Lao Meng trembled and reached out in his pocket.

Take out a piece of blood jade covered with cracks.

"this is?"

"Return to the stone, my teacher and I gave one to each other." Lao Meng's face became dignified.

"What's the purpose of this destiny stone?"

"As long as the returning stone is sent into the returning stone, no matter where the returning stone is, as long as the owner of the returning gas is abnormal, he will react to the returning stone at the same time. At that time, I had a good relationship with the teacher, so I donated one Returning to the stone, if each other is in danger, the other party can also find out in time, and may be able to help. "Lao Meng's face became increasingly ugly:" Help me dial a number. "

Deng Xianyang immediately helped Lao Meng dial the phone number he gave.

"Shut down ..." Deng Xianyang looked up at Lao Meng: "Where is your teacher?"

"He ... he's in Dabei Island!" Lao Meng's face was full of worry.

"What !? Is it ..."

"It's impossible. Dabei Island is more than 3,000 kilometers from here and it's on the high seas. That person can't get to Dabei Island in just a few minutes. It should just be a coincidence that your teacher appeared The problem may be sick or some other unexpected situation. "

At this moment, the returning stone on the palm of Lao Meng burst without warning.

Everyone froze and looked up at Lao Meng.

Lao Meng was silent for a long time: "He is dead ... Lao Deng, do you know anyone on Dabei Island? Or whose contact is it?"

"You wait ..." Lao Meng took out an old phone book.

This phone book is obviously a bit old.

After all, few people use phone books now.

Deng Xianyang flipped through the phone book, then picked up the phone and dialed over.

However, the phone also sent a shutdown prompt.

Deng Xianyang frowned and turned over a phone number.

Call again, or the shutdown prompt comes.

Deng Xianyang turned up another phone number.

This time, someone was finally connected.

But first came the loud noise, which was not the sound of an explosion, but more like the sound of a heavy object hitting the ground.

"Regardless of who you are ... come to Dabei Island to support immediately, I repeat it, support, to support Dabei Island ... A strong enemy attacks Dabei Island !!"

The voice on the other end of the phone seemed very hasty and panic.

"The patriarch ... the king has already passed ... we are saved ..."

嗷 ——

There was a huge dragon groan over the phone.

Then there was the continuous roar.

"The patriarch ... the king can't stop that person ... the king is hurt ..."

"Patriarch, what shall we do now?"

"That person ... that person is eating King ... he is not human ... he is not human ... he is a demon!"

"Don't shout ... quickly organize people to save the king ... hurry ..."

"King !!"

Just then, the person on the other end of the phone suddenly made a hysterical cry.

Obviously, something very bad happened.

The three of them on the phone don't look well.


"I don't know. I really don't know Mo Han ... I don't have his contact ..."

Screaming and mourning kept coming from the other side of the phone.

It seems like this is a call to hell.

On the other end of the phone was despair and fear.

"I know, I know anyone who knows how to contact Mo Han ... don't kill me, don't kill me ... I don't want to die ..."

Deng Xianyang threw the phone on the table.

It felt like it was throwing some big trouble.

"No ... I can't stay here." Deng Xianyang suddenly stood up and called in horror: "That man ... he'll find it back! We must leave here now, we'll hide it until everyone finds Out of reach! "

However, Lao Meng did not move.

"Lao Meng, did you hear what I said, let's go quickly!"

Gao Qun shivered, and he did not mean to leave.

Lao Meng shook his head: "If you can't escape, that person has made a mark on us. Even if we escape to the ends of the earth, we can't escape his palms."

"What about that? By the way, we set traps ... you find a few colleagues, but you are the top killer. If you sneak attack, you can kill him."

At this moment, Deng Xianyang has been scared a little.

He looked panicked as if he was holding the last straw for life.

Lao Meng slowly raised his head and looked at Deng Xianyang: "I'm afraid that person's strength is beyond our cognition. Da'ao, Da Beidao's training killer, Da Beidao's demon, they can't stop that person , Do you think the person I found can stop him? "

"What then? I don't want to die ... I don't want to wait here to die ..."

"We can't do anything." Lao Meng said calmly.

For a moment, all three fell silent.

The atmosphere in the room became extremely dead.

Time passes in minutes and seconds.

The three seemed to be waiting for a trial of fate.

The three seemingly calm, but unable to calm down.

The dawn dawn shot into the living room from the outside.

But the morning light did not bring them warmth.

Because with Chenguang, there was a figure covered with sticky blood all over his body.

All three looked like they were frying, and stood up instantly.

The whole living room was filled with blood.

The three looked at Chen Ye, and they didn't know how many people Chen Ye had killed.

But that must be a frightening number.

"Don't mind taking a shower with you?" Chen Yan glanced at Deng Xianyang.

But he was obviously not asking Deng Xianyang.

Ten minutes later, Chen Yi came out of the bathroom.

The whole person is a lot more energetic.

At this moment, Chen Yong is no longer full of hunger as before.

Although the hunger has not been completely eliminated, Chen Yan is no longer tortured by hunger.

After all, he just swallowed a dragon that had been cultivated for thousands of years.

Chen Ye also changed his clothes, and Chen Ye sat relaxedly in front of the three.

"Go out and buy breakfast." Chen Yan looked at Gao Qun: "The more, the better."

"Ah?" Gao Qun was startled, a little confused about Chen Yi's intentions.

"If you can't even buy breakfast, your value is too low."

Gao Qun ran out in general, and Chen Zheng looked at Deng Xianyang again: "Need I re-explain the intention?

Deng Xianyang's face was pale: "I can help you contact Mo Han ... Can you let me go?"

"It depends on how far you can help me."

Deng Xianyang swallowed: "I will help you to find out where he is now."

"If you can help me figure out his whereabouts, then you have saved your life."

Lao Meng glanced at Chen Yan: "Can I ask ... is the situation in Dabei Island now?"

"Most people and monsters on the island are dead." Chen Yan said lightly.

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