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Delicate Beauty Becomes the Beloved of Four Brothers After Her Rebirth!

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【Double Life】

Bai Xianyu is a well-known beauty of Da Kui, soft and beautiful, with a natural beauty.

Xie Xingyun is the son of the Hou Mansion, who became famous at a young age and was well-known in Beijing.

The most regretful thing Bai Xianyu did in her previous life was to stalk her and marry Xie Xingyun, but after years of indifference, Xie Xingyun never loved her.

Until, the two of them were reborn to discuss marriage.

The eldest brother of the major general holds a spear: “If you want to marry you, let him step over me!”

The second brother of the richest man is coquettish and arrogant: “Apart from being poor, how can this kid compare to your second brother?”

The third brother of the powerful minister sneered sneeringly: “My fifth younger sister is soft-tempered, she must have been deceived by you!”

The fourth brother of Xinke champion Lang Fengshen Junlang: “What’s so good about being married, brother studies and supports you…”

Bai Xianyu returned to his senses in a daze: “Okay… I won’t marry.”

Everyone was overjoyed.

Xie Xingyun stood silently outside the door, condescendingly staring at her smiling face.

The news that Bai Xianyu had given up on the son of the Marquis of Zhenbei spread quickly in Beijing, and the son of a family who came to propose marriage broke through the threshold of the General’s Mansion.

Seeing her turn a blind eye to himself.

Seeing her smiling and talking about marriage with others.

Xie Xingyun, who was always cold and respectful, drank wine and went over the wall of the General’s Mansion in the middle of the night, “… You said that you will not marry anyone but me.”

Bai Xianyu bit her lip, “Master Hou, please respect yourself, this is my boudoir.”

“I am your husband.”

[Jiangmen Little White Rabbit x Qingleng Xiaohou]

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Short Title:DBBB
Alternate Title:娇软美人重生后被四个哥哥团宠了
Author:The cat who listens to the wind and tells the story
Weekly Rank:#123
Monthly Rank:#113
All Time Rank:#2891
Tags:Alchemy, Cultivation, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Transmigration,
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11 Comments on “Delicate Beauty Becomes the Beloved of Four Brothers After Her Rebirth!
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  1. Over all story is good. There was a phase FL not caring for love , indifferent to his feeling then confusion then recognition. but there's no second male lead according to my understanding.

  2. Spoiler Alert🚨 Author warned on the first chapter that FL have zero force value but holy fudge, she's really annoying af. (ALSO LEMME CLARIFY IT FIRST. THE LOVE GU WAS NOT GIVEN BY ML AND HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT ENTERED FL. THE DOCTOR WAS CARELESS SO IT ACCIDENTALLY WENT INTO FL) She keeps saying that she need to protect her brothers but she's making enemies here and there instead of making connections when she had the advantage by being from the general's mansion. She honestly won't be able to survive without ML with her stupid actions. How many times did she almost die or get in trouble and without ML what could she have done? She literally would've croak earlier and she's still ungrateful. She acts like she'll never be in danger because she's reborn and know everything, going around without guards and going around casually like she's not from a good family is literally screaming, kill me I'm open to kill. At least ML didn't flirt or hanged out with other women in the last life but the way she was with 2nd ML is disgusting, she's like a harlot with her actions tbh, and 2nd ML didn't appear so much. It's like 7-10chapters max and he disappeared fast lmao. She's also a bish for using a person with terrible trauma that made them crazy, making her remember her the trauma and what happened at the time when she's already suffering. (ref. to Youlan) ML is a narcissist, it showed in the early chapters where he had this mindset that as long as things went the way it went as the last life, she'll like me and fawn over me. It's annoying and I would love to slap him but at least once he realize he was stupid because he didn't have much emotions, he tried to change and make up for all of it. A person like that was already doing so much and he was making efforts and doesn't even ask much. Although he deserved the crematorium, he did protect FL and her family secretly in the last life and did more for her but she just didn't know. He had a cold personality by nature and FL knew that from start to finish, I don't get why it took so much chapter to have the actual forgiveness and love scene, it took like 406 chapters where she actually realize she still has feelings for him? Everything in the last life was a misunderstanding formed by miscommunication by both sides and as you read further it does say that FL's only problem was ML being "cold and possessive" and her feeling that he didn't really like her but if you read clearly it says from time to time what ML doesldid for her in the past (such as he likes teasing her, he likes sleeping with her a lot and is possessive of her and is jealous when she dress so little in front of many people, he's a germaphobe or something and doesn't like being close to anyone but he touches her and let her get so close and even sleeps with her). His jealousy and his possessiveness, FL thinks all those are bad things??? Tf?? She wants him to love her but doesn't want him to be possessive and jealous, isn't that already a sign of liking or love because what man wants his partner to be seen/coveted by others. He also didn't accept any concubines even when being pushed bye the emperor. I honestly don't know what else FL wants. ML's mistake is that he didn't tell FL immediately about the love gu when he finally found out FL was infected. He's stupid af for that. I agree with the others in the comment section that it got to the point where it's just annoying and boring, the push and chase was too much so I skimmed through a few chapters and guess what, I still understood the entire context after a few skipped chapters. Basically there's too much fillers and took a while for revenge scenes to happen. (Literally the part where the main story/plot actually started progressing was around 360+) Author likes making crematorium in this but author is so contradictory in a lot of things. Author says ML was bad to FL at first then whenever FL have flashbacks or remembers the past, it just shows how ML was possessive or jealous or sulking. Also there's this part that pissed me off. Bai Jingyuan was staying away from women then this Qin Zhirou bish came and poisoned him and it somehow became his fault that this woman went to him and presented herself naked, tf? She did that to save her dad but is he required to actually help her after being calculated by her? I wanna feel bad for her but she's actually not the victim here. The victim is Bai Jingyuan, since he's the one who got dr**ged by her and she came to him. If it were a girl and the guy was the one who use dr*gs on the girl and suddenly it was the girls fault because she let him do what he wants while she was mentally unconscious because of the dr*gs. Isn't that disgusting?? Bai Jingyuan's wrong is after that he treated her bad, he should've just thrown her away. He's disgusting for that but I rather not have another crematorium scene so I fast read the unnecessary parts. Idk why it was even added if they're not gonna tackle their back story afterwards🤷🏻‍♀️ It's just retarded in a lot of ways so I'll give this a 2⭐ at least author did say it was their first time making this kind of plot. It sucked but it has effort in it. Too much drama and abuse thing though. FL is too ungrateful and unappreciative and ML is stupid af with decision making and likes using lies to make FL pity him. Author kinda rushed the ending, there were so many unexplored plots. From the reason ML died in the last life, from what happened to 2nd ML after the war and what happened to characters that seemed important but are suddenly forgotten such as their grandma and uncle who suddenly disappeared after separation, about the Qin Zhirou who slept with 3rd brother, what happened with Ji Shuang in the last life and why did she disappeared. What was the ending of the Wu Xuan emperor? What about extras with their kids? Stuff like that. They didn't even had the talk about them being siblings. (Ref.to emperor) Felt like he didn't get the punishment he deserves.

  3. I just saw a novel but i lost it. Its in ancient china, the fl lived in the temple died and reborn. She was a salted fish. But suddenly there was a tragedy in her family that all the male were exiled. So she had to step up and take care of the family. So then she starting earning money by going to people with her skills. Pleasr help me find this novel.

  4. Only made it to Ch 210 I don't like the MC. She is weak and indecisive. Also so far I have no idea how she died in her first life. The ML is also reborn and we don't know how he died. How did she fall out of love with the ML? No explanation. **Spoiler** I'm giving up because she was accidentally given a love gu that makes her fall back in love with the ML. The ML gu doctor knows and has decided not to say anythingto either of them. Forcing someone to love someone disgustes me

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