Ding Dong——

Deng Xianyang glanced at Lao Meng.

Lao Meng nodded, and the man was already standing behind the door.

Deng Xianyang opened the door.

See Gao Qun and a strange man standing behind Gao Qun.

Lao Meng gave Gao Qun a look.

Gao Qun knew it and said calmly, "Lao Meng, what do I bring to you?"

"Come, let's talk about advanced." Lao Meng enthusiastically invited the two into the room.

The moment Chen Chen stepped into the door, Lao Meng launched a sneak attack on Chen Qi.

The corner of Lao Meng's mouth sketched an arc.

Within ten steps, no one was spared.

Chen Huai already knew the existence of Lao Meng.

So he just raised his right arm slightly, and slaped him to grab Lao Meng's face.

Laomeng held Chen Yong's wrist on his backhand, and a short knife popped up on his cuff, trying to cut through Chen Yong's wrist.

However, the short knife did not feel any sense of cutting his wrist.

Chen Ye's palm pressed down slightly, Lao Meng's posture had collapsed backwards.

But Lao Meng's body is still flexible.

At least not because of this.

But this posture is still very uncomfortable.

Chen Xuan threw it away, throwing Lao Meng like garbage.

Lao Meng kicked his feet against the wall and ejected to Chen Yan again.

It seemed that he was very dissatisfied with the momentary loss.

He thought it was his own intention.

Or maybe he was counted by the other party.

The opponent must have perceived him hiding behind the door.

So this time, Lao Meng intends to go all out.

Broken Claw! Lao Meng has been bullying himself in front of Chen Yi for less than one meter in one hundredth of a second.

At this moment, Lao Meng's hands suddenly disappeared.

The next moment appeared in front of Chen Ye, grabbing toward Chen Ye's face.

His palms are like breaking through space.

However, the next moment Chen Yu grabbed his palm, and Lao Meng's two hands were caught by Chen Yi in an instant.

Chen Ye twisted it gently, and Lao Meng's hands were twisted into twist by Chen Ye.

Chen Zheng once again abandoned Lao Meng as garbage.

Both Deng Xianyang and Gao Qun were scared.

Lao Meng lost?

He actually lost?

Isn't he invincible within ten meters?

Even Zhang Tianshi dare not let Lao Meng enter the range of ten meters.

But now ... he was beaten by others within ten meters.

And they lost so terribly, so quickly.

To the extent that they did not respond, Lao Meng was defeated.

It was as if Chen Hao had never happened before, and he sat down in front of the sofa.

"I hope you can bring me some useful information, otherwise, you have no value to survive." Chen Yan said indifferently.

Deng Xianyang looked at Lao Meng on the ground.

At this moment, Lao Meng's arms rolled like twists.

But for his killer.

As long as it is not dead, it is deadly.

However, Lao Meng shook his head at Deng Xianyang.

Lao Mengqiang put up with pain and didn't make a sound.

For Lao Meng at this moment, the external injury is far less than the internal injury.

In other words, it was a blow to the heart.

He has never lost so badly.

So direct, so simply.

"I don't have Mo Han's contact method, but I know one person absolutely has it." Deng Xianyang tried to keep calm.


"My boss, the founder and helmsman of the Manchurian Association, Ma'am, almost all monk-killers in Huaxia are under his command." Deng Xianyang said, "He's a millennium who has cultivated for thousands of years. Demon, not only has hundreds of thousands of monk killers, but also controls hundreds of deformed demons. "

"Where can I find him?" Chen Ye has automatically filtered out Deng Xianyang's introduction to Da Ye.

"Are you really going to find him?"

"Where can I find him?" Chen Yan asked again.

"Great North Island," Deng Xianyang said.


Deng Xianyang didn't talk nonsense and gave the exact location directly.

Chen Yan glanced at Deng Xianyang: "I hope the position is accurate, otherwise I will come back to you."

Later, Chen Yan turned and left.

Neither Deng Xianyang nor Gao Qun expected Chen Li to let them go.

It's just a bit uncomfortable.

"Old Deng ... he really left?" Gao Qun asked a little worried.

Deng Xianyang looked at Gao Qun's face a bit ugly.

After all, trouble is brought by Gao Qun.

Deng Xianyang helped Lao Meng.

"Lao Meng, how are you?"

"The injuries are very serious, and basically I can't do anything with people in a few years." Lao Meng said deeply.

Deng Xianyang looked at Gao Qun: "What is the origin of that man?"

"I don't know, he suddenly appeared in front of my house, and then subdued me ..." Gao Qun explained the cause and effect briefly.

However, he was faintly guessing who was revealing him.

"No matter who he is, he is dead anyway." Deng Xianyang said grimly.

Gao Qun glanced at Lao Meng: "I am afraid that man is as good as the top assassin."

"What about it, Dabei Island is the nest of Dasao, not only hundreds of demons, but also thousands of trained assassins, and Dasao ’s thousand-year cultivation, let alone the nameless generation, Even Zhang Tianshi may not dare to say that he will win. Da Bei Dao can't be overstated as saying that it is a dragon cave and a tiger's cave. He went there alone, but he just sought his own way. "

"Are you bringing trouble to the east, aren't you afraid Dasao will find you afterwards?" Gao Qun asked.

"Is this troublesome for Grandma? Hehe ..." Deng Xianyang sneered.

"Do you really have Mohan's contact information?"

Gao Qun looked at Deng Xianyang. After all, the rules of Wan Huihui were specified by Datong.

The killer will only contact the contact person, not even the grandma can force the contact person to come up with the contact information of the killer.

Gao Qun did not know if there was Mo Han's contact information.

However, he knew that Deng Xianyang must have it.

Because Deng Xianyang was Mo's liaison.

"Perhaps, but as the helm of Wanlihui, he is naturally obliged to solve some unconventional troubles for us."

Lao Meng has been silent.

Deng Xianyang asked Lao Meng while he was treating him, "Lao Meng, what's wrong?"

"That person gave me a very uncomfortable feeling." Lao Meng said.

"What uncomfortable feeling?"

"I do not know."

"Okay, don't think about it so much, we just have to wait for the good news. If the guy is not dead, I will ask Dasao to bring him over, and then let you personally take revenge. Now you have to The only thing is to take good care of the wound, otherwise, even if he is tied to you, you will not be able to beat him. "

"I hope so." Lao Meng sighed. "When I go home first, if there is any news, I will be notified immediately."

"Okay, just wait for the good news at home."

Lao Meng stood up and was about to leave. Suddenly, he felt ashamed and uncomfortable. He almost did not stand still, and sat on the sofa with his buttocks.

"Lao Meng, what's wrong with you?"

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