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At the beginning of April, the city of Hangzhou was still warm and cold, but it couldn't stop the turbulence of the girls. The colorful skirts of Qi farts were almost all over the street. The seductive black silk was even more essential, as if it were In the silent years of annoyance, they announced that a good day for feasting is coming.


"Butt up a little more, yes! Raise your hands up too, okay! Perfect ..."


at this time! A young girl in a short skirt is leaning on a small tree by the road, with her back facing a large area of ​​golden rapeseed fields, and constantly posing various beautiful movements under the direction of the photographer. Young tourists who came to visit the city took photos with their mobile phones and stood not far away.


"Be careful! Avoid it ..."


suddenly! I do n’t know which tourist shouted, just looking at a runaway white off-road vehicle, and rushed towards the girl with a harsh sound of friction, but the girl seemed to be frightened, like a wood stinging in the place. At a loss.


"Oh ~"


The off-road vehicle slammed into the small tree severely, and directly smashed the small tree with a thick bowl in the waist. The tourists all exclaimed hugely. This young girl in Cardamom must be extinct, and driving The female driver was also completely stunned, her face turned pale on the steering wheel with the airbag popping open.


"Catch her, don't let her run away ..."


The insatiable tourists all rushed up and surrounded the off-road vehicle directly. Who knew that the two wolverines suddenly climbed out of the **** field? It was the girl and her photographer. The tourists immediately cheered and ran In the past, the female driver stumbled down.


"How do you drive ..."


The grieving photographer sat paralyzed, but the boy was eighteen or nineteen years old. He was wearing blue sportswear and black-rimmed glasses. Although the angular face was handsome, but He combed a greasy 28-pointer, and he looked like a nerd honestly.


"Sorry, sorry! A dog just rushed out, did you get hurt ..."


The horrified female driver bowed and apologized, who knew that the big boy raised a SLR camera that had fallen apart and said weakly: "I'm fine, but the camera was borrowed by me. You just need to pay the camera I'll do it, otherwise I can't talk to others! "


"Wow! Nikon D800E, plus the lens cannot be taken down more than 30,000 ..."


Immediately, people who knew the goods were exclaimed, but the female driver was obviously a rich owner. The Land Rover Range Rover who hit the tree can buy 50 such cameras, and can also hit a few "Porsche" to play. The female driver really said very simply: "As long as you're fine, I'll buy you a new one, how about this girl?"


"I'm fine! But my phone broke too, my mom just bought it for me ..."


The girl lifted her phone crying, the latest iPhone has cracked into a spider web, but compared with the mobile phone, the girl's pitiful appearance is more distressing, and the female driver squatted over and said quickly: "Tell your account I, I will transfer 100,000 yuan to you, even if you do n’t have to pay for your medical expenses! ”


"Thank you sister ..."


The girl is also an honest girl. She was almost killed when she was thanked, but a convertible BMW suddenly stopped at the roadside. The handsome guy who drove the car pointed at the big boy and sarcastically said: "Xia Fuer! How many days are you?" Do n’t you be afraid of thunder when you touch porcelain? ”


"Bumping porcelain?"


The female driver suddenly got up from the ground, looked at the boys and girls in horror, and the tourists who watched were also unbelievably widened, but the big boy asked inexplicably: "Lin Lin! Who is he? That rich second generation who teased you? "


"It's him, he's a stinky hooligan, don't listen to him nonsense ..."


The girl climbed up angrily and eagerly, even tears coming out of her feet, but the other party shouted directly at the female driver: "Look at their mobile phones and SLRs, all are worthless cottages Goods, which guarantees that there is no memory card, which is their usual trick! "


"Give me the camera ..."


The beautiful female driver instantly turned into a female tyrannosaurus, but as she turned around, the two rushed into the **** field lightningly. The seemingly weak girl ran faster than Liu Xiang, but was The flickering tourists also went out of anger, chasing the fields and shouting to catch the liar.


"Second Brother! Here ..."


A small black e-Don suddenly hit the opposite Tianya, and there was a black and strong silly big man riding on it. His curly hair was as funny as that of Shakyamuni, but the two who were running wild did not say anything. He said that after crossing the **** field at a super fast speed, he jumped on the little electric donkey.


"Don't enter the village, run into the woods ..."


Xia Fuer slaps the silly big man in an anxious face. The silly big man has unscrewed the electric door, and the dilapidated little electric donkey immediately violently bumps up. It seems that there is a possibility of falling apart at any time, but fortunately they do not Instead of killing and setting fire, the angry tourists chased after a while and gave up.


"Oh ~"


The small electric donkey just rushed into the woods and slumped to the ground. The three people in the car fell straight and slumped. Who knew Xia Buer but jumped up in anger and smashed his glasses and yelled: "Damn! Wang Ergou dare to tear down Lao Tzu ’s desk, Lao Tzu and him are never finished! "


"Of course it's not over ..."


The girl also jumped up while carrying her skirt, and yelled very hotly: "Let's blow the cold wind for a full week in this broken place for this sale. My mother's face was almost blown. This account must be Be clear with him! "


"Woo ~ Brother! Rhubarb hit the woman and I'll get it back ..."


The stupid man suddenly burst into tears and was still holding a leash tightly, but Xia Fuji said impatiently: "Okay! It ’s just a dog, I ’ll take you with the dog sister at night Go to the Quanyang Restaurant and have a big leg of lamb leg for you! "


"I don't! I'm going to eat dog hot pot, you promised me ..."


The silly big tear-eyed mother pours her thick lips, and her grievance is just like the little fart child. Xia Fuji rolled her eyes and ignored him. After sitting on the crooked little donkey with one butt, he gave himself a root. Cigarettes, if there are tourists nearby at this time, will definitely be surprised.


This boy still has a little bit of honesty. He is a stubborn little hooligan. His eyes are not good birds at first glance. Even the pure young girl follows the original shape, not only with two long beautiful legs. Squatting on the ground, she even rolled her skirts to her waist.


"Second Brother! Why did Wang Ergou run to the countryside, wouldn't he go to work ..."


The dog girl dragged a cigarette directly from his mouth, and began to swallow the cloud very skillfully, but Xia Fuji said with a look of shame: "They are taking a senior high school student out for a spring tour today. Of course, Wang Ergou must be a physical education teacher. Followed, but I never expected that this guy would be late. It was really bad luck! "


"This is the college entrance examination soon, which one of Chun's tour ..."


The dog girl wrinkled two willow leaf eyebrows. Who knew that Xia Buer stood up and unzipped his pants, and said to the edge of a small tree, "You didn't watch the news. Two students jumped because of too much pressure." After the building, the school was afraid that the tragedy would happen again, so take them out to relax, and stay overnight at Banyan Tree Villa! "


"Huh ~ I think the teachers in your school are all executioners. If you weren't fired, you would have to be tortured into a neurosis ..."


The dog girl scolded and stood up, even standing side by side with Xia Fuer, just biting her skirt, and then she felt refreshed, but Xia Fuer said: "Exactly! Let's go to the mountain village to earn student money and finish the job. Then go to Wang Ergou's obscurity, today's loss must let him spit it out! "


"Well, if it weren't for Wang Ergou's bad thing, Doudou's surgery expenses would have been made today ..."


The dog girl looked helplessly at the stupid big man, who was holding a bug, hey silly, but Xia Fuer said nothing, UU read a book www. patted him on the shoulder and turned to lift the little e-Don, while the dog girl put down her skirt and turned back and yelled: "Peas! Don't kneel, the old lady just bought you pants!"


The three quickly re-embarked on the small electric donkey and drove onto the highway. The tall dog girl sat in Dou's arms, and Xia Fuji riding the donkey leaned on Dou's back, biting a dog in his mouth. The tail grass looked up at the blue sky and white clouds, and the crunching little electric donkey was just like their three freaks. They were overwhelmed but still stood upright.




suddenly! Xia Buer looked at the grass on the side of the road in suspicion. There was a woman with blood on her face squatting inside, snoring and whispering something. After he took another look, he found that the other was holding Turned out to be a dead man, and the whole face was almost gone.


"Oh ~"


Xia Fuji immediately covered his mouth with an electric shock, and the entire back became cold instantly. He immediately madly shot Doudou behind him, who knew the dog girl suddenly shouted, "It's incredible! There is an airplane in front of me! Come on, look! "


Xia Fuji almost looked backwards instinctively, and she really saw a thick smoke rising from the sky, and a huge passenger plane that broke off the mountainside. Who knew that when he turned back in horror, he squatted in the grass The woman inside disappeared and disappeared, only a few withered blood was floating in the wind.


(This is my fifth work. After the end of the doomsday trilogy, I am so filled with emotion. I said that I no longer write the doomsday, but I do n’t want this series to end in the long history, so I have this Life Poisonous Corps ", which inherits the world of" Doom of the Doomsday ", but it is not traditional Doomsday, everyone will understand it after reading it! Genuine readers can add my personal WeChat to discuss the plot: ft232578645, or you can follow WeChat public account" ten "Floating Tu" to receive the entire uncut version of the end city and so on!)

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