It is a very delicate arm, and the skin of the pines is covered with age spots. It is very old.

This is the last strength of this old arm.

When he reached out to the palm of his hand, the paper that had been squatting in the palm of his hand accidentally fell.

No one is interested in this paper except the boy.

I took a look at the crumpled paper and Wang Xiaochuan saw him laughing.

"Yes, you are the Wang Xiaochuan I am looking for."

Then he reached out to him.

" are...who?"

The vocal cords that were not used for nearly a hundred years were washed away by the broken airflow, and Wang Xiaochuan asked with a broken voice.

"The patient is talking! Fast! Fast! Listen to what he is talking about-"

The noise around it seems to be bigger.

However, in the blink of an eye, they all disappeared.

The moment the teenager caught his palm disappeared.

Was pulled into the air by the boy, Wang Xiaochuan saw a huge black wing suddenly opened behind the boy, incredibly widened his eyes, Wang Xiaochuan heard the other party to himself:

"My name is Satan."



After that, Wang Xiaochuan saw that the other's mouth was slightly upturned, and slowly, the other party opened a bright smile.

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