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"Haha, your star is gone."

"Be bold, the blue is gone, 233..."

"Decoupling and disconnecting, it is either a star or a blue, and the one who really runs away is always the biggest."


For a time, the surroundings were filled with a happy atmosphere. Although he might have run away with a giant and lost a bait, his night language was still calm. Maybe it was because of his personality. His purpose was to fish with Buddhism.

Originally, fishing is all about self-cultivation, and there is no rush, no rush.

"How big is your lead?" Xinghe asked.

"I know there are dogs here, so I put the 35k fluorocarbon on it, but I didn't expect it to be bitten off." Ye Yu replied and began to re-select the leads.

"35k fluorocarbon, it should be the star dog running."

"Haha, my heart is instantly balanced, I just ran a star dog, hey~ I'm comfortable and comfortable, haha~" Xinghe, who heard the answer, laughed out loud, and the laughter was extremely frenzied.


Hearing this laughter, his face darkened, he was relatively calm at first, but this extremely frantic laughter made him more and more angry...

Decided, go straight to Gangyin, and finish off this group of pit bulls first.


It has a ferocious and cruel temperament, and moves very quickly. It is the most brutal carnivorous fish among freshwater fish. In addition to attacking other fish, it will also attack frogs, rats or wild ducks. Known as "the hungry dog ​​in the water" and "the mad dog in the water".

The teeth are well developed, with conical sharp teeth of inconsistent size on the upper and lower jaw, vomer, ethmoid and tongue. The appetite is large, and it continues to demand food strongly in winter, especially after reproduction. They usually hunt for food in the early morning or early evening, and at other times they do not swim, but lie down to rest and slowly digest the food they swallow.

Pike grows fast and has a long lifespan. Some people have found individuals weighing 30-35 kg and aged 70. It is said that the longest life expectancy can reach more than 200 years old.

The above is the introduction of the pike in the game. From the introduction, we can draw a lot of useful information:

First of all, pure carnivorous fish, which means that it can be caught with lure or bait fishing rig, and then usually hunt for food in the early morning or evening, which means that the time of morning and evening is better, and the other time is slightly worse, and it will not change due to seasons , and then the teeth are developed, which means that the fishing line must be strong or there is a risk of being bitten.

The last thing is the weight. It is estimated that 30-35 kg and the age of 70 are rare or epic quality, while the legendary quality is about 200 years old.

The pike is worthy of the name, and the dog is a real dog, whether it is for the fisherman or the monster hunter.

For the fishing line, the thinner the lower line of the same strength, the higher the concealment, the better the fish mouth, but for the pike, the thin line is the delivery of food, and one bite is accurate, so fish where there are pike Guys have to weigh the material and thickness of the fishing line.

If the line is thick, the pike doesn't really care, but the fish mouth of other fish has obviously slipped.

Purely disgusting stuff, if it weren't for the fact that it's very valuable and tastes good, it would be really annoying to people...

And for those who fight monsters, it's even more pitiful. This guy is quite brave in the water, and not only is his body flexible, but also has a wide range of hatred. He often attracts several people in the water. The kind that chases and bites you like a mad dog and can't run away...

After changing the steel lead, Ye Yu threw the rod again, and this time he felt much more at ease. Although the metal wire was the least concealed, it was also the strongest. It was the most suitable for catching this group of hungry dogs who were not picky eaters.

However, Ye Yu, who threw the rod again, did not catch a pike but caught another...

"You got the item: Snakehead, 1.23 kg (white)."

Snakehead, commonly known as black fish, is also called mullet in Yeyu's hometown. Gu Huan

When it comes to black fish, we have to think of the famous dish that is popular all over the country...

Pickled fish

Hissing~ This vegetable thief is eating.

In Yeyu's hometown, there is another method for this kind of fish, fried sliced ​​mullet.

Coat the fish slices with starch, add various seasonings and fry them in a pot, the most important of which are chili and pepper, and the most important soul ingredient - perilla.

The fried slices of mullet out of the pan are spicy and fragrant, and the meat is elastic and tender, which is excellent whether it is with rice or wine.

emmm, why don't you try pickled cabbage fish tomorrow when you go out to play? The sauerkraut fish around is more delicious?

Just as Ye Yu was thinking, the fishing rod in his hand sank again, but this time there was no sign of struggling. Judging from the feel, it should be something like a treasure chest.

"You get an item: a gift bag (green)."

Yo hoo, luckily, I caught a lucky bag.

The lucky bag of this event can not only be dropped from monsters, but also from deputy jobs, and the things dropped from monsters are different from those from deputy jobs. Monsters are generally equipped with skills, while deputy jobs are characters. corresponding item.

for example:

"You get the items: Diving Jiao f3 (nylon)-5k-300m (green), thank you seal of the sky behemoth*18."

He caught it by fishing, so he drove a nylon fishing line, and the strength of 5k is suitable for catching some small fish.

Looking at the newly opened fishing line, Ye Yu realized a problem and almost forgot that three fishing rods can be used in total, and two bottom fishing rods can be placed next to the fishing rod Luya in his hand.

Since the last update, the system has divided fishing into three categories: float, lure, and bottom fishing. The three do not affect each other. You can choose your favorite fishing method to develop independently.

Many people do prefer one of them, and the other two do not touch.

Ye Yu feels pretty good. Among them, the float and the lure are more labor-intensive. One has to keep an eye on the float, and the other has to keep reeling the line and throwing the rod. However, the cost of fishing is low; bottom fishing is the most leisurely. However, the cost of the nest is not small.

He is usually a rod lure or a float, and there are two other bottom fishing around.

After thinking about it, UU reading www. is important for revenge. First, use the thin line you just got to hang two red worms to catch small miscellaneous fish.

Concentrating on hitting the dog, today I have to catch and cook the guy who is biting the line.


after an hour.

"You get the item: scorpionfish, 70 grams (green)."

Hiss~ Luya doesn't have a single star, but the small fish caught at the bottom have already got three stars.

Well, all three of them are squid...

He didn't even know that this thing was so good for fishing...

He is also familiar with this stuff. This is the one kept in the fish tank in the room. After the hair color, it is very beautiful, but before the hair color, it is a little white, very plain.

And what’s done in the game is also very real, below 50 grams are all white, above 50 grams will start to color, and when it is above 70 grams, it will be a star. .

Although this fish looks beautiful, it is not worth the money, but if there is a fish tank, it can be raised...

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