September 23, Tuesday, dinner time, Maori House.

  Looking at Maori's elated look, Lan couldn't help but roll his eyes. Isn't it just eating with Miss Okino Yoko? I never saw him so happy when I ate with my mother, Princess Yingli.

   Lan puffed up her mouth in dissatisfaction. If her mother knew about this matter, she didn't know what would happen. Really, she shouldn't let her father agree.


   September 26, Friday.

   In the morning, President Akago Somei called to inform Mori that he would go to Harumi area to meet with Mr. Raisaku Nakame of Toto TV in the evening to discuss the shooting of the program starting tomorrow in his high-rise apartment.

   In the afternoon, the rain floated in the sky, and it got bigger and bigger, without any intention of stopping.

   No amount of rain can stop Maori’s enthusiasm for Yoko Okino. President Akago Somei said on the phone that Yoko Okino will also go, so Maori still set off.

   Take the two family members of Lan, Conan, and Hondō Eyoyo, and take a taxi together.

  Although I knew that Yamazaki was going to work at Meidai Restaurant, he also invited Yamazaki when he notified Yamazaki, but Yamazaki said there was something wrong.


   In the evening, Harumi area, downstairs lobby of high-rise apartment.

   After registering at the front office building manager, Maori held a small mirror in one hand and a comb in the other, blowing a cheerful whistle, and having a facelift for self-entertainment.

   Lan, Conan, and Hondō Eiyou moved away automatically, not knowing him.

   The appointed time gradually came, but still no one came.

   Ran, Conan, Hondō Eisuke and others were a little impatient, but Maori didn't care, and the three of them couldn't help it.

   After a full half an hour, President Shōgo Somei rushed to him with rain, "Sorry, sorry, I'm really sorry, Maori detective, the road is really hard to walk."

   "Wait, why are you the only one? Ms. Yoko?" Maori was concerned about this issue.

President Shōgo Somei said hesitatingly, "Well, because this autumn rain is too heavy, it has affected Yoko Okino's previous affairs, and her manager, Mr. Yamagishi Ei, thinks it is better not to travel in this weather, so... …"

   "That fellow Yamagishi Ei." Maori said in annoyance. At the same time, the three Lan trio who smirked and stared at him, knowing that the expressions were in vain.

   "Let's go," Maori said grimly, "Since Yoko-san is not coming, I will go back too."

   President Shoko Somei blocked and said: "Wait, wait, Miss Yoko said, let us and the Maori detective you decide a draft first. As long as the Maori detective agrees with you, she has no opinion."

  Mouri was so excited that he grabbed President Shoko Somei, "Is this true? Miss Yoko really said that?"

   "Yes, yes." President Akago Somei was shaken and it was difficult to speak.

   "I'm so touched," Maori was moved to tears, "Miss Yoko, I must live up to your trust."

   Lan and the three are speechless, is this too exaggerated?

   "Go, let's go up to the producer." Maori found a problem, "Hey, why are you here alone, where are the others?"

   "So it's just a draft." President Akago Somei smiled wryly.

   "That's it." Maori was a little embarrassed, and when he saw the elevator came down, he walked over, "Don't be too slow, the elevator is here."

   Everyone responded quickly: "Here is here."

   On the way, Ran asked President Shoko Somei, "Well, Miss Maiko didn't come either?"

  President Shōgo Somei nodded, "Well, yes, she has something else."

   Lan cared: "You must have been busy these days, you are a lot more haggard than when you met last time, are you okay?"

   "Thank you," said President Akago Somei, "I'm too busy to handle it, but it's okay."

   While talking, everyone entered the elevator.

   Maori asked, "What floor, that guy?"

  President Shoko Somei presses, "Mr. Nakame lives on the 20th floor."

   "The 20th floor? It's quite rich."

   "Yes, I heard that Mr. Nakame is making investments."

   "Investment? As it is said in the news, it seems that this is the community where someone jumped out of the building because of stock market failure the other day?"

   "It's the resident on the top floor of the building next door. I don't know what it is called. It is said that the gossip is that the company lost 5 billion U.S. dollars, so it jumped off."

   "Scared, I lost five billion dollars? That's really a dead end."

   "Dad." Lan reminded dissatisfiedly, letting Maori stop talking nonsense.

   "It was originally." Maori pouted, but didn't say more.

  At this time, the elevator reached the 20th floor.


   Room 08 on the 20th floor, outside Nakame Raiser Apartment.

   No one answered when he knocked on the door, Lan was puzzled, "Did you go out?"

   "No, Sister Lan," Conan said, "Did you forget? When we registered, the administrator said, Mr. Nakame has not gone out since he bought something and went upstairs this afternoon."

"The administrator said that we can go to Mr. Nakame, saying that Mr. Nakame greeted him in advance and someone will visit him." Hontang Eiyu said, "He should be waiting for us, maybe he is asleep, or the TV is turned on too loudly. Up."

   "That," said President Akago Somei, "in the evening, I called Mr. Nakame and said we would be late."

   Maori couldn't help but speculate maliciously, "Should I jump off the building too."

   "Dad." Lan was annoyed.

   "No, maybe it's possible." President Akago Somei worried. "Although I don't know how his investment is, he has recently had a scandal."

   Hondō Eiyu asked, "Scandal?"

  President Shōgo Somei nodded and said, "There was a fraud in a travel program of Toto TV, which caused a bad reaction."

"Although Mr. Nakame defended himself that he did not participate in the fraud incident, he planned the show alone. It is hard to believe that he did not know. Now there are rumors that he should take the responsibility and resign on his own initiative. "

   "Lan, go and find the administrator." Maori became serious, "If the investment fails and you lose your job, it is not impossible to commit suicide by jumping off the building."

   "Yes, Dad."

   "I will go with you."

"I'll go as well."

   Seeing Eiyu Hondō running with Ran, Conan immediately joined, and firmly refused to give the two a chance to get along in the elevator alone.

   Soon after, the administrator arrived and opened the door with a spare key, but the door still couldn't be opened because it was locked with a chain lock.

  Mori and President Shōgo Somei yelled several times, but no one responded and decided to break in.

   The administrator disagreed. Maori identified himself to the administrator, saying that there was an incident, and then the administrator went and took the pliers and broke the chain on the door.


  Nakame Raice Apartment.

   The door opened, and President Shōgo Somei proposed to let Hondō Eiyu go to the study, let the administrator go to the bedroom, let Ran go to the guest room, let Maori go to the bathroom, and he went to the reception room.

   Looking at President Shōgo Somei leaving in a hurry, Conan suspected that he was conspiring with others, so he let Ran stay at the entrance, and then followed President Shōgo Somei into the reception room, but found no one, only a strange scene.

   Two chairs beside the table, two intact cakes on the table, a cup of intact coffee, a cup of overturned coffee, coffee juice spilled all over the table and flowed across the table, but it is now dry.

   In other words, two people used to eat here, and the result

   President Shoko Somei opened the floor-to-ceiling curtains and inspected the balcony, but he didn't find it.

   At this time, Maori, Eisuke Hondō, and the administrator rushed over, and none of them found it, but the reception room was clear at a glance, and it was obvious that there was no one at a glance.

   Hondō Eiyu was puzzled: "It's weird, if no one, what's the matter with the cake on this table?"

   Maori shouted: "Idiot, it is strange that no one locked the door."

   "No, won't you really jump The administrator ran away after saying that, someone really wanted to jump off the building, and he, the administrator, is not having a good time.

   Everyone followed, and when they went out, they met Lan.

   Conan asked: "Sister Lan, is anyone out?"

   "Not at all," Ran asked, "Where are you going?"

   Hondō Eiyu said, "Go downstairs, Mr. Nakame may have jumped off the building."

   "What!" Lan Da was shocked.

   "Lan, you stay." Maori didn't want Lan to see the death of the man who fell from the 20th floor.

   "Oh." Lan answered honestly.

   Hondō Eiyu hesitated and stayed with Lan, while Conan followed Maori up the elevator, thinking about the problem all over his head, and didn't realize that there was no one.


   Downstairs, no body was found, and no blood was found. The administrator breathed a sigh of relief, and Conan recovered his sanity.

   Then, Conan realized that the main hall Eiyu had not come, and his face changed drastically.

hurry up……

   Conan couldn't help thinking about it until he saw Ran and Hondō Eiyu standing at the door of the apartment like this, not talking and laughing in the fantasy, and he was relieved.

   "Sister Lan, are you okay?"

   "No, no one came out." Lan Hui was wrong.

   Hondō Eiyu asked, "Have you found it?"

   "Neither, there is no body downstairs." Conan pondered the question again.

   Lan was relieved, "That's good."

   "But who locked the door again?" Hondō Eisuke thought, "Where did Mr. Nakame Raisaku who should have been at home go?"

   Conan pondered: "Yes, who is it, why did you create such a secret room?"


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