Remember [New] for a second,! Passing through the burnt blood wood jungle, everyone came to a large lake. This lake is called Tianshui Lake. As the name suggests, the lake water here is all accumulated by the rainwater from the sky. Because of its special geographical location, there are many lakes in the lake. Unique fish that are not found on land is a good time to open a picture book.

The fishing guys in the forum have been researching it since last night. When Ye Yu was waiting for the two girls this morning, they had already found the test results of many big guys. I think there will be more posts like this in the evening.

"There is a lake, do you want to throw two poles," Qingfeng and Jiu said to Ye Yu with a smile.

"That's natural, there are Easter eggs in this lake, come with me." Ye Yu led the crowd to a small broken wooden pier, and then threw down three sea poles.

After a while, one of the pole bells rang twice and then bent sharply. After waiting for a few seconds to make sure that it was firm, he picked up the pole and reeled in the line.

"You got the item: Purple Beaded Clam, 1kg (green)."

Purple Beaded Clam

Note: An extremely rare pearl mussel, because its growth requires high water quality, so it can only be seen in specific waters, and the number is extremely rare; the meat of this pearl mussel is extremely delicious, and the shells can also be made into powder. The alchemy material, the shimmering purple-patterned beads bred in it, the unique color and unique pattern, is a rare treasure jewelry, which is deeply loved by the ladies.

Wei Wei glanced at the introduction and determined that it was this thing. He took out a professional fish knife from his backpack and swiped along the gap of the beaded mussels. The beaded mussels were cut open to reveal the contents.

"You get the items: Shimmering Purple Beads (Green), Purple Beaded Clam Meat (Green), Purple Beaded Clam Shell*2 (Green), Old Keys (White)."

He picked up the pearl that had just been opened and glanced at the sun. The lavender surface exuded a slight light, and the dark purple pattern on it was changing every moment. It felt very beautiful.

"What a beautiful pearl." The cat fell asleep and looked at the shimmering purple-patterned pearl in Ye Yu's hand.

"Well, the appearance is indeed quite high, and it is suitable for ornamental viewing." Qingfeng and Jiu agreed and gave their opinions.

"It would be nice to make it into a pendant or something." Bei Tang Meng expressed a different opinion on this.

"I'm on Sister Sake's side, and the ornaments are a bit too big. They look good as ornaments," Ye Xiaoqi said.

"What do you know, this size is just right." Lu Xiaobai retorted.


Ye Yu looked at the few people who were discussing and looked at the lavender pearl in his hand, and thought for a while: "I will give you this gadget that you are very interested in. As for how you want to divide it, it is up to you. Now, I'm going to open a box."

Said to send the beads in his hand to Qingfeng and Jiu, then turned around and continued to the next step. As for how they were divided, it is unknown, but I vaguely heard the shouts of rock-paper-scissors and a few girls happy. of laughter...

After Ye Yu finished delivering the beads, he ran to a dead tree not far away and pulled it. After a while, he pulled out a small treasure chest. Then he put the key that he had just opened in and turned it around. Open.

"Items obtained: eagle hook s1 (green), dragon louse beetle*10 (blue), mole cricket*10 (yellow), rhino horn beetle larva*10 (purple)."

This is the fishing egg, and each person can only open it once. One hook plus thirty high-grade baits. The most valuable thing here is the rhino horn beetle larvae. This thing is very difficult to do. Since the last update to Now Ye Yu has only dug a dozen or so in total.

Just as Ye Yu had collected the bait, a voice came from not far behind him:

"Hey! The fisherman is done, he's going to type the book~"

"Come on, come on!" Ye Yu responded while running towards the crowd and continued to move forward.


With a loud noise, the ugly-looking Guan Di Boss turned into a cloud of dust, and after the dust dispersed, the big treasure chest that was previously covered by the huge body was revealed in front of everyone.

"Wuhu~ Cleared the customs, open the box and open the box!" Ye Xiaoqi rushed to the treasure chest and pushed it open with a click.

"The team gets: Fel Iron Red Sword (Yellow), Red Iron Ore*20 (Blue), Sara Darvia's Blood Essence*20 (Blue), Blood Essence Stone*5 (Blue), Design Diagram : Blood Crystal Red Ring (Blue)."

"The harvest is not bad." Bei Tang Meng looked at the item list and said.

"It's alright, I hope this time I can play the purple outfit like the last event."

"It depends on how powerful our little red hand is, haha."

"I'm not very demanding, just give me a purple shield."

"What are you thinking, with my luck, it must be a purple longbow."


Everyone talked and laughed and returned to the camp to start the task.

"Thank you for your contributions, this is your reward." Anlar Windspear saluted everyone.

"This is what we should do." Everyone saluted.

"You get items: gift bag, thank you seal of the sky monster *30."

"After collecting a certain number of stamps, you can come to us to exchange rewards at any time." Sera Earthfury explained.

"It's time to test your luck again, the non-chief or the European emperor is here." Ye Xiaoqi breathed at his hands and took out the lucky bag to open it, but the little face that was still smiling just now froze immediately.

Ye Yu curiously looked at the channel.

"Ye Xiaoqi got the items: iced tea*10, thank you seal of the sky monster*14."


"Pfft~" Ye Yu couldn't help laughing.

"What are you laughing at, I bet you won't be able to drive anything good." Ye Xiaoqi said angrily.

"That's not necessarily true." Ye Yu took out the lucky bag and opened it.

"You got the items: Ice Kuoluo*10, thank you seal of the sky behemoth*12."


"Haha, what did I say?"

Ye Yu shrugged helplessly, took out the Bing Kuoluo he had just obtained, and gave one person a bottle, saying, "I invite everyone to drink Bing Kuoluo."

It happens to be one bottle per person. Although Lige is not there, Ya'er is very interested in this. After tasting it, I feel that the taste is very fresh.

It should be said that the chance of lucky bag giving out good things is too low, or everyone's face is darker today, in short, everyone waited and didn't open anything decent.

After opening the lucky bag, everyone opened the exchange interface and began to look at it. This time, the things were really complicated.

Iced black tea*100, stamp*1

Ice Broadfall*100, Seal*1


Hazel fishing rod (white), seal*10

Flying dragon fishing rod (green), seal*80


Mole cricket (yellow), seal*5

Rhino horn beetle larvae (purple), seal*10


Costume: Red Feather Streamer Armor, Seal*500

Costume: Fire Feather Phoenix Tail Suit, Seal*500

"By the way, I almost forgot to say that I wanted to buy fashion." Bei Tang Meng, who was watching, suddenly patted his head.

"Yes, Mr. President said before that he would give benefits."


Said that Bei Tang Meng began to operate on the panel, and after a while, the system prompted two costumes and two pets to arrive.

"Come here, everyone put on your clothes, let's take a photo to commemorate the first National Day we spent in this game." Bei Tang Meng clapped his hands.

Ye Yu looked at the two outfits in the bag and thought about it, and decided to wear the fire feather phoenix tail suit, because he felt that the other suit of armor was not as good as his own, and the fan fitted with this suit looked very impressive.. .

After changing the fashion, he glanced at the others. The boys had basically changed, and the girls were still struggling with which accessories would match this fashion.

When he saw the breeze and the wine, his eyes lit up The proud figure looked particularly enchanting against the backdrop of the fiery red dress, and the delicate face was even more rare under the makeup of fashion Showing a hint of charm.

Just as Ye Yu was admiring, Qing Feng and Jiu also noticed his gaze, and now they smiled slightly, raised the corner of the skirt with one hand and turned around, and opened the fan with the other hand to cover half of their face and said:

"looks good."

Ye Yu nodded and said, "It looks good, it matches your temperament and figure very well."


"Come and see the camera, one two three, eggplant~"


With a light sound, the images of several people were frozen at this moment. I must have a knowing smile when I see this photo many years later.

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