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Upon waking up, Zhang Xiaojian traveled to the high school period in a parallel world.

The spiritual energy of the world is revived, and the whole people practice.

Zhang Xiaojian awakened a C-level spirit beast [Pippi Shrimp] and became an ordinary sea master. However, when he activated a system:

“Ding, the health-preserving boxing practice was successful!”

“Ding, Kaishan Paoquan practiced successfully!”

“Ding, the artillery boxing practice was successful!”


Zhang Xiaojian blasted out with a punch, the sea water in front of him was torn apart, left and right separated, a vacuum channel appeared out of thin air!

The terrifying force formed a spiritual shock wave, blasting a hundred-meter-long megalodon shark in heavy armor from a kilometer away into scum!

The seabed collapsed and the earth trembled.

The world seems to be destroyed!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:DSBK
Alternate Title:深海拳王
Author:I have a dragon pen
Weekly Rank:#956
Monthly Rank:#1020
All Time Rank:#1001
Tags:Beasts, Cheats, Male Protagonist, Money Grubber, Overpowered Protagonist, Parallel Worlds, Racism, Shameless Protagonist, Slow Growth at Start, Special Abilities, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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31 Comments on “Deep Sea Boxing King
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  1. I was really liking this until the not Japan arc. I could even ignore the bad physics and attrition issues. I thought they just wrote them out which could be dealt with but they wrote them into race traitor, nuclear waste drinking retards who sold out their own people after getting gang banged by serial invasions and lost 90 percent of their population. Like the divergence happened so far back developing nuclear power should be impossible. What are the Chinese the only one who get to glorify suicide bombing?

  2. There is only one problem about the Mc he is not that serious he always goofing around and he had no talents aside relying on the system. He is not op either where he can completely crush people , whenever he surpassed other genius another genius will appear like what the hell you would even think that his system is not that useful . And we'll get straight to the point the only problem is he is "WAY TO LUSTFUL" FOR GODDAMN SAKE. I'm really disappointed about it . Maybe I am more on calm / cold protagonist rather than to a shameless/ Not serious protagonist. ( He meet other girls but after a 6-10 chapters she will get forgotten.) ( I'm currently at 252 chapter still at the third level , still no harem and gf) ( only thinking girls about he can sex off and a rich woman since his system points are based on money ) ( this is also a slow paced novel )

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