"Have hit your spell? Shouldn't you be strong?" The contact person asked with a bit of hope, "What happens if your opponent hits your spell?"

"It will become very hungry, like it is not enough to eat, and soon it will eat raw food ... even living ..." Mo Han's face was solemn.

At this moment he has begun to regret it and even resent Zhang Ding.

Zhang Ding brought him a huge trouble.

A monster who razed Dabei Island to the ground and eat the big cricket as a snack.

It is very dangerous to fight against such monster enemies.

Suddenly, the plane shook suddenly.

Immediately after that, the contact person and Mo Han both reached the door and made a weird noise.

The sound wasn't loud, but it was a bit shaggy.

Mo Han felt that his scalp was going to explode at this moment, because just now he saw something crossing the window.

But that thing was too fast, so he didn't see it clearly.

The next moment, the air pressure in the cabin suddenly dropped, followed by a huge airflow.

The contact person grabbed the seat and shouted in horror.

Something was ... or someone had pulled the hatch.

At this moment a large amount of air is constantly escaping outward.

A figure finally jumped in from the ripped hatch.

When Chen Zheng saw Mo Han, he grinned suddenly.

"We have met again. I have never missed a man so much. You are the first and you should be honored."

At this moment, Mo Han could no longer keep calm.

And he couldn't keep calm at the moment.

After all, the strong airflow makes people even unstable, let alone face a terrible enemy.

Mo Han finally stabilized his body, he did not hesitate to cast any spells.

However, this time, Chen Yi will not give him the chance to cast again.

Chen Huan appeared in front of Mo Han instantly.


Mo Han growled violently.

His palms were pinched by Chen Yan.

Immediately afterwards, Mo Han felt that his scalp was about to be torn.

He and the liaison were directly pulled away by Chen Yan, pulling his hair.

While the two were messy in the air, they also saw that Mo Han's private jet was slipping down from the sky with black smoke.

Soon, the two were thrown into the white snow on the ground by Chen Kun.

This is the Huaxia border, which is near Changbai Mountain. The temperature here is always below zero.

Especially in this season, it is -20 degrees below zero.

Moreover, the altitude here is high, and the lack of oxygen, low temperature and strong cold air is a deadly threat for any living creature approaching here.

Even the humans at the top of the food chain can hardly adapt to the environment here.

But this difficult to adapt does not include Chen Yi.

This is an area that no human has ever occupied.

The aura of heaven and earth here is much richer than elsewhere.

However, Mo Han, as a monk, had a hard time enjoying the heaven and earth aura here.

Before enjoying the aura of heaven and earth here, he must first overcome the harsh environment here.

"How to unlock the spell?" Chen Yan asked directly.

Mo Han looked at Chen Yan: "Unless you can guarantee my life safety, otherwise, you never want to unlock the spell."

Chen Huan stepped forward and put his hand on Mo Han's shoulder.

Mo Han thought that Chen Yan was going to attack him.

But the next instant, a warm current flowed into his body.

Mo Han was so happy that his threat worked.

Mo Han turned his eyes and saw that the other party had compromised so easily, he might get more benefits from him.

Mo Han quickly found that his destroyed palms had re-growth miraculously.

Mo Han looked up at Chen Yi when he was planning to make more demands.

Chen Yan said with a smile: "Instead of unlocking the spell, I hope to torture you and destroy you!"


In Chen Yong's cruel laughter, Mo Han screamed again, this time more fiercely than before.

Mo Han's entire arm was crushed by Chen Kun.

"You won't die so easily, you will enjoy everything I know and the torture I can think of." Chen Yan looked at Mo Han with a stern look on his face.

When the blood sputtered, it froze directly.

Mo Han was rolling in the snow, mourning.

But when he was about to freeze to death, Chen Yi gave him another vitality.

Chen Ye looked at the contact again.

He kept curling up and didn't dare to speak.

Even now he was about to freeze to death.

He didn't dare to attract the attention of that devil.

Just looking at Mo Han's tragic situation can feel the fear of the contact person at this moment.

"How much do you know?" Chen Yan asked.

"It was Zhang Ding ... Zhang Ding was looking for him. Before today, I didn't know anything ... he did something to you, and it was not a task obtained from me." The contact person answered truthfully.

Chen Yan closed his eyes silently, and the answer did not exceed his guess.

Chen Ye had already speculated before.

Only Zhang Ding has enough power and financial resources.

Able to invite a top killer to plot yourself.

It's just that this contact has turned his guess into reality.

"Go east from here, and there is a village at a distance of fifteen kilometers. If you can go out alive, it is your luck."

The contact opened his mouth, he wanted to pray.

In this icy and snowy environment, plus his clothes.

Not to mention 15 kilometers, even 5 kilometers is impossible.

However, when I came into contact with Chen Yan's indifferent gaze.

He understood that Chen Yan would not care about his life.

Chen Ye did not kill him on the spot, he was already merciful.

And Chen Yun didn't care about the life and death of the contact person.

He is more interested in torture Mo Han.

Mo Han's past image has always been unpredictable and pretentious.

Coupled with his top killer status, every time he appears, it will make people feel cold.

But now, all his images are long gone.

No one can maintain his cool image in the torture again and again.

What's more, Mo Han is not the kind of person with high cold.

The images of the past are actually just his people.

Ha ha ... killer also needs to be set.

A top killer, if you don't have your own positioning and people.

So what's the difference with those ordinary killers?

Tormenting one's enemies is very exciting.

Chen Yan is almost addicted.

Over and over again, tirelessly repeat the previous thing.

Of course, Chen Ye will still be innovative.

Changing methods to torture Mo Han.

Until Mo Han issued a plea, asking him to release him.

And he also told Chen Ye a fact.

He held back before, and was unwilling to relax because he still had a glimmer of hope.

But as Chen Yong became more anti-human torture, he finally realized.

He can no longer support it under Chen Yan's impersonal means.

The dirty law nine sons have no solution!

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