Tears continually emerged from the eyes of Ji Huan.

There is no particularly exaggerated expression on his face. This youth who has always been silent and restrained, even crying, is silent.

However, no one who sees him will doubt his grief at the moment.

"Oh..." The back of the skull was shaking, and the black egg on the neck immediately felt this frequency.

The little magic is a bit embarrassing at first: after all, it is different from the black egg, and you will never lose the golden bean!

However, what I am looking at now is obviously losing gold beans.

The black egg wants to lick the handcuffs, but he has just been temporarily smashed out of the bed. The small backpack is in the next room, and there is only a small trousers on his whole body!

Hey, hey, the black egg doesn't know what to do.

The black fog that enveloped the entire Yefar seemed to have solidified.

He tried to make the "stars" in the body shine again.

Try to get more "stars" to the top of the house.

Then, he let the "stars" in the body fall.

Countless "stars" fell from the sky, falling from the top of Ji Huan's head, like water droplets, like diamonds, and there was a rain of stars around him.

Surrounded by countless stars, the beggars and black eggs in pajamas are bathed in the brightest light, and the big monsters that are firmly on the back of the singer are greatly stunned by this sudden change.

This incredible brightness finally attracted the attention of the followers, rubbing the tears on his cheeks with his back, and he looked at the "star rain" that was still falling around.

"You are..." The "stars" around it are so spectacular. Afterwards, Huan had to look up. He wanted to see the opposite aunt. However, the white light was too strong and drove the darkness. He could not see it at all. Auntie.

However, he instinctively knew that the aunt was here, in a very close distance, even... he was standing in the coverage of the aunt.

Standing in the white light, his hands hang gently on his side, and there are still dry tear marks on his back. That is evidence of his sorrow.

"Stars" are still falling.

Unlike the beginning, the "stars" that are now falling are no longer light spots, but have a standard shape of five-pointed stars.

It was not standard at first, and there were triangles, four corners, and then irregular five-pointed stars. Slowly, all the "stars" that fell around were standard five-pointed stars.

And the black egg folds his five-pointed star into a shape, even the size is similar.

Those five-pointed stars are constantly falling, and they are constantly slamming into the hands that are hanging on the side of the body, hot and numb.


After the joy suddenly realized.

From the countless "stars" that fell on his hand, he grabbed one of them accurately. He lifted the "star" to his eyes and raised his head slightly. He spoke to the darkness that could not be seen after the white light:

"Is this for me?"

The person in the dark will naturally not answer him.

However, everything that happens next is enough to replace all the answers.

The hand holding the "star" suddenly felt a strong sense of enthusiasm. In the next second, all the "stars" around him gathered in the hands of Ji Huan!

Still in the falling "stars", the "stars" that have fallen before him, the "stars" that are still in the sky, are preparing to land...

All the "stars" all rushed to the "stars" in the hands of Ji Huan!

The powerful impact and the burning moment attacked Ji Huan.

The "stars" in the palm of your hand suddenly became extremely hot! More and more hot, severe pain came from the fingers of the "stars". At that moment, the pain of the joys far exceeded the range that ordinary humans and even monsters can bear!

However, he resisted.

Holding his lips tightly, he even grabbed the "stars" between the palms harder!

Countless stars have gathered together in one instant!

The majestic energy is emitted from the palm of the hand, and instantly sweeps the surrounding air. On the occasion of the blood and even the burning taste, the hand of the "star" was uploaded, and the palm of the palm of the hand was sensitive and felt a slight trembling.

First, it was a very slight tremor, and it was almost ignored.

Then the tremor gradually grew bigger and gradually became an agitation.

Regular agitation.

A drum and a drum, as if breathing should be, at that moment, after the joy suddenly felt that the hands are no longer a "star", but a heart, a fresh, beating heart.

With the pulse and heartbeat of the successor, the "heart" eventually jumped to the same frequency as him.

Carefully holding the new "heart", at that moment, there was suddenly more in the heart of the joy.


"Is this for me?"

"In order to make me happy, like the stars with black eggs, is this want to send me?"

In the darkness, among the white light, he said softly.

The man in the darkness is naturally unanswerable. However, at this moment, the joyfulness seems to be exactly the same as the other's heart. In his heart, he feels the obvious emotion.

That is the "affirmative" mood.

"It's very beautiful, I like it very much." So, I continued to talk about it.


"It's too beautiful, too precious, please help me keep it."

Following the joy, he raised the hand holding the new "heart", tall and correct, and he hung the "heart" hidden behind the white light in the air.

At the moment when the "heart" was retracted, the powerful pressure that had been provoked by the joy was overwhelmed and squatted on the ground. He saw countless meridian blood vessels and things derived from the "heart" where he was placed. Out, like countless quick-spreading roads, those thin or thick "pipes" spread quickly, and then -

After the joy, I felt that I was thrown out.

Tightly grasp the tight claws of the black egg on the neck, and the two are thrown out!

A terrible pressure has swept the entire Yefar.

With the eruption of the underground melt and the whistling sound of the air, the earth returned to silence after the trembling of terror.

Then, the sky fell the first snow.

"Come back..." Sitting on a World of Warcraft, Adan caught a snowflake and turned to look behind him, that was -

Yefar's direction.

"So, I should go back."

I patted the **** of Warcraft, and the Warcraft immediately turned around.

At the same time, Adan waved his wings,

Only the remaining, transparent, huge wings.

It is a wing that the naked eye can no longer see, covering the sky and covering the sky, covering the sky of the whole world, covering the stars, and also protecting the atmosphere of this world.

"Before you grow up again, before the new Devil's wings are full enough, let me use this old guy first to stop it..."

"It’s too early to stop letting you go out..."

"It's still too early..."

Mouting in his mouth, Adan patted the hips of Warcraft, and then Warcraft flew up the hoof, flying in the direction of the direction indicated by Adan.

On that day, the power of all the monsters of Warcraft was enhanced in a phase.

This all-encompassing situation of the whole world has not been recorded in any book, nor has it been circulated in any legend.

However -

All the monsters know: this is the birth of the new king.

Although I don't know who he is, where, however, all the monsters know that the new king was born.

That day begins, west, south, east, north...

The whole world has been snowing for three days and three nights.

It is not the looting, devastating snow, but the snow that makes all the monsters evolve.

Containing abundant power, the snow with power masks the traces of the new devil.

The Warcraft, which lost the nuclear and could only swim in the wilderness, was once again complete. They woke up from the long dreams, looked at the direction of the distant Yefar in the snow, and then went to the memory. Go home.

And the whole world of Warcraft is once again collectively more powerful one level!

The world has once again reached equilibrium.

In the dark snow of three days and three nights, he woke up in a dark night.

He is awake in a particularly cold season.

He had memories at the beginning of his consciousness, and he shivered in the darkness.

□ □ □ body, he walked in a certain direction in the dark snow night.

Passing through countless small streets and crossing countless neighborhoods, he finally came to a quiet neighborhood.

Turning a corner, he walked accurately to a house with a black carved door, reaching out the pale palm, and he rang the door knocker.

Then he heard the footsteps.

He saw the owner of the footsteps through the black carvings.

It was a youth in a gray cloak, black hair, black eyes, white skin, light-colored lips that were always savage...

He looked quietly, hidden silently in the darkness, separated by a door, and he quietly looked at the opposite youth.

The line of sight seems to be sucked by the other side, and it can no longer be separated.

"Who?" He heard the other party's voice, and the voice was clear and very nice.

Then he saw the other party open the door.

In the opposite moment of the four eyes, the face of the young man who has always been motionless has finally cracked. His eyes are like crying, but his mouth is laughing.

Stretched out of the palm of his hand, the other hand gripped his palm.

"You can come back."

The other party whispered.

Then, he was smashed in by the other side, grabbing his palms and being so strong that he was stunned by the inability to say.

Gently close your eyes, and his mouth has a faint smile.

Then turned over the palm of his hand, and he also forced the other hand's hand tightly.

Ah... finally came back.

That was the only thought that existed in his mind at the time.

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