Remember [New] for a second,! "It's on again? Is this thing so good? I'll try it too." The virtual kunxer, who was a professional lure who didn't really fish at the bottom, looked hot and took out two sea rods.

"Good? Good ass, I've been squatting for three hours, and I have eaten seven or eight meals (referring to the weight of the star fish), but I can't go to the star." Big Fish Neptune said frantically.

"Come on you, your Luya has got several stars, and I'm not too hairy. What's the use of staring such a small fish, I just want the star dog that ran away before..."

Ye Yu was lamenting that the fishing rod in his hand suddenly sank, and the reel came straight out of the line, "Damn, what are you talking about, my star dog is here."

As he spoke, he began to collide passionately with the giant in the water.

"Be careful, don't break it again." Void Kun Walker reminded.

"Just kidding, this time I'm on a steel lead, even if it breaks its teeth, it won't bite." Ye Yu was cruel this time.

"Speaking of which, the event map is worthy of the event map, this Yukou is really good."

"Yeah, it didn't take long for it to get several stars, and it's going to explode tonight."

"Breaking the liver and breaking the liver, have you guys been together? Let's drink and have a skewer in the evening."

"Add me."



beep beep~

The communicator rang just as Ye Yu and the giant underwater were in a state of tension.

"Brother Ye, come out for supper, Sister Beitang ordered a big table." Ye Xiaoqi's cheerful voice came to her ears.

"You don't need to worry about me eating first, I will take some time to make a big deal."

"Oh, hurry up then, the barbecue won't taste good when it's cold."



Ten minutes later, Ye Yu, who had been walking far away by the fish, finally dragged a large pike that was more than one meter underwater.

"You get the item: pike, 19.23 kg (green)."

"System notification: You are ranked ninth on the absolute list of 'Pike', 19.23 kg."

"System notification: You have entered the second place in the weekly list of 'Pike', 19.23 kg."

"System notification: You entered the second place of the 'Pike' in the 'Tian Shui Lake' area list, 19.23 kg."

As soon as the information came out, the chat channel exploded instantly.

Void Kun Walker: "Great."

Galaxy: "66666"

Never Air Force: "Fuck, you are awesome!!"

Call me Koi: "It's so big, I'm afraid it's going to be blue soon."

Big Fish and Sea King: "Okay, you, such a big one has not been cleared, how big are your wheels?"

Night Whisper: "Hey, 23k epic."

Xinghe: "???"

Void Walker: "Fuck!! It's actually an epic, or a big wheel of 23k."

Big Fish and Sea King: "Where did you get it? Send it out and have a look."

Night Whisper: "Jinghong 6000 (link

Jinghong 6000 (Epic)

Form: Spinning Wheel

Size: 6000

Gear Ratio: 5.5:1

Friction brake braking force: 23 kg

Spool capacity: 0.3mm/382m

Requirement: Level 30

Durability: 99.99%

Strong: The strength of the locking wheel is 3 times that of the braking force.

Long Shot: Throwing distance increased by 10%.

Harvest: Increased catch.

Luck: Increased chance of catching high-quality fish.

Note: Pian Ruo Jinghong.

This is the wheel on the epic fishing rod that broke out last time. After a period of study and analysis, he finally turned the fishing rod into a lure rod. If there are three good fishing rods, he might turn it into a sea rod, but one If the root is the most profitable, Luya is still the most profitable.

Night Whisper: "Before the last update, I hit a boss, and I was lucky."

Xinghe: "The big guy is awesome!"

I have eighteen centimeters: "Big guy is awesome!"

I want to catch a dragon: "The big guy is awesome!"


Ye Yu: "Don't call me a boss, I'm just a newbie, just a little bit better luck."

I want to catch a dragon: "This year, the cute new clothes are big guys, and the big guys are pretending to be new. Funny.jpg"

Big Fish and Sea King: "By the way, I remember that the fishing rods that exploded before the update were all a set. After the update, the fishing rods and wheels were separated, and the explosion rate dropped straightly, so I said..."

Xinghe: "Gan! You actually have an epic fishing rod..."

Call me Koi: "Send it and have a look, so that I can worship the big guy."

Night Whisper: "Uh, Youlong v (link

You Long v (Epic)

Form: Spinning Rod

Sensitivity: 8

Hardness: 8

Tested: 12-50 grams

Length: 3 meters

Strength: 55kg

Mass: 267 grams

Requirement: 300 (lure fishing)

Durability: 99.99%

+50 "Lure Fishing" Proficiency

+2 "Rotating Sequins" skill

+2 "Spoon" skill

+2 "Fisher" skill

Note: Like a dragon.

Void Kun Walker: "Kneel down and worship the boss."

I have eighteen centimeters: "Kneel down and worship the boss."

Big Fish and Sea King: "Kneel down and worship the boss."

Never Air Force: "Kneel down and worship the boss."

Xinghe: "Kneel down and worship the boss."


Ye Yu: "Brothers, come on, I'm off the assembly line for supper."


On the other side, a group of people in the Night Whispering Room were feasting on a barbecue around a large table, and the atmosphere of gossip gradually permeated as the cups were exchanged.

"Generally speaking, a room with a single man or a pet will have some odor more or less, but Brother Ye, who is both single and has a pet, has no odor at all in the room. If there is no odor, the room is still so clean and tidy. The most important thing is that I also smelled a faint scent, I feel that something is wrong with Brother Ye..." Ye Xiaoqi was gossiping while nibbling on the meat skewers.

"Also, he's good at cooking and has a good temper. He's still single now, hey~ I'm very scared when I think about it." Lu Xiaobai next to him didn't think it was a big deal.

After saying that, the two women looked at Fu Wei, who was also single and was having a string together.

Fu Wei: "???"

Just when Fu Weigang was about to say a few words, Ye Yu pushed in the door and sat down, grabbed a bottle of beer and filled it up.

Tons of tons of ~ gulp it down.

"Hoo~ cool!" Ye Yu's face was refreshed.

"Looking like you, have you caught a big deal?" Sake asked.

"That's not it, the big guy over one meter is so long." Saying Ye Yu, he opened his arms to compare, "Good guy, he's almost as tall as me, and the big one is almost 40 pounds, and he almost turned blue. Well, tsk tsk, what a pity."

"Okay, you, UU reading It should be rare for a guy as big as this."

"Well, it's on the list, it's worth it for me to drag for an hour." Ye Yu said with some pride.

"The resources of the event map are abundant. I just picked up a 50-year-old herb."

"I didn't do much shopping, but...the Leap of Faith is really exciting!"

"I opened the lucky bag and found something good."

"Dog care!"

"There's a group of elves in the jungle to the east, and there's a good quest there..."


For a time, everyone was in high spirits and shared their own experiences. At this time, Lan Pang also came to Ye Yu and pulled his legs, meowing meow.

"Speaking of what you were talking about when I just came in, I seem to have heard my name vaguely." Ye Yu picked up the blue fat and put it on his lap and asked.

------off topic-----

Salted fish turn over again!

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