Lu Qian originally wanted to try whether he could return to the previous world directly from the scene of the night West Lake. He had been guarding the main **** in the state of amnesia, but now that he remembered something was missing.

But since the man said that the two worlds are not connected, it doesn't make sense for him to go.

The engagement banquet was very lively that night. Emil's behavior of calling out his younger brother in the live broadcast gave everyone a stupid image. As for the second majesty, is it really stupid...

Emmmm, this one needs to be studied.

After regaining his memory, the little problem of the royal family seemed not worth mentioning to Lu Qian. Moreover, he was not a person who likes to cover up, so he brought out Emil and introduced it to everyone, and then chatted with everyone after a few words. Goodbye offline.

As the prince of Grace, Emil’s behavior of watching his brother’s live broadcast so grounded also won everyone’s favor. After Lu Qian went offline, he still did not close the live broadcast room and leave it to them as a chat room, so Emir stayed close. Experienced a way of expressing friendship among Chinese people.

As for Lu Qian, he took Geng Xingchun to take a bath.

Looking at the man in front of him slowly unbuttoning himself, Lu Qian raised his eyebrows slightly, "I found out that I am amnesiad and you developed a lot of new gameplays during this time, eh?"

Geng Xingchun's expression remained unchanged, and he made an understatement: "I'm just cooperating with you."

Whether it's by the window, in the bathroom, or on the grass in the wild, he is always seduced.

Lu Qian's shirt had been unbuttoned to the last button. He gently held Geng Xingchun's hand, pulled it to his mouth, lightly held his finger, and looked at the man with a charming look: "Well, then cooperate with me. ,Ok?"

After going to the main **** space, not only the memory is restored, but the body's data is also filled. As the partner of the main god, Lu Qian refused to make changes to his body after clearing the customs, but the upgrade of the internal data was happy to accept it.

Don't say it was seven times a night, it was the man who was pressed on the bed for seven days and seven nights. As long as Lu Qian wanted to, he could get out of bed and continue playing.

The only thing that can limit him is the creator of all the worlds in front of him.

Falling in love with the person you created, in a way, the taboo between the two of them is no less than that of the others.

The main **** has no sex.

It should be like this.

Geng Xingchun watched his fingers sucked in his mouth, his warm and moist tongue gently licked inside. Lu Qian's expression at the moment was a real seduction, and there was a playful smile in his eyes. It's not dodge or evasive, and it just falls into the man's eyes, a bit mischievous.

Geng Xingchun said faintly with his fingers, "I didn't wash my hands."

Lu Qian: "..."

Before he spoke, the man's second finger reached into his mouth, caught the slippery tongue, and pulled it slightly. Lu Qian leaned out following his movements, watching Geng Xingchun lower his figure, open his mouth and hold it, his eyes flashed, and his arms around his neck.

The whole person was taken into his arms by the man, and the figure in his youth appeared a lot smaller in his arms. Lu Qian closed his eyes and enjoyed the deep kiss from the other party.

As the temperature rose gradually, Lu Qian's well-cut shirts and trousers had become very messy. The peaches were half-covered, only half of them exposed. The man's hand walked in along the seam and rubbed it, seeming to be playing with it. .

Sensitive points were taken care of. Lu Qian's waist softened and was dragged by the man. The two separated their lips and pulled out a strand of silver thread.

Lu Qian: "Come in..."

"Now?" Geng Xingchun held his waist with one hand, and caressed his back with the other hand, making him breathe, "I didn't take off my pants."

Even so, his hand touched down his back a little bit, and he drew in easily, but he didn't mean to undress him.

Lu Qian twisted his waist, looking impatient: "You can tear it if you want, looking for so many reasons."

The man chuckled, kissed his red lips affectionately, and said, "Hold me."

Lu Qian glared at him, hugged his neck, and noticed that the hand on his waist was all the way down, and then the sound of cracking silk came to his ears.

After that, there was a secret crackle in the bathroom, which filled the whole night.

On the second day, Lu Qian slept for three rods, and then woke up hungry by himself.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the man next to me sitting quietly with a book. I noticed that he woke up and looked down. His expression returned to his previous calmness, "Wake up? Because you don't like playing games that are too easy, so I just changed your physique to be a little stronger than normal people. Does it hurt in your butt?"

Lu Qian turned over and lay down on the bed, lazily sighing: "It's still fun to split your spirit."

Geng Xingchun's eyes narrowed, and then he heard Lu Qian's next sentence: "But I prefer your kind of cruelty to kill me. Ass hurts, give me recovery soon."

I feel that the hole hasn't recovered now. Although I guessed that this would happen after waking up, I still couldn't help asking for more at the time.

The biggest difference between the deity and the split is that the bond between the souls of the two of them will resonate when the deity is mingled. The special, soul-derived Su Shuang and trembling are incomprehensible to ordinary people. In the end, the feeling that even the soul was completely integrated was also Lu Qian's most enjoyable moment.

Lu Qian waited for a while, didn't notice any change, turned his head, and met the man's deep eyes, "Isolated **** hurts."

"Well, I know." Geng Xingchun's tone was lightly touched with the palm of his hand gently on the back of his head: "The pain is right."

Lu Qian: "..."

Geng Xingchun: "You let me wait so long by myself, and it's not wrong to be punished, right?"

"... So I was waiting for me here." Lu Qian gritted his teeth: "You have grown a lot."

The body's soreness is not the same as the feeling of injury, so it is within Lu Qian's tolerance, but at the same time it is very grueling, because this feeling is always reminding them how crazy they were last night and how cool they were when they climbed the peak. .

It was sour, soft and wanting, but looking at the man like this, he was obviously not ready to let him go so simply.

The most hateful thing is that the deity of the main **** is beyond the scope of human beings. This kind of thing is completely under his own control. He doesn't want to, Lu Qian can do everything he can.

With eyes wide open, Lu Qian looked like a child who couldn't get his favorite toy. He grabbed the man's hand and bit down.

Geng Xingchun didn't dodge or avoid it. He didn't panic when he watched the blood on his wrists. The other hand still gently stroked Lu Qian's hair: "Hey, don't bite the bones."

Lu Qian felt a trace of distress when he tasted the smell of blood. When he saw the eyes of the man Gu Jing Wubo, the distress disappeared instantly. He opened his eyes and licked: "It's terrible."

Geng Xingchun: "My blood should be tasteless."

Lu Qian: "It's hard to drink."

"Okay, it's awful. Next time I change it to orange juice." Geng Xingchun put the paper book on the cabinet and got out of bed, patted his head gently, "What do you want to eat? I will make it for you."

Lu Qian: "I want to eat roast duck, authentic, grilled on charcoal with fruit wood, the meat should be fat but not greasy, and also bring the scallion pancake sweet noodle sauce, you have to make it yourself, otherwise I won't eat it."

Geng Xingchun didn't change his face: "What else?"

Lu Qian naturally knows how this little thing can be difficult for him, but he still has to die: "I want to eat the dumplings you make. I want ten different flavors of fillings, if I like them."

Geng Xingchun raised his eyebrows: "More?"

Lu Qian turned his head, looked to the other side, and hummed: "The lonely wants to eat Buddha and jump over the wall."

The man looked at the back of his head quietly for a while, then nodded: "I see, you are waiting here."

Lu Qian turned his head: "How long will you wait?"

Geng Xingchun: "At least five hours. I'll go out to buy materials."

Lu Qian: "...Then, that Buddha jumps over the wall and don't want it, I'm hungry."

"No, since you want to eat, how can I not satisfy you?" Geng Xingchun bent over and rubbed his head, "Goodbye, I'm out. I have already told them that you are tired today and can't get up in bed. You shouldn't Someone will find you."

"... Then you can get me something to eat first."

Seeing him not moving, Lu Qian stretched out his hand to scratch him, "I'm hungry!"

Geng Xingchun looked at his angry cheeks, his eyes softened, a little helpless: "Okay, I'll get it for you."

Just reluctant to treat him too much, always let him pet him, so that he spoiled this person to the point where no one but him can stand it.

This is his possession, and no one will let him. If Lu Qian gets tired of him in the end, it will be the man himself to destroy this piece of data, and no one can covet it.

Both are not normal, so they are a match made in heaven.

Geng Xingchun started to make a fruit platter for Lu Qian and put it by the bed, "Push up my stomach, I'm going out."

Lu Qian took a bite and snorted, "Go and come back."

A smile flashed under his eyes, Geng Xingchun wiped his hands, turned around and went out.

Hearing the sound of the door being gently brought up outside, Lu Qian put down the fork in his hand and lazily yelled, "System."

【in! 】

"Recover it for me."

[...Qwq I'm sorry Xiao Qianqian, I, I don't have that authority. 】

Lu Qian: "..."

After a while, Lu Qian picked up an apple and put it in his mouth, chewing fiercely.

you are vicious.

Yu Guang saw the unpacked clothes on the carpet, Lu Qian's eyes flashed slightly, and slowly got up, "Where were those pants last night?"

Geng Xingchun tore a hole directly in the crotch, the irritation was irritating, but the pants were scrapped.

Lu Qian liked that set of clothes, mainly the clothes for the engagement party, but he wanted to put it away as a souvenir, but he didn't know that it was scrapped on the first day.

Thinking of this, Lu Qian thoughtfully: "Would you know that I want to put it away, and deliberately anger me, right?"

[Qwq Xiao Qianqian...]

Lu Qian: "Huh?"

[Can you please plead with the Lord God, I, I have not abandoned you before qwq]

"...Don't tell me that I forgot." Lu Qian's expression changed, a little gloomy, "Didn't you tell me about the system update, do you want to go offline?"

[...Yes, there is an update, I was offline for a while. 】

"Then you didn't come up at all, right!" Lu Qian remembered the pain at the time of being shot, gritted his teeth: "I didn't know how to deal with you before, now...hehe."

As he stretched out his hand, Lu Qian, who should have been weak, dragged down a ‘girl’ from mid-air.

The "girl" looked dull, "Qian, Qianqian, I, I was wrong..." squatting with her head in her arms.

Lu Qian saw the truth of his own system: "..."

Seeing that the imaginary fist did not fall, the ‘maiden’ raised her head cautiously, glanced at Lu Qian cautiously, and asked cautiously: "Su, host?"

Hey, why is the host so powerful after confessing with the main god, that he can be drawn directly from the system space, so I am afraid of qwq.

For the system, leaving the system space is like taking off all the clothes on your body. Not only is it insecure, it also feels very shameful.

Lu Qian pointed to the ‘girl’s very smooth-looking hair, and the corners of his mouth twitched: “I remember I picked a boy at the beginning.”

Although there is no gender, there is still an image. Lu Qian remembered that the stupid and cute system he had chosen to find should be ‘boy’, not ‘girl’.

Although I don’t really understand what he’s talking about, the system explained carefully: "I, I like cute girls..."

Lu Qian: "..."

Women's dresses are just too.

System: "Hey, Qian, Qian, you can't beat me, I really didn't abandon you, I left the automatic recovery program, you will never die." Qwq how could he be so conscientious, he really didn't Abandon the host.

Lu Qian's indifferent face: "Am I afraid of death?"

What he is afraid of is pain, okay! pain!

System: "...Qian, Qianqian, don't you have any pain in your butt?" I stood for a long time.

Lu Qian: "..."


"sorry Sorry!"

"Host, I know it's wrong. Don't fight, don't slap your face."

"It hurts..."

Lu Qian leaned on the sofa blankly, and Erlang folded his legs, "Now I can beat you, so be careful next time you speak."

System: "Hey..."

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