Time forward, September 26, Friday, heavy rain, around 5 pm.

In the downpour, Yamazaki hung outside on the balcony of the 20th floor apartment of Nakame Raisaku. He couldn’t help but sigh. It was really bad. In addition to enduring the wind and rain, he had to work hard to keep his strength against the wall. Above, this is the most troublesome, it tests the ability of strength and body coordination, and the ability to control the body.

   The trouble is the time. I don’t know how long the show will last, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or longer.

  The only good thing is that although Yamazaki can't see the situation inside the apartment, he can hear the sound inside through headphones.

   This makes the waiting not too boring and dry, especially when maintaining the strength, every second will feel very long.

  Although I can't see it, Yamazaki listens to those words and can also imagine the irritability, gearing, and restlessness of Nakame Raisaku.

   Since Kuju Maiko got on the elevator, Nakame Raisaku said a lot of nonsense through the doorbell system.

   "Ah, Miss Maiko, you are here."


   "Are you here alone? The wind and rain are so heavy, the road is hard,"

   "It's fine."

   "What kind of drink does Maiko like you drink? I will prepare it for you. I have..."

   "Coffee, any coffee."

   "Ms. Maiko, do you like desserts? Ladies like them? I went to Ginza before and bought the most popular cheesecake. Do you like it?"

   "Whatever, I'm here."

   "Huh? Ah, I will open the door now."

   Then, Nakame Raisaku greeted Maiko Kusumi into the room.

   "Miss Maiko, please, please come in, ah, you are really alone, come, this is my reception room, please sit down, I will bring you coffee."

   "No, Mr. Raisaku Nakame, let's get to the point. In less than an hour, Mr. Mori will come."

   "It's okay, don't worry for a few minutes."

   Nakame Raisaku walked away with hurried footsteps, and Oda Nobue reminded, Maiko, be careful about the drug.

   Soon after, with hurried footsteps, Nakame Raise ran back again, "Miss Maiko, the coffee is grinding, please wait a moment. This is the cake you just bought. You can try it."

   "Thank you."

   After a while, "Miss Maiko, why don't you eat it? It is said to be delicious."

   "I have no appetite, Mr. Nakame, all I am thinking about now are shows."

   "Don't worry, Miss Maiko, wait for us to have coffee and desserts, and discuss slowly."

  Nakame Raisaku’s laughter, Yamazaki could imagine, it was a disgusting hypocrisy, and he could also imagine Kusumi Maiko’s desire to beat people.

   "Ah, the coffee is almost ready, I'll get it."

   In the sound of footsteps going back and forth, Nakame Raise brought coffee, "Miss Maiko, this is freshly ground coffee. Try it."

   "Thank you."

   Reception room.

   After a while, Nakame Raisaku watched Maiko Kusumi stay still, and couldn't help but urged: "Why doesn't Maiko drink? You taste it, it's delicious, drink it while it's hot, and warm up your body.

   Kusumi Maiko hesitated, picked up the coffee cup with the saucer, and pretended to be slippery, and turned the coffee cup directly on the table.

  The coffee liquid poured over the tabletop and rushed towards Nakame Raisaku.

  Nakame Raisaku quickly moved his legs away, avoiding the dripping coffee liquid from the table, but the coffee liquid still dripped on the chair legs.

   Nakame Raisaku pushed hard, moved with the chair, and then quickly stood up.

   Another drop of coffee liquid dripped from the table, just on the other leg of his chair.

   "Sorry, sorry, my hand slipped." Maiko Kusumi said with a smile, "Mr. Nakame, it's late, let's talk about business."

   "How can this work? Miss Maizi came to me and didn't even get a sip of coffee. It's too rude." Nakame Raise said, "Miss Maizi, wait a minute, I'll pour another cup for you."

"No, I don't want to waste another cup of coffee," Maiko Kusumi said coldly, "Mr. Nakame, I won't eat anything from you. If you want to drug me, I advise you to die. "

  Nakame Lai Ce was surprised: "Wh, what medicine? What are you talking about!"

   Kusumi Maiko shouted: "Don't pretend, I heard the phone call between you and President Somei that day. You asked him to arrange for me to come to you alone. I know what it means."

   "Oh," Nakame Raise smiled suddenly, "So, Miss Maiko, you have considered it clearly today? It's really great, let's not tell you, I have admired you for a long time..."

  Looking at the paws that leaned forward to Nakame Raisaku and his stretched out, Maiko Kusumi couldn't play anymore, and quickly moved away, "Don't touch me, I won't let you succeed."

Nakame Raisaku slowly approached, "Miss Maiko, you should think about your company. Even if it’s not for yourself, you should also consider your colleagues in the company. What should they do if they lose their jobs? In today’s environment, work It's hard to find."

   "And President Somei, I heard that he borrowed high-yield debt for this show. If the show fails, he might jump off the building."

   "I heard that you like him very much. In any case, you don't want him to die?"

   Nakame Raisaku caught Maiko Kusumi in a daze.

   Kusumi Maiko was a joke, "No, let me go."

"It's late, this is a high-class apartment with soundproofing. Even if you call your throat, no one will hear it." Nakame Lai Ce showed a hideous face, "And even if you call the police afterwards, it's useless. You came to me. I can totally say that you bribed me for your company’s project and then blackmailed me. Seeing that I didn’t follow it, I called the police and said that I had violated you.”

   Yamazaki and the three daughters of Oda Shine laughed, and with these words, it was settled.

   "I, even if I die, I won't let you succeed." Maiko Kuju pushed Nakame Raisaku away and ran to the balcony.

   "No, don't..." Nakame Raisaku hurriedly pursued.

   If Maiko Kuju jumped from his apartment and died, public opinion would definitely say that he was intimidating and unable to lure him, and finally wanted to use a strong one, but it forced Maiko Kuju to die.

   In that case, although he could also refute it, saying that Maiko Kusumi intimidated him and eventually fell downstairs, but not many people believed it.

   Eventually, he will be in great trouble.

   It's just that Nakame Raisaku didn't catch up, watching Maiko Kusumi jump out of the balcony and jumped off.

  Nakame Raisaku also rushed to the balcony in a daze, and then was blown by the wind and rain outside, and he suddenly became sober, but his feet slipped a bit because of the rain.

   "No!" Nakame Raisaku noticed that the surroundings were spinning, and immediately knew that he had fallen out of the balcony. When he screamed, he fainted.

   Outside the balcony, after Yamazaki hung for 21 minutes and 37 seconds, he received an order from Oda Shine to go in and save people.

   As a result, here Oda Nobue ordered to go in and save people, and then nervously said that Maiko Kuju was going to jump off the building, and Maiko Kuju over there ran to the balcony and jumped directly.

   Dangerous and dangerous, Yamazaki hooked her waist, and then heard the cry of Nakame Raisaku.

   Soon after, Nakame Raisaku also turned over from the balcony.

   Yamazaki's face changed drastically, he didn't have a third hand.

   But the opportunity is fleeting, and Yamazaki doesn't think he can catch up with the falling Nakame Reisha.

   Yamazaki chose the only way to release the hand that was holding the outer wall. To be more precise, he pushed the wall with the force, and the whole person moved over to give Nakame Raise a backing.

   "Pig!" Yamazaki had this idea when he received Nakame Raisaku.

   Yamazaki tightened his whole body, his arms strongly supported the weight of the two in his arms, and his toes hooked on the outer edge of the balcony.

   In the end, Yamazaki succeeded in relying on his toes, hanging upside down on the outer edge of the balcony on the 20th floor, holding Maiko Kusumi in one hand and Raisaku Nakame in the other.

   The luckiest thing was that both of them were dizzy, and they didn't scream and screamed in fright, which relieved a lot of burden.

   In addition, the curtains here on the 19th floor are closed tightly, so I don’t worry about being discovered by residents.

  Unfortunately, the rope around his waist didn't put any force on it. If Yamazaki couldn't support the fall, he would be fine, but it would be hard to tell the two people in his arms.

   Yamazaki nervously urged, "Hey, what's the matter with the three of you, pull it hard."

   Oda Shine smiled dryly and said, "I'll be fine. The pulley slipped due to rain. It may be that there was too much oil before. Let's pull you directly."

   Yamazaki felt the strength from his waist and relaxed, and smiled irritably, "Can I wait?"

   "Damn, why are you so heavy? The reason for the rain? It shouldn't?"

   "Ask Nakame Raisaku, he should lose weight~www.mtlnovel.com~? Why is he here?"

   "How did I know? I stumbled."

   Soon after, Yamazaki hung upside down like this, holding the two people in his arms, and was quickly pulled up to the roof via the rope on his body.


   Lying on the ground, looking at the dark night sky, bearing the blow of the rain, Yamazaki couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, finally nothing happened.

Fortunately, he is here. If I change Oda Shine, she may not be able to hold the fat pig, Oda Haruko and Oda Sakurako, nor Oda Shine, Kusumi Maiko, and Nakame Raisaku. These three people.

   When the time comes, Nakame Raisaku will undoubtedly die.

Although it can be made into a secret room, people will know that he slipped and fallen, and people will think that he committed suicide. Although his temperament is bad, it has nothing to do with Yamazaki. If he does not die, he should be left to the law, no need Bear it on.

   Especially Maiko Kusumi, an insider, she has to keep this secret for her entire life, which is also a heavy burden.

   Oda Nobue said with a dry smile: "Um, sir, I will trouble you a little bit and go to the aftermath."

   "..." Yamazaki was speechless, he didn't want to go.

   Oda Nobue said with a dry smile: "What do you say, don't bother me, please, please."

   "I remember this account."

   "What? We used to help you often."

   "I will find someone else later."

   "Don't do it, when I didn't say what I said just now, owe it, owe you once."

   Oda Nobue has compromised. She needs Yamazaki’s task to hide from her sister Oda Nobumi, so as not to be caught and exiled to a deserted place as a savage.

  For people who grew up in big cities, it feels worse than death.


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