Time forward, September 26, Friday, around 4:40 pm, Yamazaki and Mei Daizi returned shortly after school.

  Mida is going to play the cocoon game. Miko Miyamoto hasn't come back from get off work, and the three sisters Yamazaki and Tarhan are helping Ichiro Miyamoto prepare dinner together.

   At this time, Yamazaki's cell phone rang, and it was a call from Oda Shine.

   Yamazaki had a bad feeling, and sure enough, there was a task to ask Yamazaki for help.

   "Why are you looking for me?"

   Oda Shine smiled and said, "The reason, the direct reason is, because I don't want to share the benefits to others, so I asked you, someone who won't share our benefits, for help."

   Yamazaki is speechless, he is familiar with it, maybe that's it.

   Oda Shine said sternly: "There is also an indirect reason. The rain is too heavy. We are worried that it will affect safety. This time it is working at heights. How about this reason?"

   Yamazaki compromised, "Okay, I'm here."

   "Hurry up, the car is coming. That's it." Oda Nobue hung up the phone.

   Yamazaki shook his head helplessly, it was expected that he would help.

After   , Yamazaki hurriedly changed his clothes, went downstairs to the car that just arrived, and learned the details of the mission from the driver, Oda Sakurako.

   The client is Shui Wu Rennai. She discovered that a netizen on a variety show had some abnormalities recently. It seemed that he had encountered unspoken rules. The person hesitated to consult her about the situation.

   As a reporter, Mizumi is eager to encounter this kind of thing. This is something the public loves to see. Once reported, it must be the heat of a volcanic eruption.

   However, if she joins in too enthusiastically, she might be disliked, so Mizumi asked Oda Shine for help. The commission fee was reported at the time Oda said.

   And during this time, Oda Nobue will find someone to arrange to short the stocks of the company where the parties are involved, in order to make a profit and get back the real commission fee.

   Yamazaki sweats, these guys are speechless.

   Yamazaki asked, "So, who is the real person involved?"

   "Maiko Kusumi, the veteran of Somei Studio, a part-time variety show host, and a beautiful woman." Oda Sakurako smiled, "Somei Studio is looking for a Mori detective for a show recently, you should have seen it."

   "I haven't seen it, but I heard it from Uncle Maori." Yamazaki said amusedly, "Uncle is looking forward to meeting Yoko Okino for dinner, and I'm talking about it every day."

Oda Sakurako smiled and said: "In fact, this program was added temporarily. It was because the ratings of the TV series that were broadcast were too low, so the TV series were cut off, and then they urgently found some work for them to plan and do it temporarily. Arranged."

   "Just in time for the financial crisis, these studios are also in a downturn. They seize every opportunity, so the competition is very fierce."

   "What Somei Studio submitted was to follow a detective. This is a good idea, but it is difficult to do because very few detectives are willing to show up."

   Yamazaki nodded, "Except for a few celebrities such as Uncle Maori, they have already been exposed, so they are not afraid to show up again."

   Oda Sakurako smiled and said, "Yes, but because they are celebrities, the appearance fees of these people are not low, for small companies, it is a burden."

Yamazaki Takuma said: "Wait, the appearance fee of Yoko Okino is much higher, and you may not be able to get it. According to what you said, they hired Uncle Maori and then Yoko Okino. How does it feel? There is a problem here."

   "Perhaps it can be said that they found that Uncle Maori is an avid fan of Yoko Okino, so they decided to use Ms. Yoko Okino to catch Uncle Maori, so that they can pay less or even no fees to Uncle Maori."

   "Speaking of which, they did not talk to Uncle Maori about the appearance fee, and Uncle Maori did not care. What he cares about all day is the meal with Miss Yoko Okino."

   "And Yoko Okino is also a fan of Uncle Maori. With Uncle Maori on stage, they can easily invite Miss Yoko Okino."

"President Somei’s abacus, I’m afraid, is that as long as you are cheeky and talk with Uncle Maori in front of Yoko Okino, then Uncle Maori is likely to say generously, no, you can join Miss Yoko Okino. Lunch is the biggest reward I get."

   Yamazaki said that he had a bad cold, "This kind of thing, Uncle Maori can really say it."

   "As for Yoko Okino, even if you can't reduce her appearance fee, but with her, there will be ratings, and if you add Uncle Mori, the show will be finished."

   Oda Sakurako smiled and said, "I heard you say that Maiko Kusumi is pretty good, and she is leading this project."

   "It's just that, to make this show, Somei Studio needs to take out all the assets and borrow high-yield debt."

   "If it can't be staged in the end, the loss is absolutely ruined."

   "For this reason, I gave others a handle on them."

   Yamazaki asked, "Who is the target?"

Oda Sakurako said: "Nakame Raisaku, the producer of Dongdu TV Station, has an old experience at Dongdu TV Station and has a wide network of contacts. Although there have been rumors that he is accepting bribes, the travel program he is in charge of recently has been pointed out that fabricated facts. But unfortunately, it was only the studio that provided the show, and he himself still received no punishment."

   Yamazaki asked, "So, what is the mission this time? Candidly film their meeting?"

   "That's right," Oda Sakurako said, "President Somei has been exhausted from the past two days, so Maiko Kusumi will take over."

   "According to the schedule, I will go to Nakame Raiser's apartment with Maori at 6 o'clock this evening, but Nakame Raiser will stay in Maiko one hour in advance and go to his apartment at 5 o'clock in the evening."

   "Nakame Raisaku, this nasty guy, his purpose is very obvious. If Maiko Kusumi's performance can't satisfy him, he will veto Somei Studio's program and let the early investment in all the tricks."

"We have discussed with Maiko Kusumi. She will meet Nakame Raisaku and use the pinhole camera we provide to secretly film the process. We will receive the video outside and will take her to ensure her safety. ."

   "The problem is that it was raining heavily today, but Nakame Raise's apartment is on the 20th floor. It is wet and slippery on rainy days, which is more dangerous."

Yamazaki was so depressed that he raised his triangular eyes, "That is to say, someone should hang up outside the balcony on the 20th floor, so that they can rush into the room and take Maiko Kuju away at any time. You think this is very dangerous, so ask me to hang it outside. Accept the wind and rain?"

Oda Sakurako smiled and said: "Miss originally went there in person, and Haruko and I used the rope to pull the lady, but if the lady is only pulling the lady alone, this is of course no problem, but if the lady is taking Maiko Kusumi, In such heavy rain, the degree of danger is different."

   "And with the power of Miss, Haruko, and me, the three of us, even if you bring Maiko Kusumi, we will definitely be able to hold you. You can rest assured."

   Yamazaki scratched his head, "Well, it makes sense." Then he put on his work clothes, a black flying suit.

   Under normal circumstances, you can survive even if you fall, but it's hard to tell after such a heavy storm.


   More than five o'clock in the evening, Harumi~www.mtlnovel.com~Nakame Raice apartment building, underground parking lot.

   "You are late."

   "It's raining."

   Oda Sakurako brought Yamazaki to meet Oda Shine, and she brought Maiko Kusumi.

"Miss Maiko, when we get on the elevator, you can act. Although the time has passed for a few minutes, you can use the heavy rain and bad roads to prevaricate that guy." Oda Shine said, "I will tell you again. By the way, Ms. Maiko, you must hold back your anger, talk more, start talking from the elevator, don't stop."

   "Yes, I understand." Maiko Kusumi nodded vigorously.

   "Okay, that's it." After Oda Nobue said, he led the team up the elevator, went straight to the top floor of the apartment building, and then went up to the roof, with Haruko Oda.

   The rooftop gate was originally locked. Haruko Oda reportedly opened it in ten seconds.

   Oda Haruko had prepared the pulley and rope. Yamazaki hung the rope, and at the three women who were gloating, he smiled helplessly, then turned over and jumped out of the roof, and fell straight down the wall to the balcony on the 20th floor.

   Yamazaki in black clothes, under the cover of the gloomy heavy rain, his figure completely melted into the darkness.

   However, heavy rain made the walls slippery, reducing friction and increasing falling force.

   Yamazaki grabbed the railing of the balcony of Nakame Raisaku's apartment, and slammed his body against the outer wall. Although there was a spacer on his chest, it still shook a little.

   At this time, Nakame Raisaku was at the entrance, talking to Maiko Kusumi in the elevator through the doorbell system, and did not hear the faint impact of wind and rain.

   Yamazaki adjusted his posture, holding the outer wall with his hand, and putting his feet on the outer edge of the balcony. It hung on the wall outside the balcony on the 20th floor. Only when he walked to the balcony and held his head out to look, could he see people outside.