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This is a story of how a skilled otaku saves the world.

Because of his indulgence in playing the game, Luo Di becomes alienated from life. The result was that he became the most well-known Ranger in the game, «Cracked Earth». After crossing over into the world of the game, he found himself returned two years before the game had started, a point in history with subtle yet lasting effects.

The destroyed country was still intact, and his beloved woman hadn’t yet succumbed to the flames of war brought by the orcs.

Shadows of the undead still linger along its borders, while the masks worn by aristocrats had yet to be torn off.

Events have yet to occur, but Luo Di knew he couldn’t just grip his bow tightly and sit. He wouldn’t watch once more as these lands broke before disaster, thus taking the first step along an epic journey of conflict.

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Short Title:DL
Alternate Title:狩魔领主
Author:Deathwing Neltharion
Weekly Rank:#2006
Monthly Rank:#2385
All Time Rank:#2216
Tags:Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Imperial Harem, Male Protagonist, Transmigration, Transported into a Game World,
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7 Comments on “Demon Lord
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  1. Chapter 180 As of this chapter. He has gotten entangled with 3 female characters. Most of the things he's done in the earlier chapter have been related to the first female character he meets. The last 10 chapters have been related to the second female character he meets. And most likely the next few chapters too. He kills a bunch of humans because of her. Then he starts spewing crap about having to kill them because they will hinder his plan. Such nonsense The third character is a girl he meets who was injured. He decides to save her for "prestige". Like a fool, he speaks secrets in front of her. Then she escapes. Surprisingly, she showed up to where he was helping the 2nd female character. What a shocker. This guy acts like he is looking forward but subconsciously goes for females. Stay tuned for more updates.

  2. I do not recommend this novel, at the beginning it is interesting, but it starts, the MC, trusting more in earth technology to win than in his class, where near the end only remains in the history of politics and construction, so whoever wants to read already knows , it is not worth considering the quality that the novel falls towards the end.

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