"...Don't drive me away again, I can't bear you." Li Mu said seriously, shouldn't it be more necessary to stand together when the relationship is resisted? Ai Xi's temper that likes to carry it to death really hasn't changed at all, why does she put all the pressure on her shoulders, "...even if many people oppose it, I will follow you shamelessly, Axi, anyway, I'm yours, You can't leave me out..."

"Fool..." Ai Xi stretched out her hand from the bathtub, and her slender fingers slowly touched Li Mu's face with water droplets. This is not the first time Li Mu has said this. Every time she sees her like this, Ai Xi will I think she is so stupid, like joking but speaking more seriously than anyone else.

"I love you." Li Mu tightly held her hand on his cheek, so warm, he couldn't help tilting his head to kiss her palm, and then whispered in her ear again: "I love you."

Ai Xi didn't speak, but Li Mu knew what that doting and affectionate look in her eyes meant. She really liked Ai Xi looking at her like this, and she liked seeing Ai Xi's eyes only on her.

Looking at each other for a few seconds, they kissed each other's lips tacitly, almost at the same time, no matter how many times they missed it, they couldn't compare to the arrogance of their lips. Love and sympathy for each other.

Li Mu raised an arm and enthusiastically responded to Ai Xi's lips and tongues, which were soft and sweet, making people completely unstoppable. Li Mu wanted to hug her and touch her, but he was powerless. Besides, he didn't have any clothes on, so now he only had "a loss" for making out. . .

It seems that he has been suppressed for a long time and finally released. Ai Xi's active enthusiasm tonight made Li Mu even a little overwhelmed. However, when there is such a sweet time, Li Mu can't even enjoy it, and of course he won't resist. That's fine!

"Hmm..." Li Mu's body ignited under Ai Xi's touch, and the hot water stimulated her body to feel uneasy. She really wanted to pull Ai Xi into the bathtub and take off her clothes. Shirts, tangled with her in a small space, and then do what they've only done in bed.


While kissing Li Mu, Ai Xi "bathed" for her. Gradually, as the sucking force became weaker, her sanity began to slowly return. She released her lips and looked at Li Mu's face that was flushed from shortness of breath. Face, panting lowly: "Xiaomu... Next, you wash it yourself, I'm afraid I can't help it..."

"Then don't bear it..." Leaving her lips felt so empty for a moment, Li Mu took the initiative to face her head up again, grabbed her lips and lingered for a while, his left hand not too neatly to pick up her clothes button, "I want to talk to her. You wash together."

Ai Xi raised her head and let Li Mu kiss her neck to the fullest. The ambiguous numbness once again drove her sanity away. While she closed her eyes and enjoyed it, Ai Xi refused with the only remaining sobriety. It's messed up, not to mention that Li Ma is still waiting outside, "Xiaomu, this time...not this time..."

Li Mu kissed her ear indiscriminately, and he had already lost his mind. He hadn't touched Ai Xi's body for more than ten days. Once he did, how could it be over so easily? "But I think..."

Ai Xi's hand firmly grasped the edge of the bathtub, before she managed to restrain herself from screaming. Li Mu's head had already reached her open collar, swept the half-exposed plump with the tip of his nose, and pressed his lips together. Go down, lick and kiss softly.

When he became emotional, Li Mu ignored the injured arm for a long time, and his plaster-wrapped arm rubbed against the water surface. Fortunately, Ai Xi reacted quickly and quickly held her arm...

"Xiaomu... stop, stop..."

Li Mu buried his head in front of her chest and continued to "work", still unbuttoning her clothes with his left hand.

"Are you obedient?" Ai Xi propped up Li Mu's head with her hand, and when she stepped back, Li Mu was blown away, "Good—"

Ai Xi stood up, turned her back to Li Mu and tidied up her clothes. When she turned back, she saw Li Mu sitting in the bathtub with her legs bent, her lips pursed and the corners of her mouth drooping, a look of disappointment on her face.

"When your arm is healed, it's up to you to make trouble, okay?"

"You said~" Li Mu leaned on the edge of the bathtub, "Is it okay to take a bath? Well, it takes a month of bathing to make up for the damage you did to me tonight!"

"Keep your voice down!" Ai Xi glared at her, was Li Mu the only two of them in the room!

Tonight, I was really too impulsive. I knew Li Mu's body was sensitive, so I shouldn't kiss her at this juncture. It would undoubtedly be a "seduction", but in this atmosphere, I couldn't hold back at all. Ai Xi felt that her Self-control really needs to be strengthened!

Ai Xi raised a little water from the bathtub and sprinkled it on Li Mu's face, with a small smile on his face, "What are you thinking about all day long..."

"I want to sleep with you!"


Seriously, Li Mu thought, I don't believe you didn't think about those things.

After washing for an hour and a half, Ai Xi and Li Mu came out of the bathroom unhurriedly. Ma Li looked at the two with peach-colored faces... Just now she pricked her ears and listened to the movement in the bathroom, but Ai Xi didn't hear her voice. , Li Mu's voice is not small...

Li Mama didn't say anything, but sighed in her heart that she was indeed a young man. . .

"I just changed the sheets. You guys should go back to your own room to sleep... Xiao Ai, help auntie supervise her. Don't let her play with her phone too late. You should rest early and go to work tomorrow."

What's the meaning? Li Mu couldn't turn his head for a while, what does it mean to go back to his own room to sleep? It's just that her mother's tone tonight was so amiable that it was outrageous.

"Auntie...Auntie thank you!" Ai Xi's eyes instantly became wet, she bent down and hugged Li's mother, "Auntie, don't worry, I will take good care of Xiaomu...Thank you...Thank you very much..."

Li Ma patted Ai Xi on the back and thought about it. It would be good to have another daughter, "You promised Auntie, but you can't let Xiaomu be wronged."

"No, definitely not!"

"Mom, didn't I sleep with you at night?" Li Mu still wasn't sure what he meant, so he deliberately asked again.

"It's an honor for such a big man to sleep with Mom, isn't it!"

"Fool..." Ai Xi couldn't help laughing, she hugged the dumb Li Mu and kissed her forehead, "Mom agrees with us!"

"Mom, really?! Mom, I love you!"

Ma Li looked at the two people who were hugging each other, her face was full of happiness. In fact, as a parent, don't you just want your child to be happy, "Xiao Ai even called her mother, can I not agree?"

Only then did Ai Xi realize that she had just accidentally called the wrong name, her face flushed slightly, "Auntie, I just..."

"I've already called, are you still embarrassed?" Ma Li's stern face couldn't help but smile.

Li Mu hurriedly urged Ai Xi, for fear that Li's mother would regret it in the next second, "Axi, hurry up and call me mom!"

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