A firelight ascended to heaven, and Assi retreated several steps in a row, but failed, but the rose dress on his stomach suddenly showed a black burn mark. If it weren’t for this dress, it was specially made by the rose temple before leaving, and it had Certain rune protection, otherwise this coat would have to burn.

  The skyrocketing fire light is only the continuation of the fire energy, and Lie Na Chai Jing's attack did not stop. He opened and closed with strides, his body followed closely like a tarsal maggot, his shoulders brightened his elbows, and fierce fists hit.

   Although Fantsey was caught off guard and staggered for a few steps by the snake that was just now, he quickly settled down.

   The last battle was just self-confidence, but at this moment, evenly matched opponents and sufficient self-confidence allowed him to play smoothly.

   I saw that his expression was highly concentrated at this time, his body was like a tumbler, and his steps were like a pendulum.

Lie Nao Chai Jing’s Lie Nao Fist, fists and elbow killer moves are connected and interlocked. The foundation of traditional martial arts is extremely solid. With the explosion of fire energy, he has the ability to rank four hundred years away from the original Dragon City. Suddenly, it seemed to have jumped several steps, full of pressure.

  Fantasy swings more and more naturally. In many cases, the body is not even actively working, but naturally dodges under the driving force of the opponent's fierce offensive, and grows lotus every step! More than just footsteps, every part of his body and every mass of fat seemed to participate in this dodge. The original bulging belly can be gathered in an instant, and the smooth and greasy fat on his body is unbearable like cotton. Li, he had obviously been hit with heavy punches several times, but a burst of turbulence from the fat'Duang, Duang, Duang' could halve ten percent of his strength, and finally slid away from his fat.

   One attacked fiercely, while the other defended with a wonderfully clever attack.

   another uppercut missed, but a ray of light flashed in Chai Jing's eyes at this moment, and the fire energy of his whole body was concentrated on the missed right fist at this moment.

  Wild bite!


I saw that the fire energy that went up to the sky suddenly turned a corner in the air, turned from cremation into a shining tongue with the thickness of an arm, spitting out a ferocious serpentine shape, toward Fan Tsi’s neck He bit up hard.


  Fantasy's fat can shed the energy of the impact, but this is ‘bited’ down...Fantasy only feels that the peculiar energy form is like a cone or a needle, with amazing penetrating power.

   At this time, he could only lean back in time, and his body was violently pulled, and the ‘wild bite’ snake head and cone stab had already rushed to his shoulder.

On the rose costume, the runes gleamed fiercely, with the protection composed of the fantasy spirit power, but it broke in an instant. A large piece of clothing on the shoulder burned directly and was penetrated, together with the fantasy defense inside. The amazing fat didn't stop the'biting' power at this time.


The power of the wild bite instantly penetrated through Fantasy's left shoulder, and directly penetrated, like an invisible sharp arrow, smashed the floor tiles below, and made a scorched black nest. Fantasy was injured and painful, and his body moved back slightly. With a stagger, the legs kicked by Lie Na Chai Jing's homeopathic movement hit the chest.


   The strong impact erupted and flew Fantasy directly out a few meters away. His fat body bounced on the ground, and he rolled back seven or eight laps, which was able to stabilize.

   Lie Na Chai Jing didn't take advantage of the victory to pursue the attack, so that Fantasy had a chance to get up.

   I saw that there were two burnt black footprints on his chest at this time, his left arm was slightly drooping, and his left shoulder was black.

   But Fantsey's eyes were full of radiance.

The pain did not scare him, but made him truly focused. Before that, he had been thinking about what kind of posture to defeat the opponent to be handsome. After all, the main purpose of Asiba wanted to become stronger. , Just to attract the girl's attention... But at this moment, only the excitement of fighting was left in Asiba's mind.

  Afeng is right. Fighting is really cool. Take Afeng’s words, it’s very cool and MAN!


The original invisible aura of Fantasea seemed to become tangible at this moment, and his spirit power was no longer transparent, but turned slightly white. It spread out behind him, indistinctly, it turned out to be a fangs and dancing claws. White giant tiger!

   But this scene did not make the Vulcan disciples in the surrounding stands admire or jealous, they had already seen through Fantasy.

   After all, a burst of laughter inevitably rang out from the stands. It really deserves to be the famous Fan Paao in the journey of the Dragon City. He can only hide and avoid, but in the end, is it useless? Even if you stand up now, even if your aura becomes stronger, what's the point of hiding?

   "Give up, Rose's little fat man, what's the point of standing up like you did?"

   "You can't win the game if you only hide, Mr. Run!"

   The ridicule is not too much, but the buzzing makes people feel a little uncomfortable. Winnie raised her brows. This is when she plays!

"To shut up!"

   A dull roar made the entire martial arts arena instantly quiet, not from the Old Wang team, it was actually Chai Jing in the field.

Rose Fantasy’s information is actually very transparent, especially the reputation of “Fan Paopao” during the Dragon City tour, which once made Asiba a joke for the entire church. It can be said that almost everyone in the church looks at Fan. When Tessie was in a teasing color, it was not the other members of the Old Wang team who could really empathize with this teasing, but Chai Jing in front of him.

Born in a prominent family, he has been unable to awaken the power of Naruto, and even the most common fire energy cannot be used. He can only exist as a traditional martial artist. This is what Chai Jing has been deeply inferior to since childhood. What's more humiliating is that in the previous hero contest, just because he looked a little more'handsome', more people were using the words'little white face' and family background' to label him.

  Being able to become the main team member of the Vulcan Mountain Temple as a traditional martial artist without any fire energy, Chai Jing has to work harder and play harder than almost 99% of the people in this world! But just because he was born into the Lie Naru family, and only because of his ‘handsome’, no one has ever seen or faced his efforts squarely, labeling him a family and face...

Chai Jing was not reconciled and was angry about this, so he understood that Fantasy, who carried the reputation of "Fan Paopao", had endured the strength of his own wild bite, and could stand there with his teeth gritted, and his eyes could burn so blazingly. The opponent in the flames of war... how much like the self who has not yet awakened? How can people be insulted!

"Anyone who works hard is worthy of respect." Chai Jing's body is also changing, and the flame covering his body has become more intense, the flame slowly transforming behind him, and the aura of the whole person is rapidly rising. , Facing the opposite white tiger Fantasy: "I will try my best to defeat you!"

The flames around Chai Jing suddenly turned into a faint snake-like shape. On both sides of the snake's head, there were fan-like flaky wind wings, making the whole snake's head look like an inverted triangle. It is the legendary eight who controls the wind and fire. The appearance of a zombie! Opposite Fantasea's supernatural white tiger.

Fantsey stayed in a daze, the flesh of his fat face was a bit trembling, he really didn't care about the so-called ridicule now, but he didn't even dream that he would have an opponent talking for himself one day... The sympathy!

   Asibah is really the first experience in his life, his eyes are bright, so cool!

"come on!"

   The fire can erupt in an instant, but only a burst of fire light is seen, without any sound!

   Chai Jing's speed at this moment actually broke through the sound barrier, and he rushed in front of Fantasy in an instant.

   The white tiger can collide with the might of the burning snake god, as if intertwined with resistance, the eyes of the two flicker, and the winner will be decided in an instant.

   I saw Chai Jing rushing forward with one knee, turning the flames into snakes, and rushing forward.


Fantsey did not choose to dodge this time. When the Tai Chi Tiger was fully awakened, all his movements were as slow as a snail in his eyes. Of course, this was only an increase in consciousness, not a faster self. It was too late to avoid him. Did not plan to hide again.

   At this time, the tiger probed its claws and swiped gently to the left. The use of clever force actually deflected the attack directly, but the next step was consistency.

Chai Jing’s body is constantly rotating, and every time he is stunned by Fantasy, he can not only seamlessly connect to the next step, but also opens up a new level of ability, faster and more powerful. Strong!

   Desolate bite, Demon Burning, Lie Nao, Dahe, Charging God... All the combos finally turned into a phantom of the fire snake that soared to the sky, whizzing ferociously, and killing everything.

  Liuhe in all directions, wild and wild!


   The dashing shadow hit the white tiger and took it to the sky!

This is an irresistible force. The aura has exceeded the limit of the tiger top. At this moment, everyone seems to see the ancient snake god's domineering posture of the ancient snake gods. In theory, I am afraid it is already the top ten standards.

   block? How to stop the joke? I am afraid that only the top ten can resist directly!

  The fire holy cousins ​​around the stands were all surprised and delighted. They were surprised to find that Chai Jing, who was originally just a worthy person, has become a powerful person who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the captain!

   is over, Chai Jing will win, Vulcan will win!

Ok? and many more……

   I saw the white tiger that was rushed into the air, his head raised slightly, and he broke free from the momentum, followed by the white spirit power like a tarsal maggot spirally wound on the fire!

   The two rays of light entangled, maintaining the upward trend and then flying up a few meters, making people unable to see their movements and distinguishing the heights. Following the rays of light, they paused in the air and then fell quickly.


  The fire light and white light intertwined and smashed to the ground fiercely. The ground cracked and the figure in the two rays of light revealed the real body.

   I saw Fantasy wrapped around Lie Na Chai Jing's back, passing his hands under his armpits, and then pressing his back neck in turn, with his fingers clasped fiercely!

   Dark dogfight, guillotine!

   Chai Jing was struggling frantically, his shoulders, necks, and arm joints made a popping sound, and his body desperately wanted to lean back.

  Fantsey's legs seem to be rooted in the ground. When the two thick arms are fastened, they are like iron hoops welded to death with a torch, and they are even tightened.

The fire in Chai Jing's whole body exploded rapidly, but the more he struggled, the more hypoxic he became. This strength exploded quickly and was lost quickly. In just three to five seconds, the high flames had quickly dimmed, and he was quickly dimmed. The white light on Tessie was suppressed and covered up.

   His entire face was flushed at this time, and his eyelids suddenly drooped, his struggling arms loosened slightly, and his head drooped.


   The fire energy burning all over his body also extinguished instantly, and the whole person fainted directly.

   Lost, lost?

   Looking at Chai Jing, who had lost the power to resist, the fire sacred cousins ​​around the stands were full of disbelief.

   After awakening, Lie Nai Chai Jing was so strong that he pressed Fantasy from the beginning to the end, but he was only captured by a control action in the end, so he lost?

   There was no sound around the stands.

  Fantasy can obviously feel the state of the other party, remembering that this guy had spoken for himself before, and he released the guillotine in time, and then reached out and patted his back lightly.

  Udi is usually "strangled" every day. As for how to give first aid, Asiba is definitely an expert in this area.

   A wave of soul power is sent gently into the palm of the hand......

   "Cough cough cough!" Chai Jing coughed out suddenly, staggering forward a few steps.

   At this time, his mind was still black, and his ears buzzed. After suffocation, the hypoxic state lasted for about four or five seconds, and he finally caught his breath in the cough.

  The surrounding stands were still quiet at this time. Chai Jing turned his head in disbelief, and looked at the chubby Fantasy with a complicated expression. Asiba grinned at him: "You said, use your best!"

   The surprise and frustration in Chai Jing's eyes soon disappeared, and replaced by a kind of calmness.

The two words that Fantsey said before are actually what he said for himself. It is not that he has not experienced failure. On the contrary, he has experienced a lot of failures. In fact, he is very indifferent to this and really makes him care. Yes, the feeling of being teased.

   But Fantasy didn't tease him. He tried his best. He regarded Chai Jing as his true opponent. This is the greatest respect for losers.

   "Heh..." A smile lifted from the corner of Lie Na Chai Kyo's mouth.

   He took a deep breath, walked over to Fantasy Sea, grabbed his right hand, and then raised it to the surrounding stands: "Fantasy, win!"

   The area around the stands was still in shock and quiet at this time, but seeing this action, it seemed that everyone was infected.


   All the disciples of Huo Shengtang stood up at this time and sent full applause to the two soldiers off the court.

   Asibah was really stunned this time. In fact, he was not the only one who was stunned, including Winnie, Kola and others beside him.

  Fight...It turns out that it can be so beautiful.

   Asibah didn't know if he was excited or excited at this moment, but he felt a little dizzy. He didn't even dare to think about the applause at home.

   "I invite you to drink tonight!" This is Chai Jing's voice, "This battle is very happy."

   The sincere voice made Asiba sober and smiled.

"it is good!"

With this first game of "Xinxiang Xi", the smell of gunpowder that was not strong in the battlefield became weaker in an instant, but after abandoning utilitarianism, the purely competitive meaning did not diminish in the slightest. Instead, it becomes more intense.


A beautiful fire witch stood up. She was wearing a standard fire sacred hall wizard uniform, holding a crystal staff in her hand, and the bright red high-level fire soul crystal at the top shone dimly, looking strange. Extraordinary, and even more amazing is the fire spirit beside her!

She has the size and appearance of a human. The light, fiery red fluff wraps her body like a close-fitting dress. On her back are four thin wings like a dragonfly. She is petite as small as a palm. When she danced, she made a sound of'嘤嘤嘤', hovering for a while to the left of Narakuluo, and then'shoo', poking out her head from her right shoulder, looking curiously and cautiously at the Lao Wang team People.

This is not a soul beast. Elves are elemental creatures. They will actively be attracted to humans with powerful souls with the same attributes, and then follow them for life, and can be followed by a fire elf. Narakuro’s fire attribute talent is obviously quite amazing— -Vulcan!

   Of course, to be a digression, creatures like elves are not purely talented by soul-seeds. Compared to soul-seed talents, elves are actually more ‘face-seeing’...

   Na Luo Luo is obviously a standard big beauty, her body is even more exquisitely undulating, bumpy, and extremely sexy. A pair of burgundy eyes faintly looked in the direction of the old Wang team, quietly waiting for the opponent to pick someone to play.

Regardless of his beautiful appearance and politeness, this is the deputy captain of the Vulcan team. He has fought two heroes with Varalorka. The record is not bad. Apart from the captain Varalorka, he is the only one in the round of 16. The Vulcan players who have beaten their opponents have a personal ranking of about one hundred and five in the sanctuary, which is the second person in the team.

   "Pull up."

   坷拉 came out, clasped a fist slightly towards Naruoluo, and acted like an orc: "Please enlighten me!"

At this time, the two beauties are standing opposite each other. Compared with the noble beauty of Narakuluo, Keola is a wild beauty. The figure and the heroic facial features are ready to emerge. When confronting Narakuluo, everyone is quite a feast for the eyes. feel.

Na Luo Luo smiled lightly. When Huo Shengtang attacked the Rose Temple, the excuse used was an orc name like'Ke La'. It shouldn't be in parallel with the heroes of the temple, so she didn't know how to go to the Dragon City last time. I didn't go, but I knew the female orc in front of me quite well.

To survive the Battle of Dragon City, the opponent is definitely more than the strength of the "Dragon City 400-odd name" that the outside world slandered. There was no contempt in Nairoluo's eyes. The staff in his hand was only slightly raised, and a ball of fire was in the law. The tops of the rods gather.

   The power is very strong. Although it is a stored and unspent starting hand, the high temperature of the flame can be felt more than ten meters away.

  坷拉 also lowered his body slightly and assumed an offensive posture.

  The battle begins!

  The battle between the wizard and the martial artist is often about control, the distance and the timing of the opponent's shots, so whoever shots first can almost have the advantage.


A small fireball whizzed out like a greeting, and the figure slumped down slightly swayed at this time. The strong muscles stretched her body like a vigorous cheetah at this time. One body, flying towards the left to avoid. , Followed by the toes and gently tapped on the ground, turning to kill.

   Na Luo Luo's face Gujing Shibu, the pulling action may be fast enough in the eyes of many people, but her witchcraft is faster.

  Fire Elf rarely participates in attacks in battle, but it can provide the owner with unparalleled energy life and the ability to get closer to the fire element.

When others control their soul power, they use their mind to drive, but for people with fire elves, they control the fire energy in their body, just like manipulating their own will, without the driving steps, the thoughts of the heart, It is fire energy!


   There is almost no pause, the fire soul crystal on the staff suddenly shines, the second fireball has been shot, and it is followed by a series of fireballs that are like machine guns!


   There is no complicated magic circle, just a lot of volume! The fire bombs that fired in a row rushed from left to right, forming an airtight fire bomb net in an instant, sealing almost all the moving positions of the front, back, left, and right sides.


Such a intensive attack is simply inevitable, so that Ke La's already dexterous figure is completely useless at this time. In the blink of an eye, dozens of fire bombs have been hit and exploded in series. The huge blasting force smashed her backwards, rolling on the ground three or four times before she could stop.

A slightly burnt smell dissipated, and several large holes were burned in the clothes that were instantly burned, and the fire was still ablaze, but in the next second, he rolled on the spot and held his head on the ground. The leg kicked in the opposite direction, like a gray shadow turning and shooting, avoiding the fireballs from the chase and rushing up again.

"Fire resistance is good." A glimmer of admiration flashed in Nairoluo's eyes. Although the orc had a thick skin, his resistance to witchcraft was relatively ordinary. He could resist the combo of fireballs he had just now and still maintain such a strong combat effectiveness. , Is indeed commendable for the orcs.

  Also, there is Li Wenni in the opposing team. She usually does not use fireball to train her when she wants to come. If she suffers more, the resistance will naturally rise.

   Use a small fireball, I'm afraid it can't be solved.

Kola's sprint speed is extremely fast, but Nailao's face is still calm, the top of the staff in her hand pauses at this moment, a fiery red light shines, but it is no longer a small fireball, but a shot A chain of fire like a whip!

   Chain Fire Dragon Art!

   The whip-like fire chain shoots directly at the sling like a spirit, the slinging speed is already very fast, but how can it catch up with this flying element?

With a flick of the chain of fire, it swept past like a whip, and Ke La had to jump up, and in the next second, the chain of fire turned in the air and rolled up like a real thing. .


   The chain of fire was entangled, and the fast-moving cradle was suddenly grabbed, and it strangled severely in the air.


   The terrifying flame instantly exploded from the fire chain whip, and the whole person seemed to be engulfed in the flame and burned.

   This is the chain of Vulcan. Once it is tied up, it cannot break free. If it does not surrender, it can only be burned to death!

Humans really have too many ways and tricks to deal with orcs who can only fight in close quarters. Naraku did not want to kill the opponent. The staff in her hand paused slightly, waiting for the opponent to surrender, but at this time. .


   A flash of lightning that implies thunder and lightning suddenly arrived.

   Soul Javelin!

   The thunder gun came too fast and too suddenly, Na Luoluo's pupils shrank slightly, the staff flashed, and a thick fire shield suddenly stood up.


  The tip of the thunder gun pierced the fire shield, and it stopped after only about half an inch. The two energies faced each other in the air, ‘pop’, the light of thunder disappeared, and was eventually swallowed by the fire shield.

Unexpectedly, this orc had the ability to attack from a distance. Nairolu was a little relieved, but found that the opposite side was originally locked by the chain of fire. She had already lost a trace. He distracted his strength and attention to the defense of the fire shield. The chain of fire was natural. With the opponent’s fire resistance and strength, it is not difficult to break free, but...

   Where is the person?


A heavy whip leg slammed down from behind Narakuta, and the fire shield shone fiercely. Although it was blocked, the huge impact still smashed Naraku forward for a few steps and followed closely. This is a continuous stroke like a river.

   her eyes are as clear as water, punches, shoulders, kicks, knees!

   The orcs’ tricks behind close are different from that of humans. They don’t have so many routines at all. They are good at turning every part of their body into weapons to attack the enemy, doing everything possible to maximize damage.

   Boom! boom! boom! boom!

The terrifying impact rushed Naraku back again and again. The fire shield's ability to withstand the fire was extremely strong, but every impact made the fire shield's light stunned. The endless attack and the strong defense would be broken. At this moment, Naraku who was shielding the fire shield struck a sudden.

   "Fire Feather Shenxiang!"

   The fire elves that hovered around her in a hurry changed abruptly, turned into a flame and attached to her back, and immediately, two huge flame wings spread out.


Na Luo Luo suddenly soared into the sky ~www.mtlnovel.com~ hovering at an altitude of 20 to 30 meters, the huge flame wings spread out to be a full two to three meters wide, at this time, it was slightly fanned in the air, like real fire. Like the wings of a bird, it helps her levitate.

   actually forced himself to fuse with the elves, and used fire feathers.

   Naluo dropped the staff in her hand violently, and a huge spell was chanting and gathering, and the naked-eye, dots of firelight gathered crazily above her head, forming a huge cloud of fire.

   This orc is not simple. Whether it is fire resistance or close speed, it is absolutely above the level. It is even different from ordinary fighters. It also has good long-range abilities. If you are not careful, it is really possible to capsize in the gutter.

  Quick battle!

  Na Luoluo's eyes flashed, and the staff pressed down, the sky full of fire clouds suddenly turned over, like a river and the sea, there were terrifying magma, meteorites, fireballs, and flame bombs madly pouring down from the fire clouds.

   All nine burns are destroyed!

It was a terrifying scene like apocalypse. Although I knew that Naraku would control the range of his shots and would not spread to the surrounding stands, but the surrounding fire holy cousins ​​still couldn’t help feeling some lingering fears, some of the front row. People even began to subconsciously support the spirit shield defense.

   Right below the attack center, the poor female orc was like a helpless ant standing at the lava vent when the volcano was blown out... No, not an ant.

   Crackling crackling!

   There is no despair or surrender in her eyes, the shining thunder has already gathered in her palm.

It's useless! A trace of indifference flashed in Na Luoluo's eyes. She had already learned the enemy's thunder gun, and could not break the defense of her own fire shield. Besides, she had wings and could easily avoid it.