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8:30am, AG International Building.

Li Mu stood at the bottom of the building and drank the last sip of soy milk aggressively. His eyes went from bottom to top. It took a full five seconds to sweep to the top of the building. The sun was shining on the glass curtain wall. Light pollution to the whole city.

This building is where her new journey begins.

Why switch to AG? The considerable salary is one reason, but what attracts Li Mu more is the 1:6 male-to-female ratio of the company. In other words, AG is like a daughter country!

Let me introduce this saucy girl who is looking at the building and sighing.

Li Mu, gender female, hobby female. After spending 20 years to recognize her own essential attributes and clear goals, she began to struggle tirelessly on the road of getting rid of the single, but the 25-year single dog career did not end because of this.

single? That's because the right person hasn't appeared yet. Li Mu said that a tasteful new-age woman like himself would rather be short than excessive, and his feelings will never end.

"It won't happen soon? Li Xiaomu, let me tell you, you are single because you are cowardly, have you done anything other than secret love all these years?" Hu Xiaowan is often able to hit the nail on the head, and often stretches out **** to poke at the iron. Li Mu's forehead, Er mentioned his face to educate him, "Old girl, I think you have a long way to go to get rid of the order~"

Hu Xiaowan is a classmate and best friend of Li Mufa's Xiaojia. Everyone has their own strengths. This Miss Hu is full of nonsense skills. She was given the nickname "Hu Banxian" and a small supervisor of AG's personnel department. Li Mu was able to enter smoothly this time. Hu Xiaowan also played an active role in the "beauty nest" of AG.

25 years old, rounding up, it's 30, but the goddess didn't even see a shadow, can Li Mu be in a hurry? Hu Banxian was right, she couldn't be more cowardly, this time she was going to take the initiative, and if she didn't get some love to nourish her, Li Mu felt that her whole life was about to dry up.

Listening to Hu Xiaowan, AG is a typical example of women with more women than men, and the number of women is outrageous. If the royal sister gathers and picks up any leaks, they are all impeccable high-quality leftover women.

A coward is a coward, and Li Mu gets this treatment when he hears that he picks up a leak. If she wants to come to AG, it must be her paradise.

In April, entering such a spring-filled company in such a spring season, Li Mu's spring heart has been awakened and is just about to move.

Therefore, Li Mu's ultimate goal of entering AG, two words: get off the list!

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Although the probability of this thing is lower than winning the tens of millions of lottery tickets, Li Mu is still a loyal supporter of love at first sight. She is even willing to exchange 10 million for the feeling of love at first sight... Anyway, she doesn't have 10 million.

Many people have said that love at first sight is the face, and Li Mu agrees with both hands and feet. This is not the deep malice from the face-seeing world, but the reality of Chi Guoguo.

How do you say that? No one finds your great inside through your sloppy exterior. Therefore, in order to increase the probability of love at first sight, Miss Li turned the four-eyed frog into the goddess of daily throwing, throwing off her canvas shoes and stepping on small high heels, her plain face turned into light makeup and heavy makeup...

"Banxian, you say I look good... I can be considered worthy of the audience, why is no one paying attention?"

"That man's Wuyang Wuyang is rushing towards you, and you don't like it~ Besides, you are so boring and deep in the closet, and you don't take the initiative to look for it, who knows that you like women! Xiaomu, my sister told you, just rely on Dressing up is useless, you are mainly cowardly in your bones~" Hu Xiaowan saw Li Mu's transformation at that time, but she didn't recognize it, she thought that this woman had lost her mind.

"Then why don't I attract girls? Banxian~ What kind of girl do you like?" Li Mu blinked at Hu Xiaowan, chatting about daily life.

"I like it..." Hu Xiaowan's head broke, and she was about to enter the marriage hall as a little woman, and she was almost taken into the ditch by Li Mu, "Go, go, sister, I like men!"

Standing in front of the revolving door, Li Mu took a deep breath, always keeping in mind Hu Banxian's teachings, and revealing his singleness from time to time in his work, just like a taxi should mark whether there are passengers or no passengers, so that it is convenient for people to get on the bus.

Listen, it's not like a good metaphor. . .

"Hey...wait, wait, wait..." He almost missed the elevator, but fortunately Li Mu reacted quickly and stepped in.

There was only one woman in the elevator. She was slender and slender. Looking at the overall style, it was still the royal sister's style that she was longing for. Li Mu was overjoyed in her heart, but she couldn't help but take a few more glances. Hu Xiaowan didn't lie to her this time, and AG really did. It's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and you can run into a beautiful woman in any elevator.

It's just, why is the elevator so empty during rush hour?

Li Mu looked at the sister Yu beside him from the corner of his eye. Although they all dressed in OL style, the other party was obviously much more mature, and Li Mu was more playful in Korean style. In order to go to work on the first day, she spent half a month's salary to buy this white shirt with a small V-neck on her body.

Fascinated by tension. Considering that all the women in the company except Hu Banxian have the possibility of developing into their own girlfriends, Li Mu decided to take the initiative to exercise his courage.

She pondered for a long time, brushed the broken hair at the corner of her forehead with her fingers, hesitated again and again, and finally said the most secure English word: "Hi~"

People ignore it. . .

"Today is my first day at work, in the planning department..." Li Mu was singing a one-man show by himself. The other party didn't even look at her. With a ding, the tenth floor had already arrived. "...Goodbye then."

The big beauty just smiled at her perfunctorily for a second.

Are big companies so indifferent? However, a good-looking person can be forgiven for being indifferent. Li Mu continued to be full of joy, and when he stepped out of the elevator, he saw Hu Xiaowan waving at her. Not to mention, Hu Banxian looked like a man in business clothes.

"Why did you get up in the elevator over there?"

"There are not many people there~"

"It's only for the executives over there. What are you doing, go this way next time."

Ah! The beauty was still an executive just now. No wonder she had such a temperament. Li Mu couldn't help but want to be crazy, "Half immortal, half immortal, I just met a beautiful girl in the elevator..."

Halfway through the words, Li Mu thought of Hu Xiaowan's classic quote: Silly Baitian has no future, and being able to flirt with girls is king!

So quickly regained his composure.

"Call me Director Hu at the company..." Hu Xiaowan wanted to tear her mouth off, but she was half-immortal and half-immortal, "Promising, you will be dazzled in the future."

When Li Mu was pulled into the AG, Hu Xiaowan felt that she was leading a little wolf cub into the nest, but this little wolf cub was not lethal.

"Old Zhao, someone brought you here." Hu Xiaowan took Li Mu to Zhao Jingna, the director of the planning department. Hu Xiaowan was very popular, and she got along with the planning department even more happily. Mu announced to the whole department: "This girl is single, hurry up~"

Looking around, the three male compatriots in the planning department are already a little eager to try, even though there are many AG women, but they also have high vision, so among the few male compatriots in the company, there are also many single people.

Li Mu glared at Hu Xiaowan: Don't expect me to thank you for being so embarrassed on the first day.

"Little girl is thin-skinned, you can't let others go, Lao Hu, there is no humanity left!" Zhao Jing was protecting the newly arrived Li Mu.

"You're still a little girl? Lao Zhao, she's at the same level as us, and has been working for several years." Li Mu's skin will be tender, and Hu Xiaowan can't wait to expose it, but Li Mu is indeed a little younger than them. .

Zhao Jing was a little surprised. If she didn't say it, she thought Li Mu was a college student who just graduated, "Really? I need to see the ID card..."

It's really humorous. Li Mu really likes the atmosphere of the planning department, it feels very relaxed, and the colleagues are very friendly. There is no sense of estrangement from the newcomers who have just entered the department. She smiled and replied to Zhao Jing, "I went to school earlier, sister Jing, please ask more in the future. instruct."

"Oh, call me Lao Zhao in the future~" Zhao Jing led Li Mu to her work station, saying that today, let Li Mu get to know her colleagues and the environment first, and she will not assign work tasks for the time being. Hu Xiaowan will leave first if she has something to do.

Not long after Li Mu sat down, she was pulled into the WeChat group of the planning department, and then several people added her WeChat. The most positive ones were the three male compatriots.

Lihuamu: Hello everyone, my name is Limu~

Chunchun Lao Zhao: The girls came out to pick up the guests

Mavericks typing with both feet: Xiaomumu, please report the size

Pear Tree: ? ? ?

The pony eats the dirt: bust [color] [color] [color]

Pear Tree:…


The group immediately exploded. Li Mu took a look. It turned out to be a female-only group in the planning department.

But soon, this group of heartless and heartless became one, and Li Mu was a little nervous. These colleagues' friendship was exchanged for her A cup, and she must cherish it.

Xiao Huang, who is crying every day by herself: I heard that the devil is coming back in the afternoon!

The pony eats the soil: kao! The good days are over...

Lihuamu: Ask the old driver to lead the way, who is the devil?

Xiao Qi in sleepwalking: Director, Director Ai, oh my god, I woke up from a drowsy [horrified] [horrified] [horrified]

Chunchun Lao Zhao: The plan hasn't been fixed yet, work, work, work!

Director Ai seems to be a very powerful character.

At noon, a few colleagues from the planning department had dinner together, and they talked about the serious imbalance in the ratio of males and females in the company. As expected, they complained. If this goes on, they will become a nunnery.

Only Li Mu drank the soup quietly, thinking to himself, I came in because of this. "I think it's pretty good, so many beauties, more eye-catching~"

"Speaking of beauties, do you think that the aura of President Fang who just returned to China is so strong, I'm about to be bent~"

"Manager Chen from the marketing department is also very good. He looks very positive~"

Li Mu likes this topic, and now he listens more seriously than high school math class, without blinking, silently taking notes in his heart.

"However, in terms of appearance, is Director Ai of our department number one?"

No one spoke, it seemed that everyone acquiesced.

"Even if you look good, your temper will be discounted. I still prefer Mr. Fang. She has laughed at me several times."

It's Director Ai again. How stinky her temper should be, so that everyone can't tolerate beautiful women? Fortunately, Li Mu is infinitely tolerant of beautiful women, so when everyone dislikes Director Ai like the **** of plague, she is the only one who looks forward to it.

The company's first beauty is in the same department as himself, shouldn't this be a favorite?

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