When Geng Xingchun came back, he glanced at the system cautiously squatting in the corner with a blank face, and said lightly: "Wait for me to send you back."

The system sniffed, chuckled, and disappeared.

Lu Qian has changed from sitting on the sofa to lying on the sofa. After hearing about his reputation, he saw Geng Xingchun standing at the door of the room, weak: "Husband, Qingqing, Lord God, please recover me."

Qingqing is a nickname between husband and wife, and also a name for a close person, of course, most of the time it is called a girl.

It's been a long time since Geng Xingchun heard Lu Qian calling himself that. Hearing that, Lu Qian was softly lying on the sofa softly.

But compared to death, Lu Qian has never lost anyone. Geng Xingchun just felt softer, and Lu Qian stunned him back in the next sentence.

Lu Qian: "It hurts and itchy, so uncomfortable, I haven't detained you for long, haven't you locked me up yet." He was talking about Alexis.

That time, Alexis was afraid that he would run away, and used Lu Qian's task of contacting other gods to fool him and trap him in a space.

Lu Qian easily escaped without using the system, stabbed the opponent by the way, then waved and left.

However, Lu Qian never remembers too many things, so he remembered that Alexis wanted to imprison him about that world event. As for how he ran out afterwards...

Lu Qian: Ah, I can't remember it clearly after so long.

If he didn't say anything, the memory of Geng Xingchun would automatically appear, and he narrowed his eyes, "Well, what you said makes sense."

Lu Qian looked at his expression and felt wrong, and then heard the man say next: "The knife you stabbed me really impressed me."

Lu Qian: "...ah, have I done anything like this?"

The corner of Geng Xingchun's lips twitched slightly: "Think for yourself, I'll cook."

Lu Qian: "..."

In fact, he remembered a little bit, but how can this kind of thing be admitted hahahahaha...


What did he think?

Lu Qian: I can't remember.

Lu Qian rolled over onto the carpet, then rolled all the way to the door, calling out from afar, "Qing Qing! I was wrong! But why does my **** hurt so long!"

Geng Xingchun said coldly from the kitchen: "The duration of the effect has been increased."

Lu Qian: "..."

Hey, they also said that Mr. Geng was as cold as frost, and now this one is really cold, and he is so indifferent to Qingqing's lover.

Lu Qian heard Geng Xingchun say again: "Go and lie down on the bed, or I will add more time."

Lu Qian: "...oh." The caring person is also so cold, if he didn't like it, he would have kicked this person.

Lu Qian: "Then you come to hug me, I'm uncomfortable."

Geng Xingchun moved his hands for a while, walked out of the kitchen, looked at Lu Qian lying on the ground, bent over and picked him up.

Rolling on the ground and returning to the bed, Lu Qian looked at the man's sleeves rolled up, and remembered the new card pool the system had given him before. His expression was subtle: "Did you buy an apron?"

"No." Knowing what he wanted to say, Geng Xingchun adjusted his sleeves and hugged his chest. "You have to see it next time. Lie down and don't move."

This is promised.

Sure enough, he still followed him.

Lu Qian narrowed his eyes slightly: "I still have a card pool that I haven't drawn. If you don't restore it to me, how can I do the task, eh?"

Geng Xingchun looked at him and raised his eyebrows: "Then wait until you are better."

He is the rule. Lu Qian draws the card after a delay. He said that if he doesn't foul, he won't foul.

It seemed that his Qingqing was really serious in this matter. Lu Qian blinked and asked, "How long will it take?"

Knowing when he asked, Geng Xingchun bent over to help him pull the quilt, "Three days."

Lu Qian lifted his foot and kicked over, then the man held his ankle and kissed him on his lips.

Geng Xingchun: "It seems that you are still alive and well."

Lu Qian muted his face: "Let go and cook."

If it weren't for what he did not do right this time, Lu Qian would definitely hold grudges.


Stinking rogue.


Geng Xingchun went to the kitchen to work again. After a while, Lu Qian heard the sound of the door being clicked, and then Geng Xingchun opened the door, and the living room became lively for a while.

After listening carefully, Lu Qian realized that Geng Xingchun had just gone out and bought the oven together by the way. It was just that the fruit tree took a little effort, and in short, it still met Lu Qian's request.

Lu Qian's eyes were stained with a smile, and he nestled in the quilt, waiting to eat.

pissed off?

It's just playing around, so angry.

Lu Qian only ordered three things, but Geng Xingchun made a big table.

It took Geng Xingchun only three hours to eliminate the time to go shopping, but the actual time was multiplied by ten.

One is because Lu Qian asked him to make it by himself instead of changing it out of his fingers; the other was a small punishment that made Lu Qian wait for a while.

Thirty hours of work condensed into three hours. Geng Xingchun was already cheating. Lu Qian knew it in his heart, but he didn't hold on to it.

After watching the table slowly, Geng Xingchun asked Geng Xingchun to open the Buddha by jumping over the wall, Lu Qian instructed him: "Take a picture."

Geng Xingchun raised his eyebrows, following his wishes.

Lu Qian glanced at the photo, smiled at Geng Xingchun, and then posted a V blog.

[Geng Xingchun’s little wife: "Pictures" her husband is a blessing when he cooks, all made by him personally, and they look delicious! 】

Geng Xingchun picked up a pancake and wrapped him with roast duck. He knew what Lu Qian had done without having to look at it. His expression was indifferent: "Geng Xingchun doesn't know how to do this."

Lu Qian enjoyed the man's feeding, and heard the words, saying, "They don't know."

"Ji Baifeng knows."

"Then tell him I did it."

Geng Xingchun: "..."

Lu Qian didn't feel right after he said, "Oh, no. Then say you learned it for me."

Geng Xingchun slowly said, "Okay." Seeing that Lu Qian was heartless and happily eating after watching him for a while, Geng Xingchun slowly said, "Okay."

These two people are in love, but the Internet exploded.

【what! Lu Chunfu, the one that Geng always cooks? ! 】

[Wow! The young master smiles very sweetly in the photo! Want to kiss! 】

[I'm afraid it's not going to be killed by Mr. Geng, but Master Lu is in the photo, the person who took the photo...]

[Mr Geng has good camera skills. 】

【Wow! So much to eat! Looks so delicious qwq]

[That's not the Buddha jumping the wall...or did I admit it wrong? 】

[Look and look at it and you'll be full. If you don't see other people, you won't eat so much for the two of them, right? 】

[I heard that Master Lu has a lot of food. 】

[There are so many dumplings, don’t they also be made by Mr. Geng? 】

Everyone: Wow! Mr. Geng is a good man at home! Master Lu has a good fortune!

After confirming that the jar was really the Buddha jumping over the wall, the Internet exploded again. Buddha Jumping the Wall has been very famous since ancient times. The most famous thing is that the process of this dish is very cumbersome. Mr. Geng is willing to cook such a dish for his fiancé. In the eyes of foodies, this is already a true love, let alone so many. Dumplings and roast duck.

What a love!

Not long after V Bo was sent out, Lu Qian was still eating, and he heard a knock on the door.

Geng Xingchun didn't even lift his head, but slowly processed the roast duck for Lu Qian, "Ji Baifeng is here."

Lu Qian blinked: "Don't open the door?"

"He came to eat. By the way, I would like to ask when I became so good at cooking." Geng Xingchun fed the contents of his hand into Lu Qian's mouth and wiped his hands. "We'll talk about it when you are full."

Lu Qian has a big appetite, but it is still...impossible to finish such a table without cheating. The order of so many is to embarrass Geng Xingchun a little bit, and Geng Xingchun is very clear in his heart.

But even so, Lu Qian didn't intend to let others eat, raising his eyebrows: "If you are full, don't give it. You open the door, don't let him in, just let him smell the fragrance."

Geng Xingchun glanced at him, then got up and went to open the door.

The scent of the food in the house pounced into Ji Baifeng's nose as soon as the door was opened, and his just full stomach began to growl again.

Sure enough, as Geng Xingchun said, Ji Baifeng's intention was only those two.

However, Geng Xingchun blocked the door to prevent him from entering. Lu Qian deliberately showed off in the restaurant. Ji Bofeng failed several breakthroughs. Just about to leave, he saw the Emil who was coming with Lina and said quickly: "Lu Qian, your brother is here. "

Lu Qian: "I won't let the Emir come, this is mine."

Emil sniffed his nose and was a little greedy: "Xiao Lu Qian, have you finished eating?" Looking at Geng Xingchun who was stuck in the doorway, it was not easy to squeeze in with this physique.

"Let you see it, not to eat." Lu Qian slowly walked to the door holding a plate of dumplings, swaying in front of the two through Geng Xingchun, eyebrows crooked: "My husband made it for me, I want to eat it. No way."

Ji Baifeng & Emil: "..."

Lina: "...Well, Emil, let's go downstairs and eat something else."

Emil and Lina wisely decided to go downstairs and go for a supper. Ji Baifeng had no teammates and gritted his teeth, saying that Geng Xingchun had no loyalty, but Lu Qian was stunned by Lu Qian and went downstairs to order something to eat.

After closing the door, Lu Qian approached Geng Xingchun's arms and acted like a baby: "Qingqing, my waist is sore..." Give Zhizhi?

Geng Xingchun held his hand, took a bite of dumplings, nodded in satisfaction, and then returned to the restaurant with his arms around his waist: "Don't move around if your waist is sore."

Lu Qian: "...huh."

Geng Xingchun's excellent cooking skills were on hot search again, and Lu Qian finally couldn't eat it with the human body, and threw himself into Geng Xingchun's arms for cheating.

He didn't get tired of eating so much. Geng Xingchun spoiled him, and after Lu Qian acted like a baby a few times, he changed Lu Qian's data and asked him to eat the rest.

After eating and drinking, touching his chubby belly, Lu Qian sighed, "I haven't eaten so much for a long time."

The food in the hotel is not bad, but the taste of foreign countries is different from that of China, and it is different from Lu Qian.

Not being picky does not mean not having a hobby, and he was particularly satisfied with this meal.

After that, the two of them washed briefly and went to bed. Although he didn't recover directly, Lu Qian's body would slowly adjust himself over time, and with Geng Xingchun's gentle massage, he quickly fell asleep again.

I have played here many times before, and there is no need to stay after the engagement banquet. After the main **** is here, Geng Xingchun's work has become easy and free, and Lu Qian simply planned to travel the world with him.

The route was planned the day before and set off the next day, leaving Emile Lina and Gerald looking at each other, unexpectedly.

Emile: "I'm still going to persuade him again and come back to Grace with me."

Lina: "Xiaomi Lai is very mobile."

"Forget it, how could he go? The guards didn't even notice it alone. I can only say that my younger brother is actually very good." Emil glanced at Gerald, who was a little dazed, and chuckled: "Jie Larder, I want to go back to the queen, why don't you come with me?"

Gerald returned to his senses, somewhat worried: "The identity of the little prince has been exposed, but he did not bring the guard, in case something goes wrong..."

Emile: "This is a problem."

Gerald sighed: "I still have to catch up, at least to protect the little prince from being kidnapped by those gangsters. Your Royal Highness, you go back first."

Emile: "Okay."

Lu Qian's whereabouts are not secret, anyone who follows his V blog can see his movements, but even so, Gerald is a step slower every time in subsequent tracking operations.

Even traveling around the world did not slow down Lu Qian’s progress in playing games, as if he had infinite energy. I saw him playing crazy in the amusement park during the day, and he could see his live broadcast on the Internet at night. The fans who were bored to chase him for a while persisted but also lost.

Following Lu Qian's V-Bo's progress, he would definitely be a step slower. I thought that Master Lu should not have the energy to play the game after a crazy night, but he was prompted by him on the live broadcast.

Lu Qian is not tired, fans will be exhausted.

Not to mention that Gerald, who had been chasing him for two months, had a nose and tears.

I thought that this kind of time would not last long. After all, people's energy was limited, and it was not a guerrilla warfare. Lu Qian didn't need a shot to change positions.

But everyone never expected that the staying power of Lu Qian and Geng Xingchun were so strong.

Two months later, Lu Qian was playing.

Half a year later, Lu Qian is still playing.

One year later, Lu Qian traveled to almost half of the world, not only did not spend all of Geng Xingchun's money, but also earned a lot of money from various activities.

At the end of the year, the Chinese fans and Grace fans who were waiting for him to return to China did not wait for the news of Lu Qian's bankruptcy. Instead, they received the news that the little prince won the grand prize, and they wept in excitement.

Everyone: Okay, we know that you are the Emperor of Europe, but when will you rest? This is too playable!

It's not that fans don't want to watch Lu Qian play, but they want to celebrate Lu Qian's birthday, and they can't help it.

Can't catch people.

Gifts were also piled up at Geng Xingchun's company headquarters. Geng Xingchun, the boss, didn't need to work, so he accompanies Lu Qian to run around.

Although office work can be solved online now, Geng Xingchun is the first president of a consortium with such a big heart.

Everyone waited and waited, nearly two years passed.

On this day, Lu Qian even thought of a V blog.

[Geng Xingchun's little wife: China's ID card is available, let’s go to Grace to get the second ID card! "image"】

[Geng Xingchun: I love you. "image"】

Netizens looked at the two bright red notebooks in the picture, as well as the certification of the two V blogs, and they were dumb: What? Get the certificate?

Get the certificate! ?

They have returned home! ?

When did this happen! ?

System: I don't really understand why the Lord God wants me to help hide whereabouts, but in order for Xiao Qianqian not to hit me, I must be perfect!

Lu Qian: I don't want to go back to China and be surrounded by people, so I am embarrassed.

A few days later, the wedding that Lu Qian and Geng Rui said was held in the Grace Royal Family, and judging from the layout of the scene...

Everyone: QWQ rely on! The queen was obviously prepared, there must be a conspiracy in the middle!

Such a grand, magnificent, high-level wedding, the two people's well-tailored costumes, and Lu Qian's height has changed a lot in the past two years. If Lu Qian has not been in contact with the Grace Royal family in private, who believes it!

Big scam! Fortunately, they are still worried about whether Master Fawn will be made things difficult. The novels are all deceptive!

And that night, Lu Qian slowly swallowed his two-year marriage task and achieved the final step. Unlike the white wedding in the day, the pure Chinese wedding is everywhere in red.

Lu Qian and Geng Xingchun put on dresses elaborately made for them by a fan in the early days. After that, they modified them several times. This time they wore them. The red clothes looked like fire, and they were very luxurious.

Everyone can only watch the wedding during the day, but at night, Jianghu Road has been publicly tested, and everyone can enter the game to participate.


Lu Qian opened the nutrition cabin and sighed, "I thought the current server would not collapse."

Geng Xingchun: "The number of people has exceeded expectations, and the load is too heavy. It is normal for the system to self-help and shut down."

Coming out of the nutrition cabin, he took a bath towel on the side and wiped the water marks on his body at will. Lu Qian raised his eyes to the man’s deep eyes and smiled, “Although it’s not the first time, but...on the wedding night, The game crashed, why don't we go to the bridal chamber?"

Raising his hand gently, he dropped a kiss, and the man's voice was deep and sexy: "As you wish."

Lu Qian: "There are still a few small countries that I haven't been to. Change the world after shopping."

Geng Xingchun: "Okay."

System: QWQ is an intelligent but can only handle the most basic operations. With the powerful Lord God in front, the host is too lazy to even dislike me, hehe.

The author has something to say: Forget to say something...

It’s a little bit extra,

The young minister who picked up that world.

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Everyone knows that afterwards, they will play games in a modest way, and the gods will chase their wives and pet their wives.

The kind with memory.

There are not many people who like to watch Gu Tan, so I will write the full text here.

After two to three days [Probably? 】The book "This leader has a brain disease" in the column of the meeting

Ancient Dan non-traditional martial arts light comedy,

The biggest villain of natural beauty is attacked by x beautiful flowery fancy rescue

The orphan of the former prince's prince x a century-old "Magic" leader

emmmm, knowing that you don’t like to watch Gu Dan, I don’t ask you to collect it.

The next edition is "Green Hat Processing Expert", [Open until the end of the previous edition]

As the name suggests, in addition to falling in love, it is to abuse scum, face slaps, and rescue girls and boys who have missed their feet.

Acting superbly, hot outside and cold inside, forced to be attacked by x fine-grained spoiled wife

The attacker belongs to the same system, has a memory, is responsible for the task, and is responsible for petting his wife.

There is a system, the system is only responsible for spoilers, the receiver does not need cheats, because he himself is a trick.

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