September 22, Monday, evening.

News about the new prime minister was published on the front page of the Evening News. The old prime minister suddenly announced his intention to resign on the night of September 1, on the grounds that it eased the political deadlock.

Since the party’s seats were not enough to support the bill, the House of Representatives could not handle two-thirds of the seats, and the Senate had less than half of them. It was originally intended to jointly govern with the opposition parties. At the end of last year, the opposition parties did not agree to the alliance. This led to serious political differences and opposition. The advancement of each policy is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

   And critics believe that the economy is also a reason. He is relatively unlucky, just in time for the financial crisis. The former prime minister saw the situation badly and fell into his hands, and he was unable to recover.

   Seeing that the game is broken, it is determined. Instead of waiting to be ousted, it is better to automatically step down and save some face.


   At night, Maori detective office.

   With the support of Conan and Eisuke Hondō, Ran, with a face full of displeasure, carried Maori back, and Maori was drunk.

   Hondō Eiyu, as a man, wanted to help carry Maori, but Lan didn’t dare to let him carry Maori. She was really worried that he would break Maori.

   Lan is not happy about Maori drinking, but Maori is her father after all.

   entered the door and waited for Ran to let go of Maori, and Eiyu Hondō consciously left.

   Conan grinned in satisfaction, and then found a message on the phone and let it go.

   is a phone call from a variety show team, saying that I want to visit Maori tomorrow afternoon to discuss how Maori should participate in the show.

   They hope that Maori can return a call tomorrow morning. If Maori does not return the call, they will come to visit tomorrow afternoon.

   "Ha," Lan pouted, "Daddy is too happy for this kind of thing. He won't refuse at all, isn't it, Conan?"

   "That's right." Conan smiled.


   September 23, Tuesday, afternoon.

   Maori saw a pair of visitors from the variety show group, and he was instantly energetic. This man is inconspicuous, not only the female is very beautiful, but the big beauty is seductive.

   "Mori detective, Maiko Shimokuzumi, this is our president Shoko Somei."

   "Maori detective, please take care of me."

   "Ah, please come in, please sit down, please."

"excuse me."


After sitting and serving tea, Somei Akago told the story. The program plan is "24-Hour Close Contact with Kogoro Mouri". The shooting time is this Sunday, and the broadcast time is the prime time of 9 pm next Monday. It is on Toto TV. Broadcast.

   When talking about the general process, Conan returned from school and put down his schoolbag to listen.

   "To be honest, there have been many similar police follow-up shows, and the audience is a bit tired of it, so I want to position it as a private detective this time."

   "However, according to the private investigators we interviewed, if they show their faces or the investigative methods are made public, it will affect the work, so they all refused."

   "The most famous person in Tokyo is you, Mr. Mori. You have been on a TV show again. I think only you can help us."

   Maori opened his eyes and smiled, the most famous is that, the most powerful.

   Conan raised his triangular eyes, the most famous? Is this really when Shinichi Kudo is missing? Damn it, when will I change back to the way I was.

   "The recent economic downturn is related to the life and death of our column team, please help."

  President Shōgo Somei bowed his head deeply, please, and Maiko Kusumi also bowed his head.

   "Well..." Maori pretended to be reserved, "I don't even ask other people to make a decision without it's inconvenience, and I am being filmed 24 hours a day..."

   "Of course it's not all 24 hours," said President Akago Somei hastily, "say hello when it's inconvenient, and we won't shoot."

Maiko Kusumi said: "The editing is complete, and you will be checked before it is played. If you are not satisfied, we will correct it immediately. The original tape will be returned to you to ensure that no images will be left for other purposes. Your image."

   "That's it." Maori smacked his lips. In fact, what he wanted to hear was not this, but the cost. The appearance fee was the key.

Conan saw it and thought that what they just said was that they came after looking for other detectives. He suddenly understood that they were short of funds, so when there was no way, he would come to the detective Maori again. No, he was famous. detective.

   "This uncle, Uncle Maori is waiting to hear you say how much the appearance fee is." Conan smirked and exposed Maori's old bottom, waiting for Maori to reject them because the column team had no money.

   Maori glared at Conan, but didn't get angry, because Conan was also talking about the point.

   "Ah, that," said President Shōgo Somei ashamed, "to be honest with the Maori detective, to be honest, our club has limited funds, so I didn't want to find you, but I couldn't find it in the end."

   Maori's face stretched out with dissatisfaction, "Hey, don't you want me to help for free?"

   "No, no, how is it possible?" President Shoko Somei hurriedly waved his hand, and then tentatively asked, "I just want to pay in installments, I don't know you..."

   "Huh?" Maori was stunned.

   At this time, Lan came back, watching the guests, did not speak loudly, and stood aside lightly.

   "By the way, Mr. Mori, look at this." Maiko Kusumi pointed to an item in the plan, "We actually have an appointment with Yoko Okino."

   "Miss Yoko?" Maori suddenly stared.

   Conan covered his head and forgot about this, as long as there is Yoko Okino, he would be willing to let the gross profit fall.

   Conan didn't see it. President Akago Somei looked at Maiko Kusumi beside him, and he stopped talking, but Maiko Kusumi winked to signal him to be calm.

   Lan saw it and looked at them carefully.

   Kusumi Maiko continued to smile and said, "Mori detective, we intend to facilitate a simple work meal between you and Yoko Okino, which will last about an hour."

   "Eating with Miss Yoko?" Maori jumped up with joy, "It's done, as long as there is Miss Yoko, there is no problem paying in installments."

   Lan just turned her head and didn't look at it.

"Ah, by the way, is that okay?" Conan continued to make trouble. "Uncle Maori hasn't had any commissions lately. During the day, he listens to live horse racing on the radio, drinks beer to watch TV shows, and plays mahjong in a bar at night, or goes to Baiqing. Brother shop...oh..."

   Conan said that at the end, his mouth was covered by the running Maori, and he saw Maori's vicious face, but Conan was not scared at all, but was very proud. This time it should be no more.

   "How come?" President Shōgo Somei was surprised, "Is that so?"

   "Ah, that, only occasionally, occasionally, occasionally." Maori turned his head and pulled out a smiling face to face each other, smiling quite fake.

   "Ah, President, why don't we prepare," Kusumi Maiko suggested, "Ask the staff, maybe there will be some interesting incidents or troubles, or just design some unresolved murders..."

   Maori sat back on the sofa happily, if that's the case, it would be great.

   Conan is in a bad mood, that's too fake, the current variety show, really!

   "No, if you know that it was commissioned by the staff, you will be suspected of fraud, which will damage the reputation of the Maori detective, not to mention the design of the murder. Maori detective, you think so, right?"

   President Shōgo Somei's righteous remarks immediately made Maori and Conan switch their hearts.

   "Yes, that's right," Maori said hesitantly, "but if there is really no incident, it's not impossible. Since I have accepted your order, I will do it right, right?"

  President Shōgo Somei said firmly: "Thank you for the Mori detective for understanding us. Please rest assured, I will help you find a suitable event."

   Kusumi Maiko reminded: "President, there is no time to do such a thing."

   President Shōgo Somei said: "Don't worry, you can find the police or other detectives."

   "Yes, is it? Then please." Maori actually wanted to cry, Conan laughed secretly, and then Maori would lose the title of famous detective if he didn't.

   "You are polite, this is what we should do."

  President Akago Somei looked at his watch, and at the same time, Maiko Kusumi also looked at his watch.

   Lan noticed the watch of the same style, and couldn't help but curiously asked: "Now, are you a couple watch?"


   President Shōgo Somei and Maiko Kusumi were so embarrassed that they squeezed out the eyes.

  President Shōgo Somei explained, "No, no, this watch is a gift from her on my birthday."

   Kusumi Maiko was a little bit ashamed, "Because the style is so beautiful, I bought one for myself by the way."

  President Akago Somei explained: "She has been taking care of me since the establishment of the club, and it feels like me... uh..."

  President Akago Somei couldn't continue, and picked up the teacup. The more he explained the truth, the more he couldn't explain it.

   Kusumi Maiko was also embarrassed to hold up the teacup, because the meaning of the words was very obvious, girlfriend or something.

   coincidentally, both of them used tea to cover up, and then found that the other was doing the same thing, and choked together.

   "You guys really have a tacit understanding." Lan was very happy.

   "Oh," President Akago Somei changed the subject, "Well, that, since you agreed to the Maori detective, please leave aside from this Friday afternoon. We will contact you at the specific time."

   "No problem," Maori questioned, "But there must be Miss Yoko, don't lie to me."

   "Definitely, there must be, don't worry." Maiko Kusumi rushed to say Then we will leave first. "

   "Please." Maori got up to see off the guests.


   Downstairs, in the car.

  President Shōgo Somei questioned Maiko Kusumi, "What are you talking about, we didn't even date Yoko Okino at all!"

   "It's not too late to make an appointment." Maiko Kusumi smiled, "If it is a Maori detective, Yoko Okino will definitely make time."

   "Well," the president Akago Somei smiled relievedly. "Although it feels very cunning, it is a good way." He started the car and left.

"As for whether it’s an hour or not, and whether to have dinner together, it depends on Miss Yoko Okino’s schedule. Anyway, everything is possible." Maiko Kusumi laughed, “With the Maori detective and Miss Yoko Okino, this time The show will definitely have a high ratings."

   "But," President Akago Somei thought, "What about the appearance fee of Yoko Okino?"

   "It's also in installments. Yoko Okino should be able to understand our difficulties." Maiko Kusumi said, and then pointed to the billboard on the street, "If it doesn't work, I will go there."

   "Maiko, you can't do that." President Shōgo Somei was taken aback when he saw it, because it was a loan billboard of the Takei Financial Corporation, and Maiko Kusumi meant to borrow high-yield debt.

"It's okay. It's ok within a month. There is no time. I believe that the two celebrities, the Maori detective and Yoko Okino, can bring high ratings to our show." Maiko Kusumi said lightly, but with a tone. It's still a bit heavy.

  President Shōgo Somei was silent, and he stopped talking. Things were not as simple as Maiko Kusumi thought. There were some things that he kept hiding from Maiko Kusumi.