Rainy night, a mansion of a master.

   The brightly lit main house is particularly eye-catching in the dark night. The guests in the living room on the first floor were all in groups, whispering and polite. The master's right foot was wrapped in plaster, sitting in a wheelchair and pushed by the servants, walking among the guests, and the talk was particularly eye-catching. However, there was a person standing quietly against the wall in the corner, an unobtrusive public appearance, and an ordinary black dress, absolutely the role of a passerby. Yamazaki Misaki Hitoshi, 16 years old, Class B of Tedan High School in Mihua Township. Today, I attended the banquet of this family with my father, Yamazaki Xian, the current head of the family. Watching his father shuttle through the venue, he disappeared for a while like a fish in water. Yamazaki Misaki stood quietly holding a glass of red wine, alone in his own world, as if not in the venue.

   The rain is getting smaller and smaller, and it gradually stopped, and the reception has passed the midfield. Suddenly there was a loud noise. The gunshots made Yamazaki Misaki's heart tighten, and an ominous premonition enveloped him. Looking around, not seeing his father, rushed to the gunshot. When he arrived in front of a room on the third floor, he pushed the door, locked it, fisted out the lock, and then pushed the door to enter. The father fell on his back to the balcony and shot him to death. The floor-to-ceiling windows on the balcony were wide open. I quickly stepped forward and looked around. It was pitch black. No suspicious person was found through the light from the lobby on the first floor. He said to those who followed: "Call the police, protect the scene." Then he jumped. Down. After the rain, there were no footprints on the wet land. He walked along the window back to the hall and asked if there was any other exit. I also found out where the phone was, "I'm Yamazaki Misaki, let Uncle Feng answer the phone." After waiting a few minutes, a middle-aged male said: "Master, the adult asked me to call to find out the situation." "Uncle Feng, father was killed. The murderer is unknown, but I believe it will be clear soon, please be patient for the time being." "My lord means direct." "I see." "What about the guards?" "The four bodyguards should have escaped." "I'll deal with it. "Hang up the phone, Yamazaki Misaki returned to the original corner, paying attention to the door, quietly waiting for the police to arrive.

  "Woo" the police arrived. A chubby policeman in a beige trench coat and a beige garden hat led the team. The crowd was gathered in the lobby to understand the basic situation separately, and the forensic staff conducted investigations and evidence collection on the spot. A few minutes later, someone reported that footprints were found on the ground. When the police asked, Yamazaki Misaki walked forward and calmly said: "I am Yamazaki Misaki, and the footprints are mine. I looked around under the balcony and found no other footprints." Everyone was chattering. Telling, finally proved Yamazaki Misakihi's words. The police introduced themselves: "I'm the Megumi Police Division of the Criminal Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Yamazaki Misakihito, and the victim Yamazaki Hyun is..." "My father." The calm tone sounded cold to the Megumi Police Department. a feeling of. "Sorry, can you describe your experience tonight?" Yamazaki Misaki recounted.

At this time, the owner of this house, the master shouted in the crowd: "Come on, police department, you are endless, how long are you going to detain my guests? I don’t have time to accompany you to do this. Evidence search." The Megome Police Department was not angry, "Okay, okay, sir, then the victim is a guest at your banquet. Mr. Yamazaki was killed here. Please bear with me." Seeing the two talk, Yamazaki Misaki stepped aside to avoid obstructing the police.

Hearing what the police department said, the master furiously said: "You mean that the suspect is among us!" Before the police department could answer, a voice came from outside the door, "That's it." The affirmative tone was eye-catching. . Hearing the voice, Yamazaki Misaki felt familiar, turned his head and looked around, a handsome young man in a high school uniform walked in. It was him. I heard in the class that he was helping the police with the case, and it turned out to be true, so it would save a lot of trouble.

"The scene of the murder was a secret room with the door locked from the inside. The prisoner sneaked in through the window next to the third floor and then went out through the window. There were no traces of the prisoner left under the window. According to this situation, the murder should be internal. People did it." The master shouted loudly, "What nonsense! There is at least 10 meters from the window next door, and it is absolutely impossible to jump over." "If you use the eaves of the window next door, you are away from the balcony of Mr. Yamazaki's room. There is only less than 2 meters left." "Huh, what a naive reasoning, then he wants to leave like this? It's 2 meters from the balcony, and the eaves are only about 10 cm. How can he jump up?" The master retorted. Misakihito Yamazaki looked at the master. Hearing the words just now, the eaves were only about 10 cm. The murderer should be him, but his legs?

The reasoning continued, "When the prisoner came from the next room with a rope tied on his body, he went back along the rope fixed to the balcony when he left." The police department did not understand and asked, "But, the rope fixed to the balcony. How to untie it?" "It's very simple. At the Police Department, tie a stick to the end of the rope, and then get stuck on the balcony. You can relax the stick when you take it back. Go to the balcony and check it out. It should be fine. I found the traces left when the rope was fixed." The Meguro Police Department asked again: "But why is Mr. Yamazaki in a closed room?" "Maybe the prisoner told him that there was a secret thing and asked him to lock it from the inside. He comes in." Yamazaki Misaki thought, indeed, my father came to ask for a debt today, but it seems to have become an intelligence transaction.

The master yelled: "Enough, you have too much nonsense! Who killed my friend Mr. Yamazaki!" "Knowing the structure of this house, it won't arouse any suspicion at the time. You can walk around the room at will. There is only one person, and that is..." The Megumi Police Department was very nervous and said: "That is..." The hearts of everyone were lifted, and the atmosphere in the hall became tense.

   The young man pointed at the master and yelled: "Master! It's you!" The Mumu Police Department and everyone suddenly realized. The master was shocked and smiled: "Don't be kidding, besides, my feet have not recovered." "There is always only one truth!" The young man picked up the decorative globe behind him and threw his hand at the master's head. go with. The master instinctively stepped away, standing on the ground with his feet. The maid pushing the wheelchair exclaimed: "Old, sir, your feet!" Yamazaki Misaki was suddenly surprised.

   "It's okay, it's okay" The master panicked for a while. "Your feet have already recovered 3 months ago. Didn't it, Mummu Police Department!" The Mummu Police Department finally showed the police demeanor at this time, "You give up! Your attending doctor told us everything, and you There is a private relationship with your good friend Mr. Yamazaki for money." The master was already in a mess at this time, and turned around to grab the door and flee. "Don't try to escape!" The young man kicked out of the globe, "Bang" hit the back of his head, and put the master down on the spot, "GOAL!" Then the master was taken away by the police.

The police department of Mumu sent the boy out, and the case was resolved. The police department of Mumu was very happy, and slapped the teenager vigorously on the back, making a sound of slaps, and said, "You have helped a lot again, brother Kudo, always I'm sorry to let you shoot." I'm so sorry I didn't see it, but Kudo was shot on the ground. Kudo looked smug, "Where is it." He made a trouser pocket with his left hand and pointed his right thumb at himself, "If there are any more cases that cannot be solved, please come to my detective Shinichi Kudo." flash. Yamazaki Misakihito confirms that this boy is his classmate, the high school detective Shinichi Kudo.

   Yamazaki Misaki watched Kudo Shinichi get on the police car and left first, walked out of the hall, stood under the steps at the exit of the hall, turned and stood facing the steps. The Mumu Police Department stepped forward and said, "Please be sorry." Yamazaki Misaki shook his hand without speaking, and stood with his head closed and his eyes closed. Seeing Yamazaki Misaki did not speak, the Megome Police Department went back to work, and the guests and reporters left. Ten minutes later after the last reporter left, a shout came from the front door of the mansion: "Stop! Stop! Ah!" "Memo Police Department, someone broke in! Nine black cars." A warning from the police before going out came from the walkie-talkie.

   Mumu Police Department led people out and stood on the steps, only to see the front of the nine cars facing the steps of the hall exit, stopping in an arc. The car lights shined brightly in front of the door, so that the police department and others could not open their eyes. The light came from behind Yamazaki Misaki, and Yamazaki Misaki, who was standing in front of the steps, looked increasingly gloomy. There was a sound of the car door, and the police department Mumu covered his eyebrows and shouted: "Who are you?" At this time, the lights dimmed, and the police department looked at Mumu and saw about thirty people getting out of the car and forming an arc around the steps. Previously, part of the light blocked the light and dimmed the light again.

   There are three people, one is in the front and two are following, and the more crowds come out. There were also two people spreading blankets black on the outside and white on the inside. Three people stood behind each blanket. The dim light makes it difficult to see what these dark people are doing, but it gives people a tense and solemn atmosphere.

Nearly, a middle-aged man was in the lead, "Huh! What did he take?" The Megumi Police Department was startled, and shouted to Yamazaki Misaki who was blocking the step, "Quickly get out of the way!" Knowing that the middle-aged man bowed and saluted behind Yamazaki Misaki, "Master!" Yamazaki Misaki turned around, and the middle-aged man held a dark samurai sword in both hands to give way.

   Two other tall men saluted and walked to the Mumu Police Department. Only then did the Mumu Police Department realize that the two men were taller under the steps than they were on a step. The Mumu Police Department looked alert and drank again: "Stop!" When the two stood side by side under the steps, the Mumu Police Department found that their vision was completely blocked. Suddenly, there was a scream of exclamation from behind, the police department was taken aback for a moment, and then there was a flash of light in the gap in front of him, and the scream "Memo police department!" came from behind. The police department reacted and wanted to go down but couldn't make it. The policemen on the steps pulled out their guns and rushed down.

   "Let them come here." A middle-aged man's voice sounded. The two of them stepped aside, and the Megumi police department looked around. Yamazaki Misaki stood in the middle with his back to him, holding something in front of him with his hands. The two men were kneeling on the white blanket just laid on both sides of the steps. In front of each there is a plate of white cloth and the like.

   The two men put their hands on their stomachs, their eyes widened wide, maintaining this weird posture. Then the body slowly leaned forward, and suddenly there were two soft sounds of "bang" and "bang", and the Mumu Police Department and all the police were shocked, heads! It was a human head. The two men's heads fell first, falling onto the white cloth on the plate in front of them. The head on the plate is still facing the steps, with his eyes wide open, but his mouth is wide open, as if shouting silently. The red blood dripped on the white cloth through the white teeth, and the blood sprayed from the neck, dyeing the white blanket red. The weird thing is that there is no drop of blood outside the blanket. The white blanket is like a bloodthirsty demon, with an unusual obsession with blood.

   The whole scene, the headless corpse, the bright red blood, and the strong smell of blood, formed a picture of hell, which impacted the approaching police department and other policemen. The policemen were stunned on the spot, and the Mumu Police Department shouted, "Yamzaki Misakihito, what have you done!" The policemen were awakened, raised their guns, and waited for the Mumu Police Department's orders. Yamazaki Misaki turned around. It turned out that Yamazaki Misaki was wiping a samurai sword, a handkerchief in each hand, and the other hand wiping the blade and the other hand wiping the hilt. The middle-aged man stepped forward with a black katana scabbard in both hands, and saluted the Meguro police department first, "Please wait a moment." Yamazaki Misaki put the knife back into the sheath, and folded the white handkerchief into the middle-aged man. The chest pockets of the suits worn by men, and the red ones placed in the chest pockets of their suits, should have been there originally.

   Yamazaki Misaki-hito bowed to the Megumi Police Department, bowed and saluted, turned and walked into the middle car with a knife. The police department of Mumu was taken aback by his big gift, and he saw that he was about to go and hurriedly reached out to grab it, "Hey..." The middle-aged man moved and got stuck in the middle, "You..." "Cough!" The middle-aged man saluted again. "Introduce myself, Yamazaki, the current housekeeper of the Yamazaki family." Waved, a person behind him held a stack of paper forward, bowed his hands and offered it, Yamazaki took it and handed it out, "They signed this before. A copy of the contract." The man returned to his place.

   The police department of Mumu quickly browsed, and there are four contracts, to the effect that they voluntarily serve as the guard of Yamazaki Xian, the death of the dead, the same life and death. There are several seals on it, including a seal representing the Metropolitan Police Department, and finally a strange seal. There is a mountain in the middle of this seal, which looks like a mountain, with teeth around it. A closer look at the mountain is in the mouth of the shark skull.

"This, this..." The Mumu Police Department was taken aback, "You, you are..." "It seems that the Mumu Police Department recognizes this sign, which is even simpler." Yamazaki Mime smiled slightly, looking very graceful, but in his eyes The police department looked more like the face of the devil before eating. "Is Yamazaki Hyeon the current Patriarch?" The Meguro Police Department's voice jittered a little. "Don't get excited, Megome Police Department, our young master is very reasonable." Yamazaki waved his hand again, and another person behind him held a stack of paper forward, bowed and offered it with both hands, and Yamazaki took it over, "This time you and me. Very lucky." The man returned to his original position. Yamazaki-min paused and stood up and said, "My lord ordered'Direct line.'" Then he handed the paper to the Megumi Police Department and said: "According to our information, that guy is alone and has no immediate family members. This is all relevant personnel information. , Let them declare that they are severed with that guy and let them go.” The Meguro police department seemed to be relieved, “Then, that guy...” Yamazaki Minami said with a smile, “Master said that the Yamazaki family abides by the law, we It's not difficult for him, but don't come out when you go in."

Yamazaki stomped his foot, "Also, this mansion will not see the sun tomorrow. Let your people hurry up." "Do you want to..." The honest heart of the Megumi Police Department does not allow this to happen. , Clenched his fists, glared at Yamazaki, and drank: "No! This is a crime!" "From tomorrow on, this land and everything on it belong to the Yamazaki family." "What!" "You can find The guy confirmed that this guy borrowed money as a mortgage." "I will."

Yamazaki took out his pocket watch, looked at it, and put it away again, "It starts at zero, and there are still 1 hour and 30 minutes. Tell the servants here that they can take what they can, but that room cannot be moved. Don’t make the room look messy when you take things. This is a gift from the benevolent Yamazaki family. Tell them to keep it in your heart." The corner of the police department's mouth twitched, "Benevolence, mercy..." "Of course." "Okay, you can go ahead if you have nothing to do. We still have things to do." "It's almost done, put away the remains of these two samurai." Yamazaki took a few steps back, gave up his position, and said loudly, "Please Be careful, they are respectable samurai."

  Memo Police Department returned to the police, shouting: "Put away the guns." "Yes!" "Memo Police Department, is that the case?" A policeman asked. The people from the police department watching Yamazaki covered the two heads with something. It turned out that it was the bottom seat of the box, but the front position was not covered. "These two people really committed suicide, aren't they?" There was an unspeakable anger in the tone, "You do what they say first. I will report these things." "Yes!"

  ... "The current owner of the Yamazaki family"... "Just do what they say." "Yes! Matsumoto manager." About half an hour later, Odagiri inspected the chief's house. "Chairman, that's it." "That old guy should be dying of anger." "Mugo..." "Do as they say. They are really'kind' this time, compared to what they used to say. Jean Mumu organizes a detailed report, and the others don’t need to worry about it." "Okay." "It's getting late, you go back, I'll take a rest." "Huh?" "The owner of the family was killed, and the old guy had absolutely no face to invite We, presumably, no one will ask ourselves to be boring." "It is true, then I will leave."

   is indeed as Chief Odagiri said. At Suzuki's house, the Suzuki couple who had fallen asleep were awakened by the ringing of the phone. Shiro Suzuki answered the phone, "Tomoko, help me prepare clothes..." he was about to get out of bed. Tomoko Suzuki grabbed him, "No need to go." "Did you hear it?" "Of course, with such a loud voice, I didn't expect Mr. Yamazaki to pass away." "Yes, it was really unexpected." "So, Uncle Yamazaki doesn't Outsiders will be allowed to participate." "Huh?" Suzuki Shiro thought for a while, "Should I inform Brother Jikiro?" "No, let him continue to play outside. If he comes back, he might be messed up. , Makes Uncle Yamazaki unhappy." "Well, only to pay tribute to Kenshi Yamazaki in the future." Tomoko Suzuki asked Shiro Suzuki to lie down again, "Go to sleep, you haven't rested well these days. ""Oh."

   The mansion of a certain old man, uh, now belongs to the Yamazaki family. The police stood aside, Yamazaki was standing beside the middle car, and the men in black stood in front of their cars, all waiting in silence.

"Master," seeing Misaki Yamazaki get off the car, UU reading www.uukanshu.com Yamazakimine said, "All are ready." Misaki Yamazaki carried a black coffin from the back of the car. It turned out to be a hearse and walked in step by step. room. The police department only felt that with each step the atmosphere became heavier and heavier, until Yamazaki Misaki disappeared from his sight, it seemed that he had gone to a heavy rock in his heart. Several people in black stepped forward and started pouring gasoline and igniting the fire. The fire spread rapidly from the back of the house. After a while, the fire grew bigger and bigger and slowly burned towards the entrance of the hall. At this moment, a figure appeared in the fire, it was Cape Yamazaki. benevolence. The Megome Police Department watched Yamazaki Misakihi step by step, walking through the unsealed wall of fire, perhaps with the remains, feeling heavier than before. At this time, the three vehicles in the middle passed other vehicles and turned upside down. There were three hearses. As soon as Yamazaki Misaki walked down the steps, the fire burned the whole house. Yamazaki Misaki walked to the car in the middle, put the coffin gently in, and turned back and stood still. Yamazaki waved his hand to the ground. The man in black lifted the two coffins from the car, and carried the body that had been arranged on the ground into the two coffins respectively. The blanket on the ground was covered with blood and the coffin was not covered. Into the car.

Yamazaki Peak walked to and stood behind Yamazaki Misaki. After two people holding the box in both hands stood, the other Yamazaki family stood in line, and then, facing the still burning house, silently mourned for three seconds, and then to the crowd. The police saluted. The Momo police department and the police responded with a bow. After watching the Yamazaki family leave, the Momo police department turned around and shouted: "Get me up. The Yamazaki family's affairs are prohibited from spreading, and do not write them in the report." Replied loudly: "Yes!" "Good! Let's go back to the Metropolitan Police Department." "Yes!"

In the back of the hearse, Misaki Yamazaki said, "Uncle Feng, my mother knows?" Yamazaki said, "Yes, master. Master Miyamoto and Miss Miyamoto will come together." "I hope tomorrow is a quiet day. "...

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