Remember [New] for a second,! After the dungeon is finished, it is time for free activities. There are many good things on Sarah Darvia, many of which are rare materials that are not on the ground, and the scenery is first-class and beautiful.

So everyone collects the materials, the scenery is the scenery, and the two-person world is the two-person world; as for the night language, of course, Tianshui Lake has started.

Guild "Fishing Guy's Fish Pond" channel:

Night Whisper: How are you guys harvesting!

Big Fish and Sea King: It's cool, the fish mouth exploded in this place, and it has already received five stars.

Void Kun Walker: Why is the night boss only going up now?

Ye Ye Shengge: Come here quickly, we are forming a group to fight dogs together.

"The system prompts: 'Big Fish Sea King' invites you to join the team, do you agree? Yes/No."

After entering the team, Ye Yu looked at the map, determined the positions of the others, and started rushing there.

Night Whisper: Today we have an offline party for the wasteland reclamation group, so my chef was a little late.

Void Walker: That's great, Sister Sake and the president are both beautiful women, and they're both single.

Big Fish and Sea King: Don't think about it, the president's vision is not ordinary, and there is no drama; and Sister Sake, if you dare to hit her, I'm afraid it's not boring.

Xinghe: A warning from the death of children and grandchildren.

Night Whisper: How can you exaggerate as you say, I think sake has a pretty good character.

Big Fish and Sea King: You don't know about this. As an old man of the guild, let me tell you, back then...


I learned a very interesting past story from the night words in the mouth of the big fish king.

Tang Meng and Sake have been good friends since childhood, and they can be said to be sisters in love. In high school, the two showed their outstanding game talents. When they arrived in college, they co-founded the 'Dream Back to Tang Dynasty' guild.

The two little rich women are naturally not bad for their money. After each of them knocked a sum of money from their father, they invested in the construction of the guild. With the money and their good abilities and looks, they soon attracted a large number of people. Centaurs, as soon as there are too many people, things will come.

Among them, a mage with an id named Qianlan Jun has been astonished since he saw sake, and after finding out that the two were in the same school, he started a crazy pursuit of sake.

That kid is a rich second-generation, and he is considered top-notch among the many suitors of sake. What is even more rare is that he is more attentive. While frantically pursuing sake, he helped Menghui Datang recruit troops to buy horses. Many people came, and Sake probably thought that this person Not bad, so I agreed to his pursuit in the second year.

Then, one night in the third month of the relationship, the kid made an appointment with sake, probably thinking that the night was good and the atmosphere was just right, so he wanted to kiss sake at the opportunity, but sake didn't want to, so the kid planned to be strong. Unexpectedly, Sake's reaction was a little violent, and he brought him down in three or two...

After the news got out, the kid probably got so embarrassed that he immediately announced the breakup. After that, he even slandered sake and left the guild, took many people away, and established a new guild to find fault every day.


Big Fish and Sea King: Of course, our Sake sister is not a soft persimmon, so I immediately took a group of people to kill it. You don't know how fierce Sake sister was at that time, and took the lead in the charge and directly killed the goods. Later, the other party was defeated. Joining the pinnacle of the gods is a thing of the past.

Xinghe: At that time, I joined the guild just because I saw Sister Sake's brave figure on the battlefield, a proper battlefield Valkyrie, although I have no fighting talent, but this does not hinder her status in my heart.

Void Kun Walker: By the way, Aquaman, how do you know these things so clearly?

Big Fish and Sea King: I was in the same school as them, and I saw the whole process with my own eyes at the scene. You don't know how fierce Sister Sake is, she will bring down such a big and strong guy in two or three strokes. The kid was admitted to the hospital at that time, but the whole school was well aware of the uproar.

Xinghe: I'm from the school next door, and I heard about it at the time. I really didn't expect Sister Sake to be as fierce in the game as she is in reality. Later, I found out that she was practicing Sanda and her level was still good. Not low.

Big Fish and Sea King: So, Sister Sake has a bold personality and is quite good to her brothers, but this personality... You don't think she is usually carefree, but she is very conservative in that respect. Generally speaking, she is suitable for being a Brother, if your girlfriend... can't bear it~ can't bear it~

Xinghe: That's right, Sister Sake is a bohemian when she drinks, and it's even more unequivocal when she starts. You think, being beaten by a woman is already very embarrassing. What's even more embarrassing is that you can't beat it. If you get married, wouldn't you be repressed to death? Maybe you'll have to suffer domestic violence. It's terrifying to think about.

Night Whisper:...


In everyone's words and my words, Ye Yu arrived at the destination.

"Yo, the night boss is here."

"How is your research? What bait is used here?"

"The f11 series has a mouth, and the 004 and 008 are better."

"I just got a star dog with 008."

After getting the information, Ye Yu began to pick bait in the association store, and also looked at the quest order here.

Tianshui Lake task order:

Perch, over 350g, quantity*8. Reward: 46 coins.

Pike, over 7.5kg, quantity*2. Reward: 254 coins.

Silver crucian carp, over 350 grams, quantity*4. Reward: 18 coins.

Moon kissed fish, more than 1 kg, quantity * 4. Reward: 328 coins.

Alpine carp, over 11.5kg, quantity*1. Reward: 47 coins.


Tianshui Lake mandarin fish, more than 30 grams, quantity * 5. Reward: 20 coins.

Tianshui Lake Trout, over 5.8kg, quantity*4. Reward: 130 coins.

Tianshui Lake char, more than 11kg, quantity*1. Reward: 520 coins.

Six-bearded catfish, over 100 kg, quantity*1. Reward: 2100 coins.

Tianshui white sturgeon, more than 50 kg, quantity * 1. Reward: 3200 coins.

Tsk tsk, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com 100 kilograms, almost two people are heavy, it is estimated that few people should be able to lift it now.

After picking the bait, Ye Yu started fishing. Now his target is the predatory fish in the water. Such fish are difficult to catch with floats and bottom fishing, so fish-shaped bait is generally used and thrown into the water. Simulate real fish movement by shaking the rod and rhythmically reeling the line, causing predators to attack.


Ye Yu skillfully threw out the bait and started to play rhythmically. The fish mouth here is really good. He just threw it out a few seconds before the fish bit the hook, and his energy was quite strong.

"You got the item: Tianshui Lake Trout, 3.145kg (white)."

After maintaining this momentum and madly pulling a few times, at the ninth time, he clearly felt a strong force coming from his hand, and the line in the wheel also slammed straight out. This is obviously pulling a giant thing. After fighting for several minutes, I saw that the fish was dying, but my hand suddenly loosened...

"System prompt: Your rig was bitten off."

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