That night, I have made a dream full of "stars".

In the empty black room, I am full of stars.

These stars are not the regular pentagons of the black eggs in reality, but the spots of one by one, which look more like the "starlight" that is truly visible to the naked eye.

After watching the "stars" in his hands, he made a thing that could not be done in reality: he threw the stars in the palm of his hand into the sky one by one.

Then, in the dark sky, there are stars in the sky, and the stars are a little beautiful.

Against the backdrop of the stars, the place where the joy was placed was slightly brighter, although it was not very bright, but it was enough for him to see the surrounding scene: it was a special room, the walls and ceilings were transparent. When standing inside, except for the foot, the surrounding is full of stars!

There is a Nigadi in the sky that passes through the stars, and the white belly is hidden in the deep blue sky, as if swimming in the stars.

Seeing this scene, after the first swearing, he immediately understood:

This is the starry sky I once saw on the back of Nigardi.

Together with the aunt and the black egg, when they went to the north, the three people saw the beautiful starry sky on the back of the huge Nigadi.

Today, when I put the stars into the water with the black eggs, I watched the stars falling between the black water. The first thought of the joy was not the beautiful starry sky that I once saw in the town of Bade, but the day and the day. The starry sky I have seen together.

One big, one small and two monsters stood in the room to see the stars, and the transparent ceiling was a starry star.

That scene still vividly exists in the memory of Ji Huan. Whenever he thinks of the starry sky, that scene will be his first scene.

Looking up, Yucai looked at the sky until he woke up from his dreams.

Grabbing the head, he thought this should be his own dream.

Quietly for a while, I looked around and looked around: the room was still dark, this is the performance of the aunt in the room.

His current size is quite large, covering almost the entire building of their home. When the sky is already bright, as long as the aunt is still in the room, all the rooms in their home are black.

Although it costs a lot more than before, as long as it is black, it will always be particularly reassuring after waking up.

After having breakfast, I was called a black egg after the custom, and then the darkness of the body screamed the name of the aunt. He said, "Let's go, let's go out."

The black egg carrying the small bag leaps and walks beside him, behind them, under the feet... all the shadows where shadows can appear, where the shadows are much richer than the normal shadows.

That is the aunt who came over.

Hidden in the shadows of Ji Huan and the black eggs, hidden in the shadows of the roadside buildings, the aunts will now be vigilant when they go out to sneak in the shadows.

It’s a cautious guy.

Look at the shadows under your feet, and follow the corners of Huan’s mouth.

On this day, the habit of acquaintances began to read poetry after the end of the work.

"Hey, is there a poem of the stars? The egg wants to hear it!" I don't know if it was because of the dream that yesterday's dream spread to the little monster, the black egg raised such a request.

After watching Huan, he shook his head and shook his head: "No."

"Why?" Holding his knees, the little monster asked his head.

"Because there is no starry sky in this world."

"Why is there no starry sky?" A question was answered, and the little monster asked what the next one was. Pointing at the sky: "I can see it there."

He refers to the starry sky that Nigardi saw on his back.

"Why? It is estimated that I will ask Adan to know."

The little monster nodded and looked down at his toes, and the little guy raised his head again:

"If there is also a starry sky here, the egg wants to see the stars."

"Well, I want to see it too."

The little monster looked at his own cockroaches, rubbed his eyes and did not continue to speak.

The topic about the starry sky stopped here, but when I got home, the little monster took the initiative to pull out a lot of old newspapers from the storage room, took out my own brush, painted the old newspaper in yellow, and took out the small scissors. The little magic began to be handmade.

As a little trick of ingenuity, the black egg moves very fast, and his work is released very quickly: it is a lot of paper stars.

Then he began to pick up the rope, or use the old newspaper, he licked one thin paper rope, and finally glued the previously folded stars to the paper rope.

The beggar and the grandfather put these paper ropes with paper stars on the roof, and the entire roof is a neat five-pointed star. It looks... really a bit like a starry sky!

After the joy, I understood the plan of the little monster.

Sure enough, after doing all this, the little monster began to greet you and Aye, pulling the 啾啾 and Aye lying on the bed, the little guy squatting and screaming at the foggy aunt outside the house and beckoning: "The mother also comes." Come and see the stars!"

Then the darkness invaded the entire room.

Then, the house was dark.

Everything in the house could not be seen, including the stars on the ceiling.

The little monster squirmed in his arms, and the whole monster turned over and grabbed his chest.

This is a little bit frustrated by the little guy: the starry sky that has just been done, the aunt has not come in, and the beautiful plan has been ruined in an instant.

The little guy was frustrated and stunned.

"Thank you for the black egg." Pat the little **** of the little monster, and said with a soft voice.

The little monster shook his head: "I can't see it."

"I can see it during the day." He said to him.

Under the advice of Yan and Aye, the little monsters fell asleep on the skeleton.

"Auntie, good night." Continue to pat the **** of the little magic in the arms, and then gently said to the darkness around.

Then he closed his eyes.

Woke up again, Ji Huan was awakened by water droplets.

The warm water droplets slammed on his face, in the ear, in the darkness, and opened his eyes with joy.

Then -

He saw a very incredible sight.

In the dark room... he saw the stars!

Stars, sparsely covered the entire room! In an instant, Ji Huan almost thought that he was transferred to the window!

However, he soon remembered that even if it was outdoors, there was no starry sky. Moreover, he quickly found the quilt covered with his body. Through the starlight, he saw the furnishings in the house. His bedroom was correct and was not transferred. He is still lying on his bed now.

how is this possible?

After sitting up with joy, he woke up with black eggs, and the little monsters stared at the sleepy eyes. When they saw the stars in the bedroom, the little guy opened his mouth.

More than just inside the room, there are more stars outside the room!

After the joy, I saw a more incredible sight through the window: through the window, he saw the Milky Way across the deep blue sky!

Afterwards, Huan immediately pushed open the window -

Looking out of the window, he did not read it wrong, and the window was actually a real galaxy!

Countless stars are dotted in the night, and the most dense place is a galaxy!

Looking at the incredible scene in the sky, the black egg's small claws lie on his neck, the little guy's mouth is so big that it can be stuffed into a trick!

The figure of Aye quickly came out from the window upstairs. Obviously, he was also shocked by this sudden starry sky.

Not only him, almost all of Yefar’s monsters ran out to see the stars.

What an incredible sight...

The diamond appeared in the sky!

The monsters ran out, they climbed onto the roof and ran to the top of the rubbish... They looked for all the open spaces to watch this rare starry sky.

It is rain with the stars.

There are constant drops of water in the sky.

"Hey, the stars! The sky is full of stars!" Bowed his head, the little monster excitedly said to him.

After frowning frowns.

Still standing by the window, reaching out, he first received a drop of rain outside the window, and then he reached back into the house with his backhand. In the house, he took another drop of rain.

Rainwater is not coming in from the outside. It is also raining in the house...

how is this possible? !

So, this is not rain, it is not an ordinary night sky.

This moment, after the joy suddenly realized.

Holding the palm of his hand on the window, his brow was completely stretched out, holding the black egg on his chest, and he whispered to the little magic:

"Well, this is the starry sky, this is the starry sky that my aunt has lost to you."

- Why is there a starry sky?

-Because black eggs and cockroaches say they want to watch the stars!

- Why do all the monsters see the stars?

- Because everyone sees it, someone will write a beautiful poem that sings the stars.

- Then... Why is it raining?

- Um... I think, should it be because my aunt got out of the water to catch the stars?

After the family was asleep, the night of the family left the window.

Quietly blending with the surrounding darkness, he swam in the dark air until he came to the spring of birth.

The hot spring water is filled with the power of the same hot devil.

Countless black monsters are born from these forces.

He picked up those forces.

Those light-like forces.

He is the night, and when he picks up those "light spots", the light spots become the stars in the night.

A star that fills the entire night sky.

He just turned into a starry sky from the night sky!

Then, holding countless "stars", he "goed home" again.

And when he returns home, the family can see the long-awaited starry sky.

Just saying "want to see" casually.

It’s just a little bit of “small grievances” for black eggs.

The aunt who did not have any consciousness heard it, then...

Still fulfilling their wishes for them.

"Auntie..." Looking at the stars, the long-awaited self-sustaining successor finally burst into tears.

"You are coming back soon."

This is his next wish.

It is also the only wish.

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