Xiaojian was completely stunned!

So... the so-called lower realm turned out to be the earth!

If you say that, isn't it that he didn't pass through, but ascended from the earth to the upper realm, and soared to the country of Yan!

This news made Xiaojian stunned for a while, but he didn't expect this to be the result!

Wait a minute!

Now that the news was too fast, Xiaojian woke up immediately!

Xiaojian couldn't help it anymore and rushed into the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China anxiously.

After more than a hundred years of vacancy, the inside of the bank is full of thick dust, the glass door has been completely broken, but the high-strength alloy glass on the counter still remains.

The metal chairs in the hall are already half-corroded and half-rusted, and the surrounding marble walls are also covered with huge and hideous cracks, which makes people worry about whether this wall will collapse at any time.

In front of the mighty force of time, even the hardest stones will leave traces.

Xiaojian walked into the counter behind the bank, and when he approached, he saw a few human-shaped skeletons mixed with white and green under the counter behind the high-strength alloy glass!


Someone is dead!

Then, under the rush of time, a little bit became a skeleton!

What only puzzled Xiaojian was, why is there a layer of light green on this bone?

The small sword blasted out with a punch, and the high-strength alloy glass that hadn't been cracked for 200 years under the scouring of time immediately exploded in pieces, banging to pieces.

Xiaojian jumped into the counter, but when he approached the green skeleton corpse, suddenly, there was a faint tingling sensation on his skin!

Xiaojian was stunned for a moment, he found that this tingling sensation was a bit familiar!

Then I quickly recalled that the irritation was nuclear radiation!

That's right, when he was facing the nuclear sewage in the Dongying Islands before, the same feeling came from his body!

"This... these people died of nuclear radiation!" This result really made Xiaojian never expect!

"From the human ruins outside, the human technology in the lower realm is much more advanced than the humans in the upper realm!"

"Taixuanzi said that the human beings in the lower realm suddenly disappeared 200 years ago!"

"Could it be that there was some war, and then the nuclear bomb washed the earth?" Xiaojian thought in shock.

Inside the counter of the bank, because of the thick alloy glass blocking, the things inside appear more complete and neat.

It's just that the surface of these things is covered with a faint green fluorescence!

From the irritation on Xiaojian’s skin, we know that these pale green fluorescences are all nuclear radiation residues!

Xiaojian looked at the counter. There were a lot of stacks of information on it. Xiaojian subconsciously wanted to go forward and look through it, but when his hands touched these information, the information instantly looked like a sand castle on the beach!

One touch, immediately disappear with the wind!

Xiaojian frowned and tried again, almost everything else was the same, and it was completely shattered when touched, completely turning into dust.

Xiaojian was a little speechless and continued to walk to the room inside the bank counter. In the office area here, there were also several light green skeletons.

Xiaojian shook his head and went to the bank vault inside.

Without electricity and without a key, it would be impossible to open this golden locker if an ordinary person came.

But Xiaojian is not.

The small sword stepped forward, the muscles of both hands bulged, and instantly exerted force!

In an instant, the high-strength alloy gate was directly bent by Xiaojian, and the lock cylinder inside was forcibly destroyed by Xiaojian!

The silver-white door opened, and those who broke into Xiaojian's field of vision were piles of red RMB!

That scene is like the scene where the protagonist of the movie "The Richest Man in Xihong City" walks into a bank gold cabinet.

Thanks to the protection of the gold cabinet, the renminbi piled up in it is intact.

Xiao Jian looked at the countless red old people's heads, but for a moment he was somewhat generous and speechless.

The human race in the lower realm has been extinct, and this money has completely turned into waste paper!

Xiaojian turned around and found a few boxes of gold bars in the innermost part.

Xiaojian opened the small Q system and put the gold bars into the exchange interface, but it turned out that these gold bars were worthless, and even a super Q coin could not be exchanged!

Pony, you're inflated!

Even the gold bars look down!

In the end, Xiaojian finally found the only valuable thing in this golden cabinet.

That is a newspaper under the red renminbi!

Xiaojian glanced at the newspaper carefully, and then he was completely shocked!

I saw that the main content of the newspaper was that in the 21st century in the lower realm, the contradictions among the people of various countries became more and more fierce, so the empire headed by the beautiful country brazenly launched a nuclear war!

At the beginning, the nuclear war was only confined to a local area, but later it was completely out of control and swept the world!

Nuclear bombs wash the earth, and the people of the world have shrunk by 80%!

Twenty percent of the human remains in the lower realm, but terrible things happen!

Under the effect of nuclear radiation, among the surviving humans, more and more humans have blackened and turned into hideous black monsters.

These black humanoid monsters have the power to devour vitality, swallowing the surviving humans one by one into corpses!

There are fewer and fewer surviving humans, but more and more black silhouette monsters!

Because these black silhouette monsters have brutal characters and fierce methods, they resemble the demons in human legends, so these black people are called: demons!


"Hey, where is Xiaojian going?" Jiang Henian was taken aback, looking around the ruins.

Jiang Henian took a look, and quickly dissipated his mental energy, only to find that Xiaojian was standing motionless in a bank cabinet.

Jiang Henian said in his heart, this stinky boy will not have an accident, right?

Jiang Henian hurriedly greeted everyone, and then quickly ran towards the building called Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Eleven people quickly appeared in the vault. At this time, I saw Xiaojian still standing there motionless, seeming to be holding a newspaper in his hand, and the whole person was dumbfounded like a stone statue.

The footsteps of Jiang Henian and the others awakened Xiaojian, causing him to slowly turn around.

When Jiang Henian saw Xiaojian clearly, he was taken aback.

I saw that he was dumbfounded at this moment, as if his soul had been lost.

"What's wrong?" Jiang Henian was taken aback for a moment.

"Grandpa, see for yourself."


Everyone was puzzled, but they still took the newspaper in Xiaojian's hand. After they swept the contents of the newspaper with all their mental energy, all of them were all dumbfounded, dumbfounded!

for a long time.

"Devil... Demon clan turned out to be the surviving humans in the lower realm!" Leng Hongyu said in horror.

This result is far beyond everyone's expectations!

At the same time, everyone also recalled some details.

From the beginning, all the demons they saw were in human form!

At that time, including Xiaojian, everyone wondered why the final form of the demons was human.

They didn't understand at the time, but now they really understand it!

The demons are the human races, and the human races are the demons!

"But what is this nuclear bomb?" Da Sima stared at the word "nuclear bomb" on the newspaper in front of him. These two words were also specially bolded.

"When we were on the Dongying Islands, we encountered nuclear waste water produced by the mad scientists of Dongying," Xiaojian tried to explain: "That thing should be similar to a nuclear bomb."

"After the explosion, it will produce deadly nuclear radiation!"

"Ordinary is radiated a little bit, and that is the result of death!"

"Moreover, the ability to radiate is extremely strong. You have seen it when you came down just now. The facades of heavy granite buildings and the facades of high-strength alloy glass can't stop nuclear radiation either!"

"The mankind that Taixuanzi said 200 years ago was suddenly extinct, even if it was killed by nuclear radiation!"

"This weapon is also terrible!" everyone was shocked!

Jiang Henian squeezed his brows, and also reacted somewhat: "No wonder when I was in the upper realm before, the researchers of the Royal Marines Association discovered that one of the most important components of magic is nuclear radiation!"

"so it is!"

"I also made it clear. At the beginning, in the lower realm, the power of the demons was very weak, far weaker than the human race and the monster race."

"But when the Human Race uses that nuclear bomb to conduct war, the nuclear radiation produced by the explosion of the nuclear bomb can greatly strengthen the power of the Demon Race!"

"The Demon Race suddenly rises, transforming into a terrifying creature!"

Based on the clues obtained before, it is not difficult to get this result.

It's just that when this result comes out, everyone's hearts are extremely heavy!

Because of the news that the demons are humans, everyone's hearts are extremely heavy. They all walk through the ruins silently, looking for things that can see the truth 200 years ago.

Fortunately, there are many underground buildings in this ruin, and everyone also found several banks and police stations.

They also found a similar narrative in the secret room inside.

And these narratives all confirmed the information in the Xiaojian newspaper!

Several of the Ninth-Rank Royal Marine Masters were not reconciled, and ran a little further, and soon encountered the ruins of a big city.

The humans in the ruins of this big city were also killed because of nuclear radiation, and there was a layer of faint green material on the corpses.

After some digging, the news obtained was the same as the newspaper Xiaojian picked up at the beginning.

The demons were transformed from the human race!


The Nether is very desolate.

Very desolate.

Except for the ruins of human cities, the whole world around is silent, no matter whether it is the singing of insects or birds, there is no sound at all.

The trees in the city, the woods outside the suburbs, these woods are all strangely shaped, crooked melons and jujubes, like failures made by God.

Xiaojian glanced at it and found that the surface of these trees was also covered with a faint green fluorescence.

In the nuclear war that year, how many nuclear bombs were dropped?

200 years have passed, so much nuclear radiation remains!

This is really unimaginable.

Similarly, there are no wild animals. It seems that they were all dragged by humans to be buried together 200 years ago!

"Well, let's go to Zhoushan!"

After looking through the ruins of a few human cities, Ye Yingjie said in a low voice.

The news that the demons are humans is really heavy.

But everyone also understands that now is not the time to struggle with this.

"Where is Bu Zhoushan?"

"Prime Minister Turtle said that it is in the west of this country, on the Kunlun Mountains." Ye Yingjie replied: "The distance is a bit far away, let's set off!"


Everyone flew to the west silently, and every human city encountered below them was in ruins.

Similarly, they have been flying for most of the day without encountering any insects or birds. It seems like a dead world here!

Just after they flew for a few more hours, Ye Yingjie suddenly yelled, "There is a situation ahead!"

"Direction, distance!" Jiang Henian said

"To the northwest, 100 kilometers away, is a demons with an eighth rank!"

"Just passing by, slaughtered?"


The 12 people immediately deviated a little and flew towards the demon clan.

Xiaojian was a little quiet and speechless.


How far is the radiation distance of Ye Yingjie's spiritual power?

You can see the situation 100 kilometers away clearly, which is too exaggerated!

In the fast flight of 12 people, 100 kilometers was fleeting.

Soon, everyone came to a huge human ruin.

I saw that in this ruin, a black figure was entrenched in a huge pit.

This crater is very huge ~ ~ nearly ten kilometers in diameter. It is obviously a crater created by the explosion of a terrible weapon.

And in all directions, all the buildings are centered on this pothole, falling outwards like wheat.

In the middle of the pit, a layer of dark green materials condensed on the pit wall and suddenly condensed into glass.

At this time, the black figure was lying in the middle of the pit filled with green matter. He put his right hand on the pit wall, and a suction force was generated. The green matter in the middle of the pit was immediately sucked into him as if it were frozen. In the body.

But when only a thin layer of green fluorescence remained in the pothole, the black figure immediately stopped absorbing it.

He stood up, his mouth let out a comfortable cry.

At the same time, after a large amount of green matter entered his body, the breath on his body slowly climbed and became stronger and stronger!

"He is getting stronger!" Everyone was shocked!

"Sure enough, the demons became stronger after absorbing nuclear radiation!"

"Nuclear bombs are the fundamental substance for the rise of the demons and become stronger!"

The behavior of this demons at this time just confirmed the information they had just collected!

This result really makes their hearts feel extremely complicated!

"Bang!" Just as everyone sighed, a terrifying mental power came in an instant, hitting the body of this demon!

"Boom boom boom!!!"

After the first mental power fell, more than a dozen more fells in succession!

Every spiritual power is like Mount Tai crushing the top, directly crushing this demons to pieces!

And when a dozen spiritual powers fell together, this demon was completely dead and could no longer die, turning into a pool of black gelatinous matter.

The small sword raised his right hand, and a canopy of spirit fire flew away, and suddenly there was no more material in the black plastic package.