There are four races in the game: humans, dwarves, elves, and orcs.

   Human: Compared with other races, humans have a very short life span and their bodies are quite fragile. But of all races, humans are the most adaptable and the most ambitious. Human beings are full of youth and vitality, and their personalities are complex and changeable. In the long history of history, human beings have given full play to their social advantages, constantly learning from other races to strengthen themselves, and gradually establishing strong ally with dwarves, elves, orcs and other races.

  Race talent:

   Diplomacy: Humans can get along well with other races, and at the same time it is relatively easier to gain their trust.

   Human Soul: Human beings are known for their indomitable spirit and receive a small amount of spiritual bonuses.

   Dwarves: Dwarves have a long history, stubborn character, superb fighting skills and exquisite forging skills. Almost all dwarves are the best blacksmiths and the most brave warriors. They are hardworking, brave, frank and enthusiastic, and can withstand heavy physical labor that ordinary people can't bear. At the same time, dwarves like to drink very much and often get drunk. For the dwarves, wine is the source of life, there can be no food but no wine.

  Race talent:

  The power of the hill: Dwarves who focus on combat will get an additional critical strike chance.

  The King of the Mountain: Dwarves have a natural resistance to poisons.

  Elves: As the darlings of nature, elves have beautiful appearance and long life span. They generally take the forest as their home, love nature, have extensive knowledge, and have a high talent for magic. But the long-lived elves are always willing to spend a lot of time on things that humans cannot understand.

  Race talent:

   Swiftness: The night elves are agile and flexible.

  Nature resistance: Elves have natural resistance to natural magic.

   Orcs: They are tall and full of explosive power. They regard the scars left in the battle as a symbol of honor, and they are born warriors. Orcs love simple fun, such as bonfire party, drinking, bragging, singing, wrestling, drumming and frantic dancing.

  Race talent:

   Tenacity: Due to their strong nature, orcs recover from a coma faster than other races.

   Strong physique: Orcs have a strong physique and get a small amount of life bonus.

   Nine professions: Warrior, Paladin, Archer, Mage, Thief, Priest, Warlock, Shaman, Druid.

  Warriors: Warriors are the most populous profession in the mainland. They usually have strong physiques and vigorous skills, and they serve as physical shields or powerful physical exporters in the team. Can be transferred to a shield warrior, berserker or weapon master. Shield fighters use armor, shields, and combat skills to protect themselves and ensure that the enemy will not target their weaker allies. Berserkers dedicate their blood to gain more powerful combat capabilities, usually using heavy weapons to tear their opponents apart; weapon masters pay more attention to skills, holding two weapons to attack the enemy.

  Professional declaration: Heaven is on the left, and the warrior is on the right.

Paladins: Paladins are the guardians of the holy light. They are the mainstay of the team. They have good melee ability and powerful healing ability. They can use the sacred aura to assist teammates, and they can also use blessing spells to enhance their Power can even bring the dead back to life. Can be transferred to a protective knight, a disciplinary knight or a holy knight. The protective knight pays more attention to defense and protection; the disciplinary knight has a good output ability; the holy knight has a powerful healing ability.

  Professional declaration: humility, honesty, compassion, bravery, justice, sacrifice, honor, and spirit. The holy light never ceases, and faith never ceases.

   Archer: Archer can fight the enemy at a long distance, order pets to attack the enemy, and shoot arrows at the enemy at the same time, and also has strong mobility. They are good at using traps to control the enemy in order to grasp the initiative on the battlefield. Can be transferred to marksman, hunter and ranger. Marksmen pay more attention to the training of their own skills, with higher shooting accuracy and longer range; hunters are good at domesticating beasts to help them fight; rangers have extremely flexible skills, and they also have difficulties while proficient in long-range combat. Vulgar melee ability.

  Professional declaration: The hunt has begun.

  Mage: Mages are destroyers who master the power of the elements. They will use mysterious spells to destroy enemies. Although they have powerful offensive spells, the mages are not strong and their armor is very thin, which makes them very vulnerable to close-range attacks. Shrewd wizards will use spells carefully to limit their enemies to a certain distance or control them in appropriate locations. Can be transferred to Arcane Mage and Elemental Mage. Elemental wizards are proficient in all kinds of elemental damage, or they are explosive, or have excellent continuous output ability, or have extremely terrifying control capabilities.

  Professional Declaration: The truth is with me.

   Thieves: Thieves often sneak attacks from the dark, taking the lead in launching vicious close combat. In a protracted battle, they will use a set of carefully planned continuous combined attacks to weaken the enemy's strength in order to perform a fatal blow. Can be transferred to a storm thief, combat thief or surprise thief. The storm thief is extremely flexible, good at tracking, dodge and escape; the combat has extremely terrifying output ability, but the survivability is slightly weak; the surprise thief is good at sneaking in the dark, and at the same time proficient in poisoning, it is difficult to entangle the opponent.

  Professional declaration: My dagger is here, unless his master bows his head, otherwise it will never break.

  Priest: Priests are angels who rescue the dead and heal the wounded in the battlefield. They can use powerful healing magic to protect their companions. They can also cast powerful offensive spells at a distance, but their weak body and thin armor will put them at a disadvantage in front of the enemy. Can be transferred to discipline priest, holy priest and shadow priest. Discipline priests can summon incredible shields and sacred powers to block damage and strengthen the defenses of themselves and their allies. The sacred priest exerts his healing ability to the extreme and is an indispensable soul figure for every team; the shadow priest’s shadow magic can cause a lot of instant damage, and can also destroy the minds of others and make them suffer for a long time.

  Professional declaration: I will sacrifice my life and soul to protect my homeland. Maybe I will hold the shadow in my hand, but I will turn to the holy light in the end.

  Warlock: Warlock weakens enemies with curse and dark magic, and then burns them to destruction. The demon pet will protect and strengthen the warlock, and the warlock will attack the enemy from a distance. As a spellcaster, warlocks cannot wear heavy armor, but shrewd, they will let the servants bear the brunt of the enemy's attack in order to ensure their own safety. Can be transferred to Demon Warlock, Destruction Warlock and Pain Warlock. Demon warlocks can order demons to obey their will. These **** minions will defend their masters with their lives; Destruction Warlocks can instantly cause a lot of fire and shadow damage; Pain Warlocks can cause continuous pain to torture their opponents, UU Reading At the same time proficient in various curses.

  Professional Declaration: Even if it is cast aside by the light! Also burn the filth and evil with my body!

   Druids: Druids are proficient in polymorphism and are versatile fighters. It is important for the druid to choose the form according to the situation of the battle, because each form is for a specific purpose. Can be transferred to guardian druid, wild druid, balance druid, restoration druid. The guardian druid is proficient in bear form, with a strong physique and thick fur; the wild druid is proficient in cheetah form, using claws and fangs to fight the enemy in close quarters, and at the same time has good movement speed and stealth ability; balanced virtue Rui is proficient in the form of the owl beast, which can cause natural damage to the enemy by summoning the energy of the astral; restoring the druid to be proficient in healing can quickly restore life to injured allies.

  Professional declaration: Fangs, claws, moonlight and a peaceful heart.

   Shaman: Shaman is the guide of the soul. They are not gods, but every element. These elements are chaotic and disorderly, and the call of shaman can bring balance to these chaotic and disordered elements. As the mediator between the earth, fire, water, and air, shamans would call totems to guide the elements to aid their allies or punish those who threatened them. Can be transferred to elemental shaman, enhanced shaman and restoration shaman. The elemental shaman controls the power of the elements and can use lightning strikes, earthquakes and lava to kill enemies from a long distance; enhanced shamans can use the effects of the elements to strengthen their weapons, each time they swing their weapons, they will have the power of fire, wind or ice; Restoration shaman can heal injured teammates by summoning soul power.

  Professional declaration: The sky and the earth will shelter me.