After the second prince said that, although he looked calm and calm and without shame, he still found a reason to say goodbye.

After Lu Qian waited for him to leave, he couldn't hold back his smile, and he held Li Junqing's arm, his body trembling with a smile.

Li Junqing looked at him helplessly, "What have you done? I think Brother Erhuang is sincere."

Recalling the past with him sincerely and sincerely apologizing made Li Junqing confused. Since he has already said let it go, he will not continue to pursue it. The second prince will not change his mind if he says nothing. Why bother to do so.

And it was after Lu Qian said something inexplicably.

Lu Qian laughed for a while, laughed enough, raised his head and wiped the drops of water from the corner of his eyes, "The minister is just doing a prank."

If you tell Li Junqing that he let the second prince have to experience the life of Li Junqing when he was a child, I am afraid it will remind this person of some unpleasant memories, it is better not to mention it.

Only his sentence was obviously perfunctory. Li Junqing looked at him deeply for a long time, and raised his hand to scratch his nose, "naughty." But he didn't ask more.

After that, the three-person meal became the two-person meal. As usual, it was nothing unusual.

After that, Li Junqing nominated another person from the old ministers, forming a situation where the three powers stand together, and the matter is a foregone conclusion.

Under Li Junqing’s deliberate arrangement, Lu Qian’s deeds at the border were widely circulated, and he became more and more magical in the rumors with a trace of fantasy. In the end, there was even a rumor that Lu Qian shot and killed ten generals of Beiyan. .

Although excessively exaggerated, it seems that this kind of thing appears on their god-given queen, it seems that it is not impossible.

After that, Bei Yan came to the envoy, and although it was there who took the initiative to issue a letter of surrender, the envoy still mentioned the previous ten-year agreement.

After Lu Qian returned to the palace, Li Junqing and him were inseparable, and the couple had a deep affection, so he was naturally there when he met the envoys. The envoy had never met Lu Qian. Although he knew that there was a male queen in Daqi, he did not expect this heroic spirit to be indifferent to femininity, so when he spoke, he was justified and justified. He just wanted to try his best. Recover a little loss.

Li Junqing hadn't spoken yet, and the other ministers were silent. Lu Qian said with a smile to Yan Yan, and when you came and went with the envoys, they were anxious.

I thought that children with yellow mouths are good bullies, but I didn’t want Lu Qian to be articulate and unforgiving. He was justified. The envoy could not see the flicker, and suddenly yelled: "I, Beiyan, will discuss this matter with you sincerely, you When I waited for a yellow-mouthed child to confront me, didn't he think that a god-given queen could insult me ​​Bei Yan like this?"

After hearing the words, everyone looked at him with subtle expressions, and then looked at Li Junqing who was sitting on the top.

Lu Qian did not sit with Li Junqing, but dressed up as a young man, holding a folding fan and pretending to be a romantic boy under the steps. No wonder the envoy could not guess who he was.

After yelling, the envoy realized that everyone's reaction was wrong, and when Lu Qian's smile became brighter, he had an ominous premonition in his heart.

At this moment, Li Junqing beckoned, and said to Lu Qian, "Qian'er, don't make trouble, come back."

Lu Qian glanced at the envoy, above the hall, he flew directly back to his place, his posture was as vigorous as a graceful figure, and in the hall of forbidden martial arts, he was so arrogant, and he was sitting on an equal footing with Li Junqing, and his identity was clearly revealed.

The envoy was shocked, Lu Qian's smile remained unchanged, his tone was neither salty nor light: "I can't tell whether Beiyan is sincere, but who is the first to miss the ten-year contract..."

"Heaven, there are eyes."

A word fell, the room was quiet.

Li Junqing lowered his eyes and held his right hand to play, his thumb slid around Lu Qianhu's mouth without speaking.

The envoy looked at Lu Qian’s eyes. Even though there was a smile on his face at the moment, those black and shiny eyes seemed to look into the depths of his soul. They looked at each other for a long time, and the whole body was cold, and he couldn’t bear it. Stay away.

Bei Yan was not a vassal of the Great Qi, and Bei Yan's envoy did not need to make an offering or bow down. However, facing Lu Qian at the moment, the envoy almost knelt down and proclaimed his minister.

That is the unique aura of the king, and it cannot be explained simply by age.

In the end, it was Lu Qian that broke the deadlock.

He stretched out his hand to hold the wine glass on the side, and respected the envoy from a distance: "If Mr. Guo can't be the lord, he can write to and ask King Beiyan. I think your Majesty can still wait for this little time."

Li Junqing nodded in cooperation: "Naturally, King Beiyan has always kept his promises and should not break his promise."

"The ten-year appointment, we also know that someone must be involved in it." Lu Qian and Li Junqing sang together, brows and eyes, looking innocent, "but we know that it doesn't mean that the people know it, and it's not good to let them go. The soldiers who killed the enemy would not be able to explain to the people who were suffering at the border. There must be a decision on this matter."

Li Junqing: "Come on, don't mention this for the time being, drink."

Lu Qian turned his head and glanced at him, affectionately: "Your Majesty will have to deal with things later, I'll take this cup."

Ministers: "..."

Since these two big Buddhas walked together everywhere, such scenes have often appeared, really...

People are very envious.

Not to mention the martial arts of the queen, she has great magical powers and is so caring for her majesty. It is a blessing from heaven.

It was your Majesty who always watched two men kiss me and me, one of whom was still a stern face with the queen behind his back. The older veterans were a little overwhelmed.

Especially this majesty is often jealous.

Hey, this time it wasn't them that slumped, it was Beiyan's people that slumped.

Thinking about it this way, in addition to a little bit of joy, there is also a little sympathy in my heart.

After all, Bei Yan didn't solve it with two mouthfuls, but after this truce, regardless of whether the king of Beiyan and Li Junqing will have another ten-year agreement, this battle will not be fought in a short time.

The army's heart is scattered, and the great Qi is in full swing. Not only does Beiyan do not want to fight, but he also has to guard against Da Qi, otherwise he will not send envoys so soon.

In this world, the meaning of "heaven" is much heavier than modern people imagine.

As for the eldest princes, even if there is a Lu Qian, they still can't suppress their ambitions, but they united to try to get Lu Qian away first, and they used the trick of inciting rumors, but they were all defeated by Lu Qian's. Under Heaven's Punishment, no one dared to bring up this matter ever since.

And the story of Li Junqing and Lu Qian like a shadow, and the love of the couple has been circulated among the people for a long time, especially in order to prevent the Li family from giving him a son and directly put the story on the stage of mythology.

As for that son...

The second prince: You can still be so high-sounding after robbing my son, you can do it, the prince!

If it weren’t for the discovery that Li Junqing would be sincere and treat each other with good faith, he would have been rewarded, although sometimes jealous and inexplicable, but the overall treatment is still good, because the second prince’s attributes were robbed of his son, he would have to fight Li Junqing desperately.

But it has to be said that Li Junqing chose his son as the prince, but it is a good move, so it is strange that the second prince did not give up his life for the country.

Lu Qian: I can't do everything except two things. One is cooking and the other is giving birth. I'm really sorry.

At first, Li Junqing wanted him to teach Lu Qian to teach martial arts. Later, Li Junqing discovered that if Lu Qian wanted to teach the prince martial arts, he would have physical contact. Then he was very upset and extremely upset, so he resolutely cancelled this course. .

After the prince grew up year by year and showed outstanding political talents, Li Junqing began to take Lu Qian out from time to time to ‘patrol the country and travel the people’, leaving the prince to supervise the country, and the second prince, General Yuanfu, to assist the government.

When Li Junqing did this for the first time, the prince was only fifteen years old, and said something that the second prince would never forget.

Prince: "Daddy, you said that your father gave you the title of'Yuanfu'. Did you expect this day?"

The second prince: "..."

The second prince subconsciously wanted to say that it was impossible. At that time, the prince was not born, and he didn't know whether his daughter-in-law gave birth to a daughter or a son. How could your majesty know.

Then he thought of the queen who was directly called the fairy empress by the people, and instantly felt whether his majesty had really planned it long ago, so besides silence, he remained silent.

During Li Junqing’s reign, the country was peaceful, the weather was smooth, and the harvest was prosperous year after year. Although some minor disasters were quickly resolved, especially when the empress and queen were playing, they dealt with many local bullies and corrupt officials. It has been evaluated by a Mingjun in history.

But that's what happened after them.

Now, Lu Qian is just enjoying the time of traveling with his lover, and by the way, he helps him deal with some of the choppy.

The mountains are full of water, and there is only one person in the world.

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