The heavy snow for three days caused the sky in Yefar to be cloudy.

This makes the Yefar monsters who live in the sunny desert climate for a long time.

The black egg is also one of the leaves of this group of leaves.

The black eggs that had just got up at 4 o'clock every day basically slept until 9 o'clock in the morning. Ye Faer, who was snowing every day, was only slightly bright at 9 o'clock every day. The sky before 9 o'clock was too dark and the temperature was too Low, the outside of the ice and snow is just like another world, so the monsters do not go out.

There are quilts hiding in the quilt, and there are several layers of cloaks without the quilt. Now everyone in Yefar is doing this.

Black eggs are happy little monsters, and his family's aunt and grandfather work hard, so the family is in a better condition. There are several bed quilts.

So, in this sudden cold day, he and his bed were covered with two bed quilts every day, and the little monsters were shrunk in the warm blanket, and they didn't want to climb out of the bed every day.

Today is no exception.

Wrinkled with a small brow, the black egg is also melancholy in his sleep.

After a long while, he struggled to turn over the heavy quilt and snorted. He didn't know what he dreamed. He also lost a golden bean.

Then the little monster woke up.

Sighing softly, the little magician skillfully pulled out a little old but cleaned alarm clock from the pillow. The time on the alarm clock is now nine and a half.

If it is normal, the black egg at this time should have been awake, because even in this weather, Ji Huan will get up at 9 o'clock at the latest every day. After the leave, the bed is getting colder, waiting for the calf to smash. When the cold place is, the little monster will wake up automatically.

But today, the bed is still hot, a pair of big hands on his little belly, apparently lying in a bed with himself.

The black egg hugged the hand.

The small thin legs slammed up and down, and the little monster tried to earn his head from the quilt, and then “slammed” and printed a kiss on his face.

"Hey," he kissed him three times before he loosened his mouth. When he let go, the little monster pulled a little away and decided to continue and love each other for a while. Unexpectedly -

Long black hair!

When I saw the long black hair squatting on the pillow, the little monster immediately woke up and sat up from the bed.

His hair is not so long, he is wrong!

This is the first thought in the mind of the little monster.

Then -

There is a strange male devil on the bed! / There is a strange male devil sleeping on a trampoline!

This is the second thought of the little monster.

Pulling the quilt to the chest, the little devil immediately pointed to the magical thing on the bed: "Who are you? How to sleep on my bed! Fast, fast!"

Then, the big hand that was suspected to be on his belly was out of the bed.

When I opened my long hair, the male demon showed a white face.

It was a familiar face with a black egg.

It is the face of aunt.

The mouth of the little monster immediately opened up!

Then he saw the aunt hold his head with one hand and spoke with some hoarse voice.

"It’s a good thing to be alert, but isn’t this the bed you have?”

The mouth of the little monster was big and his eyes were huge. When he heard the familiar voice, the little monster only stayed for a moment. Next second, he cried and threw himself into the arms of the monster.

"Auntie! I miss you so much!"

The cry of the little monsters shook the sky, the tears and the nose flow together, the dirty liquid filled the chest and hair of the monster on the bed, but the other party did not care, but the backhand shook the little demon to the chest, the big hand Gently patted, and finally, went to the bathroom with a little magic to take a shower.

After bathing, I saw the long black hair of the aunt, and the black egg took the most beautiful rubber band from her own box, and let the aunt put the scorpion on it.

When they came out, they just ran into the grandfather who went upstairs from the floor.

"Auntie--" At the moment when the black-haired monster came out of the grandson's bedroom again, the hornhorn monster first opened his eyes, and then his mouth was widened. The tears instantly rolled out of the eyelids, the next second -

The horned demon fluttered quickly and gave the black-haired monster a powerful hug.

His current height can be bigger than the black hair monster, so when he embraces, the black hair monster is covered in his arms.

Can not help but tied a small black egg sitting on the head of the black hair monster watching the grandfather and aunt hug, look mild, look carefully, but also can see a trace of ... "civil"? !

"You can come back!" Loosen the black hair monster, the hornhorn magic **** the nose, and the tearful eyes bow to the other side.

"I am back." The backhand gave the shofar monster a hug, and the black-haired monster whispered.

Look at the hornhorn monster, the black-haired monster is quiet and silent: the original black monster is the most like the god, I think, after the joy is also very similar to Aye.

When he thought of it, his mouth was slightly tilted up.

Before everyone's attention was focused on the sudden reunion, and now the hug is finished, and after a while, everyone smells the diffuse fragrance in the air.

Like the proof, Jiuhuan, wearing an apron, just came out of the kitchen and held a large pot in his hand.

Seeing the aunt and the aunt who are still holding together, he looks the same.

"Aye went to wash the face, the black egg went to take the tableware, and then the aunt..." The eyes of Yu Huan fell on the tears of the aunt’s chest and got rid of the tears: "You go to throw the dirty clothes into the laundry basket." ""

"It doesn't matter." Auntie slowly walked over, bowed his head and took over the heavy cauldron in the hands of Huan, and then bowed his head and kissed him when others didn't pay attention.

After licking his lips, the corners of his mouth slowly curled up a tiny arc.

This morning, I am preparing noodles.

"Going out to the dumplings to go home", after five minutes of staying in the kitchen, he suddenly remembered this sentence.

Although there is no strict rule in his hometown, it is a good sign, so he prepared noodles.

The local plants are crushed into flour, and the noodles that are vigorously extracted, the braised Warcraft meat to make the marinade, and then the vegetables that have not been frozen in the vegetable field...

It was a great breakfast.

"It's delicious! Delicious~" While rolling the noodle strips with a small fork, the black eggs praised them.

"I want to eat noodle bars every day!" The little monster said his wish.

Then he squinted at him.

"Go out of the dumplings home, you should be thinking of this rule to do the noodles." Aye apparently also heard this sentence on TV, he immediately knows the meaning of the preparation of this rich breakfast, otherwise ordinary people Work is busy, and will not prepare for such a time-consuming and laborious breakfast.

The little gangster smashed the drums, and the black eggs ate the noodles on the fork and fell into meditation.

He likes to eat noodles and likes to eat dumplings.

However, in the future, is it only after the mother-in-law has returned to the door to return to the noodle strip?

Say what you want, the little monster is a bit lonely: "The egg doesn't want to go out, but the egg wants to eat noodles..."

The little monster is a little melancholy.

"Reassure, that is the rules of other places! We have no rules in our hometown. After that, if you want to eat noodles, you will say to Zeng Aye! Aye gives you noodles!" The horned devil immediately began to pay attention to his grandson.

The little monster immediately rejoiced.

In the early morning of Huanjia’s home, it’s still a hot and lively!

After the joy and Aye went to work, the black egg and the aunt sent them out the door.

"I still eat noodles at night? I bought more food from Uma City and invited everyone back to eat?" Holding a black egg, Auntie whispered at the door.

"How many people?" He glanced at him.

"I think, Abu, Naji, Ash, Asi, your four subordinates, Laura, Bruni, our family of four..." Auntie gently put his hand on his chin, then raised his eyes and looked A glance at the beginning: "Is it with Adan?"

"Well, he came back, just called over and asked me to bring him a breakfast in the past." Knowing what he meant, he said.

Auntie nodded. "But this way, the place at home is not enough..."

"I bought the house next door, remembered it under the name of the black egg, and it didn't move inside, waiting for you to come back."

"Great, that place is enough. You don't have to worry about other things. Just go to work with peace of mind." Aunt said, waved and said goodbye.

The black egg also waved his small claws.

The sun was clear and the snow began to melt.

Outside is a good weather that is perfect for drying quilts.

Auntie learned how to follow the joy and dried up all the quilts in the house. Then he went to visit the property of the black egg next door.

"Oh, no, let's clean up here, entertain guests at night?" Bowed his head, Auntie said to the little magic next to him.

The little monster nodded heavily.

One big, one small and two monsters were eager to do it.

Then -

The house next door is too big. I haven’t done any housework, and I’ve been a black-and-learning apprentice. This group is obviously not a strong combination in organizing housework. They didn’t even sort out a piece of turf at noon. In the mind to calculate the current progress, Auntie decisively lowered his head again:

"We can't finish it. Let's find a professional to help us? Then, let's do something more important. Is it good to pick beautiful new furniture and curtain vases for the house?"

The black egg nodded again and again.

So Auntie summoned Laura on a phone call.

Laura and her employer met again.

Quietly looking at the opposite female monster, Auntie said halfway:

"Laura, your hair..."

"Just changed to a new hairstyle!" Reaching out the red hairpin with less than a centimeter on his head, Laura was a little annoyed.

Her hair became like this after the end of the war. She has been wearing a wig for a few days. This time the boss summoned her wig, and her wig was not finished, she was brought over by Asi.

However -

Looking up at the boss's long black hair, Laura picked up an eyebrow: "Boss your hair?"

The black-haired monster smiled slightly: "I just changed a new hairstyle."

"The preparation for the family feast is handed over to you. I am going to buy curtains with black eggs." Quickly assigned the task to the subordinates. Aunt waved his hand and held the little monster, and once again disappeared into the whirlpool with Asimu.

So there was only a fiery red female monster on the huge site.

"Mahjong~ The old lady is not married yet. She has never had a family dinner! Do you want to invite the band at the dinner party? Do you want to send invitations? Ah, ah, ah! I don't know all ah ah ah ah!"

The annoyed buzz of the female monster long echoed over the sky in Yefar.

After seeing the direction of the family, I smiled slightly and gave an invitation to Adan and his subordinates:

"How about going to my house tonight? Auntie said he will come back from Yuma City with fresh ingredients..."

"Abu goes?" Qing suddenly asked him.

After nodding, he nodded: "Abu is going, he also said that he will bring fresh fruit."

"He will go when I go." Qing nodded, and he went to work, and then went out to work.

"Going to go to me too." Sahard also nodded to the success, took a document from the folder in his hand, and he handed the document to him.

"Spring is really coming." Holding a cup of tea that he had given him, Adan faintly said: "I will give everyone a day off every month, young devil, need a date..."

Barr immediately cheered.

Aliza followed him and cheered. After a long while, he suddenly remembered something. Turning his head, the big man carefully asked his boss: "...If you don't go on a date, does the test center still have a meal?"

This long block can now say more and more long sentences, work and control, the boss is gentle, for Alisha, this is the happiest time of his magic to the present.

"What is the tube? Only knowing to eat at a young age, is it a bit of a good pursuit?" Adan immediately gave him a punch.

Aliza then dropped his head: "Alisa, don't like, rest day, ah."

"What do you dislike? Take a walk, go out with me on this day's rest day!" For fear that the boss changed his mind because of Alyar's words, Barr immediately took Aliza out.

"Then I started working." The subordinates all left, and they were ready to start work.

"Then I went to play the game." Jumping out of the chair and carrying his hands, Adan immediately walked to the game room behind him.

After a busy day, I went to work on time and then got off work on time.

But this time he was not alone. Abu and Ash came here to gather. A group of magical Haohao soup went to the shaded area and just walked to the corner. They saw the lights in the distance. The successor family... next door.

"Oh oh~" cheers, and the monsters have stepped up.

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