S city, university town.

Approaching the summer vacation, there were almost no people on the streets in the afternoon, all hiding in air-conditioned places.

Plane trees are planted on the roadside, with luxuriant branches and leaves, blocking the sunlight, but not the heat wave, and it is still hot.

And in such a hot weather, there was a man standing under a tree near the fast food restaurant, standing calmly in the shade, a decent suit that didn't look like a student.

At this moment, men are obviously very popular. Even the students sitting in the shop can't help but turn their heads and look out the window from time to time to see if the man is still there.

He was born extremely handsome, not inferior to the stars on TV. At the moment, he lowered his eyes and fiddled with the phone in his hand, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

A girl was eager to move, and wanted to come forward to strike up a conversation, but she was discouraged under the high temperature, and she huddled in the air-conditioned room and observed secretly.

At this moment, the state of affairs has changed.

A boy came from the other side, lowered his head and didn't even look at the road, and ran into the man with his head.

In full view, the man handsomely grabbed the phone that he had let go, avoiding the result of letting it corpse on the spot, and then looked at the person who hit him in surprise.

The man is Lu Qian, and he is waiting for the popular little fresh meat that he pulled up with one hand.

Damn! Beautiful guys look pretty tight in everything!

This is what everyone thinks in unison at the moment.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Le Xinran was a little dizzy when he was exposed to the sun, and he held his forehead without lifting his head.

Lu Qian's eyes fell on the opponent's Brain Xuan'er and raised his eyebrows slightly.

"I'm okay, are you okay?"

The sound was so nice, Le Xinran thought, shook his head, turned and prepared to leave, but was caught by his arm.

"and many more."

Le Xinran: "What's wrong?"

"This classmate, your shoelaces are loose."

Lu Qian pointed at his feet and looked at him without a trace as he bent down to tie his shoelaces, with a smile on his mouth.

His lifelong goal this time is to become an ace agent. If it were in his own world, this kind of thing would not be a piece of cake for Lu Qian.

But the system on his body is a little bit pitted. It is of no use except for drawing cards. The card pool is full of all kinds of strange card faces, and sometimes it is difficult to prevent.

Even if he is called the Ouhuang, drawing a five-star card does not mean that life will be easier. This system, if you are not careful, you may turn your head around, making people caught off guard.

When Le Xinran got up, Lu Qian had retracted his gaze and handed him a business card of his own, "Hello, my name is Lu Qian."

He took the business card ignorantly and saw the words "Huajin Entertainment Brokerage Company" printed on it. Le Xinran was stunned, and said hello hesitantly: "Hello..."

"Mind if you have a drink together?" Lu Qian raised his chin to the coffee shop over there, "Or leave a contact information and I will call you at night."

"Ah, I'm going back to school..."

"Then leave a phone number." Lu Qian handed over the phone.

Seeing the other party enter the number on the phone blankly, and then return the phone to himself, Lu Qian flicked his finger, and soon he heard the ringtone from the boy's trouser pocket and hung up the call satisfactorily.

"I think you are quite suitable for the showbiz. If you are interested, you can also take the initiative to contact me." Lu Qian pointed to the business card in his hand.

Le Xinran didn't know where tonight is, "Huh?"

"Lee, see you again if you have a chance." Lu Qian shook the phone in his hand, and then nodded to the person walking behind him, "For half an hour, it seems that you are not very satisfied with this announcement."

"You know I don't like to eat that stuff!" The visitor brought a mirror that covered half of his face, walked to Lu Qian, and cast a critical look at Le Xinran: "This..."

"I don't have time to talk about it for you." Lu Qian interrupted the harsh words he was about to export, nodded to Le Xinran, and walked towards the parking lot on the other side.


Le Xinran watched the two of them leave one after the other, still a little unsure, and patted his head after a while, "That person!"

He seems to be a senior in the music and dance department. He had seen it in school before, and later heard that he signed a contract with a brokerage company to make his debut.

He doesn't pay much attention to these, and he also heard that the senior is very popular recently, and there are many fans, but he didn't expect to meet him.

The senior is really good!

"Did you change your taste?" Lu Ze got in the car, took off his glasses, raised his eyebrows and looked at Lu Qian in the driver's seat. "The kind that doesn't seem to be able to take care of you, looks immature."

Lu Qian's expression remained unchanged, "Lu Ze, you will change your agent from tomorrow."

The smile that had just been raised instantly disappeared without a trace, and Lu Ze widened his eyes, "What!? When was the arrangement, why didn't I know!?"

Of course I can't let you know, if you know, can I get rid of you?

Lu Qian rolled his eyes silently, and blamed him for the first time he was lame and didn't pick a good person.

Lu Ze has the capital and potential. He has a good appearance and a good voice. Arranging him to participate in a singing competition quickly became popular.

Even so, Lu Qian completely lost interest in him after he became popular.

He couldn't hold his breath, he was so lofty, he was good at gesticulating, even though it was not an embroidered pillow, this temper was not what Lu Qian liked.

A singer who had just debuted actually challenged the actor, and he didn't know what was missing in Lu Ze's mind.

Although the man didn't care, Lu Qian had completely lost patience with this guy.

"The company's arrangements, I just need to listen to them." Lu Qian said lightly: "Don't worry, the company arranged for you with a very good agent. I have brought a few singers and are very experienced."

He wouldn't deliberately pit Lu Ze, he also arranged for him a well-connected agent, but Lu Ze left the rest of the road on his own.

Anyway, it is the same surname, he will help one more at last.

"Why doesn't the company tell me!"

"Lu Ze." Lu Qian called his name.

Lu Ze: "..."

"What about you," he asked.

"I'll just find another new person."

It just so happened that the embryo was good, and his personality looked soft.

"The one just now?"

"Yeah." Lu Qian didn't hide it from him either.


After that, Lu Ze didn't speak any more, he didn't talk nonsense until he arrived at the work place.

At the beginning, Lu Qian chose him because he thought that this person knew the current affairs, but his nature was exposed later, which made him lose interest.

This little problem is not a problem with other agents, as long as the people become popular, then this is personality.

But Lu Qian can't. He likes to take the initiative in his own hands instead of passively cleaning up the mess for others.

Lu Ze...Tsk, whoever wants to bring it.

After a day's work, Lu Qian sent Lu Ze home and passed by that place again.

Lu Ze looked out the window and was silent. For a moment, he suddenly said, "Are you going to bring another singer?"

Lu Qian glanced at him through the rear window, "It depends."

It doesn't have to be the boy, but it's still photogenic.


Then he stopped talking.

Sending people downstairs, Lu Qian said goodbye and was about to leave.

"Brother Qian." Lu Ze stopped him.

Lu Qian paused, then looked back at him, "Huh?"

Lu Ze: "I like you."

Lu Qian: "..."

"You gave me a word." Lu Ze said impatiently.

Lu Qianmu said, "Oh, I see, is there anything else?"

"Hey, I just..."

"I see." Lu Qian waved his hand and asked him, "So what? Did you know that there might be paparazzi by your side at any time in the future?"

"So, what about that!"

"Be careful yourself."

After Lu Qian finished speaking, he turned and left.

Lu Ze looked at his back and wanted to shout, but in the end he just moved his lips and said nothing.

When he got in the car, Lu Qian turned on the music, and complained to the system in his heart: "Why didn't I know that Lu Ze had a fledgling plot."

[...Then what are you going to do? 】


At nine o'clock in the evening, Lu Qian sent a text message to Le Xinran even though it was time for a college student to rest.

[How are you thinking about becoming an artist? 】

The system watched the screen silently, and the two waited for a long time, but no one responded.

Lu Qian shrugged, "It doesn't look like this will work. I will go out tomorrow."

As he was talking, the phone rang, Lu Qian glanced at the caller ID and felt toothache, "Why is it him again."

Feeling disgusted, he still picked up the phone, politely and alienated, "Emperor Chu, it's so late, what can you do with me?"

The man on the other end of the phone chuckled, "Lu Qian, we have all been in bed, why are we so strange?"

Lu Qian: "..."

Fuck off you! If he hadn't taken the wrong card, he wouldn't have drunk and fell into Chu Shaoci's bed!


Lu Qian: "Emperor Chu, I thought I had said it very clearly at the time, it was just an accident."

Chu Shaoci: "Well, you did say that it was a one-night stand."

"Then what does it mean for the actor Chu to call me over and over again?"

"But, what should I do, Lu Qian..."


"I found out that I like you. As long as I think of you, I will remember that you were with me that night..."


Lu Qian: "..."

Who is this rascal! ?

After a while, Chu Shaoci's message followed.

[I heard that you changed Lu Ze, how about coming to me? 】

Chu Shaoci retired from Huajin three years ago and set up his own business. His Chu Shaoci studio is now a well-known emerging performing arts studio. Before confirming his identity in this world, Lu Qian saw his studio in Kachi .

Now Lu Qian is extremely thankful: Fortunately, he didn't draw that card.

Isn't the character of Chu Shaoci gentle on the outside, and noble and glamorous on the inside? During this period of time, this person's design has collapsed.

[DiDi...The possibility of track change is detected, and the card pool is being generated...]

[The card pool is generated, the host, please draw the card. 】

Lu Qian looked at the golden ssr in the middle and wrote the word "Marriage". Once again, it felt like a five-star gold card was not a good thing.

Lu Qian: "If you say yes, you don't need to attack other people?"

[Little Ou Huang, only said to get married, not to fall in love~]

Lu Qian: Ha ha, get out.

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