Li Mu hugged Li Ma and kissed her two big mouths on the face. She was so excited that she was incoherent. She knew that Li Ma would compromise in the end, and she was ready for a psychological tug of war, but she didn't expect Li Ma to compromise so quickly. "Mom! I knew you were the best for me!"

You must know that the Li family is a typical "matrilineal clan" family. Now Li Mu has taken care of his mother, and his father will naturally follow suit. This time, Ai Xi is really his own daughter-in-law!

"Look how happy you are!" Li Ma looked at Li Mu with contempt. If she didn't agree, Li Mu probably wouldn't have a good face to show her as a mother. Li Ma couldn't help but sighed in her heart that it was her daughter who had grown up. I couldn't keep it any longer, seeing that Li Mu was sticking to Ai Xi with a greasy and crooked energy, "You don't bother, Xiao Ai is tired enough to go to work, and she has to wait for you."

Li Mu's coquettish coquettishness is so clingy, Ma Li knows best, but she is crazy since she was a child, and thanks to Ai Xi's tolerance, she never tires of it.

"We are together, we should take care of each other..." Ai Xi secretly grabbed Li Mu's arm and asked her to behave. "Mom, you should rest early too."

sure! Director Ai's "Mom" sounded so sweet, and Li Mu was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth, "Mom, look at the sensible daughter-in-law I'm looking for~"

"You're not going to die~" All of a sudden, there is such a "daughter", she is beautiful, temperamental and sensible. Li Mu is very beautiful. When she cultivated Li Mu, she wanted to develop in the direction of Ai Xi, but she was not careful. I went astray... In this way, I am a little relieved, but I have to emphasize it again, "Xiao Ai, you promised me something, but you can't forget it."

"Well, I will definitely not let Xiaomu be wronged."

In fact, as long as I am with you, no matter what happens, I will not feel wronged. If one day, I have to be separated and invisible, that is the real wronged. Li Mu has been wronged for a whole week, and tonight, he can finally get a good night's sleep.

"I'm still playing with my phone, go to sleep!" Ai Xi also came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. Her hair was half-dried. She sat on the edge of the bed and took away the phone from Li Mu's hand, leaving only one left hand. Uneasy.

"Okay, you and my mother will start to deal with me together!" Li Mu shifted his body, stretched out his left arm to wrap around Ai Xi's waist, and half hugged her from behind. This hug was a little more intimate. Li Mu probed and kissed Ai Xi on the side of the face, his tone softened, "Are you used to sleeping alone at night?"

Afraid of hurting Li Mu's arm, Ai Xi turned around cautiously, "What do you think? Let's sleep..."

These days, even the heartless Li Mu couldn't sleep well, let alone Ai Xi. Insomnia, I finally fell asleep, but always woke up in the middle of the night, dreaming that Li Mu sent a text message, dreaming that Li Mu made a phone call, dreaming that Li Mu was lying beside her... There were two failed pasts, which made Ai Xi She is more sensitive to feelings, she will consider many things that Li Mu can't consider, and she even thinks more about the future than Li Mu.

There is a kind of fear, the fear of losing, Ai Xi is afraid that Li Mu will take Li Mu away like this, and is afraid that Li Mu will compromise, that she is not firm enough... She even imagined many possibilities in her mind, will Li Mu Like Yan Han back then? Facing Yan Han's compromise, Ai Xi wanted to break up, but what if Li Mu did that? She couldn't find the answer in her heart, maybe it was... despair.

"What are you thinking?" Seeing that Ai Xi hadn't turned off the lights for a long time, Li Mu thought she was implying something, looked at his arm, and asked her, "Axi, do you want to... tonight? Either, let's be careful..."

Although she has folded her arms, is it alright for her to lie down obediently, Li Mu thought, she really wants it now, especially seeing Ai Xi wearing a low-cut nightdress, this half-covered feeling The sexiest, Li Mu felt a little hot in an instant, "Wife, come're on it tonight...I want..."

Ai Xi was ashamed, and Li Mu didn't know where he learned his "saucy"! "Don't even think about it... Wait until the arm is healed."

Turn off the lights, lie down, and cover the quilt.

She is really a goddess who doesn't eat fireworks. She has absolutely no impulsiveness. Also, her arms are wrapped like elephant legs. It's funny no matter how you look at it, even if you take off your clothes, there is no temptation at all.

Li Mu cuddled into Ai Xi's arms as a wounded person, begging for comfort, in fact, this is enough to hold, this kind of happiness that can be touched is really beautiful, "This time my mother agreed, it's really like Dreaming... Ai Xi children's shoes, are you ready to marry into Lao Li's family~"

"Do you want to marry me?" In the darkness, Ai Xi hugged Li Mu and asked gently while stroking her hair.

"I think, I'm so envious when I see a half immortal getting married." Li Mu felt very comfortable with Ai Xi's touch, and when she got closer, she also fantasized about her wedding with Ai Xi. Ai Xi's white wedding dress must be completely The most beautiful in the world, will they have their own wedding? "What about you, do you want to marry me?"


Hearing these two words, Li Mu almost sat up from the bed! Because the pre-set answer in her heart was that Ai Xi would say "I want to" affectionately.

"...Your proposal is too casual, I won't agree." Ai Xi breathed heavily before finishing her words.

This made Li Mu falsely alarmed. She dawdled back and forth between Ai Xi's long leg with two short legs, and she was anxious: "Then you marry me! I don't have so many rules, you squeak and I will marry You really!"

Ai Xi was amused by her, laughed for a while, then calmed down, and said something that she had been thinking about for a long time: "Xiaomu, can I take you home? Next long vacation, go to my house, girlfriend's identity."

She originally planned to wait until the Chinese New Year to reveal her relationship with Li Mu, but Ai Xi seemed to feel that she couldn't wait. She didn't like to always live in various uncertainties, and she didn't like to run away blindly.

The next long vacation? See parents? Everything seemed to come a little too quickly, and Li Mu became nervous in vain, "Isn't that... it's coming next month?" Although it's not that he has never been to Ai Xi's house, this visit as his girlfriend can still be as enjoyable as before. ?

"Well, are you afraid?"

It's hard to say that I'm afraid, but I'm very nervous. Isn't this what an ugly daughter-in-law sees when she sees her in-laws? Li Mu sometimes felt that he was not worthy of Ai Xi. After all, so many women who could not be chased by good men were chased by him. There is a certain scientific basis for Xishi in the eyes of lovers. Although Ai Xi can barely see herself, can Ai Xi's parents pass the test? "I'm… a little unprepared."

"Fool, I don't want you to prepare anything, you'll be fine like this."