After Lu Qian was shot, his attention had been on Geng Xingchun, only knowing the approximate location of the person who shot, but Geng Xingchun knew where the shot was shot. After the world recovered, he made preparations in advance.

This time the engagement banquet went smoothly, and no one interrupted their good deeds.

Looking at the ring on the left middle finger, Lu Qian smiled at Geng Xingchun, not caring about his cold look.

Everyone discovered that after Mr. Geng got engaged, it was colder than before.

If it weren't for Geng Xingchun to take care of Lu Qian more intimately than before, with this expression, he would have thought that the two of them had just got engaged and broke up.

The person who fired the gun was not a Chinese. Lu Qian didn't miss the change in Emil's expression when he caught the person. He probably guessed something and smiled at the other party.

After everything is done, the guests entertain themselves at the dinner, and toast a glass of wine when they meet Lu Qian and Geng Xingchun. Everything is harmonious.

Lu Qian walked to the Emir's side, touched the cup with him lightly, and whispered, "My dear Amir, where did you get the killer, huh?"

Emil looked a little embarrassed, took a sip of wine to moisturize his throat, looked at each other with Lina, and said in a low voice, "I thought it was resolved, I'm sorry."

Lu Qian's eyes flickered, and Lu Qian noticed that the man next to him was colder, patted him on the shoulder, and smiled at Emil: "It's not safe here. Your Majesty should return home as soon as possible."

Emil gave a light cough: "Naturally, I caused you trouble this time. But, can you not call me your Highness?"

Lu Qian: "Brother."

Emil was satisfied, "Good."

Geng Xingchun glanced at him coldly.

After Lu Qian and Geng Xingchun left the Emir, Ji Baifeng swayed from the side with a wine glass, and was stopped by Lu Qian.

Ji Baifeng: "What's wrong? I'm going to play a board game upstairs, you guys together?"

"No." Lu Qian looked at him with a smile, as if looking at a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, "My husband and I are a little tired, and we are going to go back to the room to rest. I will leave it to you here. Anson will help you, right? ?"

Ji Baifeng: "...Ah?"

Geng Xingchun nodded, as if they had agreed before.

Ji Baifeng: "Hey, let's go, let's go and rest. You have to help when I get married!"

Lu Qian's eyebrows curled up: "Yeah."

After Lu Qian handed the empty cup to the waiter, he led Geng Xingchun and left.

As soon as he entered the room, he undressed and prepared to enter the nutrition cabin, Geng Xingchun frowned slightly: "I thought you were going to sleep."

Lu Qian casually threw his clothes on his face and chuckled, "I suddenly thought of something, go up and have a look."

Geng Xingchun took off his clothes and watched him lie in without help, a little helpless: "Are you sure you are just going to have a look?"

Lu Qian: "Let's play by the way. You go online, I'll be waiting for you in place."

With that, I closed the lid and logged in.

Although there were some small accidents midway, and after the two returned to this world, Geng Xingchun directly transferred 3 billion cash to him, and Lu Qian's mission was judged to be completed.

The system cried and cried to Lu Qian about his punishment, and then was thrown into the corner by Geng Xingchun to think about it, not daring to grab Lu Qian's attention from him.

At this time, the system didn't know why the Lord God had such a big opinion on him, and he didn't dare to resist it only when he had a desire for monopoly.

If they knew that they had robbed the position of the main god, the system would be so frightened that they would immediately ask the superior to cancel the contract and give up the position.

When Lu Qian went online, the system bubbled again and hesitated.

[Xiao, host, do you have a new card pool, do you want to draw? 】

Lu Qian was slightly surprised, "Look."

After seeing the cards in the card pool, Lu Qian was silent for a moment, "I see."

What is power and willfulness, that's it.

Each card in the entire card pool has Geng Xingchun's name. It used to be relatively simple, hugs and touches his hair. This time...

What "wearing cat costume to seduce Geng Xingchun", what "fruit apron cooks for Geng Xingchun", what...

Oops, he can't see this dirty, no wonder the system is hesitating.

The only five-star card in the card pool is the simplest, "Wearing women's clothes and Geng Xingchun".

Well, women's clothing.

As soon as Geng Xingchun came online, Lu Qian kicked him when he came up, "Smelly hooligan."

Geng Xingchun: "..."

"Don't say that women's clothing is not what you think." Lu Qian poked him in the chest, not looking angry, "Playing a hooligan every day!"

"I thought you liked it." Geng Xingchun held his hand, hugged the person, in an intimate tone: "And you are not going to compensate me?"

Lu Qian moved and sneered: "The compensation every day is not enough."

When the two went online, they flirted and flirted, and if no one was around, they didn't pay attention to the green light of the players on the side.

This time Lu Qian came to have a little business. He put his card pool and prepared to draw offline, and then said to Geng Xingchun: "I want to go to Yexihu."

Geng Xingchun paused for a while and thought about it. He probably knew what he wanted to do, and said, "That's not what you think it is, you can't go."

Lu Qian: "...I haven't said yet."

"I don't know what the baby thinks?" Geng Xingchun pinched his nose, "You should still play games. If you want to go back, we will go next time."

Lu Qian snorted and started the live broadcast, "I've started the live broadcast."

Then he said: "You won't be jealous anymore?"

Geng Xingchun: "It is inevitable to be jealous."

Lu Qian was discovered as soon as he went online, and the news spread quickly. A group of people ran to the live broadcast room and waited. As soon as Lu Qian started the live broadcast, Geng Xingchun's words reached everyone's ears, his face flushed with excitement.

Ah yo hello! Waited so many days! As soon as the broadcast started, it was spreading dog food, and sure enough, all those who said they were going to break up were cheated! Big scam!

[Oh oh oh oh Master Lu, I miss you so much! 】

[His Royal Highness in reality! 】

[Who said that Master Lu is not worthy of Mr. Geng before! Who! Beat it to death! 】

[Master! Master! When will you get married! 】

[What's your name, Master! To call your highness! Happy Engagement, Your Highness! 】

[His Highness is really good-tempered! 】

Lu Qian glanced at the barrage, and swept it all over with gifts. If it weren't for his good eyes, he couldn't see what the audience said.

After receiving everyone's blessings, Lu Qian smiled, "Thank you all."

There were already players around who gathered around and expressed their joy, as if they were married today.

Someone else said, ‘His Royal Highness looks more like a queen as he looks at it. It’s like a model carved out of it.’ Lu Qian smiled when he heard it, without explaining.

His face hasn't changed, but after using the card, he will automatically give everyone a psychological hint, allowing them to agree with this ‘fact’ without any doubt.

Some people gave Lu Qian gifts directly in the game, such as "Pure Sun Sword", "Chain Linked Turtleback Large Leaf Fish Scale Black Golden Armor", "Dragon Scale Golden Armor", "Eight Treasure Night Helmet" and other equipment. There are also various delicacies in games such as "Champion and No. 1 Congee", "Tiger Skin Chicken Feet", and "Thirteen Fragrant Roasted Goose". There are also girls who give them their own wedding gowns, which will be served soon. The backpacks of Lu Qian and Geng Xingchun were full.

Lu Qian helpless: "You are giving the present now, what should you do when you return to get married?"

Everyone: "Send it again!"

Geng Xingchun stood aside as his patron saint and didn't say anything. The biggest difference between the deity and the split body in this world is that the main **** deity played many games with Lu Qian, not Xiaobai, but just too lazy to move.

Lu Qian watched the crowd in high spirits after giving the gifts, as if he still wanted to give something, he felt helpless, and led a group of people to the matchmaker's yard.

I thought he was about to start the task of getting married. Someone reminded him: "Master, the task of getting married requires level 30."

Lu Qian asked NPC to buy a bunch of red envelopes, and heard the words: "I know, I am wrapping red envelopes for you." Then he reached out to Geng Xingchun and said, "Give me some silver."

Geng Xingchun: "...I'll be full."

"Master, don't need it!"

"Wow, your majesty's red envelope!"

"Just send some wedding candy!"

Lu Qian: "I'll be happy for you, it's okay."

At the same time, I heard the system prompt him to recharge 1,000 taels of gold, and glanced at Geng Xingchun, "I thought I was a prodigal, why are you even more prodigal than me."

Speaking of 100 two red envelopes, and hundreds of them, a goddess scattered flowers directly.

The onlookers said that no, no, no, no, no, no more. Seeing this, they still smiled, bending over and picking up the red envelope.

Some people were embarrassed to unpack on the spot, and some happily opened the red envelope, exclaiming: "100 taels!"

"Oh my God, I feel very happy for giving me a couple of silver..."

"How much does Mr. Geng charge Young Master?"

"It's no wonder that the young master said that he was the prodigal hahahaha!"

【Wow! I also want to share the bonus! 】

【嘤嘤嘤! It's irrational! When is Jianghu Road public beta! 】

[Hahahahahahahahaha I picked up three red envelopes! 300 taels! Envy you all! 】

[Be beaming and beaming! Why not enter the bridal chamber now! 】

【what! I originally wanted to give the young master a gift, but think about it, there should be no shortage of the young master, I'm lazy...]

[How much is 100 taels? 】

【Wow! Red envelopes are also issued in the live broadcast room! 】

Lu Qian smiled and watched everyone grabbing red envelopes in full swing, and he was in a good mood.

Although they regard these people as NPCs, they are kind, and he will naturally return. A small amount of money can make everyone so happy and lively watching.

The reason why there are not many packages is that some people are worried that the amount is too big, and if you start a vendetta in the safe zone, it is not happy.

Geng Xingchun lightly embraced his shoulders, "Who the **** is going to lose, eh?"

Lu Qian: "I, my prodigal."

Geng Xingchun scratched his nose, "Goodbye."

The two acted intimately, and the people who were happily sharing their red envelopes with their friends looked at them, exclaimed dog food again, and then smiled and asked them: "Do you want to help with the upgrade?"

Lu Qian and Geng Xingchun looked at each other, shook their heads and declined: "Don't worry, I'll do it slowly with him. There are still two years left anyway."

Everyone: "?" What two years?

There was a quick reaction, and he repeatedly said, "Oh my mother, the young master kept spreading dog food when he came up."

"We announced the marriage news as soon as we got engaged hahahaha!"

"Why are they so happy to get married? Hehehehe!"

Someone asked Lu Qian if the prince status mentioned on the Internet was true. Lu Qian only smiled, "You will know it when you get married."

Geng Xingchun glanced at him.

[Geng Xingchun's little wife: I want to go to the palace and marry you. 】

[Geng Xingchun:...Listen to you. 】

Why did everyone know when they got married?

【Wow! Go to the foreign media, the Royal Family of Grace officially confirmed the identity of the young master and said that the young master's wedding will be held in the palace! 】

[What a coincidence! 】

[Hey, I want to see if I can get involved in the engagement banquet, but it's hopeless. 】

[Always feel like dreaming...]

[Speaking of which, do you remember the thriving man who was offered a reward by the young master? 】

[She hasn't been online for a long time. 】

[It seems that the young master never went online after offering her a reward. Maybe it was watching the live broadcast. 】

[Chen eleven: How did she come up when she was blacked out. 】

[Emil: The live broadcast room is very lively. 】

Geng Xingchun: "Your cheap brother came to the live broadcast room."

When Lu Qian heard the words, he blinked, "Ah?"

Emil was very happy when he heard Geng Xingchun mentioned him in the live broadcast.

[Emil: Brother I am here! 】

[Emil: What about the barrage I sent? 】

[Emil: Xiaomi Lai, here I am! 】

Lu Qian looked at the information the system had extracted for him: "..."

Geng Xingchun: "A bit stupid."

Lu Qian helped his forehead: "Isn't he supposed to be at the dinner party? Why did he run over to watch the live broadcast."

Geng Xingchun: "...The live broadcast he watched at the dinner, and other people are also watching it."

Lu Qian: "..." Madness!

Guest: What can we do! The protagonist lets us go to play the game, let's see what happened to the live broadcast!

Grab the red envelope by the way.

Ji Baifeng: "Oh, I didn't even grab a red envelope."