September 26, Friday, evening, 20th floor room 08, Nakame Raiser Apartment.

   Mori brought President Akago Somei and the building manager upstairs, and checked the strange secret room again. The manager also called Nakame Raisaku's cell phone, and it turned out that the cell phone was in the apartment.

   Maori was completely confused, so he simply called the Megumi Police Department and said that someone was missing and hoped that he could come.

   Soon after, the Megumi Police Department led Officer Takagi and rushed with a team of people.

   "Hey, why don't you stay at home, why are you running here?"

   "That, it's like this."

   In response to the mischievous inquiry from the Megome Police Department, Maori explained with a smile, and then introduced the situation.

   "The door is locked, but there is no one?" The Meguro Police Department pondered, "What about outside?"

   "We did not find the remains of the fallen building downstairs," said Maori.

   "Did you leave from the balcony?" Officer Takagi asked.

"The escape route is intact, and it's heavy rain today. The walls are slippery. It is very dangerous to get from here to the next room," said Hondō Eiyu. "But I still can't rule out the possibility, because the roof is very close here, you can climb up or slide. Go down."

   "Will you be seen that way?" the administrator questioned.

   Hondō Eiyu said, “As long as you wear black clothes, you won’t be noticed on such a rainy night.”

   "Why do you want to do this? If you kidnap, should you leave something?" Conan questioned.

   "Ah, is it hiding from debts?" President Shoko Somei pondered. "But it's not right. Unless it's kidnapping, there is no need to hide, and I can't hide."

   Mumu Police Department asked: "Mr. Administrator, has anyone visited him?"

   "Sure there are?" Conan said, "There are two snacks on the table in the reception room."

   Lan smiled and said, "That's not necessarily two people."

   "It must be." Conan said, "Sister Lan, look at the coffee stains on this chair and on the floor. This is evidence that someone was sitting on this chair when the coffee was overturned."

   Lan looked carefully, the coffee that was overturned on the table flowed all the way to the opposite side, and the two front legs of the chair on the opposite side had coffee stains and flowed to the ground.

  At the same time, the distance between the coffee stains of the two chair legs exceeds the width of the chair.

   Hondō Eiyu said, "Imagine that when the coffee cup on the table is overturned, someone is sitting on the opposite chair."

   "When the coffee liquid dripped from the table, the person immediately opened his legs, avoiding the dripping coffee liquid, and the coffee liquid dripped onto the chair leg."

  "After that, the person used force to move the chair away, then got up and left the chair.

   "At this time, the other leg of the chair is right on the side of the table, and the dripping coffee liquid happens to drip to the top again, all the way to the ground."

   "It looks like this." The administrator thought, "But except Mr. Mori, no one else came to visit today. However, if you take the elevator from the underground parking lot, you can skip the lobby."

   Maori shouted, "That's it."

   "But the elevator is locked and requires a resident password to use it." The administrator showed everyone the doorbell system on the wall of the entrance, "Visitors can only use the elevator with the permission of the resident, and the fingerprint of the resident is required."

   "That's an acquaintance you know," Eisuke Hondō said.

   At this time, the forensic personnel came to report that two sets of fingerprints were found on the two coffee cups, but they did not know who it was.

   Police Officer Takagi had an idea, "By the way, isn't that a fingerprint lock in the hallway? Try it and you will know."

   After a try, the results showed that one set of fingerprints was really a good idea.

   Maori pondered: "Then, who owns this other set of fingerprints?"

   Mumu police department has a toothache, you ask me, who shall I ask?

   Police Officer Takagi asked for instructions: "Police Department, I will send this fingerprint back first to see if there is any in the file."

   "That's fine." The Megome Police Department said, and then asked the forensic staff to search the entire room to see where there are other fingerprints.


   About half an hour later, at around 7 o'clock in the evening, the forensics personnel made a major discovery. They found fingerprints of the visitor and Zhongmu Laice on the balcony railing.

   Maori blurted out, "What does this mean? Could it be that they all jumped off the building? What about the remains?"

   "Maybe I went to the rooftop?" Hondō Eisuke said.

   "Could it be someone else's home?" Lan said.

  Momemo Police Department said: "Well, Mr. Administrator, please take us to the upper, lower, left and right rooms."

   "Okay, Mr. Officer." The administrator led the way and visited the neighbors around him, but he didn't get any results. No one found anything unusual.

   It happened to be heavy rain today. The windows were closed and the curtains were closed to avoid being seen by the opposite building.

  At the same time, this is a high-end apartment, and every room is soundproof. After closing the windows, no other sounds outside the room can be heard.

   This is to prevent other people from doing anything to affect the homeowner, so no one hears the abnormal sound.

   There was no trace of the rope rubbing against the wall, nor was it hanging on the roof, but it might have been washed away by the rain.

   There is no other way but to close the team temporarily.

   "President Shōgo Somei, you came by car, can you take me for a ride?"

"Ah good."

   President Shōgo Somei agreed to Maori's request, but Conan found that he didn't seem to be happy, and his heart moved.

parking lot.

  President Shōgo Somei unlocked the car, and Conan got in immediately, pretending to inadvertently open the trunk of the car.

   Maori shouted: "Smelly boy, get me down." He said he went to arrest people.

   "Huh?" Conan pretended to be frightened, and escaped from the passenger seat. He walked around behind the car, checked the trunk, and found that there was no imaginary thing inside—the body.

   Yes, Conan just suspected that President Shoko Somei secretly hid the two fallen bodies, one was Nakame Raisaku, and the other was his girlfriend Maiko Kusumi, whom he did not recognize.

   The reason why Maiko Kusumi suspects is that she should come with President Shōgo Somei, and she probably came first by herself.

   Lan came over and hugged Conan, "Conan, don't be naughty."

   Conan pretends to be a child, "I'm sorry, I just want to try, can I get a steering wheel."

   "It's okay, it's okay," said President Akago Somei.

   At this time, his phone rang. As soon as he answered the phone, he could not help covering his mouth and crying, many tears.

   Maori asked, "What happened?"

   "No, it's okay, it's really okay." President Akago Somei walked to the side and continued to call.

   Looking at the unstoppable joy of President Shoko Somei, Conan thought of a person-Maiko Kusumi.

  From all the circumstances, President Shōgo Somei has been worried about Maiko Kusumi, so after knowing that she is safe, he relaxed and couldn't help crying with joy.

   And the reason why President Shōgo Somei was dissatisfied with Maori's proposal of a ride just now was because he wanted to call Maiko Kusumi in the car to confirm her safety.

   Conan believes that this also shows that his guess is correct-the person who made the interview during the interview was Maiko Kusumi.

   So, now Maiko Kuju is safe, what about Nakame Raisaku?

   Conan asked: "Sister Lan, why is he crying, is there any bad news?"

   Hondō Eiyu said, "No, that should be crying for joy."

   "Why is this? Is it because of that Maiko?" Conan asked loudly on purpose, "Then, where is Maiko now? Why didn't she come?"

   Ran and Hondō Eiyu were naturally unable to answer, but President Shōgo Somei did not answer No one said you asked, I will answer your question.


   Outside the Mori detective office.

   President Shōgo Somei sent the Mori four back and drove away in a hurry.

  Conan knew that President Akago Somei was here to meet Maiko Kusumi. Conan was itching in his heart. He wanted to know the answer, but he couldn't catch up alone now.

   Conan asked deliberately, "Sister Lan, he seems to be in a hurry, where is he going?"

  Lan smiled and said, "Does that still need to be said? I must have gone to see Miss Wuzi."

   Conan asked deliberately: "Ah, I see, it must be the person who was with Mr. Nakame before, and that is Miss Maiko, so President Somei was worried about her, so he wanted to see her."

   Lan smiled and said: "It's impossible..."

   "No, it's not impossible." Hondō Eisuke thought.

   "Speaking of it, he seems to have been worrying about someone, and he seems to be in a hurry." Maori frowned. The frown was not because of confusion, but because of the money, heartache, and the money he was tracking.

   "That must be Miss Maiko." Lan said in confusion, "But, if that person is really Miss Maiko, how did she leave the apartment on the 20th floor? The door is locked?"

   Hondō Eisuke said: "The most important thing is, where is Mr. Nakame?"

   "Okay." Maori gritted his teeth, no matter how heartbroken the money is, the event is still important, after all, it is related to a life.

  Mei Dai Restaurant.

   Yamazaki passed by the front desk and saw the four Maori people got in a taxi and left, then covered their mouths and sneezed a few times.

   Yamazaki sniffed. It seemed that he had been exposed to the rain for a long time and caught a cold. I hope he won’t catch a cold.

   This is really autumn rain, it's quite cold.


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