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The boy named Ulysses has longed for the respected profession of priest since he was a child, and has been working hard for this ideal. However, by chance, he became the heir to the Demon King chosen by the “Book of Curses”. After experiencing many setbacks and blows, he is still working hard, trying hard, trying to return to the path of priesthood.

However, there are many powerful enemies in front of him.

Always getting lost, the heroic fiancee of Ulysses is single-minded, Rasha; guarding the “Book of Curses”, the little devil Aya who will do anything to turn him into a demon king; very worried and worried about his own children, the extreme north. Earth’s Ice Phoenix mother; Helen, the strongest weapon girl who can destroy the world for her father.

A witch with very bad magic but excellent swordsmanship, a saint with divine power, a dragon who burns like a flame, a Hydra who loves to mate and love everyone together… Today there are also many brave warriors who are ready to crusade against the Demon King.

In front of these lovely and enthusiastic warriors, can he really become a pure-hearted priest as he wishes?

(In this story of love and justice, the girls who can “tear down” the demon king are all brave)

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:DLPI
Alternate Title:魔王神官II
Author:Fat Bread
Weekly Rank:#3283
Monthly Rank:#3983
All Time Rank:#8196
Tags:Harem, Male Protagonist, R-18,
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  1. I suspicious prist can't married or get relationship in that era cause have powerful prst they strong in politic or follower. And have ed and can't do tht, and that make the prest change if you want become prst you must not become lust and with grl or mn or married and have child cause that prst who like powerful influence can't do that. The Prophets like can have sx and married include can poly and have child so the speculate crch and prst can't do that cause he can't in bed

  2. In this era priest can do that married and have child , cause the cruch right now different and not fanatic or control people around like puppet

  3. No matter what anyone says but one thing this novel on the top that's the synopsis damn i don't remember when I read just good synopsis P S the comparison is only between CNs

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