On a private jet crossing the border.

Mo Han drank wine directly from the contact.

"There seems to be something wrong with Dabei Island," said the contact person.

"Oh ... what happened?"

"It is said to have been attacked."

"The government?" Mo Han's first response was an attack from the government.

After all, on the scale of Dabei Island, with the power of the Manchurian Society.

Even Zongmen of the same level is unlikely to attack Dabei Island.

No one has the absolute strength to crush Dabei Island.

Even the supreme Zhang Tianshi and Longhushan Tianshi Teachers could not do it.

Only the government has this strength.

"I don't know. A friend in Da Beidao notified me last night."

"How is the situation?"

"I can't reach you anymore," said the contact person. "But there is a big **** sitting in Dabei Island, and even if it is an attack from the government, they can eat a pot."

"Forget it, it doesn't matter to us no matter what the situation in Dabei Island." Mo Han said calmly.

"Yeah, now that you have decided to leave Wanhui, no matter whether it is Dabei Island or Dayun, you have nothing to do with you." The contact person said with a smile: "The League of All Evil has paid so much for you God please, please, they don't want you to be half-hearted. "

"I just promised to be their coach for five years." Mo Han said in disapproval: "If they think I have become their slave since then, they think too much. If necessary, I don't mind giving them a Dismount. "

"Then you have to show mercy, after all, they are your gold master now, but don't make too much trouble with them," said the contact person Wan Er.

"Okay, I have a sense."

Just then, Mo Han's phone rang.

"Hey, old Deng, what's the matter?"

"where are you now?"

"I'm on a plane now and just crossed the border."

"Are you abroad?"

"Yes, there is an organization abroad that invited me to be a coach." Mo Han said.

In the past, he and Deng Xianyang worked well together.

Even if the two later separated, it was considered a peaceful breakup.

So the two still contact occasionally.

"What organization?"

"All evil alliance," Mo Han replied.

He had nothing to hide, after all, this was not the first time.

"Italian League of All Evil?"

"That's the one." Mo Han replied, "Do you have anything?"

"Just going to have a drink with you, it seems that there is no chance."

"It's okay, I will go abroad for a few years, and you can also come to Italy, I am the East." Mo Han said boldly.

"Well then, there is nothing else, you settle down and tell me, if I have plans to go abroad, I will contact you again."

"Good to say."

Mo Han hung up the phone, and the contact person glanced at Mo Han: "Is it old Deng?"

"Yes." Mo Han did not cover up, but nodded directly.

The contacts didn't say much, it was their tacit understanding.

The contact person originally took Mo Han's agency right from Deng Xianyang's hands.

He and Deng Xianyang can also be regarded as a grudge.

However, Mo Han never turned around with Deng Xianyang.

This disappointed him.

After all, if Mo Han and Deng Xianyang turned their faces.

Then they can never cooperate again.

But Deng Xianyang was smart.

Even if he was upset, he still kept in touch with Mo Han.

Just like Mo Han's big brother.

Mo Han also drove Deng Xianyang away from the cold.

Just then, the contact's phone rang.

"Hey, Geng, how is the situation in Dabei Island now? Is there any loss?"

"It's dead ... It's dead ..." Geng's weird voice with a bit of fear: "The entire Great North Island is completely extinct, Dasao, the two big demons, and more than a thousand trained killers. All killed ... "

"What? What's going on?"

"I don't know ... Last night, a person broke into Dabei Island, and then began to kill, and named Mo Han who was your name ..."

"Looking for Mohan?"

"Yes, of course, Dasao is unwilling, and then he fights with that demon, and in a few rounds, Dasao is killed by that demon. Even his Yao Dan is pinched by that person, and that The devil ... the devil actually swallowed Dao's body on the spot ... "

"You ... you mean ... Dasao is dead? Are you kidding me? When you called me last night, it was quite easy."

Mo Han frowned, but he didn't interrupt, but waited for the contact's post.

"I, he ... Mom's brain is flooded ... Joke with you?" Geng's weird tone suddenly became excited: "What exactly did Mo Han provoke? The whole Dabei Island was hurt by him Then, the survivors and the demon clan add up to less than twenty people, half of the North Island was destroyed, and the remaining half is also a bloodstream. You can believe that this is done by one person. "

"You ... are you telling the truth?"

"The devil seems to have received some information before Dasao's death. At that time, the devil didn't force me to ask, otherwise I might give you up. You and Mo Han should be careful, how far How far, do not return home in a short period of time, I'll stop here, you can do it for yourself. "The old man Geng hung up the phone.

The contact did not speak for a while, and after a long time, he turned to look at Mo Han.

"Mo Han, have you provoke any enemies recently?"

"What you said, do our job, every mission will provoke the enemy."

"Mo Han, I'm not joking with you. Grandma died. The blood of the entire Dabei Island was shed. The old man said that it was all done by one person, and that person named you just to find you."

"Are you kidding me?"

"I'm not kidding. Think again. Are you sure you didn't provoke anyone who shouldn't?

"You know all my tasks, even if someone has a horrible background behind me, every task is your purpose, if anyone knows, then you must be more clear than me."

"The man was not only horrible in strength, cruel in his means, but also very creepy in his actions.

Mo Han was shocked when he heard what the contact said.

Swallow living flesh and blood?

How can it be like the symptoms of a person who has lost the dirty method?

Mo Han suddenly had a very bad hunch.

The contact person saw Mo Han's face, and his heart was drumming.

"Mo Han, did you remember something?"

"The other day, Zhang Ding asked me to do a private business."

"What private matter?"

"He seemed to face off with some strong man, and then asked me to overcast each other ..." Mo Han's face was very ugly: "I don't know how strong the man is, but the other person hit my spell."

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