Remember [New] for a second,! After the two NPCs finished their conversation with Ye Yu, they returned to the campfire. One with slightly closed eyes radiated green light scattered around the body; the other hand pressed the totem in front of him, and the light yellow energy on the totem Slowly pour down.

Obviously, these two, a Druid and a shaman, are helping the behemoth under their feet in their own way.

After the team received the task, they began to renovate, and after the various buffs were full, they began to move forward along the map.

While walking, Ye Yu suddenly remembered something, so she said to Ye Xiaoqi and the other girls:

"By the way, let me remind you that if you sleep with Fat Lan at night, don't feed it some strange food. Some things are harmless to humans but highly poisonous to cats."

"Don't worry, I won't feed it, even if I want to feed it, I will confirm it with you in advance." Ye Xiaoqi patted her flat chest and assured.

"Speaking of which, there are some things that cats can't eat?" Qingfeng and Jiu asked curiously.

"Many, such as chocolate, coffee, tea with caffeine and theobromine; things with propyl disulfide such as onions and garlic; grapes, lilies and their lilies are highly toxic to cats ... Only some of the more serious categories are listed here, and there are many others that I will not list one by one." Ye Yu explained to several people with his fingers.

"Increased knowledge."

"It turns out that chocolate is too. No wonder I went to my cousin's house and brought her a box of chocolates and she turned her head and locked it in the cabinet." Ye Xiaoqi suddenly realized.

"Okay, you remember so much." Bei Tang Meng smiled.

"Since I've decided to keep some things, it's natural to pay attention to them. All you need to do is to check them online. I've done a lot of homework on raising cats." Ye Yu is still a little proud of these things. .

"Be careful and good-natured, I feel Brother Ye, you will definitely be good at taking care of children in the future, haha." Ye Xiaoqi teased.

"It's too far, I don't even have a girlfriend now." Ye Yu shook his head and waved his hand.

"There will be some." Qingfeng and Jiu patted Ye Yu's shoulder.


Everyone talked and laughed all the way and soon came to the first level: the blood wood jungle, the monster inside is a kind of plant monster called the blood wood tree demon, which is characterized by fast blood recovery, resistance to high fear of fire, and deep roots with blood For nutrients, its nature is the same as some parasites in our body.

There are many trees in the Bloodwood Jungle, but not all of them are monsters, and most of these Bloodwood Dryads are in a dormant state. Even if they are attacked, they are a bit slow to wake up, so players have come up with a very quick method, that is burn.

Low-grade products of alchemy: fuel oil.

This cheap and easy-to-use item has always been a favorite of players who like to set fires everywhere, and this time it has made a big difference.

However, this matter is limited to the dungeon. You can burn it in the dungeon. If it is outside, it is not a big problem to burn a small fire, but if you really dare to fire and burn the mountain, the prison gate is open to you. Sitting through the game is no exception.

Everyone took a large pot of fuel from Fu Wei and began to water it around. After a while, they scattered the large pot of oil and gathered it on a hillside not far away.

"I'm here, I'm here, I haven't done anything about fire-fighting and burning mountains." Ye Xiaoqi said excitedly.

Everyone saw that this little girl was so excited and no one robbed her. They saw that she took out an arrow and put the arrow in the oil pot and swayed it twice, and then hit the knife and fire beside her with her elbow, and said with a smile:

"Brother lie, borrow a fire."

Dao Dao Ring Huo rolled his eyes helplessly, stretched out his hands, and shook his hands. Two orange flames ignited on his glove-wearing hands. Ye Xiaoqi leaned slightly against the fuel-stained arrow and ignited it. Draw a bow and shoot arrows in one go.

With a swoosh, the flaming arrow passed a graceful arc and disappeared into the depths of the jungle, nothing happened...

"Cough~cough~, an accident."

Ye Xiaoqi embarrassedly touched the big white bear beside her, and then continued to shoot another arrow, but this time it failed, and the flame jumped up as soon as the arrow hit the ground, igniting the jungle in front of her.

"Yo~ burn it!" Ye Xiaoqi turned into an arsonist and kept shooting flaming arrows into the jungle.

"Ow~" A sharp hissing sound rang out, and a class of trees shook violently in the firelight for a moment, then stood up and quickly walked towards the crowd, followed by one after another hissing...

"Guys, get to work."

Qingfeng and Jiu took out their weapons and shields and took the lead, a charge slammed into the tree demon, then turned around and slammed the shield to the other tree demon, and then stepped on the ground with one foot, an electric light swept 8 yards along with the sound of thunder All the monsters in the range, the whole process is smooth and full of power and beauty.

Followed by Ye Yu, he avoided the formed battlefield with a flying shield from the side and attracted the remaining group of monsters, and the two of them, Qingfeng and Jiu, divided the entire battlefield into two.

Then there are swords, lights, swords, shadows and fire, and these miscellaneous fish and mobs are quickly cleaned up. After all, the difficulty of the event dungeon itself is not that big, not to mention that everyone is a front-line member of the wasteland, and now it is night. This kind of strategy has already been flying all over the sky, and customs clearance is sprinkled with water.

After experiencing a large wave of monsters, the frequency of monsters in the back has been reduced a lot. It seems that the burning is too slow, and the fire of the knife can't stand it, so I approached the flame and raised my hand to start singing spells.


The singing of the instant spell only needs one syllable. After the singing is completed, a strong wind spews out from the palm of the knife and the fire and sweeps away towards the flame in front of him, and the fire burns faster by the wind.

Everyone chopped melons and vegetables all the way, and even the boss fought very smoothly. When the boss fell, the entire blood wood jungle was almost burned.

"Items obtained by the team: blood vine wooden boots (blue), blood wood (white) *10, blood clotting flower (white) *3."

After touching the corpse, Fu Wei took out a set of tools and chiseled it around the boss and harvested a blood wood heart (green), which was an easter egg in herbal medicine, and then Qingfeng and wine groped for a while on the boss's branches to obtain blood. Wood Seeds (Green)*20, this is a planted Easter egg.

Officials who like to bury easter eggs have a good grasp of it. The first thing they do after entering the dungeon is to look for easter eggs. After a day of groping, players put all the easter eggs they have found on the forum.

(Sorry everyone, there are a lot of things happening recently and people are in Suzhou, so the situation here is quite tense.)

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